Mike Pence shut up the left by saying these eight words

Liberals are on a rampage.

The left is taking to the streets and harassing Trump officials to protest enforcing federal immigration laws.

Vice President Mike Pence had enough and shut up the left with these eight words.

The liberal’s summer of rage is being fueled by demands for open borders and amnesty.

Left-wing mobs are using President Trump’s “zero tolerance” illegal immigration policy to push for abolishing ICE.

Calls to abolish ICE only grew louder when Democrat Socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez defeated Democratic House Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley in a primary.

Democrats don’t even disguise their disgust for the agency that enforces immigration laws and prominent Democrats like Deputy National Party Chairman Keith Ellison proudly calls for open borders.

Vice President Mike Pence responded to the lunatic left by stating the Trump administration would “never abolish” ICE.

USA Today reports:

Vice President Mike Pence on Friday offered unqualified support for the government’s front line officers in the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement efforts in the face of calls for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We are with you 100 percent,” Pence said during a visit to ICE headquarters. “We will always stand proudly with our brave heroes of Ice and the Border Patrol.

“Under President Trump, we will never abolish ICE.”

Pence’s appearance along with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen comes as the Trump administration has been engulfed in controversy for separating young children from their undocumented parents as part of a “zero tolerance” border enforcement policy.

Do you support ICE?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Okey, I’ all for the wall. Let’s Americans take a stand and start a “Fund the Wall” campaign. If Americans pay for it Congress cannot stop it. I know contractors who would be excited to build that wall.

  2. Ike. Or whatever your name is?Go back to your own crap country.And leave real Americans Alone. Communism is not going to fly hear.Note…And take the other dumb asses with you..

  3. Absolutely! I stand with my President. He truly has the good of the USA at heart and the sooner the Left realizes this the sooner they could all return to ‘normal’ behaviour! LOL! I can wish can’t I?

    • In the 2016 candidate selection process for POTUS, initially I was a bit “ugh, Trump” but as time went on, I saw a very different person. I see him as a person who really cares about America and the people; he wants to bring back the America we had before 2014. He has a tough road ahead, but he just keeps moving forward! When talking about Clinton or Obama I ask: what has either one of them done for America? Leave the border open; disobey the Constitutional requirements; etc. WHAT HAS CLINTON EVER DONE FOR AMERICA?

  4. Given the poll numbers Republican strategists are probably salivating at the notion of tying these lunatics to every Democrat on the ballot come fall.

  5. The fact that the liberal progressives, such as Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, and the others have decided that ICE should be abolished and we should embrace open borders, just proves they are more concerned with the illegal immigrants who are invading our country than they are with the citizens they are supposed to represent. They care more about giving the invaders the benefits of our hard work rather than protecting us from the financial and physical burden these illegals create. Why should we, as legal residents/citizens of this great country, continue to put up with their skewed liberal progressive agenda that puts everyone else’s needs/desires before ours?

    • I agree with you$100 percent. Illegal immigrants have no rights in our country or any country .. citizen ship is available to responsible individual , families , when they apply for it properly an meet the defined requirements of citizenship
      Living in the United States of America is not a right it is a privilege.

      • Gerald….You are Dead Wrong…..The United States was Built on Immigration…Of you Knew U.S. History you would know that it was Immigrants that Stole the land from the Native American Indian…Way before Ellis Island…So you need to get over yourself!

        • Did you know that the so called native Americans migrated from Asia through the land bridge and prior to them were European immigrants. BTW: Mexico has the highest murder rate and if you get a chance walk around the homeless camps in America and you will find people zombies out with drugs. We don’t need open borders get out of your safe space and open your eyes

  6. Every day the Democraps prove to me that they ARE very anti-American. When they say “that’s not us” about keeping unwanted immigrants out they are so frigging stupid they don’t understand if we let enough of them in it WON”T be us, it will be a mishmash of underdeveloped people, the economy will suck and we’ll be the 2nd world. Bye Bye freedom because they’ll subjugate the Constitution to the pigs in the U.N. And if they are pushing this garbage for short-term political gain they’re much more stupid and should be in rubber rooms. Most of the national Dems shouldn’t be treated as American, Pompeo should dealing with them. Mad Maxine should be in a rubber room now.

  7. Democrats have proved that they not only do not love America but they hate the American People. Inelegant people would STOP digging when they are in a hole.
    As John Wayne would say:
    “Life is hard: it’ harder if you are stupid”
    I will NEVER vote for a Democrat.

    • Inelegant??? That’s not even a word! See how damn stupid conservatives are? Can understand WHY you support the idiot who occupies the WH (for the time being). Your intellect matches his.

