Michelle Obama said something racist about white people that will have you seeing red

Michelle Obama just stepped in it.

The former First Lady tried to attack President Trump and went way over the line.

And Michelle Obama said something racist about white people that will have you seeing red.

Appearing at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, former First Lady Michelle Obama attacked the everyday citizens that attended Donald Trump’s inauguration as racist rubes because they ‘did not look like America.’

Breitbart reports:

Obama spoke about how emotional she was during Trump’s inauguration because she had to move her two children out of the only house they had really known before having to listen to “that speech.”

“Then to sort of sit at that inauguration and to look around at a crowd that was not reflective of the country,” Obama said. “It was just such the opposite… During Barack’s inauguration, we made sure that the crowd looked like all of America. Having the Tuskegee airmen, having civil rights folks, having folks who had marched. You could look out at his crowd and you would see America. All of it.”

Obama said she was just “one of a handful of people of color” at the inauguration and “it was a lot emotionally.”

“And I had to sit in that audience, one of a handful of people of color, and then listen to that speech, and all that I had sort of held on to for eight years, watching my husband get raked over the coals, feeling like we had to do everything perfectly, no scandal, no nothing,” she said. “It was a lot emotionally.”

Liberals like Michelle Obama love to preach about “diversity and inclusion.”

But in her remarks, Obama expressly attacked one group of Americans over their race.

The former First Lady even insinuated that it made her uncomfortable to look at a crowd of Americans that did not look like her.

These remarks appalled millions of Americans that want to live in society where individuals are judged on merit and not their race.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I couldn’t understand her. Her lips were thumping together so hard it muffled out what she was trying to say.

  2. Sounds like the thesis Mooch wrote for her senior thesis at Princeton. Too many whites –Oh I just feel so uncomfortable around whites. I feel so unwelcome. They do not represent America etc, etc, The thesis she wrote was also full of complaints about whites aka deplorables and we know how far that word got Hillary. Mooch is just begging for attention even negative attention. Pity, pity–her children were being evicted from the only home they had ever known. Mooch never told them that after 8 years they had to go. Did they never teach those girls anything about civics or history even with the uber expensive private school they attended.

  3. Michael and barack are laughing at us deplorables in their new mansion, hell they were in the White House for 8 years, unreal!

  4. “And I had to sit in that audience, one of a handful of people of color, and then listen to that speech, and all that I had sort of held on to for eight years, watching my husband get raked over the coals, feeling like we had to do everything perfectly, no scandal, no nothing,” she said. “It was a lot emotionally.”’
    Michelle?/Michael obviously still living in a dream world of “no scandal” or maybe it is still cannot admit the truth! The entire 8 years was one scandal after another!

  5. I don’t know if anyone else caught what IT said – The only home her kids had ever known. Did they TRULY believe he would be there FOREVER? Is that why they now need a 15.5 MILLION DOLLAR HOME on Martha’s Vineyard? To ease the pain?

  6. I don’t think I would be comfortable eitherif most of who was looking back at me were 99% privileged white people.

  7. it looks like your feeling have finaly comeing out, you and your husband were trying to cause a racial riot in America by pitting black and white against one another from the start

  8. Mike you are correct. Don’t know how he was allowed to become our President when I believe he is not a US citizen. If he was born in Hawaii, then that was before it even became a US state so I don’t know how this could be??? Also I believe he was born in Kenya, worse yet!!!!!!!!!!!Bas$#%#!LOCK THEM UP NOW!!!!!!!

  9. Hanna, Yes you said it RIGHT!! They both need to be locked up right now and/or sent back to Kenya!! They don’t belong in our country. Get the ASSES the HELL out of here now!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It seems that Mrs. Obama, along with her spouse, has conveniently forgotten what the illustrious Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said during his unforgettable speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. He spoke of children being judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. The Obamas seem to only see color and if it’s not their color then it is not worth respect or consideration. I prefer to follow the tenets of the Rev. King rather than succumb to the bigotry of Mrs. Obama and the other race baiters of her ilk. The only way we will ever come together as fellow citizens of this great country is by forgetting about the outer facade and start concentrating on what the reverend called “the content of one’s character”.

  11. “Obama said she was just “one of a handful of people of color” at the inauguration and “it was a lot emotionally.””

    It’s always about you isn’t it Michelle.

  12. derf – You Are Correct. I agree with your post.

    I guess people keep calling Michelle aka Michael a First Lady, Woman BECAUSE of Political Correctness.

    It looks like an ape in a dress. Sad.

  13. why do they keep saying he is a lady when michelle is a man he use to play football his number was #44 look it up you’ll see and i know you have heard obama say micheal before whenhe was talking

  14. Probably quite proud of the equipment, and couldn’t bear to lose it – surgically or otherwise. A show-off personality, indeed!

  15. !/2 black bastard. His mother was white – and it was his white half that supposedly qualified him to be president. I could never see how he represented black Americans. All part of the scam I guess. And they bought it hook line and sinker

  16. A black basta#d from Africa and his wife are of no importance to any American citizen doesn’t matter if they are black, white ,brown or yellow. These two are just a nasty time in American history.

  17. The first report I saw about him being a tranny was by a black guy – he posted video of Michael dancing on the Ellen DeGenerate show in a white pants suit – “flopping” all over the place.

  18. The winds of change are coming and the truth is coming out. Mueller is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon the Obamas – or whoever the hell they really are might be looking for sanctuary in a country that won’t extradite them.

  19. There are reports that say the Dr. who signed the alleged birth certificates for those girls is the real mother. It would make sense because her husband is constantly seen in photos where the girls are present – at the White House – on vacation – on board Air Force One – yet he held no position in the Obama administration.

  20. A simple DNA test would prove that he has no more Obama blood in him then I do. We still don’t know who he really is.

  21. I wonder how Michael feels about his husband supporting Kamala Harris – who’s family were slave owners?

  22. She claims racism, however her comments show you who sees race everywhere. If you are not racist, you don’t notice. How did we ever put up with her, she is so whiny.

  23. The Obama’s are probably transgenders; because, transgender ideas have become more popular since Obama. Transgender ideas are now being forced on our young children with drag queen hours. One drag queen was willing to admit it is all a plan to make transgenderism the norm.

  24. exactly! We have to walk on eggs not to offend them. But they can scream ‘Death to America’, kill the imbeciles’ with NO recourse

  25. yes!! Deport him. he is still working behind the scenes to cause as much trouble in OUR America as possible. Why can’t he just shut up and quit interfering and trying to control from the sidelines?

