Mike Bloomberg was asked one question. His answer had Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg took the debate stage for the first time in the Democrat Primary.

Heading into the event Bloomberg surged in the polls as many Democrats viewed Bloomberg’s $60 billion dollar fortune as the secret weapon to defeating Donald Trump.

But then Mike Bloomberg was asked one question. His answer had Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear.

The Democrat debate was disaster for Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s awkward, stumbling and weak performance painted a jarring contrast between the guy Americans saw on TV and the much smaller in stature real thing.

That was apparent in an exchange with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren pressed Bloomberg on the reported 17 nondisclosure agreements women that sexual harassment or hostile workplace agreements.

Bloomberg stammered through his response claiming the number was “few” but refusing to say how many.

“We have very few non-disclosure agreements,” Bloomberg responded. “None of them accused me of doing anything, other than, maybe they didn’t like a joke I told. These would be agreements between two parties that wanted to keep it quiet and that’s up to them. They signed those agreements and will live with it.”

Warren pressed Bloomberg on if he would release the women right then and there so they could tell their story.

Bloomberg’s answer indicated he had a lot to hide.

“They signed the agreements and that’s what we’re gonna live with,” Bloomberg awkwardly responded.

Bloomberg was given one more chance to let the women who filed complaints against Bloomberg tell their side of the story, but the billionaire former New York City Mayor shut down any attempts to let the truth come out.

“I’ve said we’re not going to end these agreements, because they were made consensually, and they have every right to expect they will stay private,” Bloomberg concluded.

This back and forth led to the crowd in Las Vegas booing Bloomberg and viewers could watch his campaign deflate right before their very eyes.

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  1. Sounds like he was friends with old Harvey who sits in jail now for the same thing . Once a pervert always a pervert . Wonder if he and Biden hang out , they both can’t keep their hands of women and young girls . Don’t worry your sons are safe … I think … but anyways … if they act that way with only a litte power … can you imagine how they will be in the white house … another bill Clinton and maybe worse then cigars . Think hard befor voting … your kids life’s may depend on it


  3. Bloomberg is a elitist who want’s rule this country from on high .Aginst guns but has a army of his own protecting guess who .

  4. jim 1937…Ha! I have been to Nuevo Laredo and it sure is far from paradise. But Julio should go there anyway since he hates this country so much.

  5. Hey, Julio, since you are in Laredo why don’t you take a few steps to the South and visit paradise which has no impeachable president? We won’t mind if you stay there.

  6. Anybody that knows anything about politics in America KNOWS that when a politician and especially a part accuse another in the other party of anything it is to divert the attention away from them because THEY are the ones guilty of the accusation(s). Hillary and the rest of clowns are provable examples of this. But since the corruption is so deep in the media and Washington the lame brain, brain washed, misinformed and manipulated public will not see this. They know this this is how they use their power to control people.

  7. Where does bloomhead get off sending out unsolicited advertising for his election campaign. Just checked the mail and I’m not even on ant electerol roll and crap in my mailbox. Even if I could wouldn’t vote for dem mini mike

  8. I think the democrats that have done everything and beyond to attack our president could be considered in one national lawsuit with a heading the same as AL CAPONE had to. And IRS wouldn’t be the vehicle, instead I’m thinking criminal or self serving Treason

  9. julio richard Laredo PRESIDENT Trump has earned impeachment? On what planet? Everything the dems have accused him of are the very things THEY have done. They should be impeaching themselves. About the only thing they can do well is PROJECTION. In this meaning of it, it is a sign of a serious mental illness.

    Psychological projection is a defence mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a bully may project their own feelings of vulnerability onto the target. Wikipedia

  10. well it’s anyone’s guess who will be the democrats nominee. the only ones happy about their situation is the republican party that doesn’t have a problem of that magnitude to deal with. and doubt anyone out there envies those clowns. once again the democrat party has gone where no party was stupid enough to go before. they have allowed the clowns run their circus and now they are stuck figuring it out. lets see to let a communist, a flaming fag, and a fake Indian, and a crooked ex VP be your candidates and then try to sneak a total loser in the mix just because he has lots of money seems more like the gong show than an attempt to beat a successful president out of his job. this would be laughable if it wasn’t true but it is so it’s just ridiculously stupid.

