Mike Pence took one trip that led to a big surprise for Donald Trump

When Mike Pence left office in January it wasn’t clear what his future plans were.

That’s now coming into focus.

And Mike Pence took one trip that led to a big surprise for Donald Trump.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is clearly running for President in 2024 if Donald Trump opts not to run.

Pence scheduled a trip to New Hampshire to address the Hillsborough County Republican Club’s Lincoln-Reagan Awards Dinner on Thursday.

NH Journal reported:

“Former Vice President Mike Pence is coming to the First in the Nation Primary state Thursday night for the first time since the 2020 presidential campaign.

Pence’s speech to the Hillsborough County GOP’s annual Lincoln-Reagan Awards Dinner will make him the first person on the list of presumed 2024 GOP presidential candidates to visit New Hampshire in person this year.

And it appears he’ll be well received. State Republican National Committeeman Chris Ager says the Hillsborough GOP has sold more tickets for this event than ever before, and the top-dollar VIP reception tickets completely sold out.”

Hitting the county party dinner circuit is a rite of passage for politicians looking to build name recognition and goodwill in the early voting Presidential states.

And Pence getting a warm reception in New Hampshire might be most surprising to Donald Trump and some of his supporters.

Some Republicans and Trump supporters are angry Pence did not reject the certified results of the Electoral College.

Pence stated that the Constitution did not allow him that ability.

And many in the GOP thought the fractured relationship between Trump and Pence would doom Pence’s chances in 2024.

But in Pence’s first foray into the critical “first in the nation” primary state, tickets sold out for Pence’s appearance at the Lincoln-Reagan Awards Dinner.

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