  26. Exactly!! He was a Fraud from the start and his 2 adopted kids? of course the white house was the only home they ever knew. That family was put together in order to deceive the American Public and try to convince America he wasn’t a muslim. He lived a complete lie!

  27. Doesn’t matter what race you are, just what is in your heart, your honesty, integrity, allegiance and TRUE LOVE FOR AMERICA. Criticizing America, Americans, how people dress, what class they belong to, how much they make–is not acceptable. Storming our borders, attacking our patrols, taking over government buildings does not show love for America and is unacceptable, no matter WHAT COLOR you are. If you are Anti-American you do not belong here!

  28. How strange for Obama is it to Seal two documents. His birth certificate and his college records. Who has their college records sealed. Maybe a man named Barry who either never attended the school or applied as a foreign exchange student and committed fraud. He has conned America and then our politicians who signed a 2300 page document calling our new health care the “Affordable Care Act” all the while knowing he was bankrupting Americans and our country.

  29. Why do people call Barry Obama gay (Homosexual), but refer to Michelle aka Michael as a woman. That thing is NOT A WOMAN but a DRAG QUEEN. Man trying to look like a woman. Michelle aka Michael is a Homosexual also.

  30. If you notice, her gay hubby is staying out of it. He’s not in the country anymore. It seems he knows the investigations are getting closer to him all the time.

  31. I agree-how and why has this gotten by without being investigated. If anything these two should be charged with Treason. Both of these inhuman things are a disgrace to America let alone the human race.

  32. Obama is allegedly an illegal alien. Many people from his “colleges” never heard of him. No story on him. He’s a mystery.

  33. various observers point to different aspects of “Mike” as indicative of being a “tranny” – past comments made by a suspiciously dead comedienne. But I think it was the tell tale bulge under that knit dress that was the giveaway.

  34. Maybe we should say something about transgender men that will make her see red…huh? MY Mom always told me…People who live in glass houses…shouldn’t throw stones. You think we are stupid MOOCH????

  35. Melania is not trash. She is a lady. Looking at whose been first lady before her I’m not surprised that you don’t recognize a lady when you see one.

  36. Why do we let the minority groups get their way? We are the majority! If they don’t like leave! Bob

  37. The name calling doesn’t help to change things. Please ty and refrain from it for the sake of our country and not give democrats more fodder to jump on.

  38. it’s a shame you weren’t attractive enough to compete with her. but your jealousy becomes, if that helps.

  39. Michelle might want to face the fact that she is a minority living in a majority white country. She could always move to a majority black country if she wishes. African countries, Haiti are possibilities.

  40. You need to get lost Alaska Women. Your brain is frozen and will never be unfrozen!!!!!! She was never my First Lady and she didn’t belong in the White House!!

  41. She is singing the same song as when she attended the IVY LEAGUE schools where she was educated. Her senior thesis from Princeton was full of “she was uncomfortable–not enough blacks around to give her comfort” It was written on a sixth grade level certainly not the work of a Princeton senior–It probably was because her scholastic rating was so low compared to those who had to sit for the SAT testing or earned scholarships due to their superior scholastic scores.. She was given a scholarship because her brother attended Princeton on a football scholarship and he was a valuable player. Instead of being grateful for opportunities just handed to her–she still pulls out the RACE CARD. When I attended the University as a night student–I could see and it was admitted that there was GRADE INFLATION for people of color. No one of color was in my graduating group. But then it was a Bachelor of Science in Business administration–dual majors Accounting and economics. I worked my way through. Ain’t affirmative action wonderful for some but not the working class?

  42. To the 3 Gowdys–Your insults to my blog will not change the facts about the Obamas. They almost succeeded in ruining the USA and put us into a recession that is still being felt–So many people hurt.Black home ownership was most hurt by laws allowing banks to forget about banking LAW and loan money for mortgages that could never be repaid. Look where Obama got the most generous campaign donations BIG BANKS. Obama is the reason interest rates are historically low and will be for the foreseeable future. He wrote more debt on the USA than all other administrations in the history of the Nation. STOP YOUT LYING– you just show how ignorant you are.

  43. Can someone do a gender check on Man-hands Michael/Michelle ??
    She is one outhouse ugly, corrupt, lying co-co head wench HO that looks like an extra from Planet of the Apes. Why is he/she and her illegally elected Kenyan partner Bathhouse Barry Obozo not in federal prison ???

  44. Is anyone surprised by her comments?? She made the same or similar comments during the election, and for the next eight years. Everyone knew that she was a racist but were afraid to say so because they might be called a racist. She/they haven’t changed and never will

  45. The Congresswomen are making $174,000.00 a year & benefits & they do nothing but speak against the US.

  46. She and her husband should best stay out of the limelight. He screwed up parts of our government, allowing and quite possibly encouraging our intelligence departments and others, ex: lois lerner,etc., to operate to carry out his will and to eventually attempt a coup to take out duly elected President Trump. Unfortunately we likely will never know the full scope of all the wrongful acts they perpetrated and others down the line will be punished for their actions and rightfully their own. The Obama’s can reside where ever they wish but a good question is why just down the street from the Whitehouse?

  47. she felt uncomfortable because there were too many white people there. Mike is a racist and so is his husband (the race baiting homosexual)Barry.

  48. We have to be patient for the idiots like Eric who think that the left is the way to get what they want. He needs his binky and blanket to make him think he is intelligent.

  49. Eric, if that is true you’d best be running for the hills to find a place to hide, because you’d be dead meat before sunset tomorrow.

  50. No, tell us what you really think. LOL! Just kidding, you expressed your frustration. I doubt that there is a conservative in the country doesn’t feel very much the same, it’s just that most of them bite their tongues.

  51. It is my understanding of the bible (and I’ve been studying it a long time) that the only thing it takes to burn in hell for eternity is to simply NOT believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection. Since the Obummers are Muslims and do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, much less His death, burial and resurrection, they will have a really hot place forever. It’s a done deal.

  52. Hispanics are people of Mexico, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rico, etc. They are people of brown skin.

  53. Justice…That sure isn’t you!!!! You have no intelligence. You have no concept of the truth. You keep attacking Pres. Trump who loves this country and has done a lot of good for us. But You refuse to name even ONE thing that he has done that he should go to prison for. You CAN’T!!! He has done nothing wrong. And hell??? You don’t even believe in hell, yet you are a willing follower of satan and will join him there unless you come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as the Lord of your life. Only Jesus can and will send people to hell. And Jesus forgives all who come to Him. It is very likely that Pres. Trump will go to Heaven and you will go to hell. THAT would be justice!!!!

