Mike Pence called out Joe Biden for this new world order betrayal

Donald Trump warned that “Beijing Biden” would sell out America on the global stage.

Republicans are already proclaiming Trump was right.

And Mike Pence called out Joe Biden for this new world order betrayal.

In a speech at Heritage Foundation, Mike Pence called out Joe Biden for weakness in the face of the threat posed by Communist China.

Pence explained that the communists sought a “community of economically developed nations,” but without the United States as the world’s leading superpower.

Instead, Pence declared the Chinese Communists sought to “sit atop a new global order created in its own image.”

Pence praised the Trump administration for drawing a hardline on China by slapping tariffs on Chinese goods and building up America’s military to counter a rising Communist China.

But Pence said the Biden-Harris administration chose the Barack Obama path of appeasing Communist China.

“Yet despite this new national consensus,” Pence added that the, “the Biden-Harris administration is already rolling over to communist China.”

Pence cited Biden rejoining the disastrous job-killing Paris Global Warming Accords that redistributes American wealth and jobs to other nations as well as rejoining the World Health Organization, which peddled Communist Chinese lies about the coronavirus in the earliest days of the pandemic.

Pence claimed Biden’s weakness on Communist China would lead to dark days for America.

“There’s an old saying that weakness arouses evil. And my sense is that China senses weakness in this administration,” Pence stated.

When Joe Biden served in the Senate, he voted to give Communist China Most-Favored Nation trade status and allow the Chinese entry into the World Trade Organization.

Companies then shipped millions of jobs out of America and into Communist China as a result.

Joe Biden spent decades enabling Communist China’s rise.

And Mike Pence says Biden’s weakness on China shows no sign of abating.

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