Mike Pence said the six words that just destroyed the Democrat Party

Democrats are staring down the barrel of a major scandal.

It threatens to tank the party’s chances in 2020.

And things just went from bad to worse when Mike Pence said the six words that just destroyed the Democrat Party.

The Democrats’ anti-Semitism problem is one of the biggest issues in American politics.

Led by Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrats are adopting an increasingly hostile and bigoted stance toward Israel.

Omar claimed Israeli lobbying groups like AIPAC buy off American politicians with secret Jewish money.

As a result, every major Democrat Presidential candidate is boycotting the AIPAC conference, which has long been a bipartisan affair in Washington, D.C.

Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the conference and took on the Democrats, declaring “it is wrong to boycott Israel.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Pence stated, “As I stand before you, eight Democratic candidates for president are actually boycotting this very conference.”

“So let me be clear on this point: Anyone who aspires to the highest office in the land should not be afraid to stand with the strongest supporters of Israel in America. It is wrong to boycott Israel, and it is wrong boycott AIPAC,” he continued. “President Trump and I are proud to stand with all of you — today, tomorrow and always — to strengthen the ties that bind America and Israel.”

The Democratic presidential candidates who opted to skip this year’s conference include South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Former Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Julian Castro, former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, and California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Democrats are staking their fortunes on the idea that their activist base – which hates Israel and supports the Palestinians – represents a majority opinion in America.

That is clearly false.

Some Democrats are worried Jewish voters – who are among the party’s most loyal – will defect to President Trump in the 2020 re-election campaign.

Do you think that will happen?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. The Jews need to walk away from the demonrats they made thier stance and put Islam before Isreal. Trump took our embassy to Isreal when no other President would, the Republicans stand behind the Jewish people and Isreal, if they choose to still back the demonrats, then it’s thier choice, but it would be a very grave mistake after allowing Omar to continue to put her anti sinimism forth. That jihadist needs to go and be shipped out of our country, along with the rest of the Sharia Law idiots! There’s no room in our country for these people and they are damn danger to our constitution period!

  2. Many democratic Patriots are realizing that the Democratic Party is heading in the wrong direction and are leaving the democratic party and the leaders of the democratic party will feel the painful results in 2020 when Trump is re-elected. Go Trump!

    • I read this statement “Omar claimed Israeli lobbying groups like AIPAC buy off American politicians with secret Jewish money”, which is really, not so secret, and say hell yeah they are! Then the stupid statement about it being anti semitic? So let’s get this straight. Israel and Sheldon Adelson throw money at American politicians so they’ll have a pro-Israel stance and anyone that protests that influence is anti semitic? I think you’d better go back to the drawing board and learn that free thought to end bought politicians is not anti semitic at any level.

      • Like 9/11 I won’t forget what some eastwards did to our country. I will never forget the voter fraud the democrats have committed either. Bet Brenda sniped won’t either forget the mid terms.

  3. After everything the democrats have done to the Jewish cummunity, and Isreal if one Jewish person votes for a Democrat that puts Islam before Isreal, then they asked for what ever happens down the road. The Democrated party does not exists anymore they are far left radicals and the enemy of America and every citizens. Dear God just look at the three jihadist in thier own party, Cortez a dictator, Omar and the other Palestinian jihadist that are not true Americans, and came here as refugees, that both have ties to Hamus, ISIS, CAIR and the M. B.H.,Isis sympathizers, and want us Americans to pay and support Isis’s families because our military killed thier husband’s. Are you kidding me? This should scare the living crap out of every American in this country!

  4. A hole Cortez and her two terrorists friends actually 3 terrorists including A hole there are many more in congress all are control by Soros if you look closely
    You can see soros hand up there backs everyone in congress are terrified of theses 3 woman republicans get off your knees come out from under your desk and fight back don’t be scared just look at our president strong as steel turn your rubber into steel

    • Thank God for Donald Trump is correct. He is who God is using to stir up the snakes in the deep state.The asps are ripe for the hanging!