  54. Hopefully, as Michelle sat there and looked out at all the people at the Inauguration she could reflect back and see how she and her husband (Barry) set race relations back to the 1960’s in this country. Hopefully she’s proud of the Obama’s efforts to divide the County’s population while systematically working on the destruction of our Military and of the economy!

  55. Hopefully she doesn’t decide to run for president. If she wins then we will have a second black man in the white house.

  56. You are a very sick person!

    Also you called me the Devil666.

    I have the Holy Spirit living in me. You just call him evil. That is the unpardonable sin.

    In Christian hamartiology, eternal sins, unforgivable sins, or unpardonable sins are sins which will not be forgiven by God. One eternal or unforgivable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Spirit) is specified in several passages of the Synoptic Gospels, including Mark 3:28–29, Matthew 12:31–32, and Luke 12:10.

    Your life is over. The day of racketing is coming.

  57. Well isn’t she a piece of work. They were racist when Obama was in office, and I guess they will always be racist. They divided and caused more racial problems than anyone I know.
    I’m not racist myself. I feel each to his own. I’m 81 and I’ve always had very close friends that were black, and other nationalities. I have a friend that’s like my brother right now who is full blooded Mexican.
    But to make a remark like she did shows her true colors. She hates whites. She will never convince me otherwise.

  58. Very interesting, “Jesse45”!

    Check YouTube for what the Obamas did on the Day of Remembrance = 911-2011.


  59. Just wondering….does being a troll pay well? Or are you really a bot that’s been programmed to respond to key words? Hard to believe a well adjusted human could have that much hate and anger even after losing in 2016. Legitimate question.

  60. You don’t deserve to have the last word said, it should be by someone with some inteligence and kindness. Trump2020PrisonorHell

  61. Trump is the one laughed at and scorned, and being played by Kim and Putin. Take an English class too.

  62. Another shameful redneck fool, a woman yet, maybe at the gates at the schools that were trying to integrate

  63. 1st off she is a queer he not mrs.an not fit to be an american..it an gods law says a man lsy with man as with a woman,both shall be stoned to death.

  64. Interesting. 12.5 percent of America has control over everything. That small number has us afraid to demand they respect our laws and police. Shoot at the cops and they had better not shoot back. Or it’s ok to burn towns because a cop stopped someone from talking his or her weapon. Any strong able bodied person with hands,feet,teeth , knees,elbows or a hard head isn’t unarmed.

  65. Yes, it is and the very thought of him being in our white House for eight years makes me want to puke. But the dems have no morals. They have thrown God out of their party and it is very obvious that satan has taken over

  66. Even the thought of them having been in OUR White House for 8 years is very sickening. I’m sure the Trumps had to fumigate it several times

  67. He lost all credibility with his first hate-filled lying post. All he does is come on here and spew his hatred. And he has no concept of the English language himself.

  68. TG…It is very obvious that YOU don’t have a conscious. You come on here with your sick hate and lies. If you had a conscience you would know that hate and lies are wrong. And EVERYONE has a soul. We are all born with one. And we will either spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus or with satan in Hell. It is your choice to make and it is very obvious that you have chosen satan. All your hate and leis come from satan. Jesus forbids both.

  69. TG…Look in your mirror to see a true Nazi and racist. And PLEASE PROVIDE PROOF of Pres. Trump’s crimes. You CAN’T. He has done nothing wrong. But your sick hate is a crime, as are your lies

  70. News Flash! Racist makes racist statement. What? She’s black? What? It’s Michelle Obama? ……. Never mind. No racism here….never mind.

  71. your are the true nazis and racist because you and your kind are always bring it up in every conversation, get the hell out of this great country and go drown yourself

  72. Another communist vermin creature? If you support the Communist agenda, you are not an AMERICAN. That would be you and your ilk.

  73. Sounds like the usual projection from a communist vermin creature. The Kenyan communist interloper and its regime was the most anti-American, proMuslim, corrupt and unethical, ILLEGAL regime in American history. The Kenyan interloper was not a legitimate President as stated in the Constitution. It was NOT a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. NOTHING IT DID WAS LEGAL.
    Maybe yoi should read some history, but it is doubtful you are even a citizen of America. And if you support the Communist agenda, you are certainly not.

  74. Although Moochie did not mention whites in particular it was sure as hell inferred. Regarding the percentages of races represented represented at the inauguration it was only to be expected. At that time, how many blacks or Hispanics were on board the Trump train? The same would be expected in reverse at a Democratic inauguration. That and Moochie’s obvious bigotry wouldn’t take into account that being invited to the inauguration is based on merit, not who comes up with the best kill whitey rap lyrics.

  75. WOW! What such a dirty mouth. You true colors are showing. You are a true hateful Liberal Democrat.

    Why do you have to show such hate to people that do not believe as you do. That is what Satan/Devil does. His word is the only word that counts.

    To let you know who I am, I posted to you as DEM888 but changed to 777.

  76. Michelle aka Michael and Barry Obama is not saved by the Word of God. Also they are Muslim.

    They are NOT CHRISTIANS but deceivers. Barry Obama is a Homosexual and Michelle aka Michael is a Homosexual/Drag Queen.

    Leviticus 20:13 English Standard Version (ESV)

    13 If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

    READ: Verse 26 and 27.
    Romans 1:18-32 New International Version (NIV)
    God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity

    18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

    21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

    God is love but also there is the Wrath of God coming to this World and this Nation because of great sins that mankind has done and their unbelief.

  77. Moochelle has 3 things going against her. 1)It’s a Tranny 2&3)not only black rascist but a distinguished Niglit POS!

  78. The liberal media has covered up for Democrats and the many disgusting comments by the Obamas as well as their alleged crimes. Has anyone read her college thesis. I hope Judicial Watch unwinds all the corruption in the last administration. Maybe then the idiots like the Alaska Women will see she has been waterheaded into believing the liberal media lies and what a great man President Trump is for America.

  79. Gowdy, you will reap what you sow in life.

    It is so easy to call people names, speak hate when you are not facing them in person.

    But all I can say is that God Almighty/Jesus Christ is keeping an accounts of your filthy words.

  80. Remember when Obama was elected, and Michelle said that for the first time in her life she was proud of her country? She hates America, too…

  81. Factually this is one stupid male impersonating a female! She played football in college! She never has been and never will be a first lady!

  82. Steve…YOU are clearly the racist. Pres. Trump IS NOT. But the Obamas are extremely racist and hate whites. But that is fine with you. And Pres. Trump’s IQ is 162, FAR above yours, which must be about 30, judging from your sick post.