      • Did you ever make a mistake in spelling a word?
        Trump has done more for our country than any other President
        And morons like you keep degrading him go to another if you want everything for not doing a dam thing you scum

        • Jerry, I agree with you. Trump has accomplished so much since taking office. Considering that he is serving as POTUS without accepting the presidential wages, that says a lot about his character. I have been amazed at what a great job he is doing. I would vote for him again in a heartbeat!

      • Every time a leftist liberal opens their mouth, the hole just gets a little deeper and their not intelligent enough to realize how stupid you look.

      • You must be a very intelligent person if you are calling President Trump an idiot. You must be perfect if you never spelled a word wrong. Maybe you are just another ignorant or lying liberal that can not have an adult conversation.

      • Sorry Diane, but inelegant IS a valid word. Look it up. So, who is the IDIOT. Demos just keep proving over and over how insane they are.

  8. How quickly would the snowflakes BEG for ice agents to defend them if they were abolished? About 30 seconds after all he’ll breaks out.
    Since California wants to be independent of the USA, go ahead and remove ice agents there. Within days or weeks, BEVERLY Hills and the elaborate gated communities will be taken over by thugs like MS-13 and other self entitled idiots.
    Sounds a lot like when Hitler confiscated all guns, only difference is that these fools want to start by dismantling a much needed agency. Make no mistake, abolishing ICE would only be their first step. Like President Trump has said, “be careful what you wish for”.

    • California will experience one of two things: (1) either it will break off and slide into the Pacific Ocean, which will cause the ocean to rebel, or (2) this November California is to vote on whether or not it will divide into 3 states. I don’t know which of these is better, but I would think the rest of in the USA will be better off without the likes of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, two of the most un-American senators this country has ever seen.

    • That’s why we need to all get out and VOTE. Vote the Dems out of everything we can. We have a better chance of shutting off some of this nonsense coming from the Demoncraps and the leftists if we have more power for the Republicans.

      • VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! First vote out the Republicans that are against everything our president wants to pass….then VOTE OUT all the Democrats that are OBSTRUCTIONIST!!!

  9. DEPLORABLE DEM-O-RATS don’t have any brains… When the GOOD LORD said that they need a BRAIN they thought he said TRAIN’S
    and they said how many !!! And that’s the reason that they have the JackA$$ for their MASCOT !

          • When a Democrat can not win a conversation, they revert to pervert and start calling others names, how sad that they can not comprehend the meaning of the word “research” and instead switch to “hate” gear.

      • HA! jkeaera, where were you when your hero Obama was doing the very same thing that Trump is doing now, EXCEPT Trump is doing it right! Obama’s catch and release was a disaster just like everything he touched for 8 miserable years.
        Pull you head out of that dark hole and think about the children you love to talk about but don’t give a hoot about. Mother’s selling their children to men and I guess you don’t know what happens after that, well Trump does so he is using DNA to get the right parent and their children together. Have you seen pictures of the little children that illegals has dragged across the border just to kick them out on the side of road. I know this is as waste of time, but until you get just a little smarter, sit down and shut up!

      • So sad just how ignorant you liberals are. Anyone with a brain and common sense voted for President Trump and we are not disappointed with his performance as POTUS. He has improved this country a great deal from the cesspool BO left us in, and he, like Conservatives, put God, Country and America first. You Democratic Party is no longer the Moderate Dems. You are everything the Founding Fathers were against, oppression, atheist, gun control so citizens won’t have a way to protect themselves from Communist like your party. BO was the worst president this country has ever had, and that has been confirmed look it up. Probably because he was an Impostor, an enemy from within, a Manchurian Candidate who was never eligible to run for POTUS let alone become POTUS. Better get used to it, President Trump is going to win in 2020 by a landslide. You will see a RED WAVE at midterms as well. This country doesn’t look kindly on Communist, and that’s what the Democratic Party has become, the DSA Party.

    • I think it was more like this: When God was giving out Brains, the asinine Dems thought He said “Trains”, and they all said said that they wanted SLOW ONES!!! (Obviously got their wish)

      • Dumbass rats think it’s ok for a man to give another man a blow job. Just proves how sick and perverted they are.

    • And their jacka$$ symbol looks like it was put together by a committee composed of those same stupid democrats!

  10. 9 of 10 millionaires and billionaires are Democrats so let the new immigrants live with them in their large manaions

    • Exactly. Because they are essentially asking us to support them. So why don’t they do their share (same percentage we have to pay through taxes.) Have they even seen the pictures of the once-romantic city of Paris? Up and down all the rivers, downtown, and all over all you see are tents and sleeping bags. And, not to be too gross, who hasn’t heard about where they go to the bathroom? You guessed it–right on lawns and in parks.

