Mike Pence just revealed if he would take part in this plot to remove Donald Trump from office

The President’s enemies waited four years for this moment.

Even though Donald Trump finally conceded the 2020 election, his opponents still demanded vengeance.

And Mike Pence just revealed if he would take part in this plot to remove Donald Trump from office.

Critics claimed Donald Trump incited a riot with his speech to a “March to Save America” rally crowd on Wednesday morning.

President Trump urged supporters to walk over to the Capitol and support politicians objecting to certifying the Electoral College results.

A small minority of those protesters got violent and Democrats, the Fake News Media and some Never-Trump Republicans blamed Donald Trump for inciting a riot.

That led the President’s opponents in the fake news, Democrat, and Republican Party’s to call on Vice President Mike Pence to convene the cabinet and invoke the 25th Amendment to forcibly remove Donald Trump from power.

Vice President Pence made it known he would have no part of this scheme.

Business Insider exclusively reported:

Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t support removing President Donald Trump from office via the 25th Amendment despite the growing bipartisan chorus for a last-minute change at the very top of the American government, Pence advisors told Insider.

“Not happening,” a Republican close to Pence said when asked about growing calls for him to replace Trump.

Donald Trump conceded the election and will leave office on January 20.

Trying to inflict even more pain on a deeply divided nation by pressuring Republicans to remove a President that 75,000,000 Americans voted for only threatens to inflame the situation.

But Democrats’ hatred for Donald Trump blinds them and now Nancy Pelosi is deciding whether or not to move forward with a second impeachment charade.

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