Mike Pence has one trick up his sleeve that could keep Donald Trump as President

President Trump and his allies are preparing to mount a final challenge to the Electoral College results.

They may have a powerful ally in that effort.

And Mike Pence has one trick up his sleeve that could keep Donald Trump as President.

Trump campaign advisor Boris Epshteyn appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast and explained that Vice President Mike Pence could exercise his authority as President of the Senate to accept pro-Trump slates of electors from contested states and reject those that were certified through fraudulent results.

“So when the time comes on January 6 . . .” the Vice President can count the “correct electors . . . the electors based on the most legal votes,” Epshteyn stated.

“Let not forget that a week ago today, the Trump electors were sent to Congress . . . along with the Biden electors.”

Both houses of Congress will meet for a joint session on January 6 to certify the results of the Electoral College.

A group of conservatives in the House of Representatives plan to object to results in states they state were stolen from Donald Trump through massive voter fraud.

But they need a Senator to join them.

Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Alabama’s Tommy Tubberville indicated they may be willing to file the necessary objection.

The Trump campaign believes at this point Pence could use his Constitutional authority to reject Biden electors and select Trump electors.

This push is an extreme long shot.

It isn’t guaranteed that Pence actually has this authority because the Constitutional and legislative language is extremely vague on this subject.

But this is likely Donald Trump’s last and best chance to contest the election results and remain as President by overturning the results that the President and tens of millions of his supporters contend are fraudulent.

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