Mike Pence dropped the hammer on Mike Bloomberg with this rude awakening

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is the candidate currently rising in the polls in the Democrat Presidential primary.

Bloomberg’s reported $60 billion fortune gives many Democrats hope that he is the savior they have been searching for to vanquish Donald Trump.

But Mike Pence dropped the hammer on Mike Bloomberg with this rude awakening.

Mike Pence tweeted out a video of a 2013 Super Bowl commercial for Dodge Ram trucks, which was set to audio of Paul Harvey’s famous 1978 recording, “So God Made a Farmer.”

Pence never mentioned Bloomberg directly, but this video came in response to a recently unearthed 2016 video of Bloomberg speaking at Oxford where Bloomberg dismissed famers as morons that did a job anyone could do.

“I could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer,” Bloomberg stated. “It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that.”

“Then we had 300 years of the industrial society,” Bloomberg continued. “You put the piece of metal on the lathe, you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow, and you can have a job.”

The Wisconsin GOP also emailed out Bloomberg’s comments as agriculture plays a major role in that key state’s economy.

Donald Trump and his administration fought for a fair deal with China that finally made trade work for American farmers.

Mike Bloomberg trashed farmers as simpletons and rubes.

If Bloomberg is the Democrat Party nominee this contrast will surely be one of the biggest issues in the campaign.

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  1. Mike Bloomberg only see’s the surface of things. He can never come to realize what the underlining factors that created the surface effect. With the statements he said tells me he never got his hands dirty! If it wasn’t for farmers and people that got their hands dirty he would have never made that kind of money that he has.

    He be begging in the streets to survive.

  2. My father was a soil conservationist and he would certainly not vote for Bloomberg. Today’s farmers usually have college degrees that support farming and soils and the chemistry between crops that revitalize the soil for whatever the next crop will be. Lots of science goes into farming not to mention work. Bloomberg needs to research before opening mouth.

  3. The radical base will not vote for Bloomberg. He embodies everything the see wrong with world. Sanders has to win the nomination or the radical base will walk.

  4. “Mini-Mike” has shown his true colors, all right. Let’s hope that money can’t buy the presidency. The dems have to get behind SOMEONE, I guess, but let’s hope they get their keesters kicked!

  5. Please look up Margaret sanger and see what she said about black people and started planned parenthood to kill off the black race Demon Craps received the Margaret sanger award Hitlery obummer and others how can Christians and black people vote for Demon Craps??????kkk blackface bum pediatrician govenor Ralph nothing wants to kill living babies!!!!! How can a criminal MURDERING scum be govenor?????? Where’s the OUTRAGE??????? Black people were 20%of America now 13% thanks to the Demon Craps!!!!! Wake up America

  6. Demon Craps might make great farmers.
    Old farmers who saw crooked rows scolded the people who ran them,
    Man said more crook more corn!!
    In my opinion I don’t think that you could possibly be more crooked than the Demon Craps!!!!! FOREIGN interference extradanaire!!!! URANIUM 1 Clinton, Biden Ukraine, obummer on hot Mike w pooting, I can do more for you after the election!!!! Kerry plane full of cash, huma abideen Muslim brotherhood Clinton, debbie Wasserman schultz top aide Muslim brotherhood, fast and furious drug cartel Mexican drug cartel, bengazi Clinton, too much to list, move on no corruption here just the norm for Demon Craps!!!!!!

  7. Mike Pence should have also called out Michael Bloomberg’s collusion with China. He should have exposed Bloomberg’s News Network covering up the corruption of the Chinese Community Government of the Chinese Dictator and his family. Also Mr. Pence should call out Bloomberg’s Crony Capitalist Collusion with China by using his money from Communist China to hack the General Election Votes in November 2020 for Bloomberg’s Presidency. THIS is a very grave serious threat to our political system much worse than the comments Bloomberg made about blue collared workers, women and minorities. He has been entangled with Communist Chinese corruption since 2011.

  8. Park his butt in a piece of today’s farm equipment with all its technology and see how far he’d get. DUH how do you operate this thing. Although he could be used as the JACKASS pulling the single row plow

  9. Most of the above comments are filled with name calling. Venting one’s spleen will solve no problems and only add to divisiveness .

    As for blacks being stupid, there are MANY examples that make this statement not only untrue but hateful.

  10. You have to wonder just why the media is promoting Bloomberg at the expense of Bernie Sanders. At least with Bernie you know what you get! But with Bloomberg, he would stack the deck with all kinds of partisan
    stooges and goodness knows what would happen (and who would be his VP).

  11. My question would be why did this jerk change political parties twice, as I understand? There is no character or integrity here, just a chasing of money. Good grief, do I NOT want some hot air balloon like Bloomberg as a leader.

    By the way, Mike Pence is twice the man Bloomberg could ever try to be.

    Well done, Mr. Vice President.

  12. This speech alone is indicative of the type of leader he would be. He would sink America within six months of winning the Presidency. God help America if he does win.

  13. Bloomturd is as useful as tits on a boar hog! What did he do to make him a billionaire? That needs to be investigated! He states he worked for his! Doing what? He is uneducated to be a Farmer, Rancher,Metal worker or any of the HONORABLE fields!!

  14. if brains was gasoline he wouldn’t have enough to prime a carburetor on a piss–ants motor scooter!!! bloomin’ idiot!!

  15. And God said:

    “If I wanted a useless piece of garbage that never produced anything with his own hands, I would have created a Bloomberg.”

