Mike Pence’s talk with Nancy Pelosi about the coronavirus did not go like anyone expected

President Trump selected Mike Pence to lead his administration’s coronavirus task force.

Pence’s first move was to reach out to Congress to try and get everyone on the same page about the government’s response.

But Mike Pence’s talk with Nancy Pelosi about the coronavirus did not go like anyone expected.

Vice President Pence understands the seriousness of the coronavirus situation.

Pence’s instinct is to put country first and work with Democrats on a united and bipartisan response to that situation.

Unfortunately Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer only saw the coronavirus as an opportunity to score political points.

In a phone call with Vice President Pence, Speaker Pelosi ripped Pence as unequipped and unqualified to manage the federal government’s response.

The Vice President took the high road in response during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

“The president also directed me to reach out. I spoke to Speaker Pelosi. I spoke to Sen. Schumer. […] They were good conversations,” Pence began.

Pence also sought to reassure viewers that unlike the Democrats Donald Trump and the rest of his administration realized this was a moment where everyone needed to cast off their partisan jerseys and come together as Americans.

Vice President Pence told Hannity “the president said to me, look, I want you to reach out to the Republican and Democrat leadership. Because we want to push politics aside, we want to make sure we get the resources that we need to respond to this, to make sure the CDC, all of our agencies, have the support that they need.”

Pence also sought to reassure Americans that while the current risk of infection was low, the administration was prepared for any outcome including a severe outbreak.

The Trump administration understands that it needs to undertake a competent and robust response to the coronavirus.

If they manage the situation, the politics will take care of itself and the Democrats will pay a price for their partisan stunts in a time of national crisis.

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  1. Pelosi and Schumer just look at them. They look like raving lunatics!! It is time for age limits, These two People need to be put out to pasture.

  2. Where is our annual Daylight SAVINGS Time we voted for. Do you not care for what the California people VOTED for????

  3. Demons don’t like Christian responses to a National Emergency. Pelosi telling VP Pence he’s not qualified is laughable. What did Pelosi do before she was in Congress? What are her qualifications to lead an Emergency Response? Mike Pence was Governor of a Great State. She’s a money laundering whore. She’s used her office to enrich herself. San Francisco is in shambles. Bubonic Plague has been identified there. What’s she done about it? ZERO!

  4. Pelosi and Schumer are the most perverted disgusting freaks ever. To use a virus as political tool to get more support and power is despicable and obscene. These two sick excuses for human beings should be thrown out of Congress on their enpty brainless heads.

  5. I think the Democratic Party will hold the money back so more people will get sick and some die, This will mean not many Republicans alive and the Dem’s will be in charge, THEY THINK THEY WIN but their own party is beginning to see through them

  6. The Democrats want lots of people to get sick and die, the more the better. Democrats do not care about people being safe or having better jobs and a better life, all they care about is power, them having it.

  7. The Democrats want lots of people to get sick and die, the more the better. Democrats do not care about people being safe or having better jobs and a better life, all they care about is power, them having it.

  8. Pelosi and Schumer have proven over and over again the American come dead last in their only agenda of taking down our Commander In Chief. These enemies of this country have done nothing except show their never ending hatred for all Americans. They are leaders of a gang of thugs.

  9. pelosi has become unhinged and trying to dry out from her alcholism issues, her and schmeister are struggling to keep there positions and therefore make all the noise they can

  10. It is too bad that Pelosi has forgotten that it is about the well being America and the American people. Politics is the last thing. Wish the citizens in California would realize that she has lost it.

  11. Mike Pence held out the peace hand to Pelosi and Schumer, but unfortunately they had already extended their hands to the coronavirus. They don’t have free hands for us! – They play with the coronavirus, like Putin plays with the atomic bomb. These are bad games!

  12. Everything the Democrats do at this time to make this a political issue will be rolled out at the time Biden and Trump stand on the debate stage and cover the Corona Virus. All of them Pelosi, Schumer all of them will be made out like idiots and politicizing a threat to all Americans. Their stupidity will reach all the media, they cannot hide it. The Republicans will reap the Congress, Senate, and Presidency.

  13. The congressional whore with the gavel think she can control everything and make everything a political game. Her and her other 2 stooge/clowns Schuner and Schitty have to go also. They don’t care about any of us citizens, they just want to screw the country over and let us all die!! Get rid of them before they ruin our country!!!

  14. VP Pence is a very respectful considerate man and old hag rich witch b-i-t-c-h was laying in wait for him! AND of course, everything is a political opportunity for Pelosi! There was a bill to fund expenses to fight COVID-19 that Pelosi refused to bring to the floor for a vote prior to Super Tuesday so the Dems could continue to say the Republicans and DJT were not doing enough to fight the Cornavirus!
    She will get hers come November and she will lose the gavel come January, AGAIN!
    Us now ??? & ??? in November!

