Mike Pence just got some jaw-dropping news about being dropped from the 2020 ticket

Donald Trump has a big decision to make before his presidential campaign kicks into full swing.

Vice President Mike Pence has been anxiously awaiting that decision.

And Mike Pence just got this jaw-dropping news about being dropped from the 2020 ticket.

Pundits spent months whispering that Donald Trump wanted to shake up his poll standings by swapping out Vice President Mike Pence with former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Political observers speculated that Haley would add gender and racial diversity to the ticket and help the President woo suburban female voters.

Every time a President runs for re-election, there is always talk of replacing the Vice President.

And it ends up being just that – talk.

This time it was Nikki Haley that nipped the rumors in the bud by publicly renouncing any speculation she would replace Pence.

This was a face saving move by Haley.

Although she left the administration on good terms, Haley is a pro-open borders, pro-amnesty RINO.

She has little to no credibility with the conservative base where as Trump selecting Pence back in 2016 helped convince skeptical Evangelical Christians that Trump could be trusted.

Switching out Pence for Haley makes little sense.

There is no evidence Haley even supports Donald Trump or his agenda.

During the 2016 campaign, she used her response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union to attack Trump and not Obama.

Haley may be plotting a run for President in 2024, so she may be using her time trying to distance herself from Trump’s legacy and undermining his initiatives.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. If. Trump replaces Pence
    He will not get my vote. But I have supported him all along. The only one I would support to take Pence’s place would be
    Trey Gowdy. ..Trump better not choice a woman running mate are he will not win.

  2. Remember she had the Confederate battle flag removed from the state capitol building shortly after the Charleston shooting AND gave a very anti-Trump speech during the 2016 campaign … think it was at the end of the GOP Convention. I was shocked that Trump appointed her to the UN position.

  3. Hello & Greetings from Arizona Charles , You mention South Carolina , Years ago I used to like Lindsey Graham , But Lindsey has turned out to be a real Snake in the Grass RINO Traitor , He is using Tax Payer money to bribe States to push illegal Unconstitutional Red Flag Communist Gun Confiscation Schemes , Lindsey Graham must be voted out ,He is a Traitor !!!

  4. He doesn’t have to say it to me any more at all. I’m quite happy to keep Pence on the ticket for 2020, and were he to run on his own in 2024, I’d probably support him then too. It’s just that we have suffered greatly after 8 years of the ineligible usurper from Kenya, in 2016, we had Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal running (all of whom are ineligible), and currently we have Harris and Tulsi whatever-her-name-is, both of whom are ineligible. I’m just trying to forestall another name added to the ineligible list.

  5. Guess ‘WHAT’ _
    ‘Gravitas’ IS Holding a FUND RAISER
    ‘luncheon’ In Wyoming, Mon. For POTUS.
    > Remarkable, to say the Least.
    > KNOW Real ‘News’.
    > Also, 33% Approval (way UP from 2018)
    from ‘Brothers/Sisters’ & #’s ARE Growing’.

  6. I believe that all democrats should be dropped from the 2020 presidential ticket which would suit most of the people here including myself just fine.

  7. More fake news? I guess they will never tire from their lies. I like HALEY,but already knew Trump was keeping Pence, as he said so recently.

  8. Pence will be dropped ! I know Trump said he would keep Pence as a running mate …but was only waiting …to announce his next VP and it will be a shock to all Americans who are not up on what is happening behind the scenes!! God bless America and the 82nd Airborne !

  9. This article is full of holes and it is also fake news. If the mainstream media wanted to conjure up that the Easter bunny was going to be our next vice president, then they would write about it as being fact. The whole thing is nothing but fake news and I will never believe one word that comes out of these fake news networks…… even if they say have a good day.

  10. Right Chris, You saw the ‘photos’. !
    ( Missing the whip) Gak.
    She IS ‘Totally’ ‘full of herself’__
    NOT To be ‘Trusted’ – At All.

  11. The President already said that Pence would be his running mate in 2020. I am so sick of these fake news idiots who haven’t a brain in their heads.

  12. Dan T., Yep, wonders never cease, do they? redman is crazier than a cave floor full of bat $hit so just how pathetic does that make Ric B’s mental faculties?

  13. Mike from midwest, And, you are a totally insane liar, you freak from midwest! If you un-American unpatriotic liberal Dems would stop lying and trying to scare people to death about a recession, things would be fine and, will be fine in spite of you! You Dems just keep dreaming up lies, scare tactics and other ways to try and make it seem President Trump’s policies are not working in an effort to turn people against this administration. This will continue and accelerate between now and election day, we realize we can expect it. It is so hard to believe the Dems hatred for DJT is more important to them than America being strong, safe and successful!
    You Dems are a national disgrace and if you believe what your party is all about today you are pathetic! It is one thing to beat somebody fair and square in the ballot box but quite another to lie, scheme and even break laws to do it AND, that includes the “laws of decency” of which you and your Dem party know nothing!

  14. Well low and behold! I thought the “troll with the pen name Ric B” was dead and buried but, no such luck! He probably did die but “hell” wouldn’t have him so he had to come back! I wonder this troll, Ric B, knows his “parent” troll has been writing using other pen names. Good thing we’re tough and trolls don’t effect us at all!

  15. But IF you had half the brains of Redman, you would be more articulate than the third grader you represent. Kevin, you are the one acting like a low class moron.

