Michelle Obama told this lie about Donald Trump that instantly blew up in her face

Michelle Obama is losing it.

The former First Lady is ranting and raving about President Trump exercising his legal right to challenge election results he claims were impacted by illegal ballots.

But Michelle Obama told this lie about Donald Trump that instantly blew up in her face.

Americans can add Michelle Obama to this list of prominent Democrats trying to force Donald Trump to abandon his legal challenges to what his campaign says is widespread voter fraud in key states during the 2020 election.

Former First Lady Obama falsely claimed that her husband’s administration bent over backwards to make the transitions to the Trump administration as smooth as possible.

“I have to be honest and say that none of this was easy for me. Donald Trump had spread racist lies about my husband that had put my family in danger. That wasn’t something I was ready to forgive. But I knew that, for the sake of our country, I had to find the strength and maturity to put my anger aside. So I welcomed Melania Trump into the White House and talked with her about my experience, answering every question she had – from the heightened scrutiny that comes with being First Lady to what it’s like to raise kids in the White House,” Obama wrote on Instagram.

In fact that was not true.

While the Obama administration was pretending to play nice in public, the FBI and Obama Justice Departments plotted in secret to use the Russian collusion conspiracy theory to bring down the Trump Presidency.

Obama also lied when she claimed she respected the results of the election even though she and her husband campaigned for Hillary Clinton and even outrageously claimed it was Presidency Trump who deployed conspiracy theories to contest the results of the 2020 election.

As usual, everything the Democrats accused President Trump of doing they were guilty of.

Democrats – led by the Obama administration – never accepted the fact that Donald Trump won in 2016 and proceeded to use a conspiracy theory to undermine the incoming administration.

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