Michelle Obama was red with rage after this truth about her was shared with the public

Michelle Obama spent eight years as the subject of fawning press coverage.

The Fake News Media adored Obama and tried to make her into the modern-day Jackie Kennedy.

But then Michelle Obama was red with rage after this truth about her was shared with the public.

When Michelle Obama was First Lady, she could count on so-called journalists to worship her every move.

“Reporters” wrote puff pieces about her hair, fashion choices, and workout routines.

The media did not cover Michelle Obama so much they as made her out to be a goddess.

Obama’s press coverage stands in stark contrast to current First Lady Melania Trump.

Melania Trump is an accomplished fashion model that speaks six languages but is portrayed in the press as an airhead with no fashion sense or social graces.

Liberal author Tammy R. Virgil’s new book “Melania and Michelle: First Ladies in a New Era” gets in on the act.

Miranda Devine of The New York Post writes about the book:

Vigil, a Boston academic, notes that Melania “ranks among the least liked of all modern first ladies, [and her] professional life prepared her to serve more as a visual adornment.”

The afterword belatedly acknowledges that “pitting the two women against one another is a troublesome (though common) practice.”

But, hey, if it damages the Trumps, go for it.

The Daily News got the message about who is more impressive: “Michelle was a polished attorney and huge asset to Barack; Melania, a top model, is nearly invisible,” goes the headline promoting the book.

Devine notes that the media’s coverage of Melania Trump has been mean spirited, personal, and conspiratorial.

Michelle Obama was treated as American royalty, whereas Melania Trump – whose story as an immigrant that came to America and made it is one the media would normally cherish – is treated as the nation’s red-headed step child.

Do you think Melania Trump is treated unfairly?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Why are you arguing about the Obama’s , they’re both males , Obama was born in Africa and Michael in Chicago. As for the girls they are the cousins of Michael or aka Michelle Obama. He gave money to the Muslim brotherhood and stole enough for him as his family to live well off, considering that most of people I’m Chicago don’t have a place to live. Obama’s were also involved in scandal for colleges. They will never be tried for doing what so many others have done to get their kids into the elite schools

  2. Finally people are saying Michael/Michelle was and still is a “MALE”, and his so called husband Barack is a homosexual ! There two girls were born to friends of the Obama’s and however it was never clear like what was the name of the OBGYN doctor who supposedly delivered both girls, what hospital were the girls born in, and what city and state. Where were the Obama’s married and who was the pastor. Why is it neither Barack’s mother and Michael/Michelle’s are ever seen. We Need Answers !!

  3. Tell Michael (not a typo) to sit down and shut his mouth> he was never proud of his country. It is well known in Chicago Scumbama was a frequenter of gay bath houses. Why do you think he wanted men in ladies rooms and girls showers???

  4. Michelle is a walking rummage sale and her inaugural gowns looked like they were made of fabric stolen from some couch in Gone With The Wind. The only advantage she has over Melania Trump is that she could play nose tackle for the Chicago Bears.

  5. Well what do we know for sure? That Obama and Rahm Emmanuel had lifetime memberships to Man Country a Chicago Gay Bathhouse. We know for sure that Obama himself once referred to his so called wife as Michael during a speech. We know he attended a racist Church led by the so called Rev. Wright. That according to some of it’s former parishioners Rev. Wright ran a scam called the “Down Low Club” that gave cover to up and coming Gay Black men and provided them as someone pointed out what was known as a beard. Matching these men up with suitable spouses giving them the appearance of normality. If anyone wondered if Obama was gay maybe the Gay Pride Flag covering the White House was a clue or he left little doubt watching him work out with 3lb. weights or riding his bicycle with his helmet on. He was born in Hawaii of that I have little doubt but his real father was Frank Marshall Davis a well known Communist living in Chicago. Back in the 60’s the FBI didn’t take kindly to Communists. His mother Stanley Anne Dunham got pregnant when Davis was taking nude pictures of her, some of these can still be seen on the internet. Google Obama giving a speech to a Veterans group where he says he was always proud that his father served in WWII and got the services he needed from the VA. He served in a Black Army unit in WWII, he always felt the US was a racist nation, but then he grew up at a time when the Democrats the biggest racists of all time held a tight grip on the South. Anyone ever hear of George Wallace for example or that our longest serving Senator from W. Virginia Robert Byrd was a Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan? You could hardly blame Frank Davis for having doubts about how he was seen back in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s, but my problem is with Obama not being able to see so many positive changes, especially in the South. He pretty much tried to torpedo those changes or just refused to accept things had gotten so much better, so much so that he was even able to serve as President. Nothing seem to change his opinions of White people. He stated in his Book “Dreams From My Father” that should have been “Dreams from my real father Frank Marshall Davis” that he has a coil of rage against people of my mother’s race. Could it be any more clear than that, that he was a racist himself?

  6. To say it like it is — Michelle aka Michael is not a SHE being a Tranny.

    Michelle aka Michael is a Homosexual, it does not matter that he is trying to be a woman.

    Transgender is a MAN MAD WORD. But God calls them Homosexuals.

    Alan Gooch, I do agree with your post except Tranny.

    Take Care.

  7. When did the first lady become anything but the wife of the president. No one elected you to anything just shut up and go on another vacation. That’s righ you would have to pay for it yourself Michael

  8. I agree they are sub humane, but do you think Neanderthals had such big mouths? Obama, Waters, Sharpton, I could go on & on most of the hedious blacks have big,big, mouths an love the sound of their own voices, but have nothing of value to say.

  9. Why do these idiots keep calling him a she. We need to just call it like it was people were deceived with this fake Obama stuff. First distracted over the origin of birth. It was closely guarded secret that he was a homosexual and she was a tranny. He would have never been elected if the whole country knew this fact back when he was first elected.This was the powerful and criminal democratic party. They got him elected and almost got Hillary elected.

  10. Why compare?…It is obvious to ANYONE with an ounce of common sense. Heres a comparison King Kongs wife with Rachel Welch….how about that, thats what you have. a Simian with a few chromosomes away from Human to a Human. Racist?….Why do you think they call it the HUMAN RACE?

  11. Where did the kids come from? They were cloned in a meat processing plant in Belzoni MS. That’s what my celly told me and he was one sharp individual.

  12. I can not put Melania in the same class as michael/michelle obama. That is like comparing a piece of coal to a diamond. Melania is class, fashion, beauty, lovely to look at, pleasing to the eye, everything that an artist, a sculptural master would dream of, envy of world leaders, their partners, and officials, world wide. Melania,with her intelligence, multilingual ability, can speak to much of the world. She is not limited to the hood, and nor limited to English. Melenia has long, beautiful legs, like a Kentucky thoroughbred, lines, like such which speaks for centuries of quality, beauty, class, exquisiteness, and as much as the democrats wish to bring her down to their level, it can not be done.

  13. Yes I was watching that show and her /,his / dick was swinging . He is men . And the kids were adopted. You never notist a fat belly on her how come ? Becouse she ) is a men . And obama rumor was that he is gay . That part dasnt Mather to me .
    He did a terrible job of running America . Have you ever wondered whey there were so many muslims in our government. Running our country . Becouse obama is a Muslim.
    And I dont think he was born in America do you ? How did the American people ever elected him as president . Are we that stupid ? Or we were brainwashed .

  14. Have you ever wondered were the kids came from ? As .uch she was in the news how come she never showed a belly .
    Wood there she is holding her baby . They were adopted. From samalia.
    No one brings that up .?