  83. Your willful ignorance is mind numbing. How’s that Russian Collusion Delusion working for you?????? Hang in there…they are working on a cure for Trump Derangement syndrome! They are labeling the cure “Trump 2020” and the good news is you don’t have to swallow a pill!!!! It will be in “suppository” form in 2020…even an idiot can follow the instructions…”just remove head from azz and insert the TDS suppository instead”!!! Good luck 🙂

  84. Go back under the rock you crawled out from. You come on here and spew your sick hate and have only name-calling. What is your IQ, 20??? You need lots of help. You have no concept of the truth, but just sick lies. Go and get educated.

  85. Three Gowdys…Absolutely NOTHING you said about the Obamas or Pres. Trump is true. NEITHER Obama is a Christian. FACT. It is very obvious that you have no clue what a Christian is. Read the New Testament and find out. Obama is a MUSLIM. That is also a fact. Read his own books and get educated, if that is possible. There are several clues. Obama hates Christians. And Pres. Trump loves this country, unlike you. Please provide PROOF of what you said about him. Name ONE THING that he should go to prison for. You CAN’T because you are a LIAR!!!!! Take your SICK HATE and NAME CALLING somewhere else. We don’t need it.

  86. Threes Gowdys…This is a Christian conservative discussion board. You know NOTHING at all about either one. You just come on here and show your sick hate and ignorance every time you post.

  87. What I said is the TRUTH!!!! But YOU have no concept what truth is. That is very obvious. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders without question. I hate no one. But it is very clear from your sick name-calling that YOU do.

  88. Eric, that is FALSE!!!! You need LOTS of help with your sick hate. Please get off from here and get it. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and NOT ONE of them is a racist or white supremacist!!!!! Far from it. MOST are Christians. Christians follow Jesus and His teachings. God created and loves ALL RACES!!! Take a good look in your mirror to see a sick hate-filled racist.

  89. Stay in Alaska stupid….we do not need anymore craziness on the mainland. Next time you go in for another lobotomy…lie and don’t tell them you have Obamacare, you might get a better surgeon next time!!! The only certified RACIST is YOU. Do everyone a favor…show your proof or sthu. where is this DOCUMENTATION you speak of? Oh, that’s right…you folks don’t deal in facts, muddies up your delusional, fanatical waters. You think just because you are a delusional fool you can convince more educated people to believe your lies? Trump is no RACIST…it’s RACIST’S like YOU who need to be eradicated. Stay in Alaska…not that many people to make fun of your obvious mental disability. Don’t bother replying back to me…trying to tell a delusional liberal anything…is just like giving medicine to the dead….RIP.

  90. Obama was born in KENYA!!! It is a FACT!!!!! You can deny truth but that just makes you the fool that you are. NO, it was NOT proven that he was born in Hawaii. That birth certificate was FAKE!!!!! Trump’s birtherism???? Are you really that stupid???? The whole birtherism thing started with HILLARY when she was running against Obama. And calling me names just shows you to be the sick hate-filled person you are. GET HELP!!!!

  91. Amen to your comment Patricia Overbey I totally agree. All of racist bull crap started back up when the Obama’s moved into the Whie house. Michele could never be asked to speak anywhere without bringing up race and racist bull in her speech EVERY TIME!

  92. Obama ,needs to take a good look at the Bush’s administration, Do you job when in OFFICE when your time up dont try too stay move on.And stop using the stasis of PRESIDENT you are not the PRESIDENT any more you are just Obama just like bush’s and Clinton . MR BUSH SR,AND JR.GOT IT RIGHT WHEN THEIR TIME WAS UP,THEY DIDN’T TRY HANG ON AND PLAY PRESIDENT.AND THE NEWS REPORTER NEED TO STOP CALLING EXPRESIDENTS ,president.We the American PEOPLE only have one PRESIDENT at a time.The people that report news should address PRESIDENT as PRESIDENT even if they don’t like PRESIDENT Trump or take a walk.We the PEOPLE but in OFFICE so respected him .He is are PRESIDENT like it or knot ,get over it.And here a wake up call for Michelle us white PEOPLE put your husband in the oval office,And he probably would of done better if he didn’t listen too Hillary Clinton right Michelle?ha,ha????????????????

  93. Evidently the author of this hit piece has a learning disability. At no point in her speech did Michelle Obama “expressly attack one group of Americans”. She was referring to this fact-
    “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 12.3% of the U.S. population is black, and 12.5% is Hispanic.” Was that racial breakdown reflected at Trump’s inauguration?

  94. They even had a separate plane to fly their frigging dog and one for her! AF one for Barry, one for the dog, one for Mooch, one for Marine One, One for logistics on each of these tax paid boondoggles!

  95. No that was all lies just like the left pours out all the time. Obama was a joke to the USA

  96. To Michelle Obama, every time you open up your mouth, the white people are on your mind, Just please, do not mention the Jews, unless you refer to the self hating Jews, let whir=ted complain and the guiltless Jews complain, but just for ounce, leave us Jews alone for ounce in a life time, I know it is not easy, just try, do not have it in mind..

  97. Sound like the Obama’s are racists ….You can’t change the past,like Obama tried. We the people’s White,brown or black,it does matter if you are green we are all in the same boat.No one alive had anything too do with the past Mrs Michell obama,and Mr Obama. So move on,and stop pulling the Race card like all your PEOPLE Do.It’s going in too 2020 and black PEOPLE all over the world are still crying about it.I never expected X PRESIDENT Obama and his family is the bigger racists then PRESIDENT Trump and family. No Matter how long black PEOPLE are going too use the race card that all they know when things don’t go their way.THATS A SHAME THAT ALL THEY KNOW.????????????

  98. Steven crawl back in your mommy’s basement before you get hurt. You are to ignorant to be out in the real world. Morons like you need to be castrated so you can’t create any more pathetic trash like yourself.

  99. Well at least she would have something that men would want to look at ,UNLIKE Moochelle, that men could just look in the mirror to see

  100. You are just as dumb as that ugly porch monkey. Typical ignorant lib telling lies because you haven’t a clue what goes on in the real world. Go back to africa with the baboon.

  101. RIGHT ON, If Obama and his puppetmaster G. Soros would somehow vanish once and for all. YOU jackasses lost AMERICA was sick you trying to make us into the THRID WORLD CRAPHOLE your father wanted.

  102. I heard yesterday that Obama family-owned slave, what a small world.
    I remember history lessons in school that stated, it was the chieftains of the black tribes that sold their own people into slavery.
    JUST maybe they should study up on their own history instead of listening to the liberal bull crap of what they would like our history to look like.