  16. He had done more D A M A G E than and president in history!!! A lump of coal would be a better president than Demented Donnie. Good – – have you not been paying attention? Do you not see that he had taken an economy going strong since Obama took over (Obama took office at 7,900 Dow, tripled it by the time he left), and increased deficit spending to over $1 TRILLION A YEAR, created this disastrous trade war with China — with all this 74% of economists read signs of a big recession coming soon! Kissing Putin and in LOVE with Kim Jong Un! Is that good? You are a fool. Trumpons yell that Trump is doing good but have no evidence to back that up. He can’t even keep staff!

  17. Maybe, but only as cell mates in prison. Think in prison that Pence might give up his anti-gay stance when he is taken to the convict prom?

    Trump is going down faster than his “Trump Univ. fraud” scam!

  18. It is widely reported in the truth media that Nikki Haley has the support of Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson. And there are people in power that support Israel but not secure borders for the people of the USA.

  19. The only thing missing was the whip. And I am definitely under the impression she is a globalist.

    I am female. There is not a chance in hell that I am ever going to vote for anyone because they are female.

  20. I am a woman and can’t stand Nikki Haley She is a lightweight compared to Mike Pence plus to liberal on a number of issues…..bad thought Couldn’t happen as it would be suicide|

  21. Haley IS No Good. She lied. You Know ‘it’.
    Haley is an EASY ‘mark/target’ for Globalism.
    Photos of her ‘strutting’ around in ‘black leather’
    a some sort of ‘tell all. Did you See those photos ???

  22. ps. But the bottom 1/2 of this blog IS True.
    > NO ‘credibility’ & Never supported POTUS Legacy.
    How can ppl NOT SEE ???

  23. NO WAY Haley, under Any circumstance.
    I Did my ‘due diligence’ re her
    some Time Ago. She would NOT be an
    ‘asset’ to POTUS. She would ‘sell us 0UT’
    in a ‘heartbeat’. & 1 reason she was
    dismissed. This ‘blog’ is
    KrAAp, Dan. & trying to ‘plant a seed’,
    in ppl’s minds.

  24. Nikki Haley is wise to decline. She, like several others, is not a natural born citizen (her parents were not yet naturalized when she was born), so she is ineligible, and she seems to have the grace to recognize that. So while I like the woman and think she’s done admirably well as guv of SC and UN ambassador, VP is not in her cards.

  25. alright stupid tell me which democrat is better to lead us and keep this country as strong as it is? Trump has done more for this country than any president has done in many, many, many years.

  26. I mean who the hell knows what Trump is going to do from day to day?!? He waffles all over about a lot of issues – – from computer checks for buying guns on Tuesday, changes by Wednesday. Trade tariffs one day, then delayed, then no tariffs, and now tariffs. Trump is clearly going to lead us right into another recession according to 74% of economists polled. His continual “tariffs by tweet policy” just creates instability and market gyrations. Of course, since he has publicly claimed he is the “Chosen One”, he might soon try to buy either Greenland or Brazil.

  27. While Nikki Haley would be an excellent choice and a great spokesperson for Trump and while having her as a running mate would be a wise political move, Pence is a great VP and it would not be prudent to replace him.

  28. I Agree with you Gidget, President Trump would be lost without Vice President Pence, his dedication, his honesty, his honor and a man that truly believes in God, and being that, he has the character and morals that President Trump needs for him to be reelected.
    God Bless America. we have a great President and Vice President. GET OUT AND VOTE…

  29. I do not believe Nikki Haley is pro-open border and pro-amnesty. If she is or was she would not have protected Israel

  30. Redman-you are a complete idiot and should be stopped from using this method of non communication because you have nothing competent to say again total idiot.

  31. The idiot Democrats will never impeach Trump on their lies. All the lies of the Democrats will be broadcast live during their impeachment hearings. But, if they somehow get rid of Trump, Pence will be POTUS. If they think Trump is a conservative, then Pence is long-time Christian conservative.

  32. RedMan, why don’t you and Pocahantas get married. You could use some of that free college money to go back to school, you sound illiterate.

  33. I’m with you. Nikki Haley is part of the Never Trumper crowd. I thought I liked her as SC Governor. But it made me sick to watch her tell outright lies about Assad gassing his own people. The first time this occurred it was later proven the gas came from Turkey and was used by those supposedly “good militants” we support. The second incident was later proven to have not happened at all. Yet Nikki Haley lied about a head of state, and said he had crossed the line. I thought this was outrageous and incredibly un-Christian.

  34. President Trump already said he is NOT going to Replace Pence this is all a Rumor being Spread by the Loony Left, President Trump said Pence is the Best Choice he can make! Trump /Pence 2020

  35. This sounds like CNN and certain Fox commentators, ie. Wallace and Rivera etc. Why screw with a winning ticket? This could also be a rumor started by the left. RVN 68-69

  36. This is typical of all media outlets including RR, as the election time closes they all turn against the front runner none of the media outlets want to admit they are trying to control the outcome.

  37. Diane Logan, Don’t worry, I have an idea this is more fake news! I doubt replacing Pence with Haley has ever crossed President Trump’s mind.

  38. Nikki Haley is a no no to replace VP Pence even if she said yes yes! She is a RINO, not one ounce of conservative blood in her veins. I wish she was a conservative Republican, I might could support her at a later date if she was. She has everything going for her except, she is a RINO! She would ruin President Trump’s 2020 chances BIG TIME!

  39. Why would Trump pick a RINO to be his running mate. How could he trust he/she would not be working in the background to undermine his programs?

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