  16. Mr Bloomhead what planet are you from? I grew up on a farm in Arkansas during the 1930’s when it took a man with a strong back and common sense to be a farmer. My dad walked behind a horse drawn plow for 10’to 12 hours a day to get the corn planted and I can’t forget the cotton which we had to hand pick and cotton boles sticking our hands pulling a sack or burlap bag to pick the cotton. Sweat, and hard work is what makes a farmer. We didn’t have billions of dollars so we did the work. Put your money where your mouth Mr Bloombrain. If it wasn’t for farmers where would get your food. God made a farmer to feed idiotsblike you

  17. He is a ELITIST and with his money he could crae about the little guy , just listen to him he knows nothing about witch he speaks.

  18. I hate him ! He was a horrible President compared to the best President we’ve ever had or will ever have !

  19. A Farmer has to go to Agriculture School to get the soil right, plant the right crops, in the right season and graft trees to make exotic fruit, like nectarines, or apple’s, or cherries, etc. It’s a back aching job, and Bloomberg couldn’t do it now, nor do it in his earlier years, because it takes a man who has a relationship with the creator, to know what’s best for his crops, pigs, horses
    Chickens, Cows, etc.
    Has Bloomberg ever planted seeds, fertilized them, babied them and watched them grow into giant tomato plants, succulent Cucumbers,or delectable squashes, or juicy corn cobs? No! Too busy getting rich off the Chicoms. Farmers are good and honest God fearing laborers that we should thank everyday, as we thank almighty God, when saying our Grace before and after meals. Amen.

  20. Hey BLOOMHEAD: The farmers have always been the backbone of this nation from day one and our not stupid!! They work very hard and long hours to grow the crops and raise the cattle, chickens, pigs, and much more so that we can eat!!

  21. He has dissed farmers, ranchers, machinists, senior citizens, LEGITIMATE gun owners, and for what purpose.??
    To make him look “smart”
    Check what party he is trying to represent….

  22. FluffyPillowFive, no need to apologize for telling the truth. The average IQ of persons of African descent is 75. Think about that for a second the next time you are in line behind one in a store.
    Average means that wholly HALF of them are below a 75 IQ.

  23. I am a Bloomsburg simpleton.
    As a rancher, I produce the beef on your tables and citrus that you drink.
    I am now a Trump Voter

  24. I am a Bloomsburg simpleton.
    As a rancher, I produce the beef on your tables cc and citrus that you drink.
    I am now a Trump Voter

  25. Mike got his ears slapped. He’s not used to being called out. A lifetime of using his money to bully people and buy elections is over. And the down ballot state races that was funded by him should call for some “splanin “by the candidates who received his money. Remember, he spent millions in state elections to promote anti gun commiecrats.

  26. Bloomberg is the scourge of the NWO. If it hadn’t been for the farmers he would have starved. He is disgrace to our country. The blue collar worker has always been the backbone of this country. They are the ones that work the hardest. Bloomberg is a twit. I wouldn’t waste my time spitting on him.

  27. I watched the commiecrats debate to see how that they would deal with Mikey. The squall from Massachusetts slapped him around pretty good. Not bad. But wait until Trump gets to him if the commiecrats nominate him. A lot of baggage on that fool. Trump 2020

  28. Everything Democrats have chided against President Trump for being rich has manifested into a positive in Bloomberg’s campaign. It must be true that hypocrisy has no bounds.

  29. What do democrats do more than call everyone they disagree with a “racist”?
    They demonize the rich.
    And now we have a mega rich democrat trying to buy his way into the presidency.
    Do democrats have a problem with this? Of course not. Why should they?
    Democrats won’t conform to the same standards they try to force everyone else to conform to. Do as I say, not as I do.

  30. Bloomberg is a classic example of no matter how “smart” you are in some limited areas, no matter how much money you have made or inherited, anyone who identifies as an elitist left wing globalist condescending control freak who would dictate food, drink, housing, family size, right to self defense, life span, ad nauseam…has revealed himself as worthless, as one who disrespects the very culture that facilitated his life. Perhaps the term is “traitor”

  31. fluffy, unfortunately most blacks are very brainwashed by the dems and cannot think for themselves. But there are some of them that know the truth and are very conservative. Too bad there aren’t a lot more like them

  32. The question is not whether Bloomberg has a real shot at the Dem nomination, for that is zero. BUT his $$$ can surely keep him as a ‘kingmaker’ in setting Dem policy.

  33. Bloomberg may be very rich, but money obviously cannot buy brains. He is very ignorant. We should just withhold food and see if he can grow food for this country by himself. Everyone would starve. He has no clue that there is so much more to farming than what this idiot thinks. He does not have the brains to be a farmer

  34. Bloomingidiotberg has a lot to explain about his stupid comments. But don’t worry. If he gets the nomination the commiecrats will circle their wagons around him.

  35. The problem with black people is too many blacks are STUPID!
    They keep voting for democrats, and now blacks are warming up to Bloomberg.
    Never mind the racist comments Bloomberg made in the past about blacks.
    Sorry to sound racist but it’s the truth. Too many blacks are just plain DUMB!

  36. Farmers and Blue Collar workers are the Back Bone of this Great country we do all the things that these Elites couldn’t do if their life depended on it and they put us down as being DUMB and IGNORANT. Well lets all hope that their refrigerator runs out of food, their car breaks down, the heat in their house goes out in the middle of winter and there are no Dumb Ignorant people there to rescue their high and might dumb asses.

  37. bloomberg could have easily bought and paid for all the mysterious failures of the security errors surrounding Epstein’s death. I wonder how often the ladies man flew on Lolita express?

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