Michelle Obama made one on camera confession that left Democrats red with rage

Michelle Obama is suddenly back in the spotlight.

The former First Lady’s re-emergence has many Democrats wondering if she is angling to replace Joe Biden as the party’s nominee.

But Michelle Obama made one on camera confession that left Democrats red with rage.

The Netflix documentary about Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming premieres this Wednesday.

The public will watch this movie at a time when Joe Biden’s campaign is beset by scandal surrounding Tara Reade’s credible allegations of sexual assault.

In the documentary, Michelle Obama blames Democrats for allowing Trump to win by not turning out in the same numbers for Hillary Clinton that they did for her husband in 2008 and 2012.

Obama went so far as to call that a “slap in the face.”

“It takes some energy to go high, and we were exhausted from it. Because when you are the first black anything . . .” Obama stated. “So the day I left the White House and I write about how painful it was to sit on that [inauguration] stage. A lot of our folks didn’t vote. It was almost like a slap in the face.”

“I understand the people who voted for Trump,” the former First Lady added. “The people who didn’t vote at all, the young people, the women, that’s when you think, man, people think this is a game. It wasn’t just in this election. Every midterm. Every time Barack didn’t get the Congress he needed, that was because our folks didn’t show up. After all that work, they just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all. That’s my trauma.”

Democrats could be facing a similar problem in 2020.

Polls show historically low levels of enthusiasm for Joe Biden among Democrat voters.

Michelle Obama specifically cited the lack of passion for Hillary Clinton as the reason Democrats lost in 2016.

That’s why polls that show Biden leading the President should be taken with a grain of salt.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I heard “Becoming” is a big disappointment. It was all manicured and fake. Very bad reviews. People thought it was going to be real but it is as phony as any movie you watch. All play acting. But that is who she is-phony & fake.

  2. Will the real Michelle Obama please stand up? The picture of her with this article does not have the woman having the same teeth that you see in other pictures of Michelle. You see her with large pretty teeth and his woman has small jagged teeth.


  4. If anyone is dumb enough to vote for he/she crazed monkey face! You should be shot! Last thing america needs is an Obama stinking up the White House again with all the rest of the zoo that was there before! Not gonna happen again!! Demorats will definitely try it!! There that desperate and retarded!!!!!

  5. Criminals that are offered special immunity from prosecution running for the office of President are not inspiring candidates. They may however inspire the opposition party.
    HRC is conspiring not inspiring.

  6. The “Porch Monkey” has escaped his cage and rejoined the circus. Such a joker! His “Silver Back”shows her ignorance just by opening her mouth. Such vile expressions. When are we going to be shown pictures of her pregnancies? If so, probably wii be photoshopped.

  7. She’s full of Crap… She was and is Useless… She’s a Racist and not a Patriot.. She’s okay with Corruption for she knows very well her hubby was deeply imbedded with falsehood… She goes among the Black Community and shames them about voting democrat…. This from a person who lost her law license and can’t put a decent lunch together and hates America!

  8. In everything the Democrats do or go for they have to cheat to win and sometimes cheating backfires on them it like the people know they are lying and cheating. I would never vote for a Democrat again cause they are out for themselves not the citizens. Democrats have changed so much ,they are not like the Democrats back 20-30 years ago when they cared for the citizens and this country, now they will sell our country out to the highest bidder. all they care about is money and power.

  9. Trump 2020
    How is it so many think hitlery won the popular vote, when its well known that California had millions of fraudulent ballots.
    I guess if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

  10. What was Michelle Obama’s role in the dismissal of criminal charges regarding Jussie Smollett? Why was his criminal investigation and case summarily shut down? Why does he warrant preferential treatment?


  12. gsi@goalsys.com
    Apropos Mike W’s 5 May post.
    The woman who came forward as Barry’s mother need not have been biologically connected with him in order for him to be a citizen of the US. The law allows adoptive parents who are US citizens to convey/bestow (possibly not proper word) citizenship on the child being adopted.
    His father may or may not have had relations with that woman, it isn’t even known if she met him.
    As for Barry himself, he may have been too young to realize what was going on.
    If factual, none of this burnishes his record of 8 years of malfeasance. If not strictly a matter of law, it would appear that tranferring all that money to the Islamic Republic was technically “aiding and abetting the enemy” because a de facto state of war between the US & it existed at the time.
    We should worry even if the consort passed off as his wife were to become the VPOTUS. It is clear Biden would soon be removed under the 25th amendment if not for obvious mental incompetence.

