Michelle Obama went on TV to talk impeachment and all hell broke loose

The Democrats’ impeachment has run into a brick wall.

Public opinion has failed to move as the American people are seeing through the partisan spectacle Adam Schiff and the Democrats have staged.

And now Michelle Obama just went on TV to talk impeachment and all hell broke loose.

Democrats know they are playing a losing hand on impeachment.

Polls show the American people are rejecting the Democrats’ ridiculous case for impeachment so now top party leaders are trying to soften the blow of the expected defeat.

One of those top Democrats is Michelle Obama.

Obama went on the “Today Show” and claimed impeachment would not tear the country apart and that America could come back from this.

Describing the ongoing impeachment investigation into Donald Trump and his actions with regard to Ukraine as “surreal,” Michelle Obama told NBC’s Today Show the country would bounce back.

“It’s surreal. I don’t think people know what to make of it. But do I think we can come back from it? Oh yeah,” Obama said.

“We’ve seen tough times in this country,” she added. “You know we’ve gone through depressions and wars and bombings and terrorist attacks, and we’ve gone through Jim Crow, and we’ve always come out stronger. And that’s what we have to continue to believe because what’s our choice? To ball up in a corner and call it a day? Well that’s not fair to this next generation that’s coming before us that are counting on us to get this right.”

Obama and other Democrats know that the American people look at impeachment as a nuclear option to undo an election.

That’s why polling shows President Trump’s political standing improving in key battleground states like Wisconsin as voters turn their noses up at the Democrats’ divisive impeachment tactics.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. X , you are a simpleton , don’t rock the boat is your way of thinking . That’s just what the communist like , a passive puss as yourself.

  2. Dan Tyree, I totally agree with your comment because I heard her say it on my own television before BARACK became President. UNBELIEVABLE. I is known that she hates AMERICA.

  3. I agree but I think that she would look better on a bottle of maple syrup the way she dresses and her hair in a towel rap!

  4. I read it too. You are right David, God says they who do these sinful deeds or actions are worthy of death.And you are right, it is not up to us to do it. God has his way. Dease and other natural causes.

  5. You may be right, but then again that is why we should always have a strong, ready,capable,military.The same thing could have happened when Obama deminished our military. We were weak,Thank God none of allies and enemies attacked us when we were volnurable.

  6. She could have started the conversation with,America, got over the Obama legacy, and Clinton dynasty. This impeachment is harder for the democrats to get over. It will go in history as the worst impeachment tries gone wrong. Very hard to get over,especially from the democrats.

  7. Yes how can a person come into office a average person ,and leave with 40 million in the bank ? He tried to give away the country and look what his I have a pen , has caused.

  8. Yep. no question about it. When you lie with the delusional, you become one. If nothing else, Trump has increased our country’s global presence and respectability. Something Michael and Barry wasted no time tearing down with his embarrassing “apology tour.” What a joke for a president this idiot turned out to be. Another puppet of the deep state which has continued to fund the maniacal events of late. Get real”X” .. or whoever you really are. With comments like yours, I would go incognito too. #IdiotsTendToFollowIdiots


  10. I think you are wrong. Why would other Countries respect us when you have Democratic’s blaming President Trump for all there Corruption. President Trump didn’t sell Uranium to other Countries, Benghazi, Delete 30,thousands emails, They want your guns, money, property, and Government Control USA ??. You all better wake up. Sell weapons, They let illegals, Terrorist, Gangs, Drugs. What will it take pass years Obama up didn’t do anything but got rich. Now they can do better. It all lies. Take take bate. Vote President Trump 2020. KAGA

  11. She is one of the leaders of the Democratic Party?? I guess that they are in a heap of hurt when they call out the “B” team. She is a racist with absolutely no leadership qualities, and no love for America.

  12. The charges against Trump pale when compared to those of the Obama administration. Obama tried to interfere in the elections of other countries, called ISIS a ‘JVC’ team when he had the opportunity to squelch it, and endangered not only the U.S. (one of the false charges against Trump)but all of civilization when he secretly set up the Iran deal that has provided that country with millions to fund Islamic terrorist groups worldwide. He has never had to answer for his crimes against humanity and should be investigated along with the egregious effort to impeach Trump who has had the courage to confront dictators.