  15. Since pelosi and Schumer thinks it’s fun and games and don’t seem to care, maybe these two should be in a locked room with this virus and see if they be laughing. Pelosi and the democracts are pathetic people and should be held accountable for their actions.

  16. If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck…if you love your country, you can keep your country.

    The political screenplay of the century is here…
    and the title is…

    By screenwriter Douglas Paige.
    America has fallen and can’t get up,
    the overindulgence of America has become
    the failure of America, now it seems our federal
    government has murdered the
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    government will want a private viewing of…


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  17. The unwillingness of the Democrats not to work with VP Pence regarding this Corona Virus means the Democrats care nothing about the American citizens nor their constituents. This isn’t about politics, it’s about the safety of the American people (ALL the American people). Well folks, you know where the Democrats stand… it’s only about them and how much money they can squeeze out of the American citizen. Now why would I want to vote for someone who cares nothing about me or my fellow Americans?

  18. Pigloser, and Upchuck Schumer are two rat faced bastards that are similar to the rats that carried Bubonic plague into Europe. These two pieces of trash have fought President Trump, and his Administration every step of the way, when it came to building a Border Wall, Deporting Illegal Aliens that are here, stopping Commercial Airline flights, and Passenger Ships from coming here, from certain hot spots, and halting people coming from certain parts of the world, known to have the virus. Mr. Trump did the same thing with the Ebola outbreak, and these Sociopath Devilcrats fought him on that, too. These are very twisted, arrogant, self-centered,and even murderous individuals that need to be removed from every position of Authority, from the School Board, to the U.S. Congress, and Senate. Anyone who can willingly fund, and defend Abortion, and then defeat bills in their various State Legislatures, to aid infants that miraculously survived the nightmare torture of an abortion, by Defeating the “Born Alive” bills, is doing the work of the Devil Himself. These Left Wing Lunatics are rightly called Devilcrats. Vote November, 2020 for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and Conservative-Republicans all the way across the ballot.

  19. Pelosi and Schumer are scumbags who have there own agenda and it isn’t for the good of the country.

  20. The corruption in the senate and congress run so deep and even electing new will never end this corruption unless we throw their asses in prison. The “squad” has infiltrated and taken over to drive us dircetly into communism. They are all marxists now.

  21. Only the sick and disgusting left would want to bring the country to its knees for political gain! These two (along with the rest of their mob) make me want to puke!

  22. Its clear that democrats hope the Coronavirus causes the economy to crash and people die so they can use it to try and defeat Trump in November.


  24. Rahm Emanuel, former president Clinton’s Chief of Staff basically said this: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is that it allows you the opportunity to get things done you could not so before.” Does anyone believe that the current Corona Virus scare is being used for such an opportunity?

  25. The hatred for Trump and Republicans oozes from every part of their body. They are cheering for the most possible number of deaths, rampant disorder and economic collapse, all to just get Trump. Evil people, every last one of them. (Including RINO’s that have lost their moral compass over their hate. Hate corrupts the mind, turns them into traitors.)

  26. Pelosi Schumer, Schiff and all the traitor Democrats seek the end of the United States! Anyone not understanding that is either a traitor or dead. One does not talk with, argue with or analyze why a rat invades your home! You just obliterate them! Ditto for the above traitors who are working 24/7 to obliterate America!

  27. Everything has been said about the “party of nothing!” The more they continue with their hatred and ignorance, the more the debris piles up – like a tornado!

  28. In all my years I have never seen our country in such a mess! What has happened to people? No common sense, no respect, no caring for one another? Let our President do his job! Let our Vice President do what he has been commissioned to do! Just think, if people would do that we would have a united nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all without all this insanity. I pray for respect to return, for unity, and peace in our land! Just think of what that would look like? Our country, united, together we stand against the evils in this world that are growing rapidly! Our generation must rise up to be the example or our children and grandchildren will have a messed up world to live in! With God’s help we can do it! Let it start now by praying for all in authority as the Bible tells us to do! Let us join hands to help where help is needed! Let us honor God, our country, those in authority and each other. If we cannot honor someone in office, we can pray for that person, and remember to vote when it is time to vote.

  29. Pelosi is another good reason for term limits in congress as well as periodic alcohol and drug testing.

  30. I am glad all went well for Pence, I like Pence and support him and Trump. I still don’t like the Democratic Party and Pelosi. I do not trust her or them. The reason they are so concern, because it is their body and their life. So why don’t they think about the innocent babies that they approve in Abortions.