  5. The three Anti-American women nothing but groaning Stooges. Moe,Curly, and Larry the comic Stooges were at least entertaining!

    • I worked 52 countries for 35 years which included all if the middle east. It is a disgrace and mistake for the Democrats to be anti-Israel.

    • I do not understand why the Jewish people for the most part vote democratic just like the African american 90 %, vote democratic when history proves the democratic party is not their friend. The racism in the democratic party runs deep and so does anti semitism. If the Republican’s dosent start infiltrating the college campuses and the educational system as a whole we can kiss our country goodbye and have noone to blame but ourselves Wake up GOP and stop being afraid to stand up and fight back no matter the cost to your careers. Dont sit back and let the mob dictate your agenda. The American people are with the president. Time to rally around him and have his back if you want to be elected again. Conservatives are the ones you need to be worried about not the haters. Polls mean nothing, did you forget 2016? We are watching.

    • Exactly and us Republicans can be in danger if they ever win the Presidency. The university in California have all the millineals saying to put Republicans in concentration camps and kill us all like the Jews! I can’t believe this crap is being said in this country!

      • Like 9/11 I won’t forget what some eastwards did to our country. I will never forget the voter fraud the democrats have committed either. Bet Brenda sniped won’t either forget the mid terms.

  6. The gift that keeps on giving…
    When these dopes put on these shows on for a small base, they actually hurt themselves more.
    After years of this this collusion crap, and the wackos fixated on Trumps school days now, he’s gonna have a field day debating with this bunch.

  7. Visited Israel years ago, just after the Six Day War, and was able to tour Haifa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Gethsemane, with a Sabra, who took wonderful care of me. Have been a great supporter of the country every since. Cannot imagine not commending
    these brave, industrious, patriotic people.


    • Richard Miller: You are 100% correct about the godless party being evil. During the last democratic caucus this party removed GOD from their platform of beliefs; that’s why they are so evil, they DO NOT serve GOD or His Son either. I pity those who call themselves Christians and still vote and believe in the godless party.

      • This is a war between good and evil going on right before our eyes. The demonrats have sold thier souls to Islam a cult, and do everything to appease Islam and shut the door in all us Christians faces. Satan has thier souls, they even put in Athiest Judges.

    • The Dems are actually “Owned” by Mr. George Soros’ “Open Borders Foundation”. Take time to visit their website and read their goals. Then you will understand what the Dems are really doing?

  9. I agree with everyone’s reply. The Democrats & the Muslims, what a combination. They all need to go to the Muslim Country & live there. This is AMERICA, ALL OF US WANT TO BE FREE. Why we have Muslims in Congress is terrible. We need to kick them all out. How they got elected is a mystery. Who Fronted the money for them??? How do we get them out of Congress??? All this Crap started with Obama & Hillary they need to tried for Treason. You know what the Military does to the Traitors??? They are put in front of a firing squad & shot. Anyone who betrays the American People, Our Government & Our Freedom need to disappear for good. God Bless America

  10. I do not know why any Jewish vote would go to any Democrat after what they think of Israel and the Jewish People. The Jews are like the Blacks here in America they think the Democratic Party has their backs but they do not care about you folks wake up and join the winning side, we care.

    • Isreal is going to rebuild the temple and within the next 5-10 years the Anti-Christ will sign a peace treaty with Isreal and the other nations at that time our Lord Jesus will return and call us out in the rapture then the Muslims will take over the world if you miss the rapture you can still be saved but you probably won’t because your heart will have been hardened like the Democrats is now against righteous and anyone that’s good and loves Jesus.

    • Isreal is going to rebuild the temple and within the next 5-10 years the Anti-Christ will sign a peace treaty with Isreal and the other nations at that time our Lord Jesus will return and call us out in the rapture then the Muslims will take over the world if you miss the rapture you can still be saved but you probably won’t because your heart will have been hardened like the Democrats is now against righteous and anyone that’s good and loves Jesus.

