Michelle Obama turned the 2020 race upside down with this bombshell announcement

The Democrat race for their party’s presidential nomination is in full swing.

Everyone thought the shape of the field was set.

And then Michelle Obama turned the 2020 race upside down with this bombshell announcement.

Appearing at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Michelle Obama dealt a significant blow to former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign by announcing she and her husband would not be endorsing any candidates in the primary and planned to support the eventual nominee.

CNN reports:

Michelle Obama told CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King before an audience gathered at the Essence Festival in New Orleans that “our primary focus is letting the primary process play out because it’s very early.”

“I mean that’s one of the things that we learned in the campaign. It is early,” she said in the wide-ranging interview. “It’s like trying to figure out who is going to win the World Series on the first seven games, I mean that’s where we are right now. It is so early and things will change.”

Michelle Obama added that she and Barack were “watching everyone” and willing to give support to Democratic candidates trying to navigate the crowded democratic primary field.

“The general election is so important that we have to get behind whoever comes out of that primary, so we’re watching everyone, we’re supporting everyone, we’re giving advice to whoever seeks it,” she said.

Since his disastrous debate performance, Biden leaned into his time as Barack Obama’s Vice President to stem the bleeding of support from black voters after Kamala Harris tore into him on issues of race.

Biden claimed that because Obama vetted him, black voters could trust him.

But many Americans are wondering why – if Obama trusted him so much – will former President Obama not make that trust official and endorse Biden for President?

This difficult question is one that Biden has no answer for.

And the political heat will only increase after Michelle Obama’s stunning lack of support for anyone.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I’m sorry Dan, but you are wrong. Michelle doesn’t look like a gorilla, she looks like an ape! That is just the truth! Our a picture of an ape next to her and you will see what I mean!



  4. Biden was Obama’s token white guy in the White House.
    Had to in order to be able to keep saying “White House!”

  5. AOC is not a candidate for president at this point in time. She isn’t even old enough to be president or vp, nor will she be by January 2021. MUST be at least 35. However, there are three others in the running that are not constitutionally eligible, first, Kamala Harris. She was born in Oakland, Ca. in 1964. Her parents, one from India and other other from Jamaica, had come here in 1960 and 1961 and were not citizens when Kamala was born. Second, Tulsi Gabbard. She was born to two U.S. citizen parents but she was born in American Samoa, which is an unorganized, unincorporated US territory that does not grant US citizenship to children born there. Third is Michael Bennet, whose parents were citizens, but he was born in New Delhi, India. MUST be born on U.S. soil to parents who are themselves, citizens. Barack Obama was never eligible because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen.

  6. Hillary, 2019 prison, Bill Clinton 2019 prison, Obama 2019 prison, Eric Holder 2019 prison, John Kerry 2019 prison, etc, etc. many more too numerous to mention.

  7. My nephew is queer but I’ll only vote republican. By the way,not all fags are democrats By the way, I’m straight

  8. The endorsement by the Obamas of ANYONE means absolutely squat to myself and many other Americans, and Joe Biden’s endorsement or many of the other of the idiot field of Democrats that think they have half the intelligence to run the American is the biggest joke the Democrats have ever tried to play on the American taxpayers! Ms. Harris’ personal history precludes her racial argument, and the rest of the field is just as laughable – funnier than the comedy that comes out of Hollywood, to be sure!!

  9. To “Hey, Stop It”. I have read husseln ‘o’ Heritage
    is of Askenazi Jew. Definetly NOT AFRI AMERICANS.
    OBVIOUS ___

  10. Let me remind to all readers that American Constitution does required that the parents
    of the next USA President must be also the USA citizens…
    This rule was ignored and 8 years we had Obama in White House…So, now we would have
    another White House “claimant” madam Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…
    Back to May 5, 1981 when my family had a meeting with Jewish Family Services first
    words were: Remember that for the rest of your life: Nobody invite your family here!!!
    Nobody owe you nothing, but you have an opportunity to build up your future… If you
    will need help, just call us…
    So, my questions are: who did invite madam Ocasio-Cortez here?
    What did she does for living? Are her parents legal USA citizens?
    I think all these question should be asked by “The Wall Street Journal” before it was published…
    I’d deeply appreciated to read all comments from readers… Thanks, Lev

  11. Make YOUR VOICE HEARD! SUPPORT this BILL pending in Congress – Pass It On!

    H.R. 1217 Ensuring American Voters Act of 2019

    To amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to prohibit a State from registering an individual to vote in elections for Federal office held in the State unless the individual provides documentary proof that the individual is a citizen of the United States.


