Mike Johnson and Nancy Pelosi teamed up for this unspeakable deal

Mike Johnson is supposed to be the Republican Speaker of the House.

But Johnson is suddenly on the Democrats’ side.

And Mike Johnson and Nancy Pelosi teamed up for this unspeakable deal.

Marjorie Taylor Greene triggers her motion to vacate 

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) finally called for a vote on a motion to remove Mike Johnson (R-LA) as Speaker of the House.

Johnson lost the confidence of conservatives by teaming with Biden to pass Bills with majority Democrat votes to funnel another $61 billion of taxpayer money into Ukraine, allow Biden to target Trump and his supporters with warrantless spying, and a $1.2 trillion spending bill.

Democrats said if Greene called for a motion to vacate they would kill the effort to remove Johnson by voting to table the bill.

That’s exactly what happened.

163 Democrats voted to save Johnson in a 359 to 43 tally to table the motion to vacate.

Greene and her allies slammed the Uniparty for rallying to save Johnson after he proved himself to be Biden’s most valuable ally in Congress.

“Tonight, you saw the Uniparty in action. Nancy Pelosi, Hakeem Jeffries, and the rest of the Democrats saved Mike Johnson,” Greene wrote on X.

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) concurred saying this vote proved that the Swamp protects its own.

“It’s a new paradigm in Congress. Nancy Pelosi, and most Republicans voted to keep Uniparty Speaker Mike Johnson,” Massie posted on social media.

Democrats gloat

In an interview with 60 Minutes three days prior to the vote, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) gloated that Mike Johnson allowed Democrats to run the House and pass Joe Biden’s agenda at will.

“Even though we’re in the minority, we effectively have been governing as if we were in the majority because we continue to provide a majority of the votes necessary to get things done,” Jeffries stated. “Those are just the facts.”

Donald Trump weighs in

Donald Trump stood by Speaker Johnson.

But it was more support by convenience than conviction.

Greene is one of Trump’s top supporters in the House.

And Trump praised Greene to the hilt before saying six months before the election wasn’t the time to boot Johnson.

“I absolutely love Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s got Spirit, she’s got Fight, and I believe she’ll be around, and on our side, for a long time to come. However, right now, Republicans have to be fighting the Radical Left Democrats, and all the Damage they have done to our Country,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Trump claimed the GOP majority of just one vote made now the wrong time to pick a new speaker.

“With a Majority of One, shortly growing to three or four, we’re not in a position of voting on a Motion to Vacate,” Trump added.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz agreed, saying he supported the sentiment of removing Johnson but that he suspected Democrats would bribe Republicans to resign, which would give the Democrats the ability to pick the next Speaker.

Trump made sure he said his support for Johnson was only qualified for this moment saying he disapproved of Johnson selling him out on allowing Biden to illegally spy on him and his supporters without a warrant.

After the November election, Trump hinted, would be the time to oust Johnson.

“At some point, we may very well be, but this is not the time. We are leading in the Presidential Polls by a lot, both Nationally and in the Swing States. Likewise, we are doing well in the Senate, and I believe will do well in the House,” Trump concluded.

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