  15. I agree 100%, with your analysis of the Obamas. Thank God our 1st Lady doesn’t need the press to tell her who she is. Class, elegance, accomplished, beautiful and humble. I believe she is happy out of the limelight.

  16. Michele is crap and that is that. Her husband is a pile of crap as well. So all in all the idiots fall and smell like pig crap too.

  17. Bob, did you just say that you hate white people. I hope that I read your post wrong.

    Bob, if you was in trouble and whites was against you un-falsely and you was telling the truth, I WOULD STAND BY YOU. I am white.


    Take care.

  18. As the I hate white people 1st drag queen I see that fat butt and a scumbag is all I see. I’ve seen better looking silver backs on discovery channel

  19. More like a 2″ thick tenderloin compared to turkey jerky. Melania should be treated along the same lines as Jackie Kennedy, only more accompished. She is someone who Americans should be proud of! It aggravates me to see how the press ignores her or writes snide articles about her.

  20. jacqueline walker, Michelle Obama is NOT A WOMAN.

    Michelle Obama aka Michael LaVaugn Robinson was born a male.

    We did not have a First Lady in the WH but had the FIRST DRAG QUEEN.

  21. Robin, Michelle Obama is not even a woman. It was born a male named Michael LaVaungn Robinson. It was so funny watching Michael dancing on TV with his male part swing back and forth.

    No! It is not pretty at all. He is an ugly male.

    Wonder if you are going to read this or just keep believing what you want to instead of learning.

    Please start doing your own research about the Obama’s.

  22. I have seen the episode of the Ellen show where old Mike was dancing with Ellen & apparently not wearing underpants as her/his dong was swaying, very obvious what it was. He was the perfect “beard” for Barry.

  23. Michelle Obama is a disgraced attorney who lost her license to practice law due fraud. Her sense of fashion was a disgrace she often looked like she needed someone to tell her that what she was wearing was inappropriate for the First Lady representing the U S to wear in public. Where Melania is always dressed appropriate for every occasion. Melania reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. Michelle does not bring to mind any prior First Lady and hopefully we never have another with Michelle’s fashion sense

  24. His looking unhappy might be more to do with the state of hatred sweeping across the U.S. Or that his predecessor lies about everything, including the weather of all things. I really don’t care if Michelle Obama Is hung like Secretariet, it’s her life.

  25. Scott, it is very obvious that you have no clue. YES, the Obamas stole LOTS from the White House. Try to actually check out the truth instead of blindly believing the lies of your lib leaders. Try thinking for yourself

  26. It is so obvious who is the better first lady and, in fact, better person. The press portrays Michelle like the story, “The Emperor has no clothes!” Blind, is not the proper description: Ignorance is!

  27. jim, even if that was true, which it isn’t, why do you care?? Libs have no morals. They don’t care about right and wrong. sad

  28. Melania has so much more class. It is terrible the way the press treats her and her family. Moochelle went numerous vacations and took 20 -30 people with her and we the American taxpayers paid for it and yet we never heard anyone complaining about that.

  29. Pat S…The Obamas are very racist and hate America and our law enforcement. They are traitor muslims whose goal was to bring down this country. That is TRUTH!!! Either you have no clue about the truth or you are also muslim. Lying is allowed in islam.

  30. Scott, you are so right that Melania is a 1st Class lady and Michelle cannot shine her shoes. Melania is the best-of-the-best when it comes to the First Lady! She has my vote anytime. I just adore her! Michelle is a real WITCH!

  31. The Obamas hate white people. When they were in the White House a book was written about what a nasty person she was to Secret Service. Also think back to before 8 yrs. of Obama. All this racist crap started with him and his boss George Soros. These people have been working behind the scenes for about 15 years. Wake up America and READ. No-fiction is true read about Soros, deep state, self serving Democrats and Republicans. I say ditch the whole Congress and start over. It is time the American people say enough is enough. Is anyone out there with me???? Congress is suppose to be getting laws passed to help “We the People” instead of setting the rich up to get richer. Congress is a disgrace to the US. As long as Soros is involved the next election will be rigged. All of the Obama legacy was a disgrace and a sham.

  32. Class is an understatement. Our First Lady shows the world what the best of the best is. My God watch over her and the entire Trump family.

  33. They always fail to mention that Melania managed to escape the communist country in which she was born, learn six languages, which she speaks fluently, and support herself wok in Paris as a model. Michelle Obama was reared in the lap of luxury in America (comparatively speaking). She earned a law degree but, like her husband, Barrack , has been disbarred and is not permitted to practice law anymore. She was such an inept first lady that she needed 23 assistants to get through her schedule. Melania has 5. Of the two women, Melania, by far, has the more admirable record.

  34. The people are blind if they can not see the difference between the two First Ladies. One I has a foul mouth and the other is gracious in several different tongs. Any one can distinguish the difference. Unless they are not open minded.

  35. you are so right melania trump has more class in her pinky finger than michelle or whoever or whatever it is than its whole body you cant buy class

  36. America longs to see Melania praised in magazines like all other First Ladies. The first magazine editor who dares to buck the system of MSM and Soros (or whomever is responsible for black balling Melania)and does a real story on Melania would make a fortune on such a magazine. That magazine would become a classic ala Princess Diana or Marilyn Monroe.

  37. Michael wa born Michael Robinson and had a twin brother. He impersonated a woman at a early sge and eventually had a sex chnge operations when the governent paid for it. When he gets exited look at the bludge in his front. He lost his law license when he was charged with fraud om a housing deal. e was a disguting first man mauling England’s Queen and hates the USA.

  38. Personally, I never watch any woman take of all her clothes unless she is at least going for her doctorate. You gotta have real CLASS
    to be able to artfully show your ….. Ahem !
    HEH !

  39. Strippers always say they are fluent in 5 or 6 or 12 different languages right after they tell you they are getting their masters during the day and that stripping is just a way to pay their tuition,

  40. ‘barry’ likes ‘pizza’ . Ahem .
    No way, could he ‘take 0n’
    a Real Man.
    Children Appear Exactly as their Real Parents__
    >2 v. Sick ‘individuals’ that boondoggled US, 8 Yrs !!!
    & ALL that ‘supported’ them. V. SICK___

  41. IT is so hard to pick just one of these repulsive, posting to reply to. I chose this one; it is deranged and stunningly ignorant like most of these postings. It also leads the other postings in mis-spellings.Great Job!! Please tell me the mental vomit that passes for comments here are really the work of some Russian Bot. Please!!!

  42. Michelle is so egotistical and racist, she wouldn’t make a complimentary comment about anyone much less a beautiful and well-spoken and mannered white woman. If I offend you with that remark , but ever since Michelle billed herself as America’s only first lady , I gave up on any hope for her doing anything to help improve this country. She cannot hold a candle to Melania’s grace, beauty, charm and demeaner to everyone with whom she speaks. In my opinion she and her husband have been the worst leaders that have ever walked through the door of the White House, except maybe LBJ, but Lady Bird was even better than Michelle.
    ner to

  43. Obama’s would live like pigs with their back grounds and life style. They would never be st home outside Kenya. Why don’t they go back? We need a complete investigation to who Obama really is, and who does he really work for. Unseal all those buried documents. Birth certificates, social security numbers foreign student aid documents. Let’s see what is collecting all these benefits and retirement from the US TAXPAYER? Obama is illegal and fraudulent or prove it. Michelle will be really red if they are hung for treason.

