Michelle Obama made a massive reveal about challenging Trump in 2020

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is on a massive book tour.

Some pundits believe this is a springboard for a 2020 Presidential campaign.

And what she said on stage may be the biggest hint yet about challenging Trump.

Michelle Obama appeared at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York to promote her book “Becoming.”

While on stage with actress Sarah Jessica Parker, the former First Lady hurled several pot shots at Donald Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Often time, when you’re the first or the only, the bar shifts a lot, right? The bar gets set, you meet it, exceed it, they move the bar, and we’re watching that right now — the bar’s just swinging, and swinging,” she told the crowd, according to the Associated Press.

Michelle suggested that the “swinging bar” had something to do with avoiding legal entanglements while president.

“It’s a totally new bar — never seen this bar before, ever,” she said. “But when we were in office, our bar was very different — not getting indicted, and telling the truth.”

Michelle then joked with the audience about Trump’s current predicaments: “This is going to reported on — ‘Michelle Obama throwing shade,’” she said as the audience roared with laughter, according to AP. “These are just facts!”

To many Democrats, that sounds like a Presidential candidate.

Michelle Obama would be their dream nominee.

But she has repeatedly shot down the idea she would enter the 2020 race.

However, if the Democrat field proves weak enough, party leaders and fake news media members will be begging her to jump in the race with the promise that the nomination will be handed to her on a silver platter.

Will she be able to turn that down?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. So is Micky & Minnie mouse. two wonderful cartoons full of love and happiness. The problem we have with the left democratic party they breath anger, hate, lies..God protect our country of another Obama, sanders or any other Narcissistic being:)

  2. I have had enough of the Obama’s. Personally, I wouldn’t vote for either of them for anything except to put the lying Muslims in front of a firing squad for treason. Obama spent millions of dollars on gun running, he admitted on television that he did drugs and seemed very proud of himself. She single handily made children all over the country throw away their lunches. She doesn’t have a degree in nutrition. She hates Americans and America. I could go on but just thinking about those two makes me want to throw up.As far as I’m concerned she (he) is a total piece of sh_t.

  3. This is stupid! This old woman looks and acts as stupid as her husband and/or her same-sex partner. It is time for this pair to disappear!

  4. NO WAY! unless you want a racist wack job. She is unhinged and surely looks the part. Get real and stop giving her any press time. Good God STOP.

    • Gosh I thought the only bar Michelle was the strip bar where she and her husband both work! I heard she got $12 in tips last year. A dollar a month is not too bad for either of them!

    • they keep saying former first lady….. reece, when it was really former first man mike, a queer, with that little tucked in pee, pee.

  5. I just hope Republicans fight the next democrap president as much as they have fought Trump!! I really hope people wake up to there corrupt stupid ways and never vote another dem piece of crap into politics again!! Show them who’s boss!!!

  6. Hope nobody in gods green earth is stupid enough to even think that goofy arrogant mad all the time monkey face tranny looking trash could even come close to run for president!! No way I’d put up her dumb talk or have to listen to Obama’s sorry ass again! Worse trash that was ever in White House and wasted and stole millions! Never was legal to begin with! Fricken muslims!! They need to disappear along with the Clinton trash!!

    • Mrs Obama will never be elected as a President of this great country….Only and the only one possibility ,if an epidemic of Alzheimer disease spread over the American citizens.

  7. Michelle Obama would be a worthless Presdential candidate. How can white open plea vote for someone who hates them so much. She is the true racist.

  8. Hey Moochele/Michael, you can put LIPSTICK on a Pig, but it’s still a Pig.
    That being said, Moochele/Michael, wouldn’t make a pimple on a President’s buttocks, she wouldn’t have a snowballs chance where the Devil resides.

  9. I have heard from two sources inside the White House that Hillary was a maniac obsessed with power and was the worst First Lady they had ever experienced UNTIL Michelle Obama arrived they said that you simply can never experience a more hateful human being.

  10. When people of color vote for a person of color that is acceptable and civil rights. When a white person votes for a white person it is racist. Well, that is according to the lefties who are so self righteous.

    • The sad thing is that lower primates even Bull gorillas have penises smaller than Michael’s, why do you think gorillas are always such an angry lot?

    • What a joke. Who’s going to vote for him (Michelle/Michael)? To say you hated a nation until your spouse was nominated to run in the Democrat party they will elect you because they allowed your mate to usurp that office? Gimme a break.

      • And yougiman he/she was partner to one of the most corrupt presidents with a still shadow regime that is shading our current president and trying to undo the good that prez Trump is doing. The most corrupt secretary of state, the most corrupt cabinet, the most corrupt & politically charged FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ – those offices are supposed to be bipartisan and fair to all Americans. This democratic Mueller witchhunt is based on the illegally gotten and farcically constructed Steel Dossier and the whole Mueller “investigation” (for which Mueller is infamous for past ones) amounts to smoke clouds blown by democrats at Trump and conservatives.