  103. SweetOLBob you are so right. I never heard all this BE about racism intill Obama & crew were elected. TRUMP 2020.

  104. Trump2020re-election The Obamas are Evil, and Trump he has a heart. doesn’t matter what religion he might say he is. Actually his heritage is Jewish which doesn’t matter. He loves all Americans.

  105. Gowdys:
    His Hawaii birth was NEVER proven, unless you ant to consider to or three phony pieces of paper as proof.
    The lady who could have proven his birth one way or another was conveniently drowned.
    Knock of the partisan Bullslip !
    He is a fraud from the word go !

  106. You don’t have to be “right wing” to be a racist. The Mooch proves that. As do all those black folks just hunting for an insult to complain about.

  107. They stayed away and so the government didn’t have to ask for volunteers to clean up the trash as they did after obama* was Cannonized.

  108. I CERTAINLY HOPE NOT ! If they were, the country would be up to its Adam’s Apple in wrappers,chicken bones,dirty diapers and other trash left by trash. You could barely see the ground after obama* applauders got done trashing and littering. Real class ! Just like obama* and the Mooch.
    *Lower Case Intentional

  109. David:
    We should just let them go. They have nothing but stupid, false lies to shout into empty barrels.
    obama’s* tenure was a dismal failure, except for his effort on placing pods of filthy muslims. He rapped out one lie after another and blamed all criticism on his being half black. There are still dumb azzes who praise him just for that fact.
    We should just go ahead and let them lie and shout. With help from above, we won ! We saw the defeat of a vulgar, entitled, grasping, lying woman, and it’s still … PRESIDENT TRUMP !

  110. Are you done ? The Mooch wrote a racist paper in college. She blames everything on Whitey. She is the biggest racist ever to be in the White House, even as first Mooch. The country couldn’t do enough for her. Thirty personal servants, room and board for her Mama, trips for her kids. Living the ghetto dream ! And she’s still at it. I’ll bet the obamas aren’t paying for a thing on their trip now either. Mooch, Mooch, Mooch !

  111. Oh, and I forgot, Mrs. Trump is foreign trash that posed nude for men’s magazines in Europe. She is also Communist born, raised and educated.

  112. Trump is a legally-documented racist.
    His “university” was illegal, and deemed fraudulent.
    His “charity” has been closed for illegal self-dealing.
    Mrs. Obama is correct in her statement.

  113. Eric –you are sick in the head. The majority of people supporting President Trump are working people of ALL colors and races. People who want to work and be free to make their own way. What’s the matter–Did you get your food stamps cut off or your welfare checks or maybe they found fraud in your disability claims? Maybe your drug business got shut down or maybe you were arrested for something even worse. Blame yourself and not the president.

  114. Steve–Mommy is calling from the basement–she has her blouse open and wants you to come nurse. You have a foul mouth–insulting the President of the USA-who has been raising all Americans up with a thriving economy something the Kenyan was too lazy to do for the American people

  115. Steve how is Trump racist? You libturds are always shouting racism because you have no original ideas. All of you commiecrats are a bunch of idiots. And you’re not good enough to lick Trump’s balls.

  116. Let’s give credit where credit is due.
    O blah blah blah ma was the ABSOLUTE BEST half black, gay, Kenyan, looney liberal, mooslom mobster, and community un-planner ever allowed to be a squatter in the White House.

  117. totally what we said too!! That is why the elite backed him and put him in office to stir up race wars, i have done my research, mixed with common sence!! He had to always use teleprompters remember?? Wonder why?? And at least we know Trump’s wife is female…And when obummer got in everyone was scared to say a bad word about him! Why i kept wondering, because they all made fun of every other president on tv, and people exercised freedom of speech till he got in!! i remember being in stores and would be in conversation and people even say if it was about obummer they were afraid to say anything! i was shocked!! We have been lied to in this country by all the elite!

  118. For one who admitted that until Barack was elected she finally liked her country then went on to live in a house that slaved built, no bad for one who was broke went on lavish vacations on tax payers dime both of them spent over $100million taxpayers money on vacations, $200,000 a year for a dog walker[should had a chain on her]both entereed the peoples house on the balls of their ass left worth $40million not bad for a reltive of former slave owners.

  119. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally agree!!!!!! So sick of listening to her and that illegal so called x president complaining and crying over anything they can think of!! They want the lime light sooooo bad, and they need to shut up and go away because people of any intellect are sick and fed up with they stupidity and how they try to still act superior to Trump, his family, or anyone that has a brain!! Sorry but i am fed up with them and their fake and phony lies, and sob stories!! My best friend is African American and i am closer to her than my family, and i love and adore her over my white friends, but she is kind, caring, and loving, and a hard worker, and honest, unlike their gay agenda to rule America, with Killery, and Bill, and Bushes, and Soros!!! Wish they would move to Haiti or another country so we can quit hearing about them!! satan’s little helpers to rule u.s.a. and the world!!

  120. Coming from one who is well educated in the use of profanity you will be lucky if you have an IQ 1/2 og the members of the entie family..You don’t even make any sense in your idiotic comment except curse and aslander people you know nothing about any of them. Melania speaks fluently six languages he grand children speak several languages as well as the sons and daughter Baron the younest IQ is double than yours and speaks fluently three language and you can’t even speak English..MORON!!!!!

  121. Your IGNORANCE must be a heavy burden to you.
    If I had a sister in a whore house and a brother in the looney liberal democratic party … I’d try to save my brother first.

  122. Fu-k the Trump Klann, Trumps didn’t have the IQ or social graces for the White House. No one could ever be so hateful and racist as those two Trumpas. I think the entire episode from the White house to date is one huge lie. No truths only cover ups and tons of lies.

  123. Pedro is another fake Hispanic, the Russians and right wingers on here, be they such idolizers of the criminal Trump or true Nazis, will do anything to stir up their hatred.

  124. Trump2020Prison. The Obamas are Christians, and Trump he a heartless mobster, egomaniac criminal, doesn’t matter what religion he might say he is. Actually his heritage is Jewish which doesn’t matter, Gotti was Catholic but killing people isn’t any religion.

  125. This is another right wing idiot talking about hatred when that is what this fool has in his or her heart.

  126. Michelle Obama sounds like the rest of the Democrats. No scandals, right. Nothing more racist then a Democrat. But ask them if they like LGBTQs, illegals, gay marriage, transgenders and they will tell you yes it is Obama legacy and sick people’s laws

  127. Michelle, Barack totally raped the American taxpayer plus her mother is still on the government payroll. I agree with all, the Obamas didn’t have the IQ or social graces for the White House. He was and is a puppet for Soros!!