  44. What was it that left MICHAEL red with rage? That we know she’s a he? That’s not mentioned. I have no idea who thinks Michelle is superior in any way to Melenia. Honestly have never met or heard of anyone fall for any of this BS. Most people laugh out loud at the tranny Michelle, husband of Obama. That’s in far off lands as well as here at home. When we’d tell of Obama being a she male, many didn’t know from news reports, but had suspicions. Hearing it overseas from Americans simply confirmed the obvious. TRUMP 2024!!! And 2020

  45. I think Mrs. Trump is a classy. Hard working. Beautiful First Lady. She has never lowered herself like Obama did. Shes a Lady every where she goes and she dresses like the fine well brought up lady she is. Michelle or Michael is what you see. A big mouth. Self made racist jerk. I totall disagree the way her and Barack has talked about the Trump family. I really feel that since the Trumps won the White House they slowed the Obamas take over of the USA. And thats why she said she was first lady forever and he said its not a Christian Nation anymore. I do not like either one of the obama couple. I feel sorry for the girls.

  46. I think she is just that. After all, Obama is gay so why would he want a woman as his wife? Neither of the girls look like either one of them, so I would be they both are adopted. Or given the character of both subjects, maybe they were kidnapped and stolen. Both of them are liars, so I certainly do not believe anything either one of them says. The dimwits that put them in office for 8 long years to suck the blood of the American taxpayer should all be deported to Africa along with the Obama clan.

  47. According to sources the obamas lived like pigs in the WH.Filthy as hell.She don’t look like she could quilfy to be a maid for the White House.

  48. The former first lady was a racist just like her husband go to your browser click Obama click photos of Obama. Then tell me why that big ugly liar was the president of or United States

  49. If Michelle Obama was such an accomplished attorney, why did she lose her license to practice law? Michelle Obama is the most hard-core racist to live in the White House since Woodrow Wilson.
    The charm, grace and poise of Melania Trump is in stark contrast with the stumbling, awkward, discomfort shown by Michelle Obama. And in fashion sense there is also a paradigm difference. Until she got a really good fashion designer, Michelle Obama looked like a buffoon who just fell off a turnip truck. Melania has always looked like she fits in with the leaders of the world. Americans do not need the lying media to tell the difference between these two. The media just further condemns itself with the extremely obvious lies.

  50. Mrs Trump is a decent woman who got tangled up with a man that has cheated on her for years. No wonder she has her own private living space in the White House. Her best moment was slapping Trump’s hand away when he was trying to pretend they were a couple.

  51. Michael LaVaughn Robinson, (aka: Michelle Obama) is closer to being a Hermaphrodite or Transsexual than being a real female.

  52. Michelle is no Lawyer. She did a sneaky and was caught. She had a choice to leave or be charged, her other half did the same thing! Where are the certificates proving different? Where all of odumbass fake documents reside. With his Master, George Soros! The Odumbass’s are fakes scraped up off the streets of Chicago, given false papers and planted where SOROS put them. A DRUGGY and a Bankwalker are not class! They are now billionaires and still being a druggy and bankwalker! Lol.

  53. Melania is a graceful and intelligent woman that reminds one of Jackie Kennedy.
    Michelle Obama is just another disgraced lawyer who lost a license to practice law(–typical for attorneys from Illinois)who looks like another ape in high heels

  54. Micheal Michelle and Brain dead Barack both Voluntarily Surrendered their Law License’s because they were both under Ethic Investigations, Barack for Lying on his Bar Application and Micheal Michelle was for Insurance Fraud so neither of them have a License to Practice Law, They’re both Scumbags!!!

  55. Anyone, in the American setting, who is fluent in six languages (or even knows them passively) is, in that context, a genius. In Canada one has to get to a third language to be considered using a “foreign” language, since French and English BOTH are official languages. In Northern Europe knowing five languages or more is not considered anything special at all. So, yeah, obviously Melania is way, way above the Average man or woman in intelligence and abilities. I say that despite disliking the Trump regime, neo-cons, and corporate fat pig economics. But, let’s face it, there is more to such matters than that. It is time to acknowledge that Melania is far from being an airhead, dudes!!!

  56. There was a TV show in the 1950’s called “Name That Tune”! It was very popular. The show is being revived this Fall. It will feature a variety of Negro spirituals. Mochelle will be the host of the show called, “Name That Coon”!

  57. Obama is a mule mouth . You know like comparing a stallion to a jackass . Their is no comparison Melania is beautiful and classy. Obama well I don’t have to say anymore most of America knows who is better in every way! Michelle is a thug and just like her husband not worth a sh_t ,she helped with her sorry as husband to divide this country. Both are weak as water ,he did put on a good bs session the 5 of the 8 years in office by then everyone had caught on to his lies!

  58. Melanie is a beautiful woman inside and outside. She is doing good with the children Nd not making a big deal out of it. Michelle Abummer is a joke. I don’t know why they can’t drop out of sight. He’s not anyone special and
    never will be will and neither is she. I think they were a disgrace to this country

  59. I agree , Obama`s are and always has been the scum of the earth. Mike had no fashion, always look like a clown. Malania is dignified,always looks great and loves America. I disagree with one thing, Mike wasn`t a Polished Attorney.
    Just an attorney!

  60. Ann, I total Agree. Melania is more of a Gracious First Lady than Michelle Obama ever thought of being. Melania, dresses very conservatively and she never is seeking the Spot Light. However Michelle Obama is nothing that should even be a First Lady. When she and Barak decided that School Lunches would no longer serve any meat, that was the final straw that broke the camel’s back as far as I was concerned. She got up and emphatically said that our School Kids are too fat and there for there will be no commodity meat for school breakfast nor lunch. Little kids can’t talk back to someone like her, but Adults can tell it like it is. I wouldn’t consider her much of a Mother, a First Lady nor anything else. No one, not even her should be in charge of School Breakfasts or School Lunches. She never apologized and the school cooks were appalled that she did that. I have no use for her or Obama an the thought of him getting a Third Term is enough to make me puke. Your Right Tillie, she is a lady of Class and she doesn’t need to even say a word. She is First Class period. Michelle Obama would have to have her whole insides redone in order to be considered a Lady of any caliber. Good Riddance to the Obama’s they are disgraceful.

  61. Melania Trump is poised, graceful and a fashion icon. The msm is so far off base it is astounding!! I put Melania up there with Jackie K.

  62. She’s beautiful inside and out! She cares about people and America! She loves her family!’ She cares for America!!no one can compare to Our Great Lady Melania!’n

  63. You know that show finding big foot? All they had to do is look in the white house during the Obama administration. Easy find!!

  64. I AGREE with Denise. We now have a beautiful, caring and compassionate
    FIRST LADY!! So Proud of Our President Trump and First Lady Melania!!

  65. Our First Lady A Lady Should be respected because she deserves that much but unfortunately America has lots its morals and love for others.

  66. Class passes all ethnic groups
    It cannot be bought and even the untutored know it when they see it. It is courtesy raised to the nth degree. Our first lady always behaves with grace, is beautifully and apropriately attired,has never appologized for the people her husband governs and has never been a source of embarrassment. That is a great deal more than can be said of her predecessor.

  67. And I guess you know that, Judy, because you and all your commrade idiots here were all rooting around in her pants. You people are seriously sick.

  68. And you, Mike, will always be an embarrassment to the human race, your mom, and even the republican party. Something seriously wrong with you.