  13. Margit: referring to your comment, please describe, using fact=based references, how Republicans are educated and thus, by inference, able to function in society. Provide examples of educated Republicans and their roles in American society.

    Can these “educated” Republicans identify their one biological parent that does not bay at the full moon? Can these “educated” Republicans speak and write in multi-syllabic terms?

    Describe how Republicans become “educated”. Where do they go to acquire education? Liberty University? Who are the figureheads of the Republican movement that “educated” Republicans can admire, look up to, and emulate?

    Lastly, are Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Kevin McCarthy, and Debbie Lesko examples of “educated” Republicans? Of course, I’m sure you set a shining example for others, don’t you?

    Am looking forward to your “educated” response to my brainwashed and indoctrinated query.


  15. I never listen to Michelle Obama. In my opinion, she was brainwashed by Jeremiah Wright a pastor who hates and hates America yet still remains in America.

  16. At least the Republicans can screw in a light bulb. The Democrats will have to have an executive meeting to determine what kind of light bulb, who is capable to screw in the light bulb, who will hold the ladder, what kind of ladder is needed… on and on.
    The current do nothing Democrats will take 5 years to screw in a light bulb, however,they only take a few weeks to screw the American citizens.

  17. Trump has stood up to foreign countries and he isn’t going to allow them to run a muck against the US. He has forced the UN countries to pay their fair share and stop using America as their piggy bank. What America needs to watch out for is the Global Elites taking over the country with their agenda of replacing the US Dollar, etc. At the present, I don’t see WWIII but I do see a possibility of the Revolt/Revolution. The climate of the American people regarding impeachment of Trump is and will cause a revolution and all hell will break loose. Trump has done nothing wrong for impeachment.

  18. Obama and other Democrats know that the American people look at impeachment as a nuclear option to undo an election. We are really angry about the Deep State impeachment hoax and want the whole bunch behind it prosecuted for treason

  19. If she was delusional I would agree with you. But the fact that we survived World War I, World War II, Vietnam, 9/11 and so much more is proof of our growth and expansion from the past events we have faced. Trump has done a lot of good, but he has also made this country a target to other countries who we used to call ally and friend. – Unless you have done a thorough investigation of your own you nor other American people wouldn’t understand this. – He’s a threat to the Red, White & Blue. – Russia, UK, Germany and so many other would leaders and countries have been disrespected when Trump visited. And now Ruusia and other countries are doing what they can to prevent another world war, and Trump is making it so we do hit another world war. – so if she’s delusional ask yourself this. – Are you ready for World War III or do you think she along with me are delusional Americans ?

  20. Indy, you need to get out more. You being that far up the Democrats ass I can only assume their is very little air for your lil brain. I will see if Nancy will put in requisition for a window to be put into Dems stomach so you can see out..all you have spewed are nothing but straight up lies from the Democrats playbook. No evidence just made up caca ?.
    TRUMP 2020

  21. How many Democrats does it take to change the light bulb? They still haven’t figured it out, the world may never know…..lol

  22. Educated – Republican and Independent
    Brainwashed and Indoctrinated – Liberals and Democrats

    I believe this will sum it up for you!!!

  23. She has and always had hated America. She/he stole from the American people for her own selfish wants. She is a disgrace as a human being caring only about herself.

  24. This person is ugly on the outside, but is even uglier on the inside. The statement regarding impeachment proves the IQ is at the bottom of the scale too. Get over yourself person, no one cares what you think or say!

  25. Speaking of uniforms, how about the thousands of Blacks who have given their lives over the years just so U can make those types of racist comments? Anyone in your family ever serve (and I don’t mean serving at a restaurant)?

