Mike Pence told Laura Ingraham one coronavirus reality that just changed everything

Americans have been hunkered down at home for the last month waiting for a sign that the pandemic will pass.

Fox News provided the first hint on Monday night.

And Mike Pence told Laura Ingraham one coronavirus reality that just changed everything.

One major factor in deciding when and how to reopen the economy is being able to figure out who was infected and who is immune.

That can be answered with an antibody test that can be rapidly deployed across the population.

And in an interview with Laura Ingraham, Vice President Mike Pence said the Food and Drug Administration was days away from approving an antibody test that could produce up to 20 million tests per month.

“We expect the FDA to approve a new antibody test in a matter of days. And, if approved, could literally create more than 20 million new tests a month . . . that’ll be a test that will tell you whether you have had the coronavirus in the past and that — whether you might, in fact, be immune to it going forward,” the Vice President explained.

This would be a major development.

These tests could also show the country is closer to herd immunity – where so many people have become immune that the chances of an infected person coming into contact with someone who has never been infected is remote – is closer than ever.

There are studies in foreign countries that show the virus was far more widespread than previously thought.

More good news is the Vice President’s assertion that the country can scale up these tests to the mass quantities necessary to test the population and answer the question once and for all of how many people were actually infected with the coronavirus.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Scott and Steve are full of ca ca. Pence is a honest and truthful man and probably the next republican president in 2024. Suck on that Demwits.

  2. Can anyone say with a straight face say they would feel safer with Bumbling Biden at the wheel? The man can hardly string two sentences together.

  3. This is total nonsense. Anyone with a working brain knows that the coronavirus mutates rapidly, like the flu virus. No one is going to be immune, just as no one who has had a cold is immune to getting a cold again the cold virus is closely related to the Covid-19. As you are aware, Every year we hear that the flu vaccine is only around 10% effective because they failed once again to identify the correct strain to include in the shot.


  5. Do NOT EVER Take ‘the Test’…NEVER___ /Antibodies.etc
    Including Your Name >>> To THE ‘ROSTER'<<< ???
    Think About 'that'… Let HISTORY NOT repeat Itself___
    Do YOU ALL Understand ???

  6. The only way the dummycrats can win the election is by cheating.But just beware obuma and the dummycrats are up to something. My guess is if Biden should win something will happen to him and the vice president will take over.I think obuma is going to try and get Michele in as his vice president . That way he can run the country that much further into the ground.I’ll leave you with on more thought If Trump looses we all loose.

  7. That’s ok snott27. I understand your stupidity. You’re as retarded as quid pro joe. So go sit in the corner and cut a hole in your pocket so you’ll have something to play with.

  8. Dan T… am I using too big of words for you? I’m sorry. I’ll try to dumb it down a bit for you in the future.

  9. Meant Antonio. Opps. I’ll catch hell for that one. So Antonio, go back across the border. And as for getting your name wrong, I’m already laughing. By the way, I graduated from college. Hell, I can even read music.

  10. Snott27 all you have to offer is bla bla bla. and Mario who are you calling uneducated? Go back across the border and stfu.

  11. I am so sick of the Dems lies. They are so gullible. They suck up all of the garbage put out by the fake news. They never check out if it’s true. Trump shows undoctered clips that they broadcasted and it was anti left that they could not stop. So they called what they put out as propaganda. They cannot take truth. Just like the evil one. Thank God we know Trump will be re-elected and both houses will be Republican. Then laws will be made that will forever stop the lefts agenda. Spreads in jail along with the others.

  12. This is bad news for DeMRats. All they have is bad orange man. If we can restore the economy they will be back to the smelly hole they crawled out of.

  13. We wouldn’t even be talking about this if Fauci and Shoe Shine didn’t give the zips $3.7 Million to screw around with some Horseshoe bats. Then accidentally letting a tech or spy walk out as zero parasite one…They have run over citizens with tanks before, oh yeah they said that was a accident as well.

  14. This is the commie liberals and China , sucking each other’s rear ends . What a disgrace the Demonrat Party has become , the time is way over due , that a good Swamp cleaning with gasoline , too burn all the Dirty Rats strait to HELL’S GATE , for sins against God , Country and We The People of the USA . I KNOW IT SOUNDS HRASH , BUT YOU FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE , THATS THE ONLY THING THAT THE SIMPLETONS WILL UNDERSTAND . TALKING DOES NO GOOD , IT JUST GIVES THEM TIME TOO THINK OF ANOTHER WAY TO SCREW OUR COUNTRY AND OUR PRESIDENT OVER . TO HELL WITH THAT IDEA , ” JUST GET’ER DONE ” !!

  15. Sturgis… and of course your conspiracy theory is based in fact and truth… because you heard if from your third cousin’s ex-husband who got it from his best friend who heard it straight from the mouth of billy-bob. Sheesh.

  16. I’ve been dating a Chinese woman for ten years. I have visited her several times in China and she has come to America even more. (long distance relationships are rough) I told her when this first broke, it was a Chinese government conspiracy to get rid of Trump, because of his trade agreement and away of controlling it’s people. She told her cousin, who lives in Hong Kong and her friend. Now they all agree with me! At first they didn’t know China was building island in the Pacific Ocean, now they do!

  17. March 12, 2020.. “anyone who wants a test can get a test.” Your dear leader. On camera. April, 2020.. Multiple state governors, doctors and other health experts… we don’t have enough testing to accurately track the virus. ’nuff said.

  18. I have to agree with Dan and Dave with their theories.Makes a lot of sense. And what are the Dems doing? Gearing up for another round of impeachment nonsense, that’s what.Wasting more of our tax dollars just to be more vindictive.They are truly shameful and evil human beings..

  19. Well guy’s and girl’s here we go again more of the dems investigating the President did he do this in time how many mistakes he made dems spending more tax payers money when are we going to stand up and say enough well i ask you and nobody’s going to Jail when will the American people say No More

  20. Dave I find it interesting that this virus sprang up in an election year when it’s all on the line. It’s make or break for the commiecrats. We are one election away from losing our country.

  21. Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

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