Mike Pence shut down Andrew Cuomo with a sharp reality check

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is joining the chorus of Democrats and fake news “reporters” slamming President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

But Trump’s critics ran into a brick wall.

And that’s because Mike Pence shut down Andrew Cuomo with a sharp reality check.

In an appearance on MSNBC, Governor Cuomo blasted the federal response as “chaos” and lied about how the President discussed the outbreak.

“We do need a reset. The reset has to start at the top. We have confusion. We have chaos. We don’t have operations set up. It has to start with the president of the United States. He has to stand up and say what he didn’t say six months ago. He has to say to the American people that COVID is serious,” Cuomo falsely claimed.

Vice President Mike Pence responded to these lies in an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News.

Pence blasted Cuomo for overseeing one of the worst responses to the coronavirus of any leader in the world by signing the death warrant for thousands of New Yorkers with a disastrous executive order mandating nursing homes take in coronavirus patients.

The Vice President also noted that Cuomo repeatedly praised President Trump’s leadership.

“Well, our hearts grieve for the fact that one in five of all the American lives that have been lost in the coronavirus pandemic were lost in the state of New York and some of that was because of poor decisions by the state and by Gov. Cuomo. But look, I liked it better when he said that President Trump’s leadership in the pandemic was, in his words, phenomenal. He said that repeatedly as we surged testing, as we surged PPE, as we sailed in a hospital ship, as we built hospitals in New York. I couldn’t be more proud of the support that we rendered to the people of New York. […] Gov. Cuomo has been on again off again. He’s complimented the administration’s response and then he pivots to criticism, I think people see through that. It’s just politics.”

The federal government has set up adequate testing to reopen the economy and has supplied the states with enough personal protective equipment to protect doctors, nurses, and other health care workers.

America’s death toll numbers from the coronavirus look so bad because five Governors – four of them Democrats – mandated that nursing homes take in coronavirus patients.

Half of America’s coronavirus deaths came from the 0.6 percent of Americans in nursing homes.

That failure is on the Governors – most of whom were Democrats.

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