Mike Pence just dropped a bombshell about coronavirus that has Democrats furious

While President Trump is working to get the truth surrounding coronavirus to Americans, the Left is spreading fear and hysteria.

The truth doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative after all.

And Mike Pence just dropped a bombshell about coronavirus that has Democrats furious.

While President Trump is the loud and bold voice in the White House, Vice President Mike Pence is much more reserved, and less likely to take the spotlight.

But during the coronavirus press briefings, he has been in the front more often than any other point in the Trump era.

He has been speaking facts to the mainstream media, who seem to only want to spread fear and falsehood.

And in a recent briefing, he brought up some facts that they truly don’t want the American people to know.

To make claims that Trump is handling the pandemic worse than other nations, the media often points out that the United States has more cases than many European countries.

But they outright ignore the fact that the United States is much larger population wise than those countries.

To make that case, Pence pointed out that when comparing the United States to Europe, and accounting populations, it is being handled much better here.

“When you look at the European Union as a whole, they have nearly three times the mortality rate that the United States of America has today, and that is a tribute to our extraordinary healthcare workers, their dedication, their tireless work,” Pence said. “But it is also a tribute to the fact that the American people put into practice the mitigation efforts that the president counseled the nation to do on the advice of our best scientists now more than a month ago. And our hospitals were not overwhelmed and are not overwhelmed at this hour.”

Pence also points out that it was Trump’s mitigation efforts that made this possible:

“Despite the heartbreaking loss of more than 22,000 Americans, when you look at the fact of what the health experts told us this could be, I think I only can feel a sense of gratitude to the American people, gratitude to the extraordinary team that has counseled this president, the steps that President [Donald] Trump has taken, the policies that governors have implemented all across America.”

The most important thing President Trump did to make this possible was travel bans in both China and Europe.

He placed these restrictions long before it was popular, and even faced intense backlash for it initially.

Do you approve of President Trump’s handling of coronavirus?

Share your thoughts with Renewed Right in the comments below.


  1. Remember: It’s easy to take your rights away, but hard to take them back.
    Restrictions imposed by government not only made life difficult, they also infringed on our most basic civil rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Oh yeah, and crashed the economy and education infrastructure. Opportunistic, biased public health experts (figure heads) instilled fear and uncertainty to the public with outrageous guess-timates and unproven “facts.” The quarantine should have been focused on the elderly and those with underlying health issues, not the entire U.S. populace. The left got us where they want us, and they saw how easy it was to get us to comply. Two Term Trump in 2020 — or say bye-bye America.

  2. Hi ! Sure lots of hate around here! That’s okay! That’s what Steve Brannon and President Trump and others have sown! Let’s just hate everybody that does not agree with us! President Trump and his mentor from The Third Reich have perfected hate. We are right and if you aren’t with us – you’re the enemy. Let’s substitute Liberals for Jews and the philosophy works. Let’s kill ‘me! That’ll be next! Let’s all settle down and remember we all want the same thing. A good peaceful life with loved ones and an honest living. Republicans, Democrats and people everywhere want that and deserve that! Let’s stop the hate and find stuff to agree on! Stop The Hate, Live by the Golden Rule – not The Golden Fool ! Learn To Love – Not Hate! Smile! I Love You!

  3. Linda Arena Trump did NOT FIRE the pandemic team. And it was the democRATS that are saying he called it a hoaxs.

  4. President Trump has been on target right from the time he first found out about the virus. The Dem’s have no position in any of the facts and can only try to slow down the President’s headway with their lies and stupid remarks. Thankfully President Trump is a smart man and is able to side step the Dem’s stupid remarks !
    John Donnellan

  5. When Trump cancelled or fired the entire Pandemic team that hurt the US as well as his actions of calling the Pandemic a “hoax”. I don’t believe the survivors of those who passed would call it a “hoax”. He is a joke!