  12. is Micheal aka Michelle Obama going to start her sh t now he/she has been hit to many times from the back end you heard of the show the odd couple now you have the gay couple the Obama’s lol

  13. nutty… You attack Pres. Trump but support extremely corrupt Clintons and muslim traitor Obama. How very sad you are. You have no morals

  14. nutty…NOTHING you say about Pres. Trump is true. PLEASE provide proof of what you said. You CAN’T!!!!!

  15. And people who vote more than once. Since dems have no morals anything goes. They are very sad creatures

  16. I agree the Obama’s the worse people ever in the white house but not because they are black, There are many wonderful black people her but the Obama’s are the lowest of low.

  17. nutty, there is a God. You will know that the moment you die. And he forbids your sick hate and lies. NOT ONE THING you said about Pres. Trump is true. Jesus will be our final judge and He forgives all who ask Him. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. You best worry about yourself. You belong to satan

  18. chucky, you are extremely sick. You need a lot of help with your hate. You are PROOF of the hate and ignorance of the dem party

  19. You still have not said one thing that he should go to prison for. It is not going to happen, fool. He has done nothing wrong. Your extreme hate is not a reason.

  20. nutty, you show your extreme hate and ignorance every time you post. You are very sick and clueless. You have no concept at all of the truth. sad

  21. She just might kick his ass, you’re right and nobody on the planet needs and deserves to have their butt kicked to the moon more than Trump, the serial sexual assaulter and mobster election stealer.

  22. ***NEWSFLASH*** The “OBAMA’S” Are Muslim/Indians. They are very Offended to be called African American’s. Simply because they are not. They only tried to claim to be African American’s to use the RACE CARD to their advantage. Have you noticed every single time Michelle tries to “ACT” like a repressed African American Woman? It backfires? Also, They are Elitist’s that means they are BETTER Than AFRICAN AMERICAN’S. I believe it gulls them to be called African American? Something for everyone to think about. And Michelle running for President? Ohhh I hope she does. Because, America will hand her the DEFEAT of Her Life.

  23. She knows that NONE of the DUMMYCRATS all 20 plus of them don’t have a shot in HELL in beating our president with balls! that we have now he’s not perfect but he fights for the right things he just needs to pick his words better.TRUMP 2020!

  24. & Besides Dan, ‘o’ Fam NOT TRUE ‘blacks’ Period.
    Never WAS, NEVER Will Be. 0bvious.
    I have read, back in his ‘heritage’ There IS
    Ashkenazi Jew. It shows.

  25. here it IS ! a ‘pizza’ 0n it.
    Code for ‘pizzaGate’. E 1 SHOULD
    KNOW by NOW, WHAT THAT means. AHEM.

  26. My comments are about people that want to bring America down. When Barack talked about fundamentally changing America,no one called for an explanation. Now we have communism running wild. I don’t care who gets pissed at me. Lots of black folks are good people, but the Obama family are not.

  27. Once again, the clueless supporters of Cadet Bone Spurs, the Lyin’ King, having their ugly heads firmly shoved up Hannity’s butt, post clueless comments worthy of xenophobes and racists. They are clearly unqualified to comment on anything except what Sean had for dinner.

  28. Two things: One, does Michelle not realize that the World Series is only comprised of seven games? Someone has to win it in that number. Two, heaven help us if Michelle gets into the race. Like it or not, she is popular. She’s probably the only person who could give President Trump a run for the money. Yikes!

  29. Hey gene, how’s the view from up Hannity’s butt? What did Sean have for dinner, maricon?

  30. Michelle Obama’s image on the t-shirt from Essence Festival – had that FRAUD PIG cleaned up like they did w Trayvon Martin’s image – to hide their ugliness as black thugs.

  31. Michelle Obama had the NERVE to repeat their CON GAME upon the American people – “when they go low, we go high”.
    It must mean HIGH on drugs, bc PEEPEEGATE was as low as anyone = Democrat – could get.

    The Obamas “allowed” Hillary Clinton to fund a known FAKE Golden Showers Russia Dossier = “prostitutes were paid in Russia to urinate on a bed that the Obamas slept in”. Really?

    The Obamas and the Clintons should be ashamed to show their faces.
    That kind of mean-spirited ugliness comes from the evil heart of EVIL heads.
    Their Acts of TREASON and ESPIONAGE should have them to be HANGED, until DEAD.

  32. Dan Tyree,

    I am not a fan of the Obamas; but, I think your ignorant/mean and totally uncalled for comment is disgusting.