  128. I believe so, too. I think the entire episode from the White house to date is one huge lie.No truths only cover ups and tons of lies. obama, by open mistake called it michael. Who knows? It walks like a man. And, now they say, he is,”gay”. Who knows? Pull your pants down michele michael. Lol.

  129. We are so sorry Michelle that you didn’t other like you at President Trumps inauguration but you were the only MONKEY invited. END OF STORY

  130. If you want to see a Racist just look at a picture of the Obama’. Plan and simple! Thank God they are somewhat gone. They are just like the Clinton’s Power is Everything. Two broke, washed up has been’s living in million dollar houses, protected by the best law enforcement on earth and complain everyday. Can’t they be evicted to another country like CA, MA, or NY? They can join idiots like AOC and others. Please

  131. Michelle l really don’t know what the words racist means but l am going to look it up in dictionary and be one because of you.
    Your are upset because when you wake up in the morning, you are still black not white.

  132. Ah, yes… of course…



    Talk-about your double-entendre’ (“double-meaning”s) here, huh??



  133. Michelle Obamayou wish you
    could be a PIMPLE on MELANIA’s pretty butt!

    You don’t like WHITE PEOPLE?
    The feeling is mutual, Chicken Lips!!!

  134. Michelle Obama is the apitimy of racism. But it’s okay for her to say what ever she wants to. No worry her group of followers are slowly departing from her, so keep talking Michelle.

  135. NO SURPRISE HERE ! ! ! She has stated other slimy stuff with words of a double meaning . . . Like ” I’ve never had pride in AMERICA until B.H.O. was voted in ! ! ! ” . . .

  136. Lee Ann…….I could not agree with you more, for you hit the nail perfectly on the HEAD. Thanks you, wish I had thought of that.

  137. You always know who the real racists are, they’re the ones telling everyone else they are racists.

  138. Thank God there are many GOOD PEOPLE OF COLOR in this Country.
    But those who got the most from the USA, Obama’s; Omar the Muslim; AOC the Crazy Lady; I could go on but that is enough to give a clear picture, just these make it so sad for the truly good people of Color. God Bless the good one’s and punish the bad ones.

  139. Right wing nut? Education, intelligence ? Gifted orator, though he might be, he won’t be respected as anything other than a lying fraud who attempted to run our country into a democratic ditch !
    I can respect the man for his religious convictions, but please keep it entirely to himself. Don’t make any thinly veiled attempts to ‘muslimise’ me or my country. thank you MAGA !!!! TRUMP 202O !!!

  140. This black women is worst then Killary. Talk about racism, she takes the cake. Worst live ever seen or heard.. why aren’t people screaming insanely about her… where are the conservatives??? They should be yelling at and about her from the roof tops….. if a white said that we’d be thrown in jail.. I’m sick of this double standard. It time to give it back..two fold. The liberals are walking all over us.. needs to STOP…

  141. Oh, PLEASE try to “lighten-up” a little-bit, people….

    We MUST respect and embrace the “Color & Gender-Deprived”…

    IT’S merely upset & acting-out, because IT was “born” NEITHER “White”, NOR, a “Woman”.

    (Sorry… This is just my best-impression of a “Diversity & Inclusivity”-loving SNOWFLAKE!)



  142. So, Michelle racist….why did blacks not show up for President Trump’s inaugural. Did the spreading of racist hatred by you and your husband have anything to do with it?

  143. No one could ever be so hateful and racist as those two Oblablas. Remember when President Trump won the election how fed up everyone was with them?

  144. sometimes there is only name calling….as there are no words to say what needs to be said. robert….. you said it for many of us!

  145. Harley, may I correct your comment? The Obama’s did NOT grace the White House, they disgraced it.

  146. No love lost here for Ms. Obama, but if the DemWit nominee for President has a death wish, he or she will choose Michelle for VP. I don’t think whoever that nominee is can beat our President fair and square, but then we’re not necessarily gonna have a fair and square election. Are we? I hope so, but it would surprise me if there aren’t some shenanigans along the way. Should that DemWit nominee actually win, there’s not a fart’s chance they survive the first term. Just sayin’. You heard it here first.

  147. the onky reason there is still racism in america is because blacks and the left won’t let it die , and thanks to the obomas they started a whole new race war all over again , until 2008 you never herd the word racist very often , now it’s in every sentence they speak

  148. Lil dee trump wants his version of America, you know, the white supremacist neo nazi racist one, i.e. the majority of people who support him.

  149. Geez, Robert, I understand your frustration, but don’t act a Demorat who resorts to name calling.

  150. Mikee you sick, ugly,worthless, I hate America human garbage, get real only the media likes you. You and dumbo go back to where your ancestors came from. You and dumbo are the worst of human crap, Muslims go home that includes Mr & Mr obummers

  151. Do we all remember the hateful look on MO’s face when traveling in France with her so-called husband? While climbing some steps beside and slightly behind the beautiful first lady of France, MO could not keep “its” eyes off of that perfect French rear end! If looks could kill, France’s first lady could not have survived the day … ah jealousy resides in spades in the Obama family!

  152. And it is too bad that her two girls had to leave the home they got so used to. Did Michelle expect President Trump to offer them rooms in the White House?? Not only being racist they are both Anti-Semite and Anti-Catholic. We all had to put up for eight years Mr. Obama’s arrogance and inability to run this great country.

  153. What she did is say what her husband won’t say. We all knew that both she and her husband were racists. It also proves what I’ve said the last 40+ yrs. That Democrats and blacks are racists. We know and have known this for many yrs. Now the truth is coming out. Why people want to bury their heads to these facts is beyond me. I and many others have known this because of study and personal experience with blacks and watching the Democrats.

  154. Shame that she/he/it has not developed the civility and virtue to be in the class of black people. All he/she sees is color. A dyed in the wool racist, and democrat. Hates everyone who is not black. I don’t remember Trump hiding his records before starting a campaign. I don’t remember Melania saying that she was ashamed of the US. etc., etc., etc.,

  155. It’s because of racist crap like this that Michael and his husband put race relations back at least 50 years. They all need to have their citizenship revoked and deported immediately!

  156. What a hateful, ignorant thug who doesn’t have the education or intelligence of any of the Obamas. You are disgraceful for your sadistic performance on this right wing nut website

  157. After 8 years of racial devide, encouraged by the former whitehouse occupants, it’s likely the racial devide is here to stay.
    Those who always felt wronged,saw a black man succeed at becoming president of the U.S. decided they must be better than everyone else, & deserve to be taken care of,instead of working to better the selves.
    That said,there are a whole lot more who carry their own weight,but are made to look bad by those who won’t.