  6. Look things right in the eye to see the truth . It doesn’t matter why trump does or saids the delusional democrats will twist it into a lie for their cause . Look who they have to run against trump come November. That in its self should tell you all you need to know . Just another sex sick perverted delusional democrat trying to win . Old Billy played with cigars in his office , the Kennedys played with movie stars , no telling what Obama did . Now old joe just grabs them as he sees fit . Old or yound it doesn’t matter to him . Always the delusional democrats at work

  7. Trump 2020 Yes he is doing a great job! All the Democrats are doing is spreading hate and discord. They never liked Trump from the beginning. President Trump says what is on his mind, He isn’t a politician but a businessman who can improve our economy and the way of life for the people. We need someone like this in this day we live in!

  8. 22,000 deaths of 328,200000 population is .007% (7 thousandths of 1 percent !) Mathematicians would refer to that as statistically insignificant. Not that 22,000 deaths isn’t tragic, but please put it in perspective.

  9. Scott27 is a moron but all Demonrats r mentally ill Scott27 the same the demonic left can’t help themselves to lie spread deceit as they truly serve their master Satan & Satan hates God & all that is his including the Earth their climate change rant is so foolish a true hoax of all time to gain power is all that is about just like their Covid 19 hoax they have turned our country into their own rat lab experiment for communism & we fully educated on the right army buying their koolaid too intelligent for them to do so it is truly nice to say we r always correct on every issue that comes up we r never wrong so the left r just left with their hate anger nimwittedness & just plain ignorance

  10. This country was founded on Freedom of Religion, that is undebatable. Read the Constistitution and Bill of Rights. President Trump has brought God back to our country after years of liberals and atheist trying to ban religion from all areas of our country, while letting Islam be taught in our schools. President Trump has done a wonderful job during this cronavirus and I believe he will be elected again. Our country needs him to heal from this epidemic and with God’s help he will guide us through it. Trump 2020! Scott27 The hatred in thic country comes from liberals! They hate Conservervatives, they hate Christians, they hate unborn babies, they hate anyone who doesn’t agree with exactly what they think and they have no logical argument when a Conservative gives their view, just like you!

  11. Hey Will . don’t ventilate Your 12 g ‘pump; Too Much HAha. Save it…
    > Just ‘pump’ their Feet, Then Hang em’ Up 0n God CACTUS.
    Prick from ‘CACTUS’ 0n butt, Will Take Care of the rest’ …
    HAHa HAAA.

  12. Sharon Jenkins,
    Where on earth did you go to school ? Did they NOT offer math courses ? The United States population as of 2019 was 328.2 Million Citizens. The U S has approx 22,000 deaths attributed to the Covid 19 Virus currently. This equals less than 2 percent of the total population NOT 5 percent. We have the lowest rate of fatalities per capital than any developed Nation. Regardless of what anyone tries to say the Trump Administration has done a magnificent job of handling this situation.

  13. President Trump, our Constitution and our citizens are under attack by the democrats and the liberal media. If economy doesn’t open soon, we will see widespread civil unrest. Mr. Pence and the President are the voices of reason. The rest of those nincompoops are fear spreading idiots. Now scientists and doctors are saying that fresh air, sunshine and exercise are far better are eliminating the virus than staying homebound. Common sense folks.

  14. Remember this:

    PEOPLE who (CAST) ballots decide NOTHING!
    PEOPLE who (COUNT) ballots decide EVERYTHING!
    –Joe Stalin

  15. Yeah Zee , I’m cleaning n oiling my firearms , hold on a second / I just saw a commie Libby squad down behind a cataus , I’ll be right back , I’m gonna put some air holes in his old shorts , the old 12 GA.pump does a fine job of ventilating. Hehehe

  16. Hi Will Penny. i have several V. close ‘friends in Bisbee, AZ.
    > Stay ornery’ !! LOL. The ‘citizenry’ IS 0n WK 7 for ‘INDOCTRINATION’…
    >Cov-19 Never Go Away, just like ‘flu’/’common cold’…
    The ‘Agenda’ Is just Awful… & ‘they Took ‘us’, Not w/bullets/nuke, but
    a god damn ‘tweaked’ virus. I think ‘this Is a ‘dry run’. PhaseII coming up.
    ~ God Bless U/Yours etc ~

  17. About 5% of the total US population as of today have died from the coronavirus, however, I’m not sure all died from the virus or underlying conditions. It is time to re-open the economy with caution, but re-open. Get back to business.