  69. The Obamas flipping a coin at night to find out who gets be on top makes me sick. MSM worked so hard make both out be just short God was so sicking. at least Trump wife speaks for her self and people love her for who she. Obama so-called wife is some man converted to half azz female with undercarriage still swinging in the wind and Obama loves to suck on BIG Mike and lie like the scum of Muslim he is

  70. Melania Trump represents our country with such class. Not only is she beautiful but very intelligent. It amazes me that the so called “media” would criticize her in any way. Her fashion statement is displayed with class and dignity. Very proud to have her for our First Lady.


  72. Michelle Obama is a true abomination. No style. No thought process and not the brightess bulb on the planet. Didnt she get booted from her lawyering. Fake through aza nd through.

  73. AMEN>>>> And I hope to live long enough for all those buried documents
    to be exposed…all of them….every one about the entire family.
    How about some background on MICHAEL, some Pregnancy pictures for example.How about some FACTUAL information regarding the real true history of Barack ….ALL OF IT…Yes, WE THE PEOPLE are entitled.

  74. Michelle is actually Michael Thompson, check it out! The Obama children were of a surrogate mother. So Michelle, rather Michael, is no woman

  75. and that’s because Melania Trump is a true American just like her husband an absolute true 100% or 150% true American who looks out after the American value and true Americans themselves

  76. This is a GREAT time to be an American and live in the USA.
    We have a Patriotic President that has a set of balls and
    A wonderful First Lady that doesn’t.

  77. Only she used a bad word too. She said ‘damned flag’. I already didn’t have much respect for her, but that totally did it right there. Our flag is the greatest in the WORLD, & has freed countless places, & saved lives. Our guys that follow that flag are the actual ones that did the freeing & the saving, but they’d follow that flag to you-know-where & back.

  78. “Michelle Obama was red with rage after this truth about her was shared with the public” is the headline for this story. Could it be any more misleading? I’ve had enough.

  79. “Michelle Obama was red with rage after this truth about her was shared with the public” is the headline for this story. Could it be any more misleading? I’ve had enough.

  80. I agree with you . Michelle Obama compared to Melania Trump? No comparison. It’s truly the ugly and the beautiful. Donald Trump is the best President in my lifetime!

  81. Michelle Obama will never be half the first Lady that Melania Trump is. Michelle did not know how to dress for special occasions. Mechelania dresses like a woman who is the first Lady should dress. Michelle was a poor excuse for a first lady just like her husband was the worst president that this country has ever had. Donald Trump has been the best President that we have had in many years

  82. Michelle lost my respect when she refused to put her hand over her heart for the National anthem and was overheard saying there was too much to do about our flag. Melania is so much more classy.

  83. Michelle Obama has never & will Never have the Grace & Poise Our Beautiful ❤️First Lady Melania Trump has. Michelle’s lips,,mouth are too big. She is Evil & Fake!

  84. Michele Obama may have got her law license but she never used it!! She became engaged with all those progressive leftwing nutjobs who had rather smoke pot than do anything substantial w/ their lives that was EARNED! Don’t think they are not still engaged in DEFEATING PRESIDENT TRUMP. SO WE HAVE TO ROLL ON AMERICA AND ”KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!”

  85. Robin Butler, the true difference between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama is that Michelle Obama is really a MAN in drag. Michelle is really Michael Obama. That thing is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of people.

    Oh! that thing is ugly but Melania is really a woman and very beautiful.

    REAL BEAUTY COMES FROM INSIDE A PERSON. Michelle aka Michael is ugly from inside. That thing hates the USA and white people and no telling who else.

    I can not judge the heart but only their action and words that come out of their mouth.

  86. Hi, Robin Butler! Mooshell will always be a trashy, ignorant, transsexual, male chimpanzee! Melania will always be a gorgeous, highly intelligent woman! Quite a difference!

  87. They should leave both of these women alone. They are different and that’s ok. Melania Trump is an intelligent, bright, sweet, classy and gorgeous woman. She brings beauty and tradition back to the White House. Michelle Obama is pretty and nice. Pitting these two women against each other is immature and rude. Grow up News stations.

  88. You have to suffer from some seriously low self-esteem, if you can’t find anything good to say about our 1st Lady. She comes and goes about her daily work without causing ripples or bringing negative attention to herself, and that’s a very classy lifestyle. Add to that, that she’s beautiful and exotic and you have the beginnings of someone who’s worthwhile admiring. Now think about the opposite of this comment and you have a has-been 1st Lady with a bad attitude, Michelle Obama.

  89. Alaska woman…You have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your dem leaders without question like a good little commie robot. sad.

  90. Yes…Milania & Michelle are very different people & VIVA LA DIFFERENCE! Our first lady deserves respect…not contempt! Shame on the MSM for their anti-American attitudes toward our First Family!


  92. Not just a set of balls. Thanks be to GOD That he gave him Larger STEAL BALLS. And his wife hands down is so much above are last first lady. IT’S LIKE NIGHT AN DAY! PRAISE GOD FOR THE TRUMP’S

  93. Dan, please – ‘we Know’.
    cool it, bae. (on that type of ‘monkey’ comm)
    Also, all com’s are ‘logged’/ categorized.
    Keep What’s In Your mind … As the saying goes
    “What Happens In Vegas, STAYS in Vegas” (lika in yo ‘mind’)
    > FORGET about E’Thing. JUST PLAY that ‘Strang’.
    ♥ U Mon

  94. See forensics of Male vs Female.( especially
    ‘neck’/shoulder’ Structure.)
    Michael (michelle) IS a ‘Tell All’. eom
    FYI: a Current photo Displayed ‘adams apple’
    (remaining) in throat. Nothing MORE to say.

  95. Yeah. Did You See ‘Actual Clip’ of
    paparazzi ‘Chasing ‘ Joan R. up her stairs
    to Apt ??? It is ‘dramatic. She was pissed *
    Told ‘The Truth’ 2x. Then died?
    E’1 in DC /& Elsewhere KNEW & KNOWS the ‘TRUTH’.
    IT Is called- ‘the 0pen Secret’. ___ & D0 NOT TALK
    about ‘IT’. Period.

  96. Rite Deb. Tell ‘IT’ . THNX for posting.
    We 0nly HAVE ‘Each 0ther’ To Share
    ‘documented Ink’ – As msm WILL NOT.

  97. RESPECT from looney liberals? Not likely.
    However, it is a GREAT time to live in America.
    We have a GREAT President that has a set of balls,
    and a First Lady that doesn’t

  98. Malania is one classy First Lady. How anyone can talk negative about her is truly disgusting. I realize some people may not like her as much as other do but is it necessary to degrade her when she is: A CLASS ACT! Shame on those who make fun of her. How they can compare her to Michelle Obama is way beyond my comprehension. What has happened to RESPECT.

  99. I suppose you have copies of these magazines
    And anyway many European artists have beautifully painted nude females.Nudity is not viewed as trashy by Europeans.


  101. Research interview between Maria Pope who when to
    High school in Hawaii with Barry Setoro(sp). She was interviewed by a Dr.Manning, radio host. Barry was a drug user and appears in a real cute leotard
    outfit. Shows high school yearbook for confirmation.
    Maybe hard to find.

  102. Melania Trump is a true lady in all ways. She is beautiful, and has strength and kindness and carers about the United States and the people who live here. She is a christian and has a strong belief in God and no one should say anything bad about her because she is the best first lady we have had in a while. God bless her and her family.