  11. There will not be another Black American President in decades to come…….Obumma himself ruined that for all Black Americans ever having a chance with his total racial division of our country…..TRUMP would crush this Rich worthless crazy Amazon woman who even the best clothes designers could not make look stylish……..wearing your belts up under those so called breasts, was the ugliest any First Lady has ever looked……she always looked horrible….and without makeup artists making her look decent (just like Oprah)…she would not have been presentable in public……get real….she is worthless. If she wants to run, it is just because OBAMA cannot stand being a nothing……ha ha ha ha ha


    • He was not a black American in that office legally. He obviously isn’t a natural born citizen of the USA as required by our constitution. We don’t even know if he was an American citizen in that office.

      We do know he was a British subject at birth that usurped that office with the aid and abetment of our government to usurp the office and we know he was a naturalized citizen of Indonesia as a child.

  12. She/he? is stupider than ‘Lil Berry’. The only job in the Whitehouse she/he is capable of is janitor, and I’m not to sure about that. She/he? does know how to waste government funds however so it’s understandable why she/he wants to be back in the Whitehouse. Oink a dee Oink a dee.

  13. doesn’t anyone care ? Our Belle Michelle is a TRANNY (has a big dick ) michael is a man…
    come on America get rid of this fruitcake


    • I’m just glad the Media is referring to her as X-first Lady! She refers to herself as “forever first lady”? Sure the Dumb-O-Rats can guarantee her the “nomination”? But, just like Kellary they can’t Guarantee her the Victory! Sure, there are some stupid people out there that will Vote for her, but I don’t think there are enough people who are actually ignorant enough to Elect her!!

    • Pat – But Trump IS presidential material? I spit out my coffee laughing when I read your inane remarks! He is a reality show talk show host……real presidential material! OMG are you stupid or what?

      • Diane you are a dumb liberal, liberals are a bunch of bullies. Yes President Trump is above & beyond Presidential material. He is far better than obamanation, & God forbid if Michael runs or does he go as MicHELLe Lord knows we don’t need another obamanation in office. God placed President Trump in office. If you idiots would take the blinders off & STOP LOOKING AT FAKE NEWS you would see the quality of a great President.

  15. She could NOT be first lady without a staff of 25! Then what did she do? Have someone plant a garden and RUIN THE SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM! THATS REALLY GREAT! NOT!

  16. She does NOT belong in the WH again. She NEVER did and NEVER will. Our country is imploding because of the sins that are being not only allowed but being pushed on the public in generql. We cannot have him in the WH.

  17. She said that she is smart more than anybody else if so why she did not pass the bar in Illinois to practice the law? what she did in the white house was spend the taxpayers’ money to paying her mom $160,000 per year as salary, I don’t think she will run who is going to vote for her?

  18. Ha ha ha…..Oh Cartel leader Hillary won’t allow this to happen. She will make sure that a black woman will not beat her, and become first woman President! She still leads and owns the Democrated party!She will die before she allows this ever!

  19. You had your chance and you blew it. Time to
    Move on …. or preferably, move away and let those
    Who appreciate our great country take us in the right direction I order we remain the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

  20. America gave the black community a voice with Obama. Unvetted and unqualified he failed in every category … Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer our country. Michelle Obama is laughable at best and has no enduring qualities whatsoever. As long as they keep electing people like Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Booker they will never regain the Whitehouse again. Most of them are too blind to realize it …

    • I can see it now is it Mr President or Madam President. We will only know then it has a complete unbiased physical. Folks we has already seen the man package in different ways can’t denies that. Its physical features has already confirmed that also by trained law enforcement

    • I don’t think they are elected.I believe its voter fraud all the way.How many years they have been in there and still screwing the people.Look at San Francisco now’s there’s the place I would love to see. If it lies, cheats and steals now that’s there biggest game of it all.

  21. Michelle, like her husband, is a loser. A Chicago misfit that doesn’t know how to feed children. Her successes in life were handed to her in nefarious arrangements and by association with Hollywood trash! She spent a fortune on her staff during Barack’s reign and all to make her a cushy First lady and she had a ball on our tax dollars. Now, she and the Kenyan delight won’t go away. They still want a free ride!

  22. How low can you go for a past first lady to disgracefully attack our sitting president!!Whether I voted for Trump or not – it is disgusting and low class for her to talk about the president – making fun of him. What the hell does she know about him other than what the pundits and liberals say in an effort to bring him down. She is black trash and a disgrace to her race…. no one should think of voting for her for president. She needs to bow out and disappear.

  23. The simplest way to stop almost all of the illegal traffic would be for Trump to make one edict: US BENEFITS FOR US CITIZEN,PERIOD!
    To show our outstanding generosity, give them a bus ticket to wherever they came from good for 30 days.

