Mike Pence just got some bad news about being replaced by this Republican

Mike Pence has plans for 2024.

But do Donald Trump and the GOP base have plans for him?

And now Mike Pence just got some bad news about being replaced by this Republican.

If Donald Trump runs for President in 2024 he will win the GOP nomination.

Former Trump campaign pollster Tony Fabrizio just released a new poll showing if Donald Trump runs in 2024 he is the overwhelming choice of voters with 51 percent saying Trump is their number one choice.

No one else received double digit support.

But if Donald Trump is not on the ballot, the President’s support spreads out between Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, Cruz, and DeSantis.

POLITICO reports:

But when Fabrizio combined the results with Trump voters’ second choices, DeSantis and Pence were tied with 22 percent, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz coming in a close third, with 19 percent.

“If President Trump chose not to run, it’s clear his supporters are already gravitating towards VP Mike Pence, FL. Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Ted Cruz,” Fabrizio said.

Governor DeSantis’ star is rising in the Republican Party as voters judge DeSantis keeping Florida’s economy open, rejecting a mask mandate, and fighting the Democrat media’s smear campaign as elevating the Florida Governor as the rightful successor to Donald Trump.

Mike Pence thought that would be his lane into the 2024 GOP Presidential primary.

But Pence fell out of favor with many Trump supporters.

Trump’s base now looks at Ron DeSantis as the type of Republican who will fight and not apologize to the Left, whereas Pence looks like more of a conventional establishment politician.

The Republican Primary is still three years away and a lot can happen between now and then.

But the potential field in the Republican Party Presidential field is clearly forming a top tier and Ron DeSantis is the emerging favorite.

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