      • Batrysol, I am sorry for the people that don’t go in the rapture. There will be many that will be saved during the tribulation and they will be the ones to fight the anti christ. The Bible talks of the Saints Of The Tribulation. These are the ones saved during the tribulition. The tribulition will be terrible but God told us the end. WE WIN!

      • Batrysol the rapture will take place before the Antichrist takes power. And anyone whom has heard and understand the gospel before the rapture and fails to accept Christ will not be saved during the tribulation.

        • A number which no man can count will be saved during the Tribulation Reverend Joey reread the Book of the Revelation of JESUS CHRIST as told to John.

  11. I will not vote for any candidate who does not support Israel, our Constitution, freedom of speech, or honest elections. God bless Trump, Pence, and the Republican Party.

  12. The Bible says to honor Israel and pray for her. We need to get those Muslims out of the U.S. and back to their own country where they can do all the talking over there that they want to. It won’t happen in my lifetime but someday they are going to try and rule in America. We need to stand up now & support the Conservatives. We don’t want Shaia law

      • Betty – How could they impose Sharia Law in any of the United States. That goes totally against our constitution. Vote out your politicians!

        • Our Politicians are afraid of their own shadow, no decision makers, most have never had a job, they won’t go against the mass that wants to bring Shiria in look at Detroit , if they or any other Immigrants do not wish to assimilate they should go home.

      • Why don’t you go to an Arab Country and wear western style clothing without wearing a “Burka” and see how far go get. Ether you will be flogged or stoned to death. I guess that’s what you want for America isn’t it?

    • I agree 100%. These people will stand before GOD one day and he will say to them I know you not and your name is not written in the book of life. All of these people will burn in HELL.

  13. Real Jews will defect from the party that no longer wants them! The fake Follwood Jews and Schumer, Blumenthal, Nadler etc will stay. I say fake Jews because no honest real Jew would have voted for Scumbama the most anti Israel president since Israels inception. They should be taken out to sea and be made to walk the plank. They are so vile sharks woukd spit them out and they wouldn’t drown because turds float!

  14. I think its time to arrest Hillary Clinton before the statute of limitations slips by. This replilian women needs a taste of her own medicine and fast. She is evil, deliberate and nasty. So be it!

  15. I have a hard time understanding how a political party can allow 3 Freshmen Representatives to cause so much chaos within their party? These were not people elected by their whole State. They were elected by a district, all three of which, I believe, were overwhelmingly Democrat. Once they got past their primary, they were basically assured of winning! I guess what I am trying to say is these 3 can not have this much juice that they are basically running the Party into oblivion! If I were Pelosi, I would just get rid of the, one by one with ethics charges. But Nanny is barely holding on with her bony little finger, so I doubt she can or will do anything to rock the boat. Which, by the way, is why I didn’t want her for leadership!

  16. God is giving out the final exam. Genesis 12,quoted above,
    is the solution. America as a nation will be cursed if it does not
    support and bless Israel. Name one civilization that exists today
    that had cursed Jews in its past. The judgement of the nations
    in Matthew 25 cannot be more clear: “Do unto those, the least of my brethern” will be the sheep of Jesus. The choice is not just
    natial, it’s personal, and Americans should double down to avoid
    being the goats!

    • Amen to all you’ve said. History shows that when America tried to divide Israel, particularly Jerusalem, disaster soon follows. Talk about DJT supporting such a plan has alarmed me, but I pray that his advisers will help him see the folly in that. One of the best things he has done is to support Israel, our only ally in the Middle East.

      • Joanna, I am sure some people will think I am crazy but that’s ok. When President Trump announced that he was going to a peace talks in the middle east God told me to write him a letter and told me what to say and where to find it in the Bible. God told me to tell him that there would be no peace in the middle east until the anti-christ brought it about. And Donald J Trump is not the anti-christ. I guess he saw that God did not lie because he (DJT) could not make peace. I am so honored that God chose me to send his message.



  18. All of these very evil Democrats will burn in hell in their afterlife. I have the word from God. For I am a watchman.