  103. Well the media ignored the fact that Michelle was disbarred for involvement in a fraud case. Not to mention that she needed 100 hangers on to get her fixed appropriately. Melania has more class in her pinky than Obama and her hangers on in their entire bodies. Let’s not forget the tax payer dollars she used to take her dozens of entourage on junkets. Loser, moron and pathetic. Thank God we have a chic, class act as First Lady.

  104. Melania Trump is a very intelligent woman, she is a better First Lady than anyone since Jackie Kennedy. Shes a very well dressed lady the things she is working on she puts herself into and works very hard on them.
    For the fake news to say obama was a better first lady is ridiculous.

  105. We want justice. That’s why people are still so angry. Those two got away with things that a white president would not have…well, other than Bill Clinton and his ugly wife. Why is it that philanderers always marry ugly women? But we know that Bill didn’t marry Hillary for love. It was a plan that they hatched to eventually get into the Whitehouse, and they did.

  106. Yes, he absolutely hates America. He wanted to “fundamentally” change the country. He found it harder than he expected. That’s why there are “checks and balances” built into our Constitution.

  107. Obama smoked pot most of his life which is said to be worse than regular cigarettes. There are photos of him smoking pot. As a matter of fact those photos were circulated before his first election. I guess the people who voted for him just didn’t believe their own eyes.

  108. And since Obama married a man, who now looks more like a woman, it is no wonder that in every single photo of Obama lately he looks like he is very unhappy. He wanted a man not a man that looks like a woman.

  109. Melania is perfect in every way. If you have something perfect to show by all means do it! But if you’re so ugly,and look like an ape, get in the closet and never come out.

  110. Melania Trump is hands down the most beautiful First Lady in U.S. history. She is a classy, dignified, intelligent, and sophisticated woman, who is not a politician. She wants to make a positive contribution and has done so. The magazine media owned by left-wing Democrats refuse to write articles about her or put her on covers, because they irrationally despise the U.S. President who has brought back the American economy, the stock market, the U.S. military, and has taken on trade imbalances that could crush the American economy, just to highlight a few major successes. Michelle Obama, unfortunately for her,is a physically unappealing female, white or black, who voiced anti-American sentiments. Her husband, Barry Soeto, whoever he really is, was a disaster as a President. The fact that he was a sub rosa Muslim and half-white and half black got him elected.Historians who are objective will reveal those statuses as his only claim in American Presidential history.

  111. Yep, I will never forget the visit with the queen. Michelle wore a dress that looked like Henrietta hippo…I shall never forget that! Oh, embarrassed!

  112. AKwoman, you think these comments are lies about michael obama? I saw the video clip of it dancing on a talk show and that hangy down part was flip-flopping so much, there was no mistaking-a penis was there. In medical field here, I know a penis when I see one. Then there is the early yearbook photo of a young Michael Robinson aka michelle obama. How about the interview with BO when he refers to himself and his ‘wife’ as “Michael and myself” on national tv… Google has now white-washed every detail with lies being part of the left bs. I copied and saved information years ago from google–before it bleached everything. I still have it, and the information was completely different then…it was accurate. Melania Trump is exactly what she appears to be: female, intelligent, beautiful, successful and real! I am proud to have her as our first lady. btw, not all first ladies have been squeaky clean, after all they are just people…but Melania was a model–not a ho and it is not uncommon for successful models to model nude.

  113. A person that speaks 6 languages does not have to be a hooker Where did you get your information I want a reliable answer

  114. Transgender Michael robbinson, known as (michelle Obama) was a horrible first (lady) and a pathetic trans ……Much plastic surgery makes her look more like woman…….Mrs Trump is a beautiful REAL Woman…classy and intelligent…..

  115. Why want news media/online news tell the truth about Michelle Obama.

    That thing is really a man in drag. We had the first Drag Queen in the WH for 8 years.

    That thing (Michelle) was born a male named Micheal.

  116. You are just another left wing troll. Here’s a woman who shows class as a first lady. While Moochell is a class less tranny.
    Our country needed a woman of elegance, after 8 years of Moochell in the people’s house.

  117. Melania is a great First Lady and has a lot of support from us unredeemables. My family and I love the TRUMPS, ALL of them. They ARE making our country the best it can be. God bless them all!! ENOUGH of the criticism already. I didn’t vote for Clintons or the Obamas but had to suffer thru them nonetheless. That’s just the way it goes. We voted Pres. Trump in so let’s let him serve as he was voted in to do.


  119. There are plenty of accomplished black people in this country. Unfortunately the Obamas were not that.Whatever they have to say now is totally meaningless. Eight years of them proofed that without a doubt. Anything they have to say now is useless. They also prove that.We will be cleaning their mess up for many years to come. Hopefully not another one of these turds will get control but I know they will.

  120. The presidents wife never had anything questioned about her. Yes, she did model and some of the shots were nude but that’s not being a hooker.Why are you being so crude? You may not like the president but at least respect a woman unless you personally know something that the rest of the world does not know about her which I highly doubt. She is very quiet and stays behind the scenes. She does a lot of good works and does not try to push her way into our lives and tell the country how they should run their lives as did Michelle with the school lunch deal. She knew nothing about nutrition but took it upon herself to tell the schools how to feed the children which turned out to be a disaster. Please know what you are talking about before you put such terrible things on the net. The president’s wife is a very smart woman. How many languages do you speak? How much money can you make at a legitimate job? When was the last time you visited a children’s hospital and read a book to the kids? Thought so!

  121. Melania loves this country and never said it was the first time she was proud to be American. Obama is a fraud..

  122. Scotty-Poo, I heard that you and your family also reside at the Washington DC Zoo in the monkey house! The Obamas are your neighbors! You and they can spend all day together picking at your asses while people watch! Ugh! Have fun, Scotty-Poo!

  123. There is NO PICTURES of Michelle aka Michael being Pregnant.

    There are pictures of the two girls when they was toddlers.

    There are one picture that Obama holding a baby, but could not see the picture of the infant.

    The girls was rented out or they adopted the girls. The mom and dad of the girls was Obama’s friends.

  124. Melania Trump is ALL woman.

    Michelle aka Michael Obama is Male. A man trying to be a woman.

    We had the first Drag Queen in the WH for 8 years.

    Both Obama and Michelle aka Michael is Homosexuals.

  125. I hear JEALOUSY, alaska. REAL PEOPLE PAY MONEY to SEE FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP NAKED. Hell, I have seen DIMOCRAT “MALES” DROLL when she walked by. On National TV. YOU, on the other hand, COULDN’T pay a POLAR BEAR to look at YOU NAKED. Which is good because according the dimocrats they are dying left and right.

  126. Nobamas were freaks the leftwing media needs to rot in hell for their lies and distortions. Yes, ROT in HELL!!.

  127. AKLady using a different name? Not getting enough attention with your original name? You communist vermin are a pathetic bunch.

  128. I’m thinking jealousy, Alaska. PEOPLE WILL PAY to see THE FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES naked. Hell, I’ve seen DIMOCRAT “MALES” drool as she walks. ON TV. You, on the other couldn’t PAY a POLAR BEAR to look at YOU NAKED. Which is good because according to you people theyare dying right and left. KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON -SAVE A POLAR BEAR!!

  129. You might want to rethink you comment. FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP SUED an ass like you – and won. One the other – the GREAT MICHAEL NEVER SUED when people pointed out the resemblance to Silver-backed apes-IT COULDN’T have won.

  130. Since Obama SMOKED nearly all his life, we’ll get to support his emphysema condition or lung cancer – which he hoped would be covered as a pre-existing condition.