  11. If laws are unjust you convince Congress to change them. You don’t ignore them or get the enforcement agency abolished. That is insane. But our immigration laws are just and must be enforced. We have some of the most liberal immigration laws in the world. But without any we would have anarchy.

  12. We need ICE as it is! We don’t need to change anything. Watch boarder wars and it will show you what they do for the country. POTUS is right if you remove ICE, it wouldn’t be a safe country to live in! If you think homelessness is rampant now? Look at California as the best example of how your city or our state would look like! You chase out the what’s left of the middle class. You’ll spend exorbitant amounts of money just to protect illegal immigrants that have no right’s under the US constitution! All our so called law maker’s that go against the laws we set rather then changing them are nothing but law breaker’s and should go to jail for not protecting their own legal citizens! The money they use to protect these illegal’s could be used to feed the hundred thousands of homeless american children and their families! you talk about being unamerican!

  13. I am on the side if ICE. My now deceased husband was a Border Patrolman and I never knew if he would be coming home after a shift. Some of his co-workers did not get to come home. One of them was brought to our hospital, DOA, (I was a nurse there), and one of the nurses working with me was his wife. He was murdered by an illegal alien, southern border, of course. It was a horrible night for all of us. ICE, ICE, ICE. PLEASE. Put our citizens FIRST. That is WHY we have ICE, Border Patrolmen, Military – to protect innocent citizens, NOT the enemy OR foreigners.

    • One thing these idiots do not realize is that ICE is not just for us, it is for their ignorant rear ends as well. Do they think an illegal is going to ask first if you are a liberal or a conservative before they kill you? A friend of ours had an illegal kill his brother over $50! An illegal he tried to HELP. Put up the damned wall and keep them where they belong. Until then, load them up, kids and all and take them to Nancy Piglosi, mad maixies, chuckie schumer and all the other mouthy liberals who want open borders, then dump them on their front lawns!

      • You are correct the democrats at least the vocal stupid ones don’t understand why a wall would help , uh duh the same reason we have walls and fences around prisons to keep the bad in and and the stupid out.

    • I support ICE and think they are doing a great job. Need more at the border. These illegals should have been turned around before they even got to the border.

  14. Simple question: How do you like to live in house without walls or would you live in a house with no locks on the door ?

  15. I think the left wing nuts should have a meeting in Chicago. Make the meeting
    open to the public so the Democrats can tell them why we should open our borders and have open immigration. Also, why we should abolish ICE. Advertise
    that I will be in a gun free zone and the security officers WILL NOT be armed.

  16. I’m with any law enforcement agency that follows the law. Did the left remember that the same thing happened under the Obama administration? Of course not! That’s not surprising considering they are the party of Hillary—‘I can break the law and discriminate but you betteror we will protest in small numbers that the leftist press will cover as if the majority of America supports 50 people.’ Look at the US map that shows where Trump won vs Hillary. It’s obvious that America supports the policies of our new President. Law enforcement being at the forefront. Keep America safe again!

  17. Just look at the Islamist migrant in Germany who could off his one year olds head and killed the mother. Be careful Dumbocrats you will get what you ask for.

    • That’s a very scary story… The simple truth is that Muslim culture h-a-t-e-s the Christian and will kill it whenever possible. Tzhat is why Muslims cannot be allowed into our Christian country.

  18. Left wing fascists NO LONGER are protected by the First amendment;; they are guilty of sedition , high crimes and misdemeanors;;; arrest these scumbags.

  19. There needs to be a “test” in order for Americans to qualify to vote. They should know some simple facts before they vote. 1) Republicans support democracy. You do not have to be a democrat to be FOR democracy. They are two completely different things. Low information voters think that they must be democrats if they believe in democracy this gives an unfair advantage to democrat party with low information (IQ) voters.. If we don’t require testing/educating then they Really need to RE Name the democrat party.

    2). DJT knows just what to do about immigration, the leftist thugs need to stand down and let him do the job that WTP voted him in there to do. He won, it’s our turn, get out of the way.

    3). Look at all the acqusations that the DNC makes against DJT, then just know that they are projecting exactly what they have done and are guilty of. This is their philosophy best defense is a hard offense …and they put one up first because they know what they are guilty of,

    #3) This country needs DJT desperately, God has provided us with this great leader and the devil is at work through the Democrat party to try to stop him. WTP are praying for his success while the enemy wants him to fail. No weapon formed against him will prosper, he is blessed when he comes in and when he goes out. He is above and not beneath, the head and not the tail. God guides his every move and he is a good servant of God. Nothing can stop that.