  19. In my many years watching politics. The democratic voter is a strange creature. Dem policies have not helped any of their constituents in decades. Dem politicians have been on the wrong side of every issue that would help non whites and poor whites. Far to many people that depend on a welfare check, subsidized housing, food stamps/ebt and Medicaid. The adult Dem voters have kept themselves and their children in poverty and on the plantation for decades. As bigot Omar said “It’s all about the Benjamins” for Dem voters its “All about the Benefits”.

  20. Those who support any candidate on the left have to be morons to not be concerned about their plans to disban America. They are not true Americans if they want to see their country become the US Venezeula.

  21. There’s one pleasure I think all of us agree on. Let the left keep up the Trump bashing until the next election and beyond as it will turn more and more people off which will earn Trump the sympathy vote making it more likely for him to receive a second term.

    • I agree with that statement. All you have to do is visit the camps that are still standing. Then try to debate rights. The Palestinians have been driven out of every country in the Arab world. Terrorists are terrorists. For what ever the cause. Still not right.

    • Gregory Sullivan – The rate the Dumbocrats are going, all President Trump will have to do during the election is a thumbs up. He doesn’t even have to debate the idiotic other side. They are nailing their own coffins.

  22. If thay don’t get REED of that Iddiet Somalan in. Congress she is at it AGEAN telling Muslims to tase hell with true Americans she ie tired of being harassed in this Country. If she does not like it she can go back to where she come from. She needs her Citizens Ship striped and sent back to her Country. She is going to get Muslims attacking Americans and some one is going to get hurt. Going to Secert meatiness with know Meda Theravada she does not want the American people to know what kind of truble she is cooking up how can a Muslim in Congress be aloud to meet secretly agenst Americans be in Office. She needs to be removed kicked out of our Country. She is a Teariest and is conspiring agenst America. GET REED OF HER KNOW.

  23. I am so glad I walked away from the Democratic Party…
    The whole party is evil!!! Never in all of my years have I seen
    These people hurt America…
    I want an investigation on muller and Polosie…something is very wrong with this party…they have not put anything on the table to help America… all they do is spend our tax dollars to investigate
    Our President…just look at what he has done for America
    They are scared to death something will come up
    About them….
    They have tried everything to get rid of him but he is here to stay thank God!!!

    • Luwahana Martin – I changed parties over 20 years ago and don’t regret it. I have to admit that before Pres. Trump, I wasn’t happy about some of the options to vote for. I just voted for the lesser of two evils. I am proud that I voted for Pres. Trump and I will be proud again to vote for him in 2020. The Dems won’t win – they are too damaged.

    • I am with you too, i didn’t know what each party really stand for till Trump. God put Trump as a president for many good reasons. I was brainwashed by my , some of my relatives that Dem party is for people and i didn’t really care before, now it’s different story. When Trump said he will run for President back in 2015, i was so happy. Some people don’t know the truth and don’t want to find it. Some of my family members switched from Dems to Repabs ,only ones who found out the truth. God Bless Trump, Pence and Israel!!!!!

  24. I have a neighbor that lived in NY in 1967. He said that there was a woman there that sold very expensive rugs to the Jewish people. They kept her business booming. They asked her for a donation to help Israel with the war. She was Jewish but she would not donate. Within 6 months she was bankrupt. She bit the hand that fed her. Do the Dems think that they won’t do the same to them? I would love to see it.

  25. I got a question for the Democrat Jews: do you feel safe with your own party that repeatedly expressed their anti-Semitic hostilities?

    Strange bedfellow, aren’t you?

    • Pray to Father God in the name of Jesus Christ for America to be strong and follow the original ‘Constitution handed down to us by our very own President George Washington and cabinet.

      • Alice George Washington and his cabinet could not come up with any for our nation. They argued back and forth.Someone said let’s dismiss and go home and seek the Lord for his wisdom. They came together again and came up with the competition and a bill of rights.

        • Ron, After George Washington took his oath of office they all walked to a little church that still sits at the corner of ground 0 in NYC and in that church he dedicated this country to God. He did not dedicate this country to Allah or anybody else. Only God. I am proud to be an American.

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