Mike Pence lowered the boom on North Korea with this message

North Korea thinks it has the world by the throat.

Kim Jong Un believes his rogue nuclear weapons program makes him untouchable.

But Mike Pence just lowered the boom on him with one message.

The Vice President was speaking at Minot Air Force base in North Dakota.

Minot is home to America’s B-52 bomber squadron and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

He was there to deliver a message to the world that America would defend her allies in the face of North Korea aggression.

He also had a somber message for the troops – “be ready.”

Politico reports:

“Vice President Mike Pence visited an Air Force base critical to American nuclear capabilities on Friday to deliver a stark warning to North Korea in the face of escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

“Our enemies should never doubt the capabilities of the Armed Forces of the United States of America,” Pence told servicemen and women at North Dakota’s Minot Air Force Base, home to 26 B-52 bombers and 150 intercontinental ballistic missile sites.

“Anyone who would threaten our nation should know that America always seeks peace, but if we are forced to defend ourselves or our allies, we will do so with military power that is effective and overwhelming,” Pence went on — though he also described the arsenal at Minot as “that credible deterrent that has assured the security of the American people for generations.”

“Now, more than ever, your commander in chief is depending on you to be ready,” Pence said.

The remarks come just days before President Donald Trump is set to take a trip to Asia that will include a visit to South Korea, where Defense Secretary James Mattis traveled Friday to visit the DMZ. While there, he reaffirmed American support for diplomatic efforts to resolve tensions with North Korea over its efforts to expand its nuclear capabilities.”

The administration is still pursuing a peaceful resolution to the North Korean nuclear crisis, but Donald Trump will not allow a nuclear-armed Kim Jong Un to threaten the United States with annihilation.

Do you trust Trump to resolve this crisis?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Our POTUS and VP and our Military all working together protect our Country and our allies. Of course, we want PEACE, but when our enemy threatens war unless we pay them to be nice. That’s literally, blackmail. And I’m so happy this new administration will not coward when threatened. Dear Lord, deliver us from evil, grant us Your peace and thank you for Your mercy giving Trump wisdom to lead the American people. Amen And God Bless America. ❤️????????????

  2. Hitlery Clinton prostituted the office of State. . .sold 20% of America’s Tactical Fissionable material used to upgrade Russia’s Nuclear missiles. . . How many million did Clinton get when Obomber gave Iran’s refined Plutonium to Russia before Obomber vacated the White House?

  3. In all fairness. . .Obomber stated Himself a terrorist and Traitor when He accused Bush as “Un-American” for spending 2 or 3 Trillion defending our nation. . . .Proof you ask? Obomber more than doubled our national debt. . .from 9.2 trillion in 2008 to more than 20 Trillion in 2016. .. 8 short years to steal more money from America than spent by all 43 American Presidents before him. . .A turn-coat, terrorist and TRAITOR by Obomber’s own definition. . . . Birds of a feather flock Dumbocrat. . . . Gitmo sounds like the solution. . . and congress and Senate just voted themselves a new soccer field 🙂

  4. We have a collection here of comments from some REAL RED BLOODED AMERICANS which make me proud to be an American. The past so called president was actually “THE PRESIDENTIAL PRETENDER.” The The two before him were nothing more than cesspool/swamp tirds. For decades aggression by our enemies was met only by appeasment, so they were given inches and they took miles with no consequences. They repeated doing this over and over.

    Now we have a REAL PRESIDENT. Under President trump, he draws a line. try to cross that line an inch and the enemy will find himself on his sore seat as he had his buttox kicked back several or more miles.

    Thank God, our beloved country after decades without, has what she needs, a REAL, HONEST, DEDICATED AND TOUGH LEADER, not necessarily 100% policically correct, TRUE.

  5. All the prophecies about Trump indicate that he is the new Cyrus meaning he will lead the people out to a new era from the devastation of a “transformed America” left by Obommer. The Nevertrumpers are completely wrong about Trump. As the history of the left shows they are in power for themselves and not for the better interests of the American people.Rest assured in the God of our country and what is contained in the prophecies that Trump will lead us well as he has demonstrated so far in running this country in spite of the tremendous bitterness and hate spewed towards him.
    God bless you,Mr Trump and Mr Pence….you will do well as you too trust in your Creator.