  18. Put most Democrat’s out of office they only want to reward themselves, over peal people enough of Pelosi’s redesign of the USA.

  19. Hi Zee , good to see ur alive n well .smiles . I’m doing well , still ornery n mean , so I’m good to Go any time any place , just say when , haha , NOW who is this here punk with the

  20. Scott27 After smoking weed you became a RAT don’t you know that frys brain cells and by becoming a rat just gos to show how smart rats are. They all must smoke weed all the RAT states are making weed legal.

  21. To Will Penny. I Was trying To Say Hi W/ Info…
    Not ‘back trakking’… ‘G’ Bless. STAY STRONG.
    SAVE USA. ps. Jack /handy Is ‘friend’. Capish___

  22. RR. U Are ‘Bogus’. You just recorded a Message to Some0ne Else.
    I Hope You ‘Learned some ‘Truth’ Here. But Didn’t Have the ‘balls’
    To Post. I Bet, ‘this’ get’s posted… Adjust YOUR ‘algo’…

  23. There’s not the words to describe the wicked treasonous hippocritical witch of the west Nancy pelosi!! There should be a BIG broomstick painted on her private jet. Talking about broomsticks though this November 3 rd we need to a clean sweep of the house the senate and a landslide victory for Great American president again Donald J. Trump. Our Prayers are with you and may the Lord protect you from All your enemies and the enemies of our great country. Trump 2020

  24. To Scott27:Say: “I used to be a Republican but then I started smoking weed a few years back.
    Now I’m a Democrat.”
    Well, Scott, If you’re Not being ‘sarcastic & telling Your Truth. Thank you.
    > What Do You SEE NOW ? re Dems… Like it ? I hope Not.
    > “Big Trouble in Houston”… Do YOU ‘Get it’ ???

  25. Say everybody I live out west in AZ . The good people out here are fed up with the liberal simpletons . That’s young and older voters alike , there not buying in on what the Old Wicked Witch of The West has been saying . IN fact they can’t stand the sight or voice of the Old Hag Nancy . Now Come election day , the commie liberals are going to get their butts steamed rolled flat as a pancake . Their not fooling the American people with their BS . WE just have to watch tbe voter stations and Mail in ballots . Because as we know , the crooked commies are going to try and rig the election . TRUMP 2020

  26. Maybe when this is over democratic voters (not politicians) will begrudgingly realize what a great job this administration has done handling the virus to the best of their ability. Let’s face it no one knew what was coming because the communist gov’t of China lied from the beginning. If they had been truthful we could have been better prepared for what we were hit with. Your leaders hate the president so much they are trying to somehow blame him for not reacting when they are actually the ones who didn’t take it seriously. The travel ban very early, which he was called a racist and xenophobic for, undoubtedly saved thousands of lives. When november rolls around don’t forget who really had the American people in mind not their political future!

  27. Hi Dan! i don’t read snott27 lol. No time…
    BUTCHY shows up ! yay… Real M ? (hope he comes back !)
    > & Yep, i’fiddle’!!! lol. Waiting for better weather To
    Go 0utside !!! & i Got something To Say 0n ‘the Strings !!!
    x-Files ! Remember that ‘haunting’ tune ? I D0. haha…

  28. I read this earlier tonight about the virus. There are 2 things about this virus.
    1. How dense the population is.
    2. How dense the population is.

  29. Hi Zee. Never mind snott27. He’s lost his mind. I miss the real M. I wonder what happened. Hope he’s ok with the virus problem on us. I’m still fiddling.

