Michelle Obama revealed something about herself that will take you by surprise

Michelle Obama is one of the most controversial First Ladies in American history.

Recently, Obama only added to that reputation.

That’s because Michelle Obama revealed something about herself that will take you by surprise.

In an interview with CBS’s Gayle King that aired on Monday morning, Obama once again attacked America as a racist country that oppresses black Americans.

Obama claimed she was happy her daughter Malia was graduating college this year, but that she was terrified Americans would subject her to bigotry and prejudice because of her race.

“So, I am excited for her next chapter. That’s why I want to be as excited as every parent. I don’t want to have to worry about her entering a world where she has to worry about how people would treat her because of the color of her skin. So, I am excited, but I’d like to be more excited to know that as she gets her first apartment and rides the subway somewhere that they don’t make assumptions about her based on the color of her skin, that she’s not at risk out there in the world as an adult because she’s a black woman,” Obama told King.

When Barack Obama first ran for President, Michelle Obama hinted that she viewed America as an evil and racist nation.

Michelle Obama claimed that her husband getting elected was the first time she was ever proud of her country.

Obama suppressed those feelings during her husband’s two terms in office so as not to cause any political problems.

But now that Obama is out of office and the Black Lives Matter movement is overtaking the Democrat Party, Michelle Obama has no problem with revealing her true feelings about America.

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