  131. How do you know what Michelle did in her young life? LOL YOU DON’T KNOW. And Obama was said to bum cigarettes off his high school classmates, hung around with older gay men and used drugs.

  132. I read about some dirty dealings in the Chicago area with Michelle and “Barry” – having to do with a hospital and not sure where that article is today. No one ever investigated it further or made a big deal out of it, but it would be interesting to see where they are getting all this money to buy an expensive beach property.
    And if he was so interested in “public service” why didn’t he join the military on Oahu where he lived like most young men would have done? It was all around him.
    I know why. His mother taught him to hate the US and our military, like the other Democrats do.

  133. Jim doesn’t know the difference between a model and a hooker. His wife probably buys clothes at Walmart.

  134. Melania is a great, beautiful first lady, Michael is a lying, cheating anti-American. No contest here, Melania wins hands down!

  135. All the trailer-trash, USA/Trumping-hating snowflakes like Jim are nothing but raw sewage that needs to be flushed immediately!

  136. You are soooooo right Phil,She(Michelle)looks like a baboon in a dress compared to a truly beautiful woman who is our First Lady!She is the Most Beautiful First Lady we have ever had,and probably ever will have.

  137. well if the fake news would report the truth about the obomas , they would flee the country , bhk hung out with american haters like wright and aers a home grown terrorist from the 60’s , and michelle made millions selling out the poor in chicago , on healthcare , i still can’t believe the doj hasn’t opened an investigation into the corrupt kenyan

  138. what ever you are you need to leave this country. we do not need anymore ignorant trash as yourself around here. It took 8 years to get rid of those baboons and it’s going to take a long time to clean up the mess that fagot created.

  139. Alaska Woman you have been out in the cold to long. It will take along time to undo the damage the Obama’s & company have done to America.However President Trump is doing a super job of undoing the Obama mess. God bless President trump & Melanie. Trump 2020.

  140. Under what circumstances did Michelle Obama (and Barack) cede her law license? Will someone ever expose the extremely racist vitriol in the college writings of Michelle Obama? Do the “lying eyes” of everyday people see how truly ugly is Michelle Obama, inside and out? Sorry to ask a few honest questions.

  141. The media behave like 7th grade mean girls. The problem is all theirs. They’ll never understand that because bullies never do.

  142. The racist Michelle Obummer , hell , what is it really , it’s a something for sure , what exactly , a ugly mean face when she’s talking a white people , it’s obvious she hates Whites , well , lady I don’t give a flying you know what , that’s right ” S ” what you think about whitey

  143. Why do you need to tell that lie? What does it gain for you?
    That lie embarrasses America.
    Oh, and Michelle was never a Communist born, raised and educated TRANMP. Melania Trump made her living posing nude in European men’s magazines.

  144. The Soetoro’s only care about themselves and the fundamental destruction of America! There’s absolutely no difference between the two. They both think class is something you buy, that’s why neither of them will ever have any… Nothing has changed about them since leaving the White House! They still haven’t done anything good for America, it’s still all about them! The democrat voters are so easily brainwashed and the Soetoro’s are that living proof…

  145. The mighty Clinton crooks also stole furniture and other things that belongs to the American people. Both families CROOKS to the end!!!

  146. for eight long years we were shamed by a guy wearing a suit and a guy wearing A DRESS. NOW WE HAVE MELANIA- A LADY IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.

  147. I couldn’t tell, but if you think she wouldn’t be wearing a cod piece , that would definitely surprise me.

  148. I saw that show too and unless y’all are BLIND that I believe to be a male package no woman I’ve ever known had that swinging between their legs .. Disgusting ! But very soon the deep state will be arrested punished and sent to GITIMO to live out their lives!

  149. I definitely agree Melania is a “ Classic Lady” she often reminds me of Jackie O, Nancy Regan. Now I still have a difficult time with the tv news report that Joan Rivers spoke about Michael/Michelle Obama and everyone knew. Less than several days Joan Rivers dies .So should Michelle be a Michael,I have nothing more to say !

  150. As I understand it, Michelle/Michael lost the license to practice law because of insurance fraud..jail or forfeit license. So CLASSY!

  151. The os-called OBAMAS will forever be a big stain on our history. A viper pit of corruption, lies, B/S, and Executive Laziness that has thwarted our growth for 8 long miserable years. Pushed race relations back to mid-60’s. To even think that either BHO or his partner had any brains or talent or class makes a normal mind explode. Glad the trash got taken out of our White House.

  152. I thought Michelle walked more like a cow than a lady until her handlers got hold of her and smoothed out the rough edges. In the pictures of the Obamas with the French president and his wife, the French were stylish and classy Michelle was not. I was ashamed of the way Michelle looked. Soon after the handlers started working on her wardrobe and stature. Melania has always been classy.

  153. No Scott. Edna is not spot on, neither are you. Again, people are tired of the terribly unfair comparison. One is a real woman, a true lady. The other one, a human being who many believe she’s a man…

  154. Scott you must not stay up on the news, but Michelle had to return almost 200,000.00 of furniture.vheck with google!!!

  155. 1st Lady Melania Is Demure/Dignified/Humbled.
    I’m Glad the ‘rotten’ msm/ Press etc. departs her.
    That IS a ‘Compliment’. ___ ( & she KNOWS IT )
    She Said: “Don’t feel sorry for me, I Can Handle
    Anything/Everything” ___
    Right 0N, 1st Lady Melania !!!

  156. C’mon Edna Floros, Michelle or Michael, looks like a man, and you should direct your comments to the MSM. They elevated her like a queen, was on the cover of several magazines, TV talk shows, you name it. Me, as a little person in this country always wondered why. I saw her as big, ugly, and very manly woman who didn’t deserve to be in the WH. On the other hand, we have Melania Trump, a real woman who is not only beautiful but also very smart and the most elegant and classy lady the WH has ever had. To your point, people are indeed busy but they, we, are tired of the unfair comparison. Michelle or Michael is way down at the bottom.
    Looks like you didn’t read all the comments because none of them puts Melania “down”. She’s an awesome lady!!!!

  157. Harry, how old are you? 11? 12? I feel sorry for your arrested development, but really, do you want to put it out there for the world to see what a juvenile ignoramus you are? So sad you have nothing adult or sensible to add. Your 10-year-old friends may laugh at that (and your name), but intelligent adults don’t.

  158. No doubt she’s beautiful Nancy, and just smart enough to marry into money and use the Orange man dear leader to get her parents into the country. Want to bet on their long-term prognosis?

  159. I suppose you prefer the Ma’am to lovely super model Melania. . Didn’t I hear that the Obama kid’s real daddy is suing Big Mike and the knob gobbler Barrack ?

  160. Oh my God, Robert. Do you even have a brain? Prove one point you made. Any point. Just prove it. How can anyone claiming to be an adult believe in such absolute fantasy stories? Not one word of that is true in the real world.. maybe in the universe of alternative facts, but not in the real world. God, I hope you have no procreated.

  161. you’re a very troubled man, Mike. I feel sorry for whatever happened in your life to bring you to this pathetic point but you can get help. It’s available. Seek it.

  162. That is so typical of you, Dan. You actually don’t have a lucid point to make so, like so many others here, you jump right into the name calling, disparagement of another person yada yada yada. I’m fairly sure you were born with a brain. Please use it.

  163. David, c’mon. Where did you hear that? From your sister-in-law’s third cousin who overheard it in a conversation in the grocery story? It never ceases to amaze me what you folks will believe. Have we, as a nation, really stooped to this level of inane and banal nonsense? I’m just flabbergasted that seeming adults can believe and spread this garbage. What sort of upbringing did you have; and what, pray tell, are you teaching your children? Edna is spot on.

