Mike Pence let one secret slip on Fox News that Donald Trump is not going to like

There is no love lost between Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

And with Trump eyeing a 2024 re-election campaign, that relationship will take center stage.

And Mike Pence let one secret slip on Fox News that Donald Trump is not going to like.

Donald Trump is all-but assured to run for President in 2024.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is also reportedly considering a Presidential campaign.

But unlike other Republicans who said they would not run if Trump threw his hat into the ring, all indications are that Pence would challenge Trump in the 2024 GOP primary.

Fox News Channel’s Maria Bartiromo pressed Pence about his 2024 plans.

Pence gave the same answer every politician preparing to run for President gave, saying that he was focused first on the Midterm elections and that his family would sit down after November and decide if the time was right for him to run for President.

“You know, all of my focus right now is on 2022,” Pence told Bartiromo. “I think we have a historic opportunity to reclaim majorities in the House and the Senate, to elect great Republican Governors around America. And in 2023, I’m confident the Republican Party will nominate a candidate who will be the next President of the United States of America. And at the right time, my family and I will reflect and consider how we might participate in that process.”

That answer basically guaranteed Mike Pence is running for President in 2024.

It’s the same stock answer that leaves the door open for a Presidential campaign without declaring one.

Pence then previewed his 2024 stump speech, but dressed it up in the need to elect Republicans this November, which was clearly another sign he is running for President.

“But now, more than ever, with war in Europe and with an administration seemingly intent on weakening our country and driving our nation toward a European-style welfare state, we need strong Republican majorities on Capitol Hill and strong Republican Governors, and that’s what we’re going to work to achieve,” Pence concluded.

Donald Trump will surely not like the fact that his former Vice President is challenging him in a Primary.

A President and Vice President from the same administration running against each other for a Party nomination for President is unprecedented in American history.

The GOP establishment – who hates Donald Trump – would quickly rally to Pence’s side.

But Pence running against Trump would likely be the final nail in his career’s coffin, as the base of the Party would never forgive him for it.

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