  24. She has stated while the First Lady “she hates America” and she was a devout follower of the Rev. Wright who also hates America so why would anyone with an ounce of brains support her for higher office or buy this book which she did NOT write but had someone else do the writing. What a phony who has been on the taxpayers dole for most of her life and never had a real job.

    • Anyone who would support her would be proven brain dead. Barack made a World tour apologizing to all World Countries. Michelle know slapped all of the UN Representatives in the face with her comment of her being smarter then any of them.

    • She won’t run. She won’t win and she knows that. Our president is doing a fantastic job. Democrats have shown a big void for a democrat to ever become president or vice president again. They are already scheming again for the next election. Didn’t work for Clinton and won’t work for an Obama. No democrats. Can’t run if your in prison to all of the crooks and all the other low life things they have done. Period.

    • You would be spot on with the exception of “anyone with an ounce of a brain”..You are talking about sociolized democrats brought up by lying socio/dumb media or teachers or college ex felons! Then we got stuck with another useless Chicago scum family.(sorry to normal Chicagoans).. There are millions and millions of people that DON’T have even a 1/2 oz of brain power.And they are called elitists! I laugh hysterically whenever someone uses THAT misnomer!! LOL..Let’s go with their true description (antonyms for elitists)..Low class,inferior,worst,common, and second rate!..The left think we will allow the viscious treatment we(and DJT) get from their politicians, their hollywood sewage,and their abused hispanics and blacks. go on forever, but I see a day coming when Republicans just snap and get some cahones! Make use of what we have learned from them

  25. Liberals, how do you know if she can fix any national problem? Simply look at her husband. Barack can’t do a s – – -. Fact.

    Trump 2020!

  26. Being that the majority, if not near ALL of them known lying, pretentious, arrogant, thieving, treasonous cowards .. these so called liberal-progressive-democrats who are totally hung-up on the “identity /gender/politics” crap, while in fact, none of them gives a damn about the “character” of the individual; unless, of course, the “character” issue may conveniently serve them deceitful rats on how to craftily manipulate or misrepresent that of what’s truly most fake or flawed and then, most shamelessly and hypocritically present (the obamas serve as an example) the ‘subject matter’ to the American public as the greates thing to ever happened to our Nation. The truth most all them leftist-liberals hate to admit, in particular the majority of ALL of them “uppity negroes” .. and, not just those who claim to be “working” in the US Congress, but many of them blacks all abroad the USA .. they just love to use the “race card” when is most convenient to them. And, in fact, the truth is that many of these “afro-americans” .. like (mooochele/barry) the obamas, these are “closeted racists” who hate any and all of what the USA represents. The proof of it is not just recorded in their words or their deeds but, it is also reflected in the type or kind of ‘friends and company’ that the obamas .. with the help of the media and others have been – long – trying to hide from the American public. It is said that “stupid” never learns .. so, it is clear that if in truth, them thieving, treasonous, liars – the obamas – if they’re really intending or planning on a return into the White House, most like they’re counting on “stupid” to give them pair of parasites another go at stealing and betraying from our people and our Country. One would think that all “afro-americans”, in particular them “highly educated blacks” who (selectively) love to use the memorable words of the HONORABLE Rev. Martin Luther King during his “I have a dream” speech, that all of these phonies and hypocrites would give real consideration to the one most important part when Rev. MLK – who I admire – talks in reference to the “character” and, not about the color of the individual. Thus, I’d say that, knowing that mooouchele obama who’s nothing but another arrogant, condescending racist liberal rat .. just like her ‘barry’, she should just go home and try to make sure to tend to her immediate family matters, while properly educating herself about the value(s) of being a decent/honest person .. and not a fraud. Truth said, We .. the people have no need of being taken for fools by frauds like the obamas.

    • Excellent response and rebuttal! It is such a breath of fresh air to read an intelligence, no-hold bars, non-PC article, again. No more tip-toeing around about how we really feel.
      I have to say, you’re synopsis is dead on and eloquently presented. I don’t know why the Democrats nor Michael be worried with such a petty thing… after all, hopefully she and Barry will be sitting in Gitmo before then.

  27. Typical Democrat – Delusional & a Supreme Liar. Michelle was born Michael and Bathhouse Barry is her Pegger – Bible frowns on this behavior and so does the Majority of moral America – but THe Lbgtq community have big mouths and lie their asses off as they deny everything morally good and Just.

    What a scam for 8 years – a pair of Queers in the WH and a POTUS who lied his ass off about his citizenship and everything else he ever did

  28. I do not believe there will be tons of people “begging” her to run. Everyone knows that is for any ungodly reason she would get in, Obama would actually be the president. He would call the shots and no one wants him back in office. They both still believe their own hype and PR. Gets them everytime.

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