Mike Pence made a phone call to Kamala Harris that took Donald Trump by surprise

Donald Trump has not been happy with Vice President Mike Pence for weeks.

Now their relationship may reach a breaking point.

And that’s because Mike Pence made a phone call to Kamala Harris that took Donald Trump by surprise.

Donald Trump still believes he won the 2020 election.

A recent CNN poll found just 19 percent of Republicans think Joe Biden legitimately won the election.
The President has not been happy with former allies and Members of Congress who state that Joe Biden won the Presidency.

Now Mike Pence may be on that list of disfavored members of Trump-world.

Pence reportedly called Kamala Harris and congratulated her on the election and offered to assist any way he could in the transition.


Vice President Mike Pence called his successor, Kamala Harris, on Thursday to congratulate her ticket’s win and to assist the transition, people familiar with the situation confirmed to POLITICO.

The phone call came only six days before Inauguration Day, following a fraught post-election season in which President Donald Trump and his supporters vehemently denied his loss in the 2020 election. Though Trump acknowledged his time in the White House was coming to a close following a violent insurrection by his supporters at the Capitol, the president has yet to fully admit defeat to Biden.

Since Pence presided over the joint session of Congress to certify the Electoral College results, Pence has tried to put some distance between himself and the President.

Pence clearly believes being seen as performing the normal rituals of a transition will boost his stock with the GOP establishment and donor class ahead of a potential 2024 Presidential campaign.

But infuriating President Trump could also lead to Trump actively opposing Pence’s campaign, which could clearly spell doom in a GOP primary.

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