  158. After 8 years of racial devide, encouraged by the former whitehouse occupants, it’s likely the racial devide is here to stay.
    Those who always felt wronged,saw a black man succeed at becoming president of the U.S. decided they must be better than everyone else, & deserve to be taken care of,instead of working to better the selves.
    That said,there are a whole lot more who carry their own weight,but are made to look bad by those who won’t.

  159. And they say that the white people in this country are racist. It’s really bad when the ex first lady, is one of the most racist people in America, and you know her husband is not far behind.

  160. WE had to listen to her racist comments and vicious lies for 9 yrs, starting with the first campaign. They robbed the hardworking people of America, 12 luxury vacations including a Trip to span for 38 friends. Her mama and her had $5K a night suites. They walked in broke and left as multi millionaires. How does that happen? Right!

  161. The name’s NOT even “Obama” – It’s SOETORO…

    (Read: Barry ‘Bath-House’ Soetoro)

    So I can only refer to this, herein-referenced “individual” as…


    (And, the TRUTH-BE-TOLD… even the name Soetoro SHOULD NOT be “attached” to this AMBIGUOUS ENTITY, as I DO NOT recognize that there can be any-such-thing as a HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE – besides, I see NEITHER any NORMAL “man” OR “woman”, WHATSOEVER, in this, entire, convoluted, confused, FRAUD OF A “RELATIONSHIP” – Oh, and, BTW, BARRY and Mike: You’l need to return the “rental-children” now… They’re no longer necessary to promote THE CON, and they’re still running up a mighty-big “tab” on the LEASE… Just-sayin’, y’all…)



  162. what i do not understand, Renewed Right , is why you continue to pretend Michael is Michelle…Michelle is a tranny do you folks write about anorexics and call them FAT ? I think not…michelle is a man, with a penis, acknowledge it

  163. The worst president ever and his disgusting,whatever it is,has the gall to talk about president Trumps resounding speech,as that speech.

  164. The only difference is that the American people of all color spreads there legs don’t draw flies like you. Leave our country and take your diseases with you

  165. The only difference is that the American people of all color spreads there legs don’t draw flies like you. Leave our country and take your diseases with you

  166. I believe in karma and these racist gays, obama and she/he will have their day. Calling All radical muslim living in America, you know the truth about them. The Quran must tell you they cannot get away with being gay

  167. I believe in karma and these racist gays, obama and she/he will have their day. Calling All radical muslim living in America, you know the truth about them. The Quran must tell you they cannot get away with being gay

  168. Michelle Obama’s main problem is that she is jealous that she is not white!!! Of course, she has absolutely no class which she demonstrates every time she opens her mouth!

  169. If she feels uncomfortable with people who don’t look like her, there is always Africa to move to.

  170. First of all, “We the People” are not folks, we are Americans. Second of all, you and your Kenyan hasbeen should go away forever and always, until death due you part. Amen…

  171. Michelle Obama is a Racist? Is anybody left on earth that does not yet know she was and still is a racist? My goodness! I would have thought that she would be much better at hiding her dislike and distrust of people that are outside her race and cultural experiences. It is very clear that she still has some serious issues, particularly for someone who experienced eight long years in the White House, of all places! It seems to me that she ought to be smart enough to simply fake it until the time comes to simply move on from Washington and all that it is, and is not!

  172. Yes indeed! It’s exactly what the Obummers and their ilk want, theyre just now getting empowered (bold) enough to admit it. And as you know, EVERYTHING is racist now, but only if you’re white.

  173. I cannot understand why the U.S. tolerates such racist remarks and actions by Black Americans when White Americans’ rights are stomped on when they dare to say something similar. The former first lady mentioned her husband included all demographics of American citizenry for his inaugural speech, but the list she mentioned was comprised, completely, of Black radical groups. That is not America, but it must be her version of what America should be!

    Recently Senator McConnell was questioned about his ancestors owning slaves and was roasted for his response. McConnell stated that it seemed he and former president Obama were in the same position as being opposed to reparations for former slaves and that both were decedents of slave owners. The media went ballistic, but reports on the 1850 census show the great, great, great, great, grandfather of Obama was a slave owner.

    In San Francisco, a man was leaving his apartment complex, which is equipped with a call box security measure to protect residents, with his son when a man entered the open door through which the resident was leaving. Noticing the man did not enter via the ‘call box’, the father stopped and questioned the man who entered illegally. The intruder refused to give the resident father any information and the police were called. The intruder videoed the incident and it has been on the news constantly ever since he posted it.

    It turned out that the intruder was black and the resident was white, which spurned the ‘racist’ card being played. The intruder had entered illegally and had refused the request by the resident to use the call box to gain entry to the party whom he was to visit. When police arrived, the intruder told them he was there to visit a friend who was visiting a resident of the complex: neither of which was aware he was coming. The resident, who is white, did what he could to protect the residents in the building, but the media and black community did not see it as such. To them this was racism! The resident followed protocol when confronting a person who was entering the building illegally, but media outlets quickly, without knowing the entire scenario, branded him as a ‘racist’! Is this what Michelle Obama wants H.E.R. America to be?

  174. Tranny Mike has always been motivated in word, deed, etc. by hatred, jealousy and resentment. There is a strong need for destruction and revenge: priorities in all too many of that persuasion. No one should be surprised any longer.

  175. The obama’s were the most racist couple to ever grace the White House. After 8 years (not including the campaign time) of listening to them, we can’t get them to shut up.

  176. Gotta remember who real brains behind this agenda is, Barry’s just a useful flunky for Soros! His name doesn’t get nearly enough exposure.

  177. I hold the media to blame for the eight years of Ocrapper and all the frauds and unconstitutional stuff he did like DACA, the money bail outs to the tune of 100% of ALL THE NATIONS DEBT before he came to the WH ! Maybe Mooch was proud then , but IT has gone back to the prior feeling held. That is proof of THEIR failure of 8 years! Hopefully the media firms will ( in the attempt to stay in business ) go back and really start VETTING THEM NOW! YES, I KNOW IT IS TOO LATE, BUT THE MEDIA OWE IT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND TOO HISTORY AS WELL. if they don’t do it the people will ignore them right OUT OF BUSINESS. No loss, some foul stink, and no media ! That is a price we can afford!! Oh 1 more thing NO MORE OCRAPPER OBAMAS!

  178. I have a lot of family that voted for Barry too. For seven long years I listened to how wrong I was about him. Ironically they all voted for Trump and now want Obama – or – whoever the hell he really is investigated. I can’t find fault though – when I was young and stupid – easily influenced – I voted twice for Bill Clinton. I wouldn’t piss on him to put a fire out today. We all have to live and learn.