  6. I am very proud of our President he has tried his best to help the American People But some of the RINOS and demorats are so jealous Because OSLAMA was destined to ruin the United States and he did not succeed Thank GOD. All those that are protesting social injustice they need to remember OBLAMA gave all the high ranking positions his muslim brotherhood and they have done far worse but they are scared to go after them because they are mostly black. They did not accomplish anything during his administration. He has let people get killed and he will not look at his failures through the last eight years. He thinks he did a great job not in my eyes, not helping Chris Stephens and the others in Benghazi when help was minutes away I could go on and on But all Americans should be behind our President he is not afraid of stepping on peoples toes and trying to get his agenda through. Go Trump We Are Behind You all the way. God bless you.

  7. Trump will do the best job that can be done, considering the hand he was dealt. It’s a simple thing: North Korea needs to maintain a strong army to continue to suppress its people. The excuse for the Army to its own people, is the evil United States. China wants the North Korean threat to push the US off the Korean peninsula and out of the far east, so the US wouldn’t be able to interfere with China’s expansionist plans. North Korea could not be doing what it is doing without China’s support. But China needs the US markets to keep its economy moving. Trump and the American people, and some American companies that will get hurt, need to be willing to sacrifice some or all of the China trade to back China down. China (and North Korea) will never give up their historic quest for dominance in Asia. So they will fight it every stop of the way. Progress will be slow; it will be China’s strategy to outlast Trump’s presidency.

  8. Yes,I support Pres.Donald Trump.For the first time in 8 years this country has a PRESIDENT we can be proud of.As a ARMY VETERAN,I will follow him anywhere,and if asked I could I would lace up my boots once again and defend this Country and allies with my life

  9. I also trust President Trump and Vice President Pence that together with our Troops and rightful advisors, that North Korea will realize that they would get further by becoming friends, well maybe not friends but peaceful with America and open up their ears and hearts to the fact that peace and peacefulness with America will get them much farther than alienating them from America and its allies. America is still a strong military strength, we just weren’t enlightened by that fact due to the crazies of the liberal, anti-American sentiment that started with Clintons and continued with Obama’s. And the ‘Sharpton Syndrome’, which is hatefulness to divide our country. To have freedom you have to have strong military strength, just in case you need it against terrorists and other American enemies. And also a domestic military strength to keep peace within America’s borders too. Both inside America and outside America borders, a strong military is necessary to have and keep our freedom for all Americans, yes, even the domestic enemies, like most Liberals seem to be, within American borders. More than that, is up to our God, for all those who believe in the loving God and not the fake god that the terrorists seem to follow, which is really Satan disguised as allah.

  10. Lets stop a minute, there are a lot of Spiritual people in America but we are not all Christians. We need to respect each others beliefs. Remember if you judge others you risk being judged.

  11. I am in TOTAL agreement with your analysis and wish the blessings you shared upon Our leadership !!!
    God Bless the Trump/Pence leadership and OUR GREAT country!!

  12. All the past presidents pacified Americans on NK, Our president was handed NK, Iran, ISIS, and many more problems that were never addressed properly. I’m totally confident that Donald Trump is handling all this very well, especially all the hate diversion that hinders his full attention to running this country !!!

  13. Go Trump and Pence. Bush waited until Iraq could unload it’s weapons of mass destruction and suffered the unending criticism when none were found. Just one more launch or atomic air test should justify a NK wasteland.

  14. I do believe in Donald Trump to do what is best for America, unlike Obama,Clinton and the rest of the Liberals and democrats who only have their own interest at heart. God Bless America And God Bless President Donald Trump. Amen

  15. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one. A Trinity. The Jewish people have been both cursed and blessed. A day will come when they see the risen Son as King. Keep looking up. I’ll pray for your enlightenment.

  16. I would trust Donald J. Trump with my life. WHO ARE THE REST OF THE 53% OF THIS NATION (the media, Hollywood, the Deep State, the Snowbirds, and these stupid, stupid RINO’s) counting on to save us from Iran, NK, Russia ???? Oh, right – I forgot. It MUST be HILLARY CLINTON, that’s who. Yes Siree — she has always “gotten it up” for America because we know she certainly CARES about America, she ALWAYS tells the truth, she’s so SINCERE, and she really stands for what is RIGHT for this country — !!!! Oh God — excuse me while I GAG! GAG! GAG! I have a question – WHO pocketed all the money from the Iran No. 1 Deal. Oh yes, it was HILLARY CLINTON and everyone else involved. Therefore, 53% of the non-Trumpers need to keep their GD traitorous mouths SHUT and let this incredible man PROTECT US. That’s just ONE of the reasons he was elected — because people TRUSTED HIM — and he certainly has done an incredible – and unexpected – job so far.