  30. Welll NOW- Finally! VP SAY A ‘Something’ !!!
    No schitt ‘Sherlock’… EU Much higher…
    > i guess ‘it’ Takes a while for WH to ‘filter IN’
    True Info…

  31. President Trump is doing a great job! He will win in November by a landslide! Despite the Fake News Media fighting against him for over 3 years, Trump keeps doing a great job as President !!! He’s a real trooper and will never let those lying liberals get to him. So proud of our President ! Americans, keep praying ! God is answering prayers!

  32. Mr President, Thank You for your Hard Work, fighting for our Constitution , America & We The People!! We Will Vote Straight Mr Donald J. Trump & GOP in November 2020!! God Bless You & your administration!!!!

  33. Snott27 this virus isn’t Trump’s fault. But you libturds would blame him if someone crapped in your face. Our president has endured over 3 years of damned lies and attacks. We can expect political debate between the parties, but you commie assholes take it to the extreme. We are at a time when we should pull together and defeat this thing. But you idiots are more interested in getting your retard and his toke elected and I openly accuse the whole damned bunch of you idiots of conspiracy against America.

  34. Fluffy… that cracks me up. But it certainly fits in line with your world view… 1) absolutely false and imaginary; 2) you have absolutely nothing to back it up; 3) it’s a conspiracy theory so it must be true; 4) someone said it, so you believe it. You could use to expand your thinking a little bit.

  35. The Democrats are so Crooked, that the undertaker is going to have to screw them into the Ground. On their Gravestone it will say Here lies A Big Fool. But they will be plenty of Heat, were they are going.

  36. Scott27 aka “Dr. J.D.” and many other troll names.
    There’s only one or two trolls on here using many different names trying to make you think there’s a lot.

  37. President Trump could turn left, or turn right, or go in circle, do jumping jacks, or push ups, and the Dems would always find something wrong with it. They refuse to ever admit he anything positive. We all know the only thing he could do that they would clap for is his resignation. Without that, they will moan and groan about the fact that he breathes air in and out like the rest of us. Wish they would grow up and act like real politicians, instead of little children.

  38. I want to know where my post went. I will try again. We need to keep the Senate Red. We need to turn the House Red. President Trump and VP Pence will be re-elected. So that the hill can work together to get this country back on her feet. We have the resources and do not need communist countries. When we made our own it was better and lasted longer which means in the long runs the cost was less. When we grew our own if was bigger, fresh and cost was less. We need to keep the borders closed. That is what makes us a nation. Other countries think we are weak and we are not. We are a proud people and younger Americans need the respect that we were taught to take pride in their country. Those that are illegal need to be removed from this country. Other countries have borders but we are not allowed why? Immigration is good as long as it is done right. Please do not sensor this post.

  39. I want to know where my post went. I will try again. We need to keep the Senate Red. We need to turn the House Red. President Trump and VP Pence will be re-elected. So that the hill can work together to get this country back on her feet. We have the resources and do not need communist countries. When we made our own it was better and lasted longer which means in the long runs the cost was less. When we grew our own if was bigger, fresh and cost was less. We need to keep the borders closed. That is what makes us a nation. Other countries think we are weak and we are not. We are a proud people and younger Americans need the respect that we were taught to take pride in their country. Those that are illegal need to be removed from this country. Other countries have borders but we are not allowed why? Immigration is good as long as it is done right.

  40. I look forward to the when day I read about Nancy’s demise,what a glorious day that will be.In face when any of the major cretin Democrats die will be a fine day in America

  41. After all we’re said and done; Pelosi and all her followers private and public officials clearly give priority to themselves than the American wellbeing both health and economics. May our Lord God Almighty convict the oppositions and humble them to have their eyes and hearts open up to the love God gave us so we may carry the burden of sharing it even to the undeserving opposition!