  13. Let me direct many of you high-school dropouts to a page or two of American History. The constitution we have today would not have gotten the 2/3 approval of existing states it needed to become effective without the Electoral College, which was added by the Constitutional Convention of 1789 to get that approval. That’s because without the Electoral College, the (then) huge conurbations of Philadelphia, Boston, and New York would have ruled the land. No other states were willing to agree to this without the Electoral College for election of President. Without this New York, Chicago, and
    California would have elected our last President. Enough said?

  14. Trump won because voters had grown tired of Republican candidates who did not stand up to the Democrat agenda. The Democrats have become communist light. That is not acceptable.

  15. Larry, no other country?
    France has an electoral college. So do these countries, Burundi, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Myanmar, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago and Vanuatu. The Seanad Éireann (Senate) in Ireland is chosen by an electoral college. Within China, both Macau and Hong Kong each have an Election Committee which functions as an electoral college for selecting the Chief Executive and formerly (in the case of Hong Kong) for selecting some of the seats of the Legislative Council. In Guernsey, an electoral college called the States of Election chooses the island’s jurats. Georgia will have the Electoral College to elect the President of Georgia beginning in 2024. So no, she wouldn’t have won in any other country.
    Where do these people go to school?!?

  16. Michelle Obuma a shark out to devour another shark who is weak Joe Biden. This means this is a major loss for Democrats November 2020.

  17. Do you remember when michelle said the night her husband was elected, “this is the first time I am proud to be an american. I ask, why would we ever want someone who made that comment to be our vp or possibly pres. I say never. President Trump has done a great job for this country. Trump 2020

  18. Larry yes or no. Did kunt killery win? Almost with double voting and illegal wetbacks voting. I’m not going to waste my time explaining why the electoral college is necessary. You’re too stupid to understand. So go vote for retard stink finger joe and stfu.

  19. I’m really tired of people running our President down. Now we hear Obama slamming voters for not voting for Hillary in the last election. Why would we voted for her? I’m just fed up with greed of the Democratic party & all their “do nothing” lies. Our president has them running svared because he’s draining the “swamp” of immoral&liars they are. It’s the democrats that are tearing this nation apart. Look at what Obama did by letting in all the refugees from Somalia&other Muslim nations. Look at what’s happening in our schools around our Nation. The Muslims are allowed to teach&practice their religion,but Christianity has been banned from our schools,etc. We are not a Muslim nation. Everyone get out&vote Republican. Especially for senators&local officials. Most of all Trump 2020. Let’s help our President take back our country.

  20. People realized that they made a Big Mistake, when they came out to vote for that Stupid Black Democrat. They were ashamed that they Screwed up, that is why a lot did not come out to vote for Hillary. Some people are seeing the light, Democrats Suck. The only way a Democrat can win a Election, is to CHEAT. Dead people and Illegals, should NOT Vote, but that is the Yellow Coward Democrats way to win.

  21. All I can say is where the hell is Lee Harvey when you need him.
    Don’t fool yourself Larry. You, like that POS, are a drain on society. You utopian cokc sukcers are all the same…worthless.

  22. well it would seem crooked hillary didn’t get the votes that the kenyan did simply because dead people and cartoon characters just forget to vote sometimes and aren’t really reliable.

  23. Hey Larry, and where were those votes? Libtard Angeles and Jew York.

    Why a jew would vote Democrat is beyond insane.

  24. Ernst: You May be right but at least Mrs, Clinton beat Mr. Trump by almost 3 MILLION VOTES!

  25. It tells the whole story of 2016 that Hillary Clinton had to pay people to attend her events, and people were standing in line to get into Trump events. Enthusiasm? Hell yes! Clinton was plain unlikable. And her list of crimes was beyond amazing.

  26. both michael and barry were JOKES as first man and president and things still havent changed. michael is still a man and barry is still a joke

  27. The obamas are traitors. They are probably both gay males and the worst people to ever live in our white house. Both should be in jail for treason or shot for treason.
    Joe Biteme is not much better than these two. He should be in jail for bribery, fraud and money laundering just to mention a few crimes he could take the fall for.

  28. OMG– no Michelle or is it Michael obama for president. We”ve had enough of the obamas. The last one tried his best to ruin the country.