  164. So glad we don’t have to see Michelle dawning a backward baseball hat , while pretending to dance hip hop on late night tv anymore. So sick of the Obamas.

  165. Vasu, National Geographic turned down nude pictures of Michelle because it didn’t want to offend its readers.

  166. Eloquently stated Nancy. Indeed, A Lady Recognizes A Lady! Pay RudeMan no mind! I learned what a Troll was, thru IT. God Bless You & Our Wonderful FLOTUS!

  167. Melania Trump has more class, beauty, intelligence & kindness than any other First Lady. Her close second would be Jacqueline Kennedy.
    No one could logically dispute that. I also loved both Bush First Ladies. They both were lovely First Ladies that made me proud to have them represent America.

  168. When is the true story gona come out that Michelle is really Michael. Look at Ellen show with Michael dancing with white pants on and you tell me what’s swinging in between legs. Disgusting

  169. I always found it embarrassing that MSM worshipped Obama and his wife like gods.

    Personally I always thought that the US having a black president was a historic event. I didn’t vote for him either time and never trusted him or his wife.

    It turned out that I was right. The thing I learned most had nothing to do with him or his wife.

    What I learned is that the mainstream press is the scum of the earth.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  170. Melania Trump is a first class act! How lucky we are to have such a lovely, intelligent and polished first lady, to say nothing of her ability to speak six languages. Surely no one could think Michelle Obama could compete with Melania!!!

  171. The only first lady of the US even on the same page as Melania Trump might be Jackie Kennedy but Jackie didnt have the same class, education or intelligence. Michelle ? NO WAY !

  172. Melania is the most distinguished first lady of my generation. She is, no put-down to POTUS, classier than he is.

  173. Edna, you are missing the point. The Lamebrain MS BIAS LYING media put Michelle on a pedestal and she in no way deserved that. Melania, very poised lady knows six different languages and very bright. She is class and dresses very professionally and is beautiful. Michelle, on the other hand, well, look at her, she’s no beauty queen, very manly structured and very into herself and never liked America until she was put in the WH which she didn’t deserve with that attitude. Excuse me Edna, Melania Trump runs circles around Michelle and the MS BIAS LYING media knows this, but they have to remain ‘lapdogs’ for the Demons.

  174. I agree, if the Demrats, Liberals and the media gave the same courtesy to this First Lady as they did to Michelle everyone will be amazed what a difference in the two women. Michelle is very condensing and hide behind the race card. I read (the media wouldn’t lie) that she was disbarred for Insurance fraud and her husband Barry Soetoro or should I call him Barack H????? Obama we still don’t have his original birth certificate. Maybe when his records are unsealed we will find out the truth about these two people.

  175. Raejean, I was wondering the same thing about what made Michelle red with rage. I think Melanie is a beautiful woman, but I don’t understand the awful things said here about Michelle’s appearance. I do not like Michelle; never did. My husband had a run in with her in Chicago before Barack was an iklunous senator. She has an nasty temperament and thinks all should bow down to her. On the other hand, Melanie is extremely intelligent and very soft and feminine; grace personified. She is so gentle and caring and is happy in the background as our FLOTUS who supports our POTUS. I am proud to say she is our FLOTUS.

  176. There is no comparison between Melania and Michelle. Michelle is so far down on the ‘class’ scale that an ape looks and behaves far better. Michele’s beloved choices for our children’s lunches were the worse in history, and cost the taxpayers millions in wasted food. If she did earn an attorney’s degree, she paid for it, one way or another. She has as much finesse as her husband who thought it was okay to slam America and bow to our enemies. They will both go down in history as the worse in their station.

  177. Michelle Obama has never & will Never have the Grace & Poise Our Beautiful ❤️First Lady Melania Trump has. Michelle’s lips,,mouth are too big. She is Evil & Fake!

  178. micheal obummer was never a polished attorney.. “IT” was disbarred in ’93 for insurance fraud.. The Illinois state bar told “IT” to surrender your license to practice or face a court trial and go to jail.. “IT” was an ambulance chaser

  179. The only comment I can make is When Michelle Obama left the White House she stole things that belong to the White House and the law give her just a short period of time to get them returned. I cannot stand a thief

  180. So true … Big Mike is a farce and those who worshiped him are fools! Melania, like our President, is the best thing that ever happened to American leadership.

  181. Michelle does not hold a candle to our 1st lady. Her clothes are not nearly as stylish or fit even half the time. She is very masculin and her walk is very awkward, more like a stride instead of class.



  184. That’s like comparing a weed to a beautiful rose!
    She’s really a man anyway! I remember when Barack slipped out & called her Micheal! And remember what joan rivers said about “her” being a transy!then she got murdered for opening her mouth about it!

  185. That’s like comparing a weed to a beautiful rose!
    She’s really a man anyway! I remember when Barack slipped out & called her Micheal! And remember what joan rivers said about “her” being a transy!then she got murdered for opening her mouth about it!

  186. That’s like comparing a weed to a beautiful rose!
    She’s really a man anyway! I remember when Barack slipped out & called her Micheal! And remember what joan rivers said about “her” being a transy!then she got murdered for opening her mouth about it!

  187. That’s like comparing a weed to a beautiful rose!
    She’s really a man anyway! I remember when Barack slipped out & called her Micheal! And remember what joan rivers said about “her” being a transy!then she got murdered for opening her mouth about it!

  188. You took the words right out of my mouth! She is a gorgeous woman and there is no comparison to Michael Obama and her ugliness!

  189. Finally, the public is starting to see “Michael” as who he is now as Michelle. Too Bad more people can’t open their eyes and see the deception that has taken place in this Country. God help us on Judgement Day for Installing and Illegal President, a lying and deceitful LGBTQ marriage to Michael and for Congress’ ignorance of the rules for the election of a President who was Kenyan born, and registered in the British Archives for Kenya. Eligiability for President requires BOTH mother and father to be native born from the USA, not from Kenya on the father’s side. We as a country will pay dearly for that Transgretion against God’s Rule.

  190. Actually the headline for this story has NOTHING to do with the content. Please clean up your editorial acr.

  191. Actually the headline for this story has NOTHING to do with the content. Please clean up your editorial acr.

  192. Melania Trump has been treated abominably by the news media. Their default position is her posing in the nude during her modeling days. A friend was helping her 13-year-old daughter pursue a modeling career. And got quite offended when they wanted her 13-year-old daughter to pose nude!!! They got a different agent. But it just shows that nudity is common in modeling. It does Not mean prostitution. Duh.

  193. Michelle has manly features. Thats not pretty. She has a dark secret. Only family knows this per her brother.

  194. Michael will never have the class that Melanie has…and her ignorant actions
    and classless remarks make her so petty.
    On the other hand Melanie is beautiful and
    articulate and a blessing to this country.

  195. That’s what I was going to say, how misleading lol but as far as comparing the 2, really?? There is NO comparison. Melania is the most beautiful and classiest FLOTUS we’ve ever had and so she isn’t a lawyer, she is highly educated and speaks 6 languages fluently and can run rings around that disgrace of a former First Lady who had NO class or elegance what so ever. But the fake news will never say anything good about her or President Trump. But that’s fake news for ya lol jealousy smh

  196. Who would as a normal sexual male want to admire and walk arm n’ arm with down any street? Michelle or Melania? Then…should romance occur…who would that same normal male want to make love to? Be honest…come-on…be honest!! As for personality and charm with grace…who would you invite to the party tonight as your date? Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  197. I think it is despicable the way Melania has been treated by the corrupt mainstream media! She is the most beautiful and intelligent first lady that we have ever had. She speaks 5 languages for God’s sake! She is poised and classy. She is an example to any immigrant that wants to find the American dream.