  33. Harris is nothing but a female version of BHO, both of them NOT “natural born citizens” as required by the Constitution for the presidency and vice presidency. One must be born on U.S. soil to a citizen FATHER and a citizen mother. Barack had the citizen mother, but even if he had been born in the WH, his Kenyan, British subject father wasn’t a citizen, so Barack was never eligible. Kamala was born in California, but her parents were both foreign nationals, not citizens, mother from India and father from Jamaica. Both frauds and she would be just as bad for America as Barack was.

  34. That monkey doesn’t need to go near the White House 8 years of a so-called 1st lady that looks like a gorilla in a dress is enough.

  35. Comonawanalayya can’t be president. Her parents were not ntrulized citizens until after she was born. The highest office she can hold is where she is now, senator

  36. Obama LIKES Kamala, he wants to back her, but to big of a coward to come out and say it now. Michelle better watch out! LOL

  37. Its a shame that either of the OBummers have any influence on anybody about anything.And Barrack should be brought up on charges for his shenanigans while President. TRUMP 2020

  38. Don’t be surprised if “BigFoot and the witch”, with Barrack as their spokesman, don’t jump in the Dems-Clown-Show-Primary after those currently in it eat each others lunch.

    Methinks, they are just waiting till next Fall, if enough Clown-Show-Participants drop out after having their lunch eaten.

  39. The Jackass Party of todays insane is un-American. Im surprised many haven’t left as they promised to. It’s a very different party today.

  40. ‘Michelle Obama turned the 2020 race upside down with this bombshell announcement.’

    ‘Michael Robinson Obama’ is NOT relevant. ONLY to ‘the deviant LEFTIST DEMS’. He was ‘OUTED’ years ago.

  41. If truth be told all these Democratic Communists all 22 of them now since Swalwell dropped out yesterday are dead on arrival against our President Trump. Unfortunately they are all off the scale leftists who want high taxes, open borders and anything to drive our economy into the tank. Trump will be able to show that his policies have created a 180 degree turn a round from the dismal policies of his predecessor Barrack Hussein Obama. Not one of the 22 will be able to lie when they go up against Trump, even with the media hating him and lying everyday to tell false stories, Trumps numbers are solid and the American people see through the lefts lies. God Bless Trump and our country.

  42. That would be a TOTAL BLESSING, that the former NON-FIRST LADY, and the former NON- PRESIDENT, doesn’t want to endorse anyone!! I WOULD NOT WANT OR ACCEPT AN ENDORSEMENT FROM THESE WANNABE HAS-BEENS!!!

  43. It would be hilarious if Obama’s choice Harris didn’t make it because of their endorsement. Biden, with all his flaws is still their very best. Besides it just wouldn’t be the same if Joe Biden didn’t run and lose like the last three times.

  44. There is no fix. They don’t have anybody! Even Willie Brown’s love cushion is a loser! She can’t even keep her policies straight in her mind much less anyone else. Give away other people’s money is not a winning plan. Loser party…loser leaders…losers all.

  45. then, they will start calling themselves ‘republicans and independents’. ‘It’s OK to lie to the american people if it gets you what you want’!


  47. That will be Mr. and Mr. Soetero’s end game! Just another shot to get Barry back in the WH for the third time! The Dims are salivating over the thought!

  48. A Republican Black man to show the Blacks that the Dems aren’t their party after all. You see this now with the give everything to the illegals movement. The Blacks better open their eyes and read their History and they will learn that it was the Republicans who did things for them not the Democrats. The Dems are only using them for votes and after they get all the illegals to vote for them they can cast the Blacks away

  49. Same comment got me thrown in FB jail for a month! You know it must be truth if they work so hard to shut us up!! The same DEEP STATE POS’ run all media!!

  50. Just like the last election the fix was in for Hillary, well the fix is in this time also. Not for just a female but a mixed race female, namely Kamala Harris. Obama did not back Biden the last time because he knew the fix was already in for Hillary.

  51. Who in this country gives a crap about what they say. Especially after what they did to the country and that horrible eight years. People should be running away from them.

  52. With POTUS Barry, VP BiteMe was that ‘unless bucket of warm spit’. He fulfilled that role as a faithful party hack. The Obama/ Biden circle of interaction was rare. Try to remember any Moochie/Jill Biden cooperation whether official or social. There wasn’t any. Barry was ‘protected’ by his African Angels, Moochie, Val and Susie. During the second term, not even Oprah was allowed to pierce that tight inner circle.