  42. Rhonda Ryan: “God said the death tolls are incorrect.” Really? That’s not what he told me. No, he said we needed a pause from the greed, corruption, mental and physical pollution, lies, complete disregard for this beautiful world he entrusted us with; and placing the almighty dollar above our own interests as human beings. It’s a time to reflect on what we have been doing to this planet and the darkness in many souls… all of which has been furthered in leaps and bounds by your dear icon, the golden calf, trump and his minions.

  43. Our nation and its citizens should be both pleased and proud of the conduct thus administration has prevailed in this most serious situation with Covid-19. Certainly there have been many and there still,are many who second guess all and virtually every move made, in spite of the results. What the lefties have done along with their supporters is sickening to observe and for the most part are crippling the effort to fix the problems created by this epidemic. That is about as far from being uniting Americans as anything one might expect. For the most part the actions of these dissenting opposers , progress in the effort has been producing results that are improving the situation. Hopefully these dissenting parties will experience the effects of all their negative actions, expressed attitudes and criticisms when the elections come along later this year.

  44. Yes, I applaud every action that President Trump has taken to-date,
    and I also know that he will watch to see that our economy is quickly re-started in the very quickest way possible, even though the nasty nay-sayers will be down-grading him all the way.
    My advice, Mr. President, is to stay strong and keep moving forward !
    John Donnellan

  45. Our President and our Vice President along with their committees have done an outstanding job while totally being harassed by the Speak of the House, you know by the unAmerican, Nancy Pelosi.

  46. All of you are correct about the lying media and the the democrats. God has told the Christians whom prophesy for him from day one not to fear what Satan and his media/dems is putting out there that is false info into the world. God said the death tolls are incorrect. The death tolls reported by media are lies. The lies was all to win back from the Republicans what they have lost and help dems to regain in November.

    God has his own plans that he said we will start seeing. God is shining the truth and light on everyone of them that have played a part in the phony lies about the current virus being worse than any other virus we’ve had.

    Don’t by any means take my word for anything. Just stay tuned for what God is doing NOW to expose all the evil corruption about what is really going on with the corruption of the media/dems.

    God is exposing the truth and dems voters will find out for themself what kind of deceitful people they have been voting and pulling for. Dems don’t want us to find out that they have been throwing America to the wolves (to muslim countries) so they could line their pockets. Truth is coming and exposing all says our God. God himself is ready to fire back now and it will be scary and loaded with stress for those people.

  47. The unsubstantiated impeachment proceedings manipulated by Pelosi, Schiff, Democrats, diverted the nation’s attention from Communist China. Pelosi further held the country hostage by unilaterally and arbitrarily withholding the Articles of Impeachment. The Democrats sought to invalidate Trump’s presidency. They failed, but at cost of devastating America because of their media Trump-hate obsession when the attention should have been properly directed at Communist China. Now, they use whatever lame deceitful rhetoric to mask their complicity in hiding the outbreak of COVID-19, and, of course, blame Trump. Tacky.

  48. AVATAR 666 IF the DemocRATS win the president seat in 2020 there WILL be a cival war like you can not believe it won’t be north and south it will be east vs west.

  49. President Trump is doing an excellent job despite the democratic opposition. He could accomplish much more if he didn’t constantly have to fight against the left. He is taking care of our American citizens first which he was elected to do. He cares about our country and is not even accepting his paycheck to do his job. May God bless President Trump and may no weapon formed against him prosper in Jesus’ name!

  50. Carol Ann Shields response is spot on and deserves our reading it again and again. Go further and let the response soak in and affect your voting choices. I’m gleaning that we need fewer dems in elected positions. Nuff said.

  51. I reiterate some comments:thank GOD that someone is for us,uncovering the miry filth that has covered us for so long;HIDDEN deep beneath but we were too blind to see and deaf to hear. We were HAPPY. Our bubbles are exploding and, I thank God for President Trump,AND those standing with him, to drain the swamp. It is time to put GOD back into our Pledge of Allegiance: ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE,WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. It’s time to Reverse the Irreversible.