  11. Looking back, I did not think that either McCain or Romney did their best to defeat Obama which makes me wonder if Obama or the DNC either paid them off or had some major dirt on them so they both became RINOs I think Hillary expected Trump to do the same but he was in it to win it and he will do the same to anyone the DNC picks.

  12. Rob Jones I know Biden will not be able to run for even a dog catchers job. Why you ask? Well it’s like this. On January 29th and 30th The FBI raided all of the Biden family businesses and confiscated all from Biden. They are looking at his corrupt and criminaliies his family has done and will move forward in the investigation. Example, Biden’s brother, his sons and himself committed crimes and it’s now catching up with them finally.
    Biden forced a donor of his campaign to give $500.000 to have built a vacation house, the businesses are being investigated for hiding money, collusion, In 2012 Obama gave Biden a grant in the amount of #1,5 billion dollars for his family. Obama may get caught up in this as well.He knew what the Biden’s were up to. Their laundering money, their counterfiting, their deals with the Ukraine, the Barisma illegalities, you name it the FBI got it. There is only time before we hear who and what will be charged against them. Obama should and probably will as well. And now, if you noticed what Biden has said he would be a one term President because his mental state isn’t good. That is throwing his family underneath the bus, so to speak. He will probably flip on Obama and others as well. So it will be quite a problem if (God forbid) Creepy Joe wins his party’s nomination, much less the Presidency. Would be hard to do behind bars. That leave Bloomberg and Bernie.or even Hilary or Michael(Michelle), If that happens it will not be good.

  13. Bloomberg was right about what he said about the minority communities and behavior in the workplace. Especially the blacks.

  14. Bloomberg is running for President because one such claim is that Donald Trump is a billionaire. Donald Trump ran for President because he and millions of Americans did not like what was happening to America after the Obama years. Bloomberg like most democrats always seem to “follow after” republicans and it seems they are not capable of delivering authentic or original platforms for their voters. Bloomberg is also running on hatred for Donald Trump. And hate is consuming. This is what will get Bloomberg.

  15. Mimi Mike looked like a fool. But if nominated, the commiecrats will prop him up. They are a party of idiots. Right Julio. Oh I’m sorry. You’re too stupid to understand. Get someone to explain my question.

  16. I agree with dprato. Biden hasn’t lasted even the thought of him being investigated without losing his mind. The Clinton’s crimes have been kept under wraps and the left is freaking out over the thought that Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – might be investigated too. The left has to fight the truth from coming out because the truth will mean the end of their party – at least for anytime in the foreseeable future.Of course an anti-Semitic Democrat Congress – Bloomers saying he does not want Senior citizens to be medicare treated because they are too old and won’t live much longer anyway so why waste money on them? Bloomers also says that farmers and blue collar workers are morons. Buttigeig thinks he should be elected because he is gay. Joe Biden is dirtier than a coal miners overalls. Sanders is nothing but a communist – if the Russians are backing ANYONE – it would be Sanders. Then there is Lizzie Warren – Lori Loughlin an actress who lives in a fantasy world lied and cheated to get her daughter into a college – they are talking about giving her from 10-60 years in prison for that – depending on which report you read. Lizzie Warren lied and cheated to get a $400,000 per year teaching job at a college – Harvard. Harvard has never said a word about it Lizzie Warren is still in “good stranding” at Harvard and running for president. What the hell is wrong with that picture?

  17. Redhawk, the nomination of Joe Biden by the SuperDelegates is all but guaranteed.
    Superdelegates robbed Hillary of the nomination in 2008, Sanders in 2016, and will rob him again of the nomination in 2020 – But Bloomberg does not have a hope in HADES.

  18. Well HELL>>> LITTLE NAPOLEON MINI MICKEY has BOUGHT THE DNC>>> any pretense by Perez via the CLOWN BUS Circus is just a sMOKE SCREEN until BLOOMIE’s Nomination in Milwaukee

  19. Interesting how Democrats can request the President to reveal everything he has ever done and yet when they refuse to do the same that is just fine and dandy. I bet if all of the Democratic Candidates for President had been under the same scrutiny as the President has been for over 3 years there would not be a single one of them running for President right nowl.

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