Michelle Obama turned the 2020 race upside down with this bombshell announcement

The Democrat race for their party’s presidential nomination is in full swing.

Everyone thought the shape of the field was set.

And then Michelle Obama turned the 2020 race upside down with this bombshell announcement.

Appearing at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Michelle Obama dealt a significant blow to former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign by announcing she and her husband would not be endorsing any candidates in the primary and planned to support the eventual nominee.

CNN reports:

Michelle Obama told CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King before an audience gathered at the Essence Festival in New Orleans that “our primary focus is letting the primary process play out because it’s very early.”

“I mean that’s one of the things that we learned in the campaign. It is early,” she said in the wide-ranging interview. “It’s like trying to figure out who is going to win the World Series on the first seven games, I mean that’s where we are right now. It is so early and things will change.”

Michelle Obama added that she and Barack were “watching everyone” and willing to give support to Democratic candidates trying to navigate the crowded democratic primary field.

“The general election is so important that we have to get behind whoever comes out of that primary, so we’re watching everyone, we’re supporting everyone, we’re giving advice to whoever seeks it,” she said.

Since his disastrous debate performance, Biden leaned into his time as Barack Obama’s Vice President to stem the bleeding of support from black voters after Kamala Harris tore into him on issues of race.

Biden claimed that because Obama vetted him, black voters could trust him.

But many Americans are wondering why – if Obama trusted him so much – will former President Obama not make that trust official and endorse Biden for President?

This difficult question is one that Biden has no answer for.

And the political heat will only increase after Michelle Obama’s stunning lack of support for anyone.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.