  52. I believe and trust President Trump. I believe his #1 concern is for the people of this great nation. I don’t think he’s worried whether what he chooses will make him popular, his only concern is the safety of the people. Some may not like it, or agree with it, but he has the greatest minds telling him facts and advice for him to discuss and make those decisions.

  53. Remember on November 3,2020 what you have learned about the Democrats these last 4 years. The hatred and low intellect you have seen. They HATE YOU and babies and POTUS and Christians and Jews and the constitution and laws and military and borders and law enforcement. Their hatred keeps them from making rational decisions. if trump is voted out Democrats will still HATE YOU and all f the above. their level of hatred never goes away.

  54. President Trump is doing a excellent job handling the corona virus , no thanks to the liberal simpletons fighting him every step of tbe way . Shame on you Nancy Pelosi , you wicked old witch , why hell Nancy , your not a American , your something alright . ONE things for sure , it’s high time you leave Congress before you get your ass kicked out by the American people first hand !!

  55. Folks ,if you can imagine the fact, that what is happening here in our country now with this pandemic. You see how some of the governors are acting with untold and unneeded restrictions toward the people in their states. WELL FOLKS THIS IS COMMUNIST WAYS AND WHAT THE DEMON RATS WANT FOR THIS COUNTRY. IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES. WAKE UP AMERICA

  56. Being that nobody really knew how dangerous this virus really was…they took the precautions needed and overcame the panic and chaos that could have been. (Other than people looking for TP and health workers overworked, some businesses needing to close and our hair not getting cut, things could be much worse.) Now we can be praying that we get TRUMP/PENCE re-elected to get our economy moving on the right track again. Anyone else in the driver’s seat will not get the job done.

  57. I feel most Americans are supportive and are also truly tired of the fear mongering going on with the Democrats on the Liberal side of things….not all of them are idiots though seems most are a bit out of the loop on what is Realistic. Facts do not come from Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, ET, or any other Media that only wants to blame Trump and his Supporters.

    Anyone who does not Love America is Free to Leave.

    Trump 2020!!!

  58. President Donald Trump and vice president Mike pence we’re doing the best that can be done there is no more they can do Oliver the Democrats are too busy hiding and doing nothingall you need to do is follow the advice has been given to youit is impossible for a president to keep track of every single person


  60. President trump and his expert team have done a very good job and nothing’s perfect. Remember we have over 350 million people spread out all over the country and it’s not easy to manage this situation. Things would be much better if that democrats would be more helpful along with the news media to criticize almost everything. If you want to blame anyone it’s the Chinese government that created this world wide pandemic and we as Americans should all work together to make this country move forward.

  61. Democrats keep lying and saying Trump is doing a bad job handling the virus, so what is their solution? Oh let’s put Biden in office. That will fix everything.
    I’m of the opinion now that there are only two kind of democrats.
    If you’re a democrat, you’re either stupid or dishonest.

  62. I too, say that President Trump has done better than anyone else could have done in trying to protect us from the virus. He actually cares about us and the country, whereas many of the Democrats care only about themselves. I would hate to be under the Democratic party these days with the people who are running things in it. Look at who they are running for President. Are they crazy? We have to get Polosi out of there. She is a disgrace to our country.

  63. The absolute disgraceful deplorable performance of the MSM so called reporters at our Presidents daily briefing is disgusting. Their questions are so biased they should be ashamed to show their biased faces in public. Imagine a FOX reporter asking BHO a question as biased as theirs. Cities would be burned to the ground. Stop being so hateful and start acting like Americans.

  64. MR.MIKEY What a rendition of the crucifixn WOW! yu ever thought of pull’n yer head outta yer ASS p o p and help’n to get HILLARY/DILLARY behind bars? and not the kind yu drink behind……about Pelosi ya think she can handle it? or will Hillary smash her fingers….? a a and Whoopie?….yu must be a w h i t e b o y
    heh? probably could use a T A N ning God its hard to be humble when yu have all the ansers…..b o n e m a n

  65. I don’t think I would have believed it until I saw firsthand the insidious hate and contempt the democrats have for the constitution and our Nation. They would rather see it fail, rather see a depression, and rather see our economy collapse as it is doing now so that they can gain “power” and institute their left-wing belief in transferring wealth, enacting a Green New Deal, universal healthcare, free education, abolishing the border and the border patrol, and becoming part of the new world order for a start. God help us all if the democrats somehow or other rig the elections to take over the House, Senate and Executive Branch.

