Michelle Obama said something that will turn your stomach inside out

Michelle Obama fanned the flames of controversy during her eight years as First Lady.

She hasn’t stopped now that she is a private citizen.



  1. When did Obama tell the truth about anything? He has been chasing his father’s communist/Muslim image all his life. So now Michelle isn’t proud of our country even after her husband is elected president? Which is it Michele? You are still living the HIGH life on the USA dime or did you get a high slit on OUR money hubby snuck into Iran for his Muslim brothers?
    You do know your family CAN LEAVE THIS COUNTRY? Sure Barack’s family would welcome you all in Kenya… HE feel right at home there!!!

  2. Her skin color doesn’t amount to a hill of beans to me. Her disdain for this country is what I resent!! If you show no respect for our country, our flag, and those who serve, how could I ever feel anything for either of you. President Obama apologized to the world, putting us down. The 1st Lady never showed pride or love for this country. I am 83 years old. I have seen many presidents and 1st ladies come and go. I thank GOD every day that these haters are gone!!!

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