  29. Senator Clinton BEAT President Trump by almost 3 MILLION VOTES! Any other country on Earth President Trump would have stayed Mister Trump in an honest election! The country will not have a Minority Candidate win this time! That’s my prediction – Good Luck To All!

  30. Obummer fooled everybody he told you all lies. He used everyone that voted for him. He was a plant buy off the house let a non born American become president and set everything up for a take over from stealing your money if needed and taking your food and only leaving you with 2 days of rations and there is a lot more. Mr Trump has had a very hard job dismantling this terrorist and what he had done against the ppl of this great country. Mr Trump has done more than any other president ever. He is a great great man. The only thing I see he hasn’t done was get rid of all of the deep state but the man is busy. Not an excuse you say. I’m with you on that one.
    I’m just saying voting for anything with a obummer in it is and will be part of your countries down fall and your families. Vote the lieing cheating demturds out once and for all they are despicable and don’t give a darn about us…

  31. A woman’s place is to cook dinner, have babies and shut up. Why would one be considered for vp?

  32. So this ‘tranny’ fool still thinks that Crooked ‘Hitlery’ was a good candidate? The ‘clueless’, libturd-elites, haven’t learnt a ‘damn’ thing from 2016…they have an ‘even’ worse candidate for 2020!

  33. Tell the idiot those people who voted for her husband DID come out and they voted for Trump.

  34. Michael had to have his up for Insurance fraud or pay $250,000 in fines and possible jail time, he may of liked that. Shoe Shine had to give his up for lying on his Bar Application, basically for reporting a name the FBI couldn’t confirm. Model citizens, be & you committed either one, we would be sitting in Federal prison. But we’re not black with the entire Demorat Party covering our tracks…

  35. The reason Trump won is simple. The American people were tired of the Democrat’s corruption which by the way is still going on.

  36. Typical dumb ass. Why,why,why. Why is anyone interested in what Michelle Obama has to say. We can listen to her and her hubby when they tell us why they can no longer Practice Law. What crime did they commit that took the licenses in trade for no prison time?

  37. Why is this lazy non entity even being given any attention by the media in the first place?

  38. Maybe just too many of the people didn’t vote because they didn’t like their candidate,
    because they heard how he didn’t know much, or didn’t like this Country!

  39. WE The People did’nt Vote Democrat because, We learned that the Democrats ARE the Children Abusing LGBTQ RADICAL DO AS I SAY OR DIE, ORGANIZATION, Who says it’s right to allow Males to share Bathrooms with Females,just because He/She/It is taking D!×+%k in the @$$, the Last Time I Voted, was 2008, For Hobo/Omama, because I thought I was Voting for A Man, I will NEVER EVER VOTE FOR THE SO-CALLED DEMOCRATS AGAIN, I WILL, however, be Voting for Trump in November.

  40. When the muslim potus threw a rose garden party for the US military traitor after trading to get him back, I began spouting MY opinion- and my opinion has not changed since. The muslim former potus is the single most dangerous terrorist in the world and he had an agenda when running for office out of the third world state of Illinois- and in his eight years, he accomplished very nearly his entire agenda.

  41. Can’t stand this self aggrandizing, worthless being. She thinks that she is above others, no matter what she says. I still don’t think she is actually a she!

  42. Our first affirmative action, White guilt, Nobel Peace Prize, bowing down apologizer now has his husband running……YUP, running all right, running the country in to the ground.
    Won’t the little lefties be giddy, dancing, fellating each other as their P.C. Black, woman, gay nominee fill out their Christmas wish list of qualifications?
    Sorry handicapped, better luck next time.

  43. ” Michael, they didn’t show up because your husband didn’t do a damn thing for his own people”.Trump 2020.

  44. What M. Obama said is just evidence that Obama only won through identity politics, only because he is black. Women didn’t fall for identity politics and vote for Clinton in the same percentage that blacks voted for Obama.

  45. If a white person said “our folks” they’d be considered racist. Funny when your a Dem, you don’t need to be politically correct. Most of “her folks” did vote, and voted Trump. Even they figured he was a useless waste of fresh oxygen.

  46. I think some of the Democrats got smart. They decided they wanted a black President, but once they voted him in they realized that he did nothing. Nothing for the country and nothing for them. President Trump has done so much for them these past 3 1/2 years, and now they are going to have to make a choice again.
    The way these Democratic Governors are treating them right now, it’s probably a Great Time for a major change.