  66. Trump has done and is doing a great job addressing the Coronavirus. I just wish he would talk less during the White House briefings.

  67. Thank God we have President Trump and Vice President Pence. I cannot imagine what would happen if the Dems were in control of the White House right now.

  68. I need a question answered. Why are Christian churches forced to be closed and yet the satanic mosques are open?

  69. If Jesus were to appear an heal all of the sick people in the world, democrats would still find something to crucify him for. Hillary would pound the nails while Nancy held them. Undoubtedly Omar would pierce his side with a spear made by the infamous spear chucker Whoopi Goldberg.

  70. This article is based on 22,00 American deaths, when in fact there are nearly twice that number, and we are slightly behind the EU on the “curve.”

  71. President Trump has done an amazing job in providing information about COVID-19. He is passionate and caring about America and wants the best for Americans. God Bless You, President Trump!!

  72. One only has to look at the level of discourse here to understand how completely America has been dumbed down to a level where critical thought is non-existent (here anyway); and hatred and misplaced judgment is rampant. You all should be ashamed, but I guess that would require at least a modicum of humility and human-like empathy.

  73. You know the Democrats will get things back at them. My mother always taught me that what goes over the old devil’s back will wop around back under its belly. So with that said all the hatefulness shown by the Democrats will come back to haunt them in the end. God will bring us all through the demise everyone has been dealt from the corona virus and he will deal with the Democrats in his own way. I just hope it is with their losing a lot of seats in congress and senate and that they don’t win the Presidency. The man upstairs will see us all through these trying times.

  74. During this sad situation that we are dealing with now, there is a wonderful
    Positive. People are seeking God again,praying more and being nicer to other people. That is except the
    Dems, they hate everything.I pray that oneday soon that they will come to their senses.

  75. The dems are furious about anything that doesn’t benefit them. They are very vile creatures who only care about themselves. They are losers now and forever

  76. julio, you are clueless as always. What does New Zealand have to do with anything?? It has far less people and it is an ISLAND, fool. That makes it much easier to contain it. Please go out and look for your brain. It is missing

  77. Julio I thought you had died. I hadn’t seen your stupidity today. I thought maybe you and snott27 had choked on each other.

  78. as well as New Zealand? accounting for population the number of deaths would be 55. has there been more than 55 deaths?

  79. Well spoken Larry; Thank you kindly sir for applying your heart and soul to America and the United States Marine Corp.

  80. I think the Governors of many states have tried to not only ruin Trump but to also see just how far they can push the fear factor and “order” the people around as if they were surfs.
    I cannot wrap my head around the fact that so many military people have died, and suffered terrible pain defending this nation from outside threats and now the news media and others around the country want to give it all away. Our Constitution has been and will continue to be the ideal for all countries to emulate. It is also the supreme law of this land.
    This country must respect rights no matter how we may feel about that action. Further, citizenship cannot be taken away by any court order. The court may condemn you to prison or even take your life but it cannot take your citizenship. The only way to lose it is for the person to declare in writing they do not want to be a citizen. Notice I did not say citizenship might not be granted just that it cannot be taken away. Implied in that same protection is our constitutional rights both enumerated and God given. We must never forget nor allow anything to remove our rights and freedoms. Have a great day.

  81. YOU KNOW: I am a disabled above knee amputee USMC VETERAN, tooooo many surgeries, my wife is a FULL BLOOD NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN: we are both over 60, and agree that in our life time have never had a COMMANDER IN CHIEF who actually cares about AMERICANS, not politics. my wife is an INDEPENDENT who voted for PRESIDENT TRUMP. and she said will again. IT is an honor TO HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP in office and a man who has gone far and beyond, too bad the elected officials have sooooooo much hate (HATE IS LEARNED, NOT GENETIC) towards this man because he doesn’t play into their political arena. SHAME ON THEM!

