Mike Pence just got hit with this lawsuit that could keep Donald Trump as President

Donald Trump and his supporters believe they have one last card to play to prevent Joe Biden from becoming President due to massive voter fraud.

It all comes down to January 6.

And now Mike Pence just got hit with this lawsuit that could keep Donald Trump as President.
As Vice President, Mike Pence also serves as President of the Senate.

In that role, Pence is set to oversee the January 6 joint session of Congress to certify the Electoral College results.

Trump supporters led by Congressman Louie Gohmert filed a lawsuit alleging that the 1887 Electoral College Count Act is unconstitutional as it limits Pence’s powers and that Pence should reject the slate of electors and instead count the pro-Trump electors chosen by Republicans.

The Hill reports:

The lawsuit focuses on Pence’s role in an upcoming Jan. 6 meeting of Congress to count states’ electoral votes and finalize Biden’s victory over President Trump. Typically, the vice president’s role in presiding over the meeting is a largely ceremonial one governed by an 1887 federal law known as the Electoral Count Act.

But the Republican lawsuit, which was filed against Pence in his official capacity as vice president, asks a federal judge in Texas to strike down the law as unconstitutional. The GOP plaintiffs go further: They ask the court to grant Pence the authority on Jan. 6 to effectively overturn Trump’s defeat in key battleground states.

January 6 is the last real chance for President Trump to overturn what he and tens of millions of his supporters believe was a fraudulent election.

The focal point of this campaign is Vice President Mike Pence.

Critics argue Pence’s role on January 6 is merely ceremonial.

But Congressman Gohmert and other Trump supporters disagree.

And this lawsuit is their opportunity to have their day in court.

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