  20. Sid
    The Democrats are not normal people. They have been causing all the problems in this country for years. The Democrats for years were calling for immigration laws to stop the Crime, now that Trump is President they want open illegal immigration. The Democrats are monsters.

    • The dumbacrat party has always wanted America as we know it to fall. It’s unbelievable that so many people vote for them. Their so called resistance is the same as the revolutions that gave us Cuba communism and the Soviet Union. Same thing, different name.

  21. Hey, it’s 751 7th July. Has anyone else felt an impulse 747 pm? My pup looked at me and I felt an pressure impulse n I’m in Florida?

  22. Let the blue states experiment first, they should abolish their police forces and security at their capitals, see how that works out for them.

      • I can’t “Legally” enter the west coast! I legally carry a pistol and knife on my gunbelt. Can’t do that in “Mexifornia”. Doubt my Chevy diesel truck would pass their “CARB” requirements. Gun rack in cab contains rifles banned in CA. They said the “Streets will run red with blood”! when we passed “Open Carry”, have not seen or read of one occurrence yet. They have “Legally” built a fence around CA.
        When you lose control of your border, your country is “Gone”. Look at Europe.
        Since the “Open Borders Society” got the “European Union”, Soros is happy. Now he wants the “North American Union”. He already has Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and South America! BUT, Donald Trump is wrecking his plan.

    • That is how they were taught to act in College. Look what college did for Barry Soetoro! Chicago has “Gun Control”, last year “ONLY” 3,500 plus were shot. See, it works great! IF, you are a funeral director or work in a hospital. Cops sure keep busy too. Only gun stores got hurt, business wise. And I’m sure the people there feel so safe? Hillary should move back there!

  23. It is our Congress, especially the Democrats which has refused to address the real Immigration Problems, previously and even this year when Trump made the Dems an incredibly generous offer to resolve the DACA issue, eventually providing a path to citizenship for merit, for a much larger 1.8 million who came and stayed here illegally with their parents as well as finally establish a new, realistic and effective Immigration System while controlling our borders to keep future waves of repeated DACA-like situations.

    This is Trump’s common sense, compassionate and COMPLETE solution to the whole Immigration Problem and not just a partisan ‘Band-Aid’ — The Democrats in Congress completely refused it for no rational reason, except they cannot agree with anything Trump proposes or does, NO MATTER how logical, efficient and necessary for the safety and prosperity of our country and its citizens!

    The DEMS claim to support DACA-kids, Hispanics, Minorities, but they are quick to unanimously dump them and their interests so they can continue their phony Immigration Issues in their quest for Power assuming it will give them leverage in the 2018 election!

    If any outrage is due over Immigration is should be laser-focused on Congress, especially the Democratic Resistors (Swamp Creatures) in Washington — Not on ICE and President Trump who are simply following the laws Congress Created as is their sworn duty.

    But they complain, “Obama did not follow the laws he didn’t like” although this problem existed under his watch — Note the significant difference: Donald Trump is an Honest, Honorable, Moral and Law-Abiding President that takes his Sworn Duties and Campaign Promises Seriously. Unlike Obama, who exhibited serious anti-American, anti-American Flag, contempt for ordinary citizens of the USA and our Constitution, Donald Trump is a Patriot and the hardest working President ever creating enormously beneficial improvements rapidly in only his 1st 18-months in office — He has always been a very intelligent, compassionate, generous and kind person before and during his Presidency while still being tough, persistent and focused on getting results.

    He is an unusual phenomena in government and political office, since Trump cannot be bought and he returns his full salary to the USA Government directed and specific worthwhile programs.


    • I believe Trump followed the existing law, not giving specific orders NOT to separate children from parents. And why wouldn’t he? Obama did it…Trump had NO IDEA of just how many immigrants would bring their children with them. And why? Because Obama let it be known that they would receive asylum.

      • JD – I blame the parents, what parent would bring their children and put them in danger. Why don’t the immigrants try to fix they own country. I think that they are being paid by someone to come to this country and cause trouble.

        • Years ago, La Raza instructed Mexicans to invade America, have lots of babies, then eventually take the country.

        • Manny Walsh I believe you are correct. They may be paid by someone to come to America and cause trouble. Now who is that person?