  198. Ditto on Melania. She’s beautiful and intelligent. Michelle is crass and
    ignorant. She was disbarred btw. She was never “a polished attorney”. That is

  199. Ditto on Melania. She’s beautiful and intelligent. Michelle is crass and
    ignorant. She was disbarred btw. She was never “a polished attorney”. That is

  200. Melania is the most beautiful stylish fashionable FLOTUS we have had in a long time. She brings European flair, style grace and manners that are fantastic. Whereas Michel always looked frumpy fat manly/butch and never well put together. Not only that, when she tried to look nice for whatever occasion she overdid it with colors jewelry and everything else that looked outrageous gaudy and overdone. She has no style or grace. But what can one expect from the likes of her.

  201. So true History will verify
    Melania is the best first lady She has been put down from day one and she had not erred yet.

  202. In my eyes Melania has more class than Michelle could ever have. So sad she doesn’t get the respect she deserves.

  203. Melania is a lovely, classy lady. A real asset in the White House and to her husband, President Trump.

  204. Melania is a lovely, classy lady. A real asset in the White House and to her husband, President Trump.

  205. And Barrack lost his license for lying on the Bar exam about not using another name. So basically, he lost his for unethical practices also.

  206. The article fails to deliver the answer to what enraged Michelle, although I can guess she knows she has not compared favorably with Melania.

  207. yes, fake news has insulted her since trump annouced he would run for president and has tried to bring down trump . best president and first lady to this date ! 4 more years and the wall !

  208. What planet are you from? Or where have you been hiding since 2016? Who has more class? Melania in every way. Jackie O of the 21st Century.

  209. mike;I wonder if those small chimps realize that this pair of monkeys could not be their natural parents.could that possibly be the cause of the older monkey being a problem

  210. Personally, I think Joan Rivers was not joking when she told about the Obamas. Melania is elegant and refined while Michelle could play nose tackle for the Bears.

  211. No he/she Michelle!! You and your crowd turned it into a monkey house! Thankfully we now have a lady in our White House!! She has finally gotten the stink out of the mansion. You’ve never been nor will you ever be the lady Melania Trump is and when it comes to class! Compared to our beautiful First Lady, you woman, if you really are a woman, are totally bankrupt. You have criticized and said horribly ugly things about our First Lady but Melania has too much class to respond in kind. Get a life and leave this fine lady alone!!

  212. As I recall, Michelle lost her license because she was unethical! But I’ve read some of your other stupid comments so this stupidity doesn’t surprise me! And Melania is beautiful and theres is no comparison because she wins over Michelle/Michael!

  213. We didn’t get an adult! We got a family of monkeys! They now reside at the Washington DC zoo in the monkey house!!

  214. The Ted Cruz campaign put out a nude photo of Melania in 2016 and warned conservative Republicans: “Your next First Lady.” Dr. Jordan similarly comments online: “How can you compare a nude uneducated model to a Ivy League graduate who has a law degree? It is sad to see how prejudice and ignorant you people can be.” While the media was taking note of what Trump later dismissed as “locker room talk,” at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama was practically in tears, warning her fellow Democrats and the American people in general, “We need an adult in the White House.”

  215. There are rumors that Michael will make a run for the presidency….
    JUST what we need – another black man in the White House

  216. OK RedMan this is a real question for you. Obama while going to school applied for aid as a “Foreign Exchange Student” and was granted the aid applied for. Then later while running for office he claimed to be a natural born citizen. Now the question…which crime do we convict him for doing? He himself stated these so he either lied about the Student status or the citizen status both are fraud.

  217. Mike Otrok, I did a HUGE turd in my toilet this morning! It looked like you, as you are a real POS! I flushed you into the septic tank! Good Riddance!!!

  218. Michael’s RED ass of the CHIMP variety is the ONLY part that may have turned rED…the rest is PURE BLACK RACIST anti WHITE America MANHOOD

  219. Magilla Gorilla is not a woman. WHY no truthful news media has yet to point out that she is really a He just goes to show how controlled the leftist propaganda machine really is.

  220. I am getting so tired of hearing that Michell is a woman!!!

    We had in the WH for eight years a MAN dressed like a woman. It still has it’s male parts. Both Obama and Michell aka Michael is Homosexuals.

    His real name at birth is Michael LaVong Robinson.

  221. You can’t be as ignorant as you sound. Calling everyone names. Oh wait. You have to be a democrat. Now I understand the stupid talk.

  222. Michelle was treated so well because she could call people racist if they said anything negative about her. Melania is a lady. Beautiful and educated too.

  223. Mooshell? Michael? Whut de foo kyu tolkin bout?What are hamberders?I fly TRUMP AIRLINES!! THE BEST!!! WHAT ARE HAMBERDERS!!!???..?..?!..

  224. THAT… is so funny… where did you come up with that old bad joke? Do you look at all women and mentally make them a man so you get a bigly hard on? What are hamberders? Do you eat Russian kielbasa at tranny bars watching your son dance?

  225. Obozo? HUH? Explain,and while you try that,explain what hamberders are. Thank you. THE WORLD AWAITS YOUR BIGLY ANSWER…! YAY…………………!!!…YAY…!

  226. Melania looks like some creepy space alien. All Trump kids have the “DUH” “HUH?” “WHUUT?” look. Does she feel weird married to a gay commie lover? What are hamberders?

  227. Diane, you are correct. There is no comparison between the two. Melania is better in every way. But I think you meant “angel”.

  228. Why do you people keep volleying with REDMAN….you can tell he is EATING THIS UP….It’s pretty obvious he is a NUT CASE and doesn’t deserve your TIME…..

  229. Probably the most successful propaganda campaign ever undertaken was presenting a most unfortunate looking creature of questionable gender identity as a beautiful, intelligent woman.
    They should be embarrassed for attempting it, but congratulated for succeeding.

  230. Hell YES, Melania has been treated badly, but is anyone really SURPRISED? They should change their party’s name to “Mediacratic Party”, since they’re IN BED together anyway. Ignore them! We’ll get them back on Election Day 2020!

  231. Melania knows the corrupt leftist game and she throws it off beautifully. Michelle Obama, on the other hand is no longer an attorney; she gave up her law license to avoid prosecution for insurance fraud years ago. Without Barack, she really IS nothing, and for that matter neither is he. His damage to the nation may never be repaired!

  232. what needs to be reported is the truth about Michelle Obama. That she was nothing before her marriage to Barry Obama. That the jobs she held were courtesy of her husbands influence rather than her ability.

  233. There’s no competition when it’s comes to Michael and Melania there’s only one First Lady here and she’s beautiful,graceful and intelligent.

  234. What I love about Melania is the fact that SHE is a REAL woman unlike
    Michael Obama. NUFF SAID……………………..

  235. To compare Melania in an unfavorable light to Michelle is somewhat comparing the vision of an angle to that of a tart.

  236. Of course, our beautiful First lady is treated unfairly by the vile media and leftwing nuts who show their ignorance on a daily basis!

  237. The thing that most likely has the libs in full blown conniptions is the fact that Malania Trump doesn’t really give a rip about what they think (or the fact that they don’t)

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