  26. And thanks for all the African Americans do for the job market. With the hiring of cops and prison guards ect.

  27. How many republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb? 5, one to hold the light bulb & 4 to turn the ladder!! hahahahaha

  28. Karen exactly , he doesn’t and neither does the whole DemonRat Party . They have absolutely nothing but false accusations, lies and More than enough Liars , to spread their liberal BS ! NOW THATS TRUTHS N FACTS RIGHT THERE FOR YOU , TRUMP 2020 MAGA

  29. I am so tired of seeing her face in magazines and listening to her so called wisdom. Enough of her already. I don’t care what she, her race beating husband or either of her kids think or do.

  30. Christina, All those people, Blacks in particular, have contributed to the greatness in America. Proly something U cannot claim. To all those she bashed above, I apologize and I want U to know that she does not speak for 99.999% of us. Thank U for being part of America.

  31. This battle ax is a disgrace to any proud American regardless of color, creed, or ethnicity or gender. She has carried anger her entire life based on the color of her skin and the sick mental reaction to blame others for her dilemma despite EVERY effort to elevate her FAR beyond her qualities merit.

    She speaks in platitudes, subtly and otherwise plays the race card and makes sure that America, its history, culture, laws, and customs are despised by her. May she rot in hell in a fiery cage.

  32. Christina, Pleas don’t misquote the Bible. There is NOTHING in the Bible about mixing races.AS far as Homosexuals, GOD doesn’t give your or me the right to judge them and for sure not the right to kill them. JESUS told us to love all men/women as our brothers and sisters. Anyone the sins will answer to HIM and not us humans. BTW, before you bash me, I am a white straight CHRISTian male that tries to follow my Bible!

  33. So this lamebrain has to go to Vietnam for her girls’ education? What’s up wid dat? I guess it has something to do with the 12 million they can cough up for a house on the ocean. (that’s gonna be under water by 2025??!) Give me a break! MAGA!

  34. You are a straight dumb ass you are to stupid to comprehend what is going on but if you have enough intelligence pay attention it is fixing to come out how dirty your Obama is I hope they all get locked . And if you belive them you are just as low down as they are and as crooked!

  35. Bingo !!The Obama’s are worthless and her husband totally caused most of this mess that is going on today ! Obama was betting on getting his grubby hands back in the government and keep stealing for a living he needs to be locked up forever !!

  36. Jim Crow was better than this screwed up society, Trump is a great president. I wish America would send all blacks back to Africa where they belong. I hate seeing Sodom and Gomorrah evil crap in society which is homosexuals and race mixing. Its against the Bible , the law of nature and The UN section 2 forbids racial genocide.The Bible says all homosexuals are to be put to death, even Ted Cruz quoted it on TV one time.

  37. Really? And where were you when that deviant Peter ‘fondle’ Fonda, called for the kidnapping and raping of Trump’s ten year old (at the time) son???? I don’t recall a single Democrat chastising Fonda, I didn’t read of one editorial in the Liberal media doing the same?

  38. We tried that with you “the real Scott27”. Remember?
    You said Trump was shredding the constitution and violating the hatch act along with a bunch of other nonsense but when you got called out on it you tried to deny it and change the subject. So I guess everyone here is fed up with your B.S. and is just going to call you names now.

  39. Michelle Obama is a klutz in many paradigms. As a strong conservative, I think she would make a great leftist Democrat Presidential candidate – no chance of winning!

  40. President Trump is the best president we ever had! Smarter than me Obamacare by far! He is much better looking than Michelle!

  41. Trump has been victimized by hatred individuals of a deep conspiracy, despite
    complete lack any credible evidence to support outlandish claims

  42. Snott27 speak for yourself. Us true patriots are fighting against a force of evil. And that evil is the commiecrats

  43. It is so sad to see that some people simply know NO SHAME! It is like: “I grow accustom to( that shameful) face!” What kind of Truth could someone who rejects whose OWN NATURE brings? Of coures, only Falsehood!

  44. Please…..take a go o d l o o k…at the Demo candidate for US Presidency Barnum & Bailey would question them…..I’m still looking for the RING MASTER…Biden can wear the tall black hat…

  45. All you can do is name call, vicious name calling at that. Typical Far Left. President Trump has accomplished a lot and if you can not see the good he has done alone with what you consider the wrong thing, your hatred has caused you to lose all reasoning.