  47. Former last significant other, you might have meant.
    That’d be the crowning disgust – having that total phony back in the “White House.”

  48. Both Obamas are enemies of this country and should NEVER be allowed anywhere near our White House again. They are traitors and need to be jailed

  49. Michelle is a she he a dam trans that makes Obama the very first gay president he’s a dam liar the both are gay those girls are not there kids he lied about that we don’t need the Obamas in the white house ever again they srew this country over with there lies can’t trust there dirtyass

  50. If Obama was the left’s savior doesn’t that make Michelle the savior’s mother? Joan Rivers claimed that Michelle was a transvestite and never gave birth. In reality Obama didn’t save anyone for eight years, especially his own race! He did nothing for them and was the most incompetent president in modern times. He used his slick tongue to mesmerize millions of people all over the world, just like the anti-christ will very soon. Could he turn out to be the anti-christ? No, he is evil enough but not smart enough. He is not a Christian. A true Bible believing Christian does not support infanticide, which includes the murder of viable third semester unborn children. Most demoncrats fall into that category also, and we all know who they are!

  51. the thing was not the first black anything its a dam muloto a half breed neither a black nor a white a nothing

  52. Just like an Black Mamba snake, the tranny turning on her/it’s own people. Only in America do you see this kind of bull_hit… Someone should right a novel about an gay half breed Muslim married to a man becoming an illegitimate body in the Oval Office.

  53. Never again should this country use affirmative action to elect a president.
    Skin color is the worst criteria for selecting anyone to fill a job, especially the presidency.

  54. Mikey obummer, there is a problem this creature isn’t fit to run a girl Scout troop much less the country. No qualification except it’s black and hates America. We don’t need het, broke obummer, Killary or any other mentally deficient anti-American piece of trash in the White House, oh wait that is racist, the Black House? Hmmm Just vote straight Republican, Trump 2020, Killary and obummer for the big house!!!!!!!

  55. When Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – was elected -n anyone who DID NOT vote for him solely because of his skin color was labeled a racist – however – anyone who DID vote for him solely because of skin color was labeled as “enlightened”. What a crock of s**t. Whether or not you vote for anyone solely based on skin color YOU are a racist.
    That said Obama at best is ONLY half black – his mother was white – she was also the link that supposedly made him eligible. Barack H Obama was never an American citizen – and I would bet the farm a legitimate DNA test will prove he is NOT Barry’s biological father. Is Jerry Springer still on? Barry’s “brother” – Malik Obama – recently asked “is Michelle really a man or a woman”? I thought that was strange coming from him – because he was the best-man at Barry & Michelle’s wedding. In those days Barry and Malik were very close. I always wanted someone to ask Malik if he had ever seen – either in person or at least in photos a pregnant Michelle? I guess he answered that huh? Apparently no one else ever has either. When Barry was elected he proclaimed that his would be the most transparent administration ever. Then he had all of his records sealed. Everything he did was done behind closed doors. Perhaps by most “Transparent” he was referring to the tv show of that goes by that name. He is so transparent and full of “Gay Pride” – that he won’t even come out of the closet?

  56. The Obamas are a dangerous political novelty. They foster the evil white man rhetoric and strive to keep our country racially divided. The country before the first failed black president was never more racially color blind. They are the ones that continue to incite racial tension.

  57. Barak and Mochelle used the system. The people who voted for him reasoned “we never had a black President, so that’s why I voted for him”. Look what that flawed logic got us. A miserable 8 years of humiliation. Anyone who votes democrat because it’s a democrat is following the adage “ignorance is bliss”. The true statement is “If Ignorance is bliss than Knowledge is folly”. Obama was no more qualified for the office than my left foot.

  58. Michelle is correct that many idiots came out to vote for the first black president without ever bothering to check his past. Many black idiots. But after 8 years of an affirmative action presidency, people had enough and decided to either stay at home or vote smart this time. Hillary might have done better without the black messiah’s endorsement.

  59. Really Michelle? So you blaming the black VOTER? Well wasn’t it your husband that lies to them? Lot of black men lost full time job with BENEFITS! Because your black husband said they COULD KEEP THEIR DOCTOR! But that was a LIES! Lot of people saw the lies that hurt them for believing in Democrat party!

  60. Memoir??? Don’t you mean confession? I’m so fuc*in sick of hearin the first black this, the first black that. He should’ve at least tried to be a “president” instead of a “black president”!

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