  179. Both Obamas are hate-filled traitors. They are MUSLIM. Islam is our enemy. Obama can’t stand anything this country stands for, esp. our freedom. There is no freedom in islam. His goal was to have everyone totally dependent on government for everything, and extremely corrupt Hillary would have continued his agenda. Thank God Trump is our president and not Hillary. He loves this country and has done a lot of good for us. But the dems have only hate and no morals. They are very sad creatures.

  180. julio…still??? He NEVER WAS!!!! But YOU show your extreme ignorance every time you post. What is your IQ? 30?

  181. Julio–speaking of idiots–What is your I Q????? Disrespecting and trash talking- if you do not anything good to say–why show your ignorance?

  182. Get on-line and read Mrs Obama’s senior thesis at college. It was full of hatred and vitriol aimed at the white race. Her maiden name was Robinson. Had her brother not been a college football star–she never would have been admitted to the IVy league schools she received a bachelors and a juris prudence degree. Her thesis was written on a 6th grade level.. It is really bad and it just shows what affirmative action peppered the USA with folks with degrees who got diplomas for inferior scholastic performance. There is a huge continent where she may feel more comfortable–she would be among a black population of at least 95%. Too bad she hates the USA–a country that gave her so much.

  183. I knew there was something wrong with that lying SOB from Kenya. o ADVISED MY CHILDREN TO not VOTE FOR THAT Muslim Communist who has four Social Security cards. Two years later, my children apologized to me for not listening to my advice, because he was as BAD as I had told them he would be. My children are now steadfast CONSERVATIVES! If Moochelle wants people who “look like her”, They’re going to have to round up a big bunch of butt ugly Orangutans that look just like HER..

  184. The reason is, when he became President, they looked around and saw America because they were and are outsiders. As far as I know he never showed his birth certificate and his Grandmother said he was born in Kenya and I BELIEVE IT!

  185. Agree with your post.

    Also remember when the Obama’s sent their adopted or rented daughters to Mexico for one week vacation. That cost over $100,000 at tax payers expense.

  186. Ms. Obama, we are not judging you on your race but on your lack of merit. Your school breakfast and lunch program was a fiasco. Other programs were also not successful. The only thing that you did was traveling with your friends on the taxpayers dime. That is all I have to say. You also mention that there were no scandals during your husband’s 8 years in office. I totally disagree with that statement. Please do not lie anymore to the american people.

  187. There’s nothing new here. This woman has always hated the whites. She is a fraud just like her husband.

  188. Everything the the former “First Tranny” says is racist and hate filled. She should be exposed for her job at the Chicago University hospital when Barry was elected senator. She went to work there when Barry was a community organizer. When he was elected senator her salary tripled – one of senator Obamas first actions was to direct large amounts of money to that hospital. Michael also got a new job along with that money – moving low income blacks out of that hospital asap and into a facility “more suitable” for them. If a white person was doing that it might look racist huh? Michael took the money.

  189. Agreed. I wish that everyone would stop referring to him as a woman, first lady, etc. “Michelle” Obama is a biological man masquerading as a woman. He’s also a racist who hates the country that gave him everything he has. And he’s a thief who treated the US Treasury as his personal bank account and misused many millions of our tax dollars in his travel junkets all over the world. If there were any justice in this country he and Barack would have to reimburse the treasury for all the money they wasted on purely personal spending.

  190. Michelle is a racist , it’s obvious her hate for whites and she can’t wait to express her feelings every chance she gets , well , to Hell with her and Barry the Traitor

  191. Well well take a good look BIG MIKE what you and that thing you call a husband have done to this country . my best part of all is when your husband said ,to Trump At least i go down as a President at that correspondent dinner .? Well Trump Is going down as the BEST president ever He sure cleaning up the garbage that you two left behind Revenge is sweet payback is a b##ch We have seen all we want to see in your fake family please leave

  192. bottom line is that she and her cronies feel being black means nothing she says can be called racist

  193. The one that is corrupt idiot is the Obama’s. I do not like to be deceived and lied to and the Obama’s did that.

    Do not worry you will get the Obama’s back. Just be patient.

  194. I believe that Barry Obama is the Anti-Christ that is to come. He will stay in the spot light until his time comes to take over the world. And force his will on mankind (as he did with America, he force his evilness on American).

  195. Both of these people are really low IQ individuals. I’m not just saying that it is true. There were more black people at Obama’s inauguration because most black people are Dems. and they vote that way because they get all that free stuff. I believe the next inauguration will change this next time because minorities are starting to see the light and are waking away from the Dems. Mikey Obama was trying to turn this into a race thing and it’s not. It’s just how the races vote. Dems go to Dem inaugurations and Republicans go to Republican inauguration. What a low life to make this about our Pres. doing something wrong at his inauguration. Barry Obama IQ 101, Pres. Trump IQ one test 156 and another 160.

  196. Do not forget but Barry Obama is also a Homosexual. He does not desire women but men. So he got his husband Michael. WOW! What a sick pair.

    When they was in the WH, they was the laughing stock of the world.

  197. Michelle is NOT a female but is Michael and it is not a woman but a man. He (Michelle aka Michael was the first DRAG QUEEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

    Why can’t anyone write the Truth about Him (Michael)?

    When I read anything about the Obama’s, I replace Michelle with Michael and her with he.

    The Obama’s are Raciest.

  198. You got to get a trans and a president that loves to be back hole by his wife’s sick too low life pos people they both well burn in he’ll a trans and a Muslim liers can’t go into heaven

  199. Her husband gets elected to the highest post in America and she still has prejudiced issues with blacks and whites? What more does she want? Obama as president forever still wouldn’t help her small ideas
    So sad

  200. The Obama’s have NEVER stood for AMERICAN’S! They stand for the greed and power-hungry rich of this nation. Obama, himself, stands for MUSLIMS, rather than AMERICANS! They both need to go away, as all other Presidents have done when their time was up. Go back and be Joe Q. Public, and stay out of our lives. Haven’t you ruined this country and the American people’s lives enough already? We think so, and ask you to step out of the spotlight. You had your 8 years of fame. WE, THE PEOPLE of AMERICA, are sick of your faces, your voices, AND your opinions.

  201. All I ever see or think about is a fat assed silver back GO-RILLA when someone mentions MOOSESHELL Obumnuts !

  202. FIRST “LADY”???? What a LAUGH..”IT” need to STFU and go away..No one gives a rat’s behind what this transvestite FREAK “big mike” has to say.

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