  46. Just as your clowns Schitt and Nadless have ZERO REAL proof of any impeachable offense.ow go get ready for school and don’t keep the short bus waiting.

  47. First off there are no left-wing voters with class, they are the lambs and sheep following their hearts and not using their brains and are being led to slaughter by their demon-rat masters. There is a deep state and it has existed for decades. People with power undermining government and purchasing politicians. Independant liberals have their head in the sand and most have TDS. Independent conservative and KAG2020

  48. Yeah, and Trump has a NASTY hairpiece that looks entirely FOOLISH!
    And he’s a fat, ugly, red-tanned egomaniac with no class, no smarts, no care for any of you losers (how many of you are PERSONALLY doing better than you were a couple of years ago?)PLUS, he’s a TRAITOR!
    You have zero evidence of Obama doing anything wrong, whereas Trump brags about every law he breaks!

  49. She and her husband should stay out of politics, Their day is over. It’s time for them to focus on decorating the new 12 million dollar house they bought on Martha’s Vineyard. Not bad for eight years of hanging out in the White House.

  50. Lower yourselves? You guys a) couldn’t get any lower- see the next half-dozen posts- and b) can’t begin to achieve the relative class of left-wing voters…
    And I suppose now you’re going to tell me that the Inspector General of the Justice Department is part of the “Deep State”, which, btw, does not exist!
    How do you know how much you believe isn’t originally a KGB rumor…?

  51. Truthy what a fool, I suppose you think the stock market record highs are Obama’s like my other dumbass Democrat friends, stock market works on what’s happening in the present and what may happen in the future not the past this is Trump stock market great economy and a great president you fool

  52. And while some of the World’s leaders are caught on TV laughing at Trump, “Michelle Obama has supplanted Angelina Jolie as the world’s most admired woman, according to YouGov’s annual study of which public figures the people of our planet look up to.” YouGov.com.

  53. Little Dan, there isn’t no betters on this Russian sponsored propagandist b.s site, besides I have no respect for the UNAMERICAN, UNEDUCATED MORONS that support a treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wannabe.

  54. The crudeness here is pathetic, no matter what one’s political preference is. It speaks of unhappy, angry, and unfulfilled lives. All feeling victimized by some aspect of Life and project out their venom, just as Trump, the consummate Victim, does with his tweets and threats and ridicule.

  55. I dislike m o……. She really hates President Trump, because he is good for the USA. And we know ‘they’ hates the USA…

    Butt….I HATE the comments with foul language…. I think that supporters of President Trump are better than the dim dems
    and should just ignore their vile attacks by putting them down with well chosen words. Don’t lower yourselves to that level…..

  56. Obama didn’t bring any jobs into this country you idiots. Trump brought in 7.1 million so far and counting. Obama used our money to bail the autos and others out of bankruptcy. And if Obama brought us jobs, why were the people living in the Eastern States loosing ALL their houses??????? 2005-20010??????????

  57. Truthy are you off your meds? I believe that you fit the profile of a shooter. You come across as being unbalanced. Poor little snowflake. Go suck your mama’s titty.

  58. The guy’s insane Will. He knows that Trump will get re-elected and truthy will have a meltdown. Probably will take the dirt nap. He feels defeated and has lost his reason. It’s called Trump derangement syndrome.

  59. Tell the truth , you were most probably doubled over sniffing your own rear end , that’s the fact you old fart sniffer !!

  60. What about the further development of nukes by north Koreans and Iran? Thank the crooked lying bastard Trump for that.

  61. At least she will stand up for her man . Melania,the gold digging whore wont say anything to degend her wife.

  62. Apparently you don’t know ,trumps actually a woman ,it would certainly explain his girlish whining and crying all the time

  63. The fact of the matter is Obama left the lying bastard such a good economy that it has survived trumps incompetence and ignorance.