        • Am I the only one who remembers how the people of the recent “caravan” were coached by liberal American activist lawyers (hint: bring a kid)? I believe this whole “humanitarian crisis” was orchestrated and we are now seeing the results. I’m totally disgusted that our national conversation is monopolized by this nonsense, when we have plenty of American issues that need resolution.

    • Get arrested for anything, and your kids don’t go with you to jail. This is just the usual “propaganda” the liberal groups like MoveOn spread. I never listen to any of the alphabet channels like abc, cbs, or nbc. Fox and OAN are the only ones I listen to, and FOX has too many “Liberal” sponsors like “Progressive Ins”, Soros pays Flo $500,000/year to do the commercials. Fox should never have taken them as a sponsor. In my opinion.

  25. If any adult citizen of this country were to be arrested for committing a crime, they would surely by separated from their children. Why should it be different for non-citizens arrested for the crime of illegally entering our country? Why should the agents of ICE be singled out for their part in enforcing our laws?

    I’m thinking that the far-left’s idiocy is much deeper than “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. It seems to have similar symptoms to “mad cow disease”!

    • I agree 100%!! ICE is necessary to protect our great nation. far left is trying to abolish ALL who protect our country, our citizens, our borders & most important ILLEGALS!!

    • But when someone goes to jail for a crime, those children are left with other family, not taken to a separate facility. Seeking asylum is NOT a crime!

      • What is the definition of “seeking asylum” to you? Is it “I don’t want to live in the country of my birth, I want to live where they give me money to live and free medical’? That’s not asylum, that’s free loading.

        • These people from S America and Mexico want welfare. They can’t speak fluent English and no on should enter America illegal and no one should enter if they can’t speak fluent English. I’m tired of wasting educational funds teaching these kids English… parents should be paying. I’m tired of these illegals receiving scholarships for college and our own American citizens don’t receive scholarship. No illegal should receive scholarships at taxpayers expense.

      • Then send them back to their family where ever they are with the exception of Mexicans and Canadians most of these illegals pass through other countries with asylum treaties and by law should have stopped there, they do not get to chose what country to go to.

  26. it is time to make the Supreme Court have a retirement age of 80 yrs.old,
    let them have some fam. life, they don’t need to die in off.!! like Ginsgberg will.
    who is 1st to go ? her or the queen?

  27. ICE is our front line of defence. Next they will want to abolish police and the military. Give them an inch and they want a damm mile. The ONLY way to deal with them is to vote them out of office.

    • I want to say that you’re wrong, but, you are correct.When Obama was in office, the police were considered the bad guy,and the criminals were the victim! How sick is that?! Remember when Michelle, and all the professional race-baiters would say that you get arrested for walking or driving black?The Left love criminals, hate law abiding citizens, and hate America&the American people.

  28. YES!!!! I am very proud of our border patrol agents for what they go through every day to protect our border and to protect our country from all of these illegal immigrants coming across the border to enter our country without the proper documents, so that they border patrol agents can verify who they say they are. These illegal aliens shouldn’t be bringing children on this long journey just to be able to cross the border into our country.

    President Trump and his administration are only enforcing our laws that are already on our books, where former President Obama, refused to enforce these laws like they were suppose to be enforced from the very beginning. President Trump, and his administration are not rewriting these laws, they are just following the laws that have been already written, but Obama, would never enforce these laws, so I am very proud of President Trump and his administration and the border patrol agents for enforcing the laws that are already there to be enforced to protect every American citizen and our communities.

    Congress needs to give President Trump and the border patrol agents the funds that they need to BUILD THAT BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL for President Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. IMMIGRANTS Pass through up to 12 countries that also allow ASYLUM. So it is not just act of wanting asylum…it is a deliberate act of seeking asylum only in the USA. Congressional liberals and sanctuary city give these immigrants aid from welfare to all welfare programs.
    THIS uses up the tax dollars that were paid into for up to 50 years by AMERICAN VOTERS AND CITIZENS THAT ARE BORN OR CHOSE TO APPLIY FOR CITIZENSHIP IN THE USA.


  30. Why would anyone even consider to abolish ICE? Only a scheme to keep the chaos going to disrupt and stall Trumps agendas. The hater group has let insanity take over and are now very dangerous. The illegals will be removed because we finally have a President who supports Law and Order. Thanks Pence for reminding everyone of this fact.

  31. Abolishing ICE is Not The Answer. I fail To Understand Why Any Normal Person Would Support Breaking The law{s} Of Any nation.? We See The Problems Around The World Created By Illegal Immigration. Crime, Rapes, Abductions Of Innocent Women And Children, Etc.. How Anyone Can Condone This Behavior Is Beyond Me.

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