  17. We need to stop this madness now, Iran, Korea, and the Islamic Terrorist should be dealt with Now, what ever it takes to stop these IDIOTS> GO PRESIDENT TRUMP>, we are ready.

  18. Most North Korean Soldiers were farmers, under nourish but they were very good in marching at the Parades. They will overwhelm you with masses attack on your position, just like it happened in the 50’s. This time, they will be fighting the machines and modern technology.
    If President Truman did not stop General Douglas MacArthur bombing China and North Korea with Nuclear, we don’t have this problem anymore. Every time the Democrats started the War, they always leave a lot of messed to be clean up by the Republicans.

  19. I’m certainly happy we have the President we have, he is so much better than the illegitimate President we just retired, and Hillary would have been an extension of Obama’s lame excuse of a President. We also need to give Trump the Presidency in 2020 and then vote in another Republican in 2024, I hope there is never another Democrat President ever elected again, the Democratic Party needs to change their name to the “New Communistic party”, because they are certainly leaning that way.

  20. I support President Trump implicitly and am very happy that he is our Commander in Chief. He is the best thing that has happened to America since JFK. He only has America’s best interests at heart.

  21. Christ does The work of the father.that is his ministry But allways remember he gave us free Will. with consequences. satin is the dictator.as was Hitler and now North Korea

  22. FC You really need to speak to Christian Jews who know the truth and can explain the truth to you. The father the son and the Holy Ghost make up one God! All the same. Please, your running out of time. God Bless You! No one enters heaven except thru the son, given by the father for the remission of sin. Listen to Joseph Prince Ministries you will be blessed!!

  23. We have been listening for years under former administrations. That’s why we are now staring down the barrel real nuclear weapons instead of working in peace with North Korea. China could still resolve this issue but chooses to sit back and play games. This is how it’s always been. Pressure and action is all the Chinese and North Koreans will understand.


  25. Thank Goodness for TRUMP a Real American after Incompetent LIAR in chief ole barry/Lyin Benghazi CrooKilary, who got us in the MESS we are in!!!

  26. I am so glad we have the Trump/Pence team
    To handle this, it would have been a disaster
    If Obama in office , we would be skirting the
    Issues , (typical of Obama)

  27. Bob like your post. My problem is Jesus is not GOD. As I am Jewish we speak to his father, GOD. We each have our beliefs. Not sure how the son could take his father’s place. In any case, may GOD BLESS you and everyone and peace be had by all.

  28. I am so glad we have the Trump/Pence team
    To handle this, it would have been a disaster
    If Obama in office , we would be skirting the
    Issues , (typical of Obama)

  29. VP Pence please just remove him. Once he is gone they will be in a listening mood. And will be willing to work with everyone and then peace will be had by all.

  30. Yes I trust President Trump will solve the problem with North Korea, one way or another. I like a president with backbone! Period!

  31. President Trump and Vice President Pence have my total support in all matters foreign and domestic. North America, Kim Jong Un, take note.

  32. I am a Proud American Conservative Christian, and will always have Respect for anyone who is the President of the United States of America if that President gives America, and the American People the same respect. I see President Trump is doing everything possible to show the American People he does, and has only the Best interest of the people and country at heart.

  33. President Trump & Vice President Pence is the Best Pair in the
    US HISTORY or in the last 60 years. May God Bless both of them.
    AMERICA needs good leadership….. Go get them BOSS. JAMES

  34. I think our courageous leader will lead America into peace. Even if he has to kick some ass to assure us and for the rest of the world that the little dictator will NOT harm us. If worst comes to worst, and we go to war with N. Korea, may God help us all! I just hope he does it quietly, in the same way the Navy Seals got rid of Osama bin Laden. I support Pres. Trump, and our TROOPS!!

  35. I expect God to handle this crisis. However, He may use Our President to do so. May sanity return to mankind at some point and we all beat our weapons into plow shares. And may we Love THE True God, the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.

  36. I am fullu aware that Donald Rrump is able and willing to defend our country if it comes down to that–with no hesitation–I would have been scepital with anyone else.

  37. I believe President Trump will do everything in his power to defend his country and ours. He will fight for America!!

  38. Anyone American who does not support our president against that North Korean nut job, should move to North Korea. That would be all you left wing nut jobs who supported a do nothing president in Obama. Obama has put us in harms way big time. FinLly we have someone willing to defend our nation and not someone else’s. Obama was a failed experiment. Thank God Hillary didn’t win. Would have been more if the same.

  39. Absolutely,we are in this situation due pat administrations giving in to No threats. I fully support the President.

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