  64. Trump only wishes he could be as good as Obama!!! Trump takes the record as the most incompetent President of the American Presidents!!! Also the most corrupt narcissistic uneducated person ever to be President!!!

  65. Experts in official government documentation proclaimed his Birth Certifucate to be a forgery so legally speaking nothing it did was legal.

  66. …sorry hell no, but it was all the truth, and if you try to defend the Obamallahs, if you are right, you cannot be racist…

  67. Yes…obama should have been the one to be impeached. The most incompetent and dishonest and un patriotic president EVER.

  68. And you are the closest thing to a jack ass that I have seen…you show who the racist is and who the nitwit is…

  69. The Obama’s are a joke her husband is gay her douaghter are drug addicts and and there are criminals and they runnid are country and Hillary is with Obama’s because they want to control this country and owe money to people that will hurt them.i never Sean so much criminals in my life.

  70. Scientists have discovered mystery bumps on the grounds of the obungler mansion in Martha’s vineyard. Details to follow

  71. I guess that Michael will feel the same way when the impeachment committee comes his/her husband’s way ,JUST after they impeach “Creepy Joe” for his crimes while vice president.


  73. M Obama is the ugly fat big mouth broad in USA history
    B Obama is the closest to a monkey as possible
    Both of you deplorable racist democrats need to shut the fu

  74. Can you believe this Obama is too much of a pussy …. cat To show up and talk about a himself he sends is insignificant other. I still never forget the fact that she got on national television after his inauguration possibly about a week later stating and I “for the 1st time in my life I’m proud to be an American” So the fact that we had 911 happened and all those New York City police and fire men died trying to save people’s lives in the name of humanity the fact that we wiped out ISIS the fact that we are a country to be recognized in the world and we have now the greatest conomy on Earth back then we didn’t but that was the 1st time she was ever in her life proud to be an American seriously. The 1st time in her life sees been proud to be an American cars a black man her husband was elected that’s it the fact that a 170 Union soldiers died during the Civil War she wasn’t proud of that she was a proud of the fact that equal rights for women are Is a big thing she’s not proud of none of this she can go to hell along with the rest of her crony liberal democratic candidates. Sees the most horrible woman if she’s even that the video shows a little bit different she might still be a man or she may have had a sex change I don’t know Michelle has also known to be Michael. I’m not putting too much of an emphasis on that but the fact that she can have an abscess or giry to accomplish this if she is and has she’s not proud of that either she’s proud of


  76. I caught that stupid statement, too..! MoocHell is anignorantracist…!! Did you ever read her thesis for a Master’s degree from Princeton? It reads like a third grader wrote it! FACT…!! Princeton gave her a master’s degree anyway! FACT…!!

  77. Michelle can brag about the bad times we have been through but, she also applauded the attacks against us to show her support for those who attacked us.

  78. WE the PEOPLE will always remember what the Demoncraps…..especially the Obamas……have done to our country….!! We will NEVER forget..!! RESIST the RESISTANCE…!! God Bless President Trump..!! God Bless America…!! MAGA 2020..!!

  79. Remember when her husband said, ” I have a phone and a pen and I’ll do whatever the hell I want”. This after he said he couldn’t do it as it’s against the law. Abuse of Power? Trump is now undoing Obama’s illegal acts and is accused of abuse?

  80. Sure America “survived” the bombing and other B.S. which were all orchestrated by the deep state NWO agents because their puppet press played the Star Spangled Banner and played patriotism on the harp. The day after they impeach President Trump (if God would ever allow it) will become the first purge day in America. There won’t be a single Democrat alive in America. If your name appears on the Democrat voter rolls you are the walking dead. If you have the bumper sticker of any Democrat you will be dead. America will recover because America won’t have any of those people left to hold us back. Just the facts tranny ma’am.

  81. SickofDems/crap, you will find out soon enough about that troll. And why in the world are you calling Ice princess names? You need to think before you post crap.