  82. Democrats will not be happy if they can’t use this Covid 19 virus to take down Trump.
    Russian collusion failed. Impeachment failed. Stormy Daniels failed. Steele dossier failed. Everything democrats have tried has failed.

  83. Finally an article that compares the United States with Europe, not individual countries. If comparisons are done using individual countries, the comparisons should be made against our individual states of similar populations.

  84. The dems have only hate and lies. They hate the truth. They don’t care a bit about the virus or people dying. They just want total power over every aspect of our lives and they will do anything they can to get it, even using this virus to their advantage. They are very dangerous and vile

  85. We saw during Obama term how he handle the SWINE FLU. Did NOTHING! 12thousand people died before he lift a finger! Even during the N1 flu he REFUSE to lift a finger! Where were the LYING Media, those lying left-wing and Hollywood celebrate? Did they just kiss Obama back side? Now we have a CHINA CREATE CORONAVIRUS. WOW! They coming out of the closet!

  86. Remember, it was the Jack ass party that took the Social Security lock box money and left us with todays ssa tax to pay our retirees.
    God bless billionaire Trump, who doesn’t need to steal our money!

  87. Why does it behoove Pelosi to make any kind of comment on CoronaVirus? She hasn’t done anything to help but smear Trump. Accusing him of not doing anything to stop it is dumb as hell. He started in Dec.2019 and has been in front of it since then.But yet Pelosi and her gang of nerdowells claim they were working on it Not Trump. They are not working on it or anything else but focusing on getting rid of Trump. To that I say get a life Broom rider, Crying Schumer, bug-eyed Shift, etc. And now another fake investigation into the CoronaVirus and they will lose that one as well. These idiots need a life or go play with themselves, who cares just as long as they don’t do it in public. Vote them out, throw them out of their respective offices because they sure aren’t doing any work. to me it’s TRUMP in 2020!!!

  88. I absolutely support President Trump and the way he’s handled this pandemic in the United States. Had it been any other president, especially Obama, they would have been looking for ways to profit off of this and to weaken the citizens constitutional rights permanently. Look at what they’re doing now what’s a bill trying to get through the house that is designed to help small businesses stay afloat. Nancy Pelosi and her Merry band of retards are trying to put things in it and, most likely intends to hold America hostage until they get some of their unrelated garbage pass in the next bill. Just like they did with the CARE Act. I think blackmail is an actual crime, is it not? If it is, then a Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and anyone else involved is guilty a blackmail against the entire United States of America. As far as I’m concerned they should have their innards pulled out with a tractor. But that’s just me

  89. Most Democrats are “impractical people” but have some nebulous theories about utopian wishes. The majority of the European nations are run by leftist parties and that’s why they don’t know how to deal effectively with problems such as Covid-19. Some Europeans are also not very disciplined in comparison with the Americans, the Italians being the best example, and their coronavirus crisis show very well that!

  90. If this virus would have happened under ANY other president there would have been millions dead in the first month. I have no doubts about that.

  91. The Democraps can’t tell the TRUTH and since those in the MORON MEDIA are RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps they can’t tell it either. The reason that they can’t tell the TRUTH is their heads would explode killing anyone within a 50 mile radius. See they all have MASSIVE AMOUNTS of WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER where their brains belong. Were you to gather up all the brain tissue from every Democrap in this world you would not find even the smallest measurable amount of brain tissue. This is also why Democrap are always SPEWING CRAP when they open their pie holes.

  92. Yes; and most Americans do. The Demorats, Pelosi and her minions, and the fake media need to stop their biased propaganda and hate towards our POTUS. They have exposed themselves for the frauds that they are and will be dealt with by the American people on November 3rd, 2020. MAGA!

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