  53. She’ll come out as a candidate, bet she either ‘picks Barry or Oprah as her running mate! I doubted Barry would put his name behind Biden. Joe did and will do NOTHING! Michael would just take America back down that road to disaster that Barry took us! DOOM to America if the Dims should win the WH again!

  54. Just looking at Mikey is enough to gripe my ass. I would love to see some gene testing of the offspring. The worthless news agencies keep bringing forward past officials of an administration defunct now for three years. Like any of them or their policies were worth a damn to begin with. Who ever the dumbassrat candidate is going to be it is pretty clear that a blessing from Barry and Moochie would be a negative impact.

  55. Trump has done more for the black race than Obama ever did and has endured the most attacks of any president I can remember. Guess some folks just do not like prosperity.

  56. Obo and killary are the ones whom sold uranium to Russia and Russia is selling it to Iran with the$$$$ obo gave them. Where’s the $$$$ from Russia when they brought the uranium from Killary? And where’s the $$$$ that went missing when Killary was SoS? Investigations are needed. Way to many cover ups and corruption.When obo gave terrorist$$$$ for a traitor he should of been impeached and locked up. Obo gave terrorist $$$$ to buy weapons to kill more Americans.
    Mr. President Trump 2020 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Drain the Corrupt Swamp and Lockum up. Voting All demorats Out and taking back DC.

  57. The obamas are trying to rewrite the real American
    Horror story. Staring any one of the democrats could
    be the next horror star of America.
    I am astonished that the obamas just don’t get it.
    These people are in our nightmares.
    The lying the cheating, rig elections, felenous voters,
    Immigration overload, they have a list of nothing but
    Horrible repeats of past failures.
    If you want democratic repeaters of historical fails, you can vote deomcrat, we need Donald Trump to stop these repeaters of

  58. Michelle (nee “Michael”) and Barack Obama just need to fade away. They served their time at the White House, now it’s time to ride off into the sunset. There are some skeletons in that family that do not need further study. Their party is in for a true spanking in 2020, from one of the most successful Presidents of the 20th & 21st centuries. Because of his accomplishments and relentless hard work, the Republicans will win by a Landslide, in the most one-sided election since the days of IKE. After this announcement, the Obamas need to disengage themselves from a group that features PEWLOSI, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Mad Maxine, Warren, Feinstein, and Hiromo. Go with your remaining dignity, and DO it NOW.

  59. Even lifelong Democrats are disgusted with the party. The only way for Democrats to win is by massive illegal voters and dead people.

  60. Dennis, that’s the million dollar question……Why…… that pile of crap Obam ass and his wife did so much illegal crap on the American people,why would anyone listen to anything they said. Why are people so ignorant? Why?????

  61. Seriously…. if lies were music, Michele Obama is a brass band! Gail King is awful too.
    Got her job because of Oprah’s connection to CBS . Michele’s entire recounting of her time in the White House sounds like she was in prison . What a totally disrespectful, ungrateful former First Lady who became enormously wealthy because she and Barack did the biding
    of communist George Soros via the instructions of puppet master Valerie Jarrett, who still lives with the Obamas!!
    Every time I see her on tv I switch the channel. And to insult every Trump voter is
    another disgraceful thing to do. Michele Obama is the definition of an ungrateful American.
    God save us from this liberal progressive insanity.
    Trump 2020. Our only hope! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  62. Screw the liberal Nazi Party Democrats they are irrelevant to the American People Go MAGA.

  63. Hopefully she(he) won’t run for the presidency. The last thing we need is another black man in the White House.

  64. Why is anyone listening to a woman who has said she is not proud of being an American and not proud of America. She’s working for other countries, just like her husband did.

  65. Oh YEAH Biden the Clown….You really are TIED to O bama O bimbo’s act of INCOMPETENCY .. but they make you their “JOKE” … just like Barry and Karry based on your “china” act you should be facing jail time over the LOGAN ACT So what did you do to MOOSECHELLE??? REFUSE TO GROPE HER CABOOSE???

  66. Obama and John Kerry ran around the world, probably assuring the iinternational liberals to wait out Trump presidency. Both of them should be standing the federal court for breaking the Logan Act.

    Why the looooooong wait? Untouchable? Drain the swamp now !!!!

  67. The way things are going in the Democratic field soon their well be only republicans and independents and the democrats are no more a face to deal with, democrats have shown just how much they hate America and it’s people. Americans had to buy health insurance or be penalized, but they’re willing to give it to illegals free of charge that in it self should tell you were their priority are definitely not with the American people. The party of Jim Crow, and the KKK is more obvious today then ever before. Hopefully the democrats will go by way of the dinosaurs …

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