  82. Big Mike (aka) M.Obama needs to talk better care of her mixed children, I see Red (Chim Chim) Redman and Butt Racer White Tranny came out to play and were lost from Grandma Waters. Drink some Unicorn milk and get ready for bed.?? You are any kin to Eric Ciaramella and Lt.Col.Vindmin ??? Someone keeps calling be about these incompetent government personnel…

  83. I didn’t even read this article,& couldn’t care less what she thinks,or says. She isn’t, wasn’t,& never will be of any importance!

  84. YES Dennis!! Exactly right!! We need to continue to call them out on this and so many other rip-offs that they owe money back to the American people…like Obama helping his brother in Egypt with Muslim Brotherhood….how about that? He should have been impeached for this!! Never got approval…they are a terrorist group! Taking advantage of Executive Privilege???

  85. Who the hell cares what this racist fool has to say.Only other racist fools like her and the red man from New Jersey.People like him is what keeps the slums alive.

  86. The COUNTRY will come back from it. The Dems will NEVER come back from it. They refused to impeach Clinton when there were 16 FELONY charges against him. Now they want to impeach Trump for being the best President since Reagan.

  87. Michelle has her attention focussed in the wrong place. Sure, the COUNTRY will survive. But whether the DEMOCRAP PARTY will survive impeachment is another mess of rotten fish.

  88. Michelle Obama said “You know we’ve gone through depressions and wars and bombings and terrorist attacks. All happened while Obama was in office. OMG what an ass

  89. If you can’t stand a liar, then why are you spewing the daily communist propaganda and lies? Sounds more like typical communist projection, accusing someone else for what you are doing. AMERICA WILL NOT BE SAFE UNTIL WE ERADICATE EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU COMMUNIST VERMIN.

  90. i’m with you red man ! and i’m white! Trump has torn this great country apart! only the evil white think is is great! I can’t stand a lier ! that’s all he does! he’s not for anyone but him self! how many have gone to jail for him!

  91. Redman why the hell don’t you go get bent. I think you need a ride to the the looney bin. If you was white then you would b- about black folks. I think your mama dropped you on your head.

  92. Did you notice that Obama (he/she) did not mention that the 13th Amendment to the
    Constitution Eliminated Slavery by a Vote of 100% Republicans and 0% Democrats. Can you imagine that he/she left that out?

  93. Yep she is a Democrat thru and thru!! If anyone deserves impeachment it was Hussein Obama for a lot of different reasons !!! Obama’s go away !!!!!!!

  94. When she was counting all the bad periods we’ve lived through she forgot the eight miserable years of Obama we endured. How could she forget that? Oh! She was part of it, that’s right.

  95. The smart move would be to get Don Jr ready to run in 2024. Follow in his fathers footsteps.
    Keep it rolling and keep the Dumbocraps away from the White House for a Long time.

  96. America will come back from this sorry Soviet style kangaroo court performance; the Democrat party …meh, not so much!

  97. Michelle needs to admit that she is really a he. Look at his neck and you can see the adam’s apple which you cannot see in women.

  98. I agree. Obama had everything ready for Hillary to step into. The Gov. was weaponized and America would have gone down the drain. He didn’t count on hubris. Hillary’s conceit and arrogance lost her the race. She didn’t think she really had to work for it. It will take years to clean the crap out of the government. We are so lucky we have Trump. We barely missed the bloodless coup Obama had designed for America. Don’t believe it? Remember the weaponization of the IRS against the Tea Party? That was just a test for what was to come. We must not only reelect Trump but follow him with another Conservative to make sure the crap is cleaned out of the Government.

  99. Democrats are a bunch of liars and loosers. They couldn’t play fair if their life depended on it.Barry O did so much bad stuff to our country that the list is too long to even publish. Course he doesn’t love america cause he ain’t from here. Some one needs to pull up Michael’s dress and see what’s under there. One thing for certain, with the O’s and the Clinton’s u got 2 choices, either u get paid off or u die whichever comes first. We need to keep Trump in office for at least 5 more and if possible 6 more after that, then we might get our country back.

  100. There’s plenty of pictures of Michelle when she was young if you search.
    She was never a man. Just a homely looking black girl. That’s all.

