Mike Pence shut up the left by saying these eight words

Liberals are on a rampage.

The left is taking to the streets and harassing Trump officials to protest enforcing federal immigration laws.

Vice President Mike Pence had enough and shut up the left with these eight words.

The liberal’s summer of rage is being fueled by demands for open borders and amnesty.

Left-wing mobs are using President Trump’s “zero tolerance” illegal immigration policy to push for abolishing ICE.

Calls to abolish ICE only grew louder when Democrat Socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez defeated Democratic House Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley in a primary.

Democrats don’t even disguise their disgust for the agency that enforces immigration laws and prominent Democrats like Deputy National Party Chairman Keith Ellison proudly calls for open borders.

Vice President Mike Pence responded to the lunatic left by stating the Trump administration would “never abolish” ICE.

USA Today reports:

Vice President Mike Pence on Friday offered unqualified support for the government’s front line officers in the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement efforts in the face of calls for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We are with you 100 percent,” Pence said during a visit to ICE headquarters. “We will always stand proudly with our brave heroes of Ice and the Border Patrol.

“Under President Trump, we will never abolish ICE.”

Pence’s appearance along with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen comes as the Trump administration has been engulfed in controversy for separating young children from their undocumented parents as part of a “zero tolerance” border enforcement policy.

Do you support ICE?

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  1. Hopefully some INTELLIGENT Republican or Independent will stand up and beat AOC in the coming election in 2020. This would cause an AOC flame out. Perhaps AOC will board a family of illegals in her living room??? Perhaps a better platform for the Democrats would be: “All Democrats and AOC supporters take in and/or financially support an illegal family to help reduce the housing shortage.”
    PS. We are already providing a room and board for a homeless person so I already have put my money where my mouth is.

  2. Diane, Please let us know how our stupid president has hurt you or your family. Be specific. Or do you just call all of us stupid and go on your merry way. Do you honestly want our country to be run by democrats? Have you heard the HATE they spew? Please tell us, specifically, how they can run this country better than our stupid president? And don’t refer to me as stupid. I support our President, and i am NOT stupid.

  3. When the union of states was being formed. All states we’re required to have a construction. The constitutions had to be in agreement with the U.S. Federal Constitution. I believe (opinion) this would put sanctuary states in violation of that contract. Meaning President Trump has every right to withhold Federal funds from said states.

  4. The mistake. These people are not immigrants. They’re foreign invaders. As invaders, they’re not subject to Constitutional law. They need to be tried by a military court, under Martial Law. President Trump should declare Martial Law at the border. This would also allow for the use of the military in apprehension. I. C. E. needs this support. This is a drastic situation that requires drastic measures.

  5. A few facts people, ICE and the border patrol are two separate departments. Abolishing ICE will not open our southern border the Lord be praised. Illegals are not the only thing that comes in, drugs,radical terrorists, explosives,and guns like machine guns, sniper rifles. MS13 gang members are a danger to everyone. Oh a word to the guven stop the drug traden grabbers, no matter how many laws you pass there will be guns. You will just give smugglers a new set of customers. You can’t even stop the drug trade, what makes you think you can stop gun smugglers? I am willing to bet that cities where MS13 gangs roam the streets you will find darn few democrats and most of them will own guns.

  6. Judith: President Clinton brought his dirty Illegal drug running to the Presidency from his Governorship in Arkansas (I was in Arkansas at this time). He also brought his rutting, rapes, and sexual abuse from Arkansas to Washington, DC.

  7. I will always support our border patrol agents because they are doing everything in their powers to stop all of the illegal immigrants from coming into our country illegally, and they are doing everything that they can to stop all of the illegal drugs from coming into our country as well. The border patrol agents are also doing as much as they can to stop all of the MS-13 gang members from coming into our country, because, MS-13 gang members are bringing more violence into our communities also.

    Border patrol agents are putting their lives on the line to protect every American citizen to the best of their knowledge. If we didn’t have the border patrol agents doing their jobs, then we wouldn’t have any security at all. The border patrol agents are doing exactly what they were hired to do, and that is, to protect the United States of America at every cost and they are doing just exactly that, and I am proud of their hard work, and I will always support them 40,000%.

    THANK YOU BORDER PATROL AGENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Either the Democrat Congress men and women straighten up, or we will have President Trump make you all move some of MS 13 gang members into your homes and you have to feed them and clean up after them, let’s just see how they like that one.

  9. I support Ice and all of the Border Patrol Agents here in America, because, without the Border Patrol Agents and Ice doing their jobs at the border, we would not have an America to consider our home.

    Vice President Mike Pence, was right to go and to let the Border Patrol Agents and Ice know that we stand with them, NO MATTER WHAT THE DEMOCRATS ARE SUGGESTING PERIOD!!!!!!!!!! Ice and Border Patrol Agents are who is keeping every American citizen safe from all of the illegal immigrants that are coming to America, and bringing all of their crime from their home country into our country.

    We can read stories of rape and every other crime these illegal immigrants are bringing into our country. Communities do not feel safe during the day or better yet, these communities do not fell safe at night either. I remember when I was growing-up, at night time, we could leave our wooden doors open, so that the nice cool air could blow through the house to help with keeping it cool to be able to sleep. We would be able to lock our screen-doors, and go to bed without a worry in the world, however, now, you have to be alert at all times, no matter where you are, whether it be at the grocery store or at the shopping mall. You have to be alert, just being outside in your own driveway at your home.

    So, to abolish ICE, it would the most stupid thing for the Democrats to call for! They don’t have to worry about being assaulted at home, because, they have BIG TALL GATES and SECURITY GUARDS outside their homes, so they are fine with NO ONE TRYING TO BREAK INTO THEIR HOMES or ASSAULTING THEM OUTSIDE OF THEIR HOMES, BECAUSE THEY HAVE PROTECTION,FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES.

    All the Democrats want is, for these illegal immigrants to come into our country, bringing all of their crime with them to spew into our communities, and to put fear into our eyes and our souls. Democrats only want these illegals to come into our country, so that these illegals will vote in our elections, KNOWING DAMN WELL, these illegals are not registered to vote, and that they aren’t Citizens of the United States of America.

    The Democrats only think of their needs and NO-BODY else’s.

    So, I support Vice President Mike Pence, and I support the Border Patrol Agents, and I support ICE 20,000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Laura Brooks, YOU are wrong!! America has always been a compassionate people and have welcomed immigrants, but the difference is, they have been LEGAL immigrants!! Why would you or anyone think that we should not control the number of immigrants coming in, and allow as many to come that just decide they want to!! And why would we want criminals, which many already are, even before they break our laws just by coming here illegally, and how is that fair to the honest ones who are waiting in line, legally, to come here?! We want people to come! But they need to obey our laws, love this country and conform to our culture, not come and protest our ways, our flag, disrupt our country!! If they don’t like it here as it is, why in the wold do they come in the first place! Many years ago, people coming to America came because they wanted a better life than they had, they came with no money, got no handouts and worked there butts off and made great lives for themselves and their families! They respected this country and had no problem at all following our laws and becoming great citizens! Many would kiss the ground when thy arrived, they respected America and assimilated. That is how it should be done!

  11. Sorry Diane, but inelegant IS a valid word. Look it up. So, who is the IDIOT. Demos just keep proving over and over how insane they are.

  12. Okey, I’ all for the wall. Let’s Americans take a stand and start a “Fund the Wall” campaign. If Americans pay for it Congress cannot stop it. I know contractors who would be excited to build that wall.

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