  101. Michelle is not a man. She’s just ugly. That’s all.
    You can google pictures of her all the way back when she was in grade school.
    I wish people would stop the Michelle jokes because it just makes us look petty like democrats but we are better than that aren’t we?

  102. Its a sad commentary in this Country when “lies” become the new truth. I am 74 years old and I have never witnessed under any circumstances the behavior of a political party that verges on treason and a blatant attempt to unseat a duly elected President as displayed by the Democrats, Media and Leftist followers. In a way I feel sorry for Democrat supporters who by now should realize that all Democratic Politicians, the Media, and Leftists really care about is protecting themselves and not the average American who they continually try to scam. There hasn’t been a single President in the History of this Country who has accomplished as much at Donald Trump given the fact that Denmocrats have been talking about impeaching him before he even took the oath of office. That ought to tell you something right there. That is unprecedented. Wake up folks and quit listening to the lies and rhetoric being forced down your throat daily.
    It takes some work but research the other side of what you read and hear and you will see just how confusing almost everything you are feed gets. How can any group expect to have any credibility when all they do is lie and get caught at it day after day. This effort at impeachment is a National Disgrace.

  103. I’m SO BLESSED that I didn’t have to go on obummercare!!! I already had great coverage & was able to keep it. Many friends weren’t so blessed. Lost their drs. & their medications. Some are STILL struggling with trying to find a ‘constant’ primary provider, instead having to go to clinics…different dr. each time & no one wants to issue the previous meds…even for diabetics & heart patients.

  104. Wouldn’t you like to see ‘her’ medical records????? Imagine the ‘secrets’ every Dr. she’s ever scene knows about ‘her’…& how much they are paid to keep those ‘secrets’ secret???

  105. Michelle the Mooch Michael Obama has a lot in common with the 1st head of FBI neither one know what the hell they are, both are black, both are trannies!

  106. No pictures of ‘her’ being pregnant. No pictures of newborns coming home from the hospital. Neither girl looks like the obamys, not even close. There’s SSSOOO many ‘secrets’ in that pair’s lives. And by locking up EVERY SINGLE RECORD ABOUT THEIR ENTIRE LIVES as his FIRST act as president is SO SUSPICIOUS. And putting the ‘sealed forever’ stamp on them… welllllll….just what message does that send??? Yeah…NOT an American. NOT a Christian. NOT a father. NOT an ‘honest’ human being. More a villian…AN EVIL VILLIAN…a traitor, a LIAR, a muslim, a dictator. A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING.

  107. That monkey faced tranny needs to stay away from TV. Why would anyone except leftist idiots care about her comments?

  108. Obamacare was designed to fail from the beginning.
    The only purpose for ACA was to set the stage for single payer.
    It’s no accident that all the democrats campaigning are calling for that now.

  109. Actually, Obamacare is not only a financial disaster, socialized medicine is also (and more importantly) a medical care disaster. Sort of like an HMO on steroids. As an RN I can tell you that timeliness and quality of care is what is important to me. And with socialized medicine, HMO’s, and Obamacare you just don’t get either!

  110. Why That America Hater is Relevant at ALL is BEYOND me,Her Husband SUCKED as POTUS and That’s putting it MILDLY!I Just Love the Headline on here”All hell Broke Loose!!” Lol 😉

  111. AMEN!!! Total disregard for democratic principles during 8 years of Obama. Now with the Pelosi Congress, total disregard for the due process of law, US Border security, the integrity of elections, national defense, right to keep and bear arms, etc.

  112. The only thing surreal is the ObamaCare; if your over fifty years of age ObamaCare is going to take you for over fourteen hundred dollars per month which I refuse to pay under grounds that is socially progressive amount of money to be paying into a system that was never designed to be affordable healthcare; really seventeen thousand a year annually is affordable; that is a patented ObamaCare lie; go on healthgov.net website and get a quotation and it will literally blow your mind.

  113. Trump has done wonders bringing this country back from 8 years of the Obamas and that is what’s wrong the democrat leaders cannot stand that he won and also did a great job

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