  31. The Left (no longer the Democrat Party my father or I knew and supported at one time) has taken a position of irresponsibility to its duty to the public. Politicians, (not to be confused with prostitutes who offer some value for their services), have become so corrupted and arrogant, completely disregarding the essential definition of the Constitution, to REPRESENT the citizenry. I truly wish a plague on the treasonous Left and have no sympathy if their arrogance negatively affects their health or that of their families. America should not be held hostage to the dysfunctional democrats, period.

  32. First of all, VP Pence has more knowledge,class,tact,grace,and manners than Nancy has/had or will have in all her 80+ years. Who was that
    truly incompetent atty general with President Useless that said never let a diaster go to waste. Exact words, not sure.

  33. Marsha the only thing that the commiecrats have done is to teach people that it’s better to live off the government. But look at how that works for the people in Nancy’s town.

  34. The Democrats are out of control and if they think that most Americans do not see this then they are sadly mistaken. The Democrats say the President is not doing enough then they the Democrats say he is doing too much. The Democrats then to stop the President Trump bashing and start looking to what is needed for the American people and that is not the third world they are trying to make us become. The Democrats need to stop doing the Devils work. The American people see the Democrats for what they are a bush of Communist trying to take the freedoms we have fought so hard for and turn this into a communist country.

  35. Wonder why San Francisco is in such bad shape? The #1 richest real estate mogul is married to Nancy Pelosi; the mayor is Pelosi’s son-in-law; and, of course, Nancy, herself, lives there with a wall around her compound to keep out blacks and illegals. Now. Name one thing democrats have done FOR Americans: NOTHING!!! So, there’s your incompetent morons!!
    Action, or lack thereof for Democrats,speak MUCH LOUDER than words.
    This used-to-be democrat is voting Republican: they are the ONLY ones DOING anything FOR US!!!


  37. She needs to go, she’s an embarrassment, and anyone who follows the crazy needs to go as well.
    The demonuts have no interest in protecting its citizens and she’s the perfect poster hag for her own dirty “home town” how can they stand her? Why would they want her. Dirty is dirty and she may be the worst yet.
    Gross she’s just gross…. they showed her city on tv today it’s awful, hundred if not thousands living dirty in the street with kids. Kids are around drugs violence and they will grow up repeating what they see.
    Good job keep drinking it will go away right?
    Trump four more years

  38. Great response Vice President Pence. Take the high road. This is about safety of Americans not a political issue to be used to divide us. Together we stand. Divided we fall. One nation under God. Indivisible. President Trump is our leader. God bless America. Four more years.

  39. Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer are sick individuals. They continuously put their political ambitions before the health and welfare of Americans. How could anyone in a conscious state of mind vote for a commie democrat. The division in this country will never be eliminated while the idiot democrat leadership remains in office. Please people of America, vote these idiots out.

  40. This is to Julio Laredo. Were you born this stupid or is it a learned trait? Read the constitution stupid nothing Trump has done or said legally warrants an impeachment

  41. Democrat “so called leadership” is a joke…with the likes of Pelosi and Schumer leading the pack of misfits. I hope the American people are paying close attention to how these political partisan hacks are using this global threat, COVD-19, as a way of using it against the POTUS…and all citizens of the USA. If they truly cared about an outbreak in our country, they would work with the President to do whatever it takes to keep that from happening…but, they’re too concerned with undermining President Trump to be bothered with that. They’re despicable, and a disgrace to this great country, and don’t deserve any leadership roles…that’s why it is crucial, that we hold onto the Oval and Senate, but also take back the House!!! We need Trump for four more years, to get done what he has started for the American people…and without these treasonous obstructionists making it more difficult for him…TRUMP 2020!!!

  42. pence is the man….Pelosi & Schumer are arrogant fuc_ing Democrats who look for one thing…to remove Trump from office…NOT FUC_ING HAPPENING

  43. Pelosi had better watch out being disrespectful to VP Pence! I guess she is too demented to recall DJT puts up with just so much before he steps in and and rips her a new one! I can tell you this much, she had WAY rather deal with Mr. Vp than Mr. President! DJT has a craw full of that old b i t c h and her excrement, he is waiting for an opportunity to whip her like a redhaired stepchild!
    And who in hades does she think she is to criticize anyone for anything! She is such a hypocritical incompetent old drunk loser she is not capable to take care of ONE CITY and her own home city at that! She needs to clean up her own crap before she talks down her crooked witch’s nose and calls anyone at all “unqualified and unequipped”! SERIOUSLY!
    Nancy needs to keep her mouth full of loose teeth shut and work with VP Pence to help control and stomp out this COVID-19! The first people to expire in CA from it could be her dear ones!
    Can there be one person who really thinks Pelosi gives a flying f–k about the American people! She just wants to be in full on control!

  44. This article presents absolutely no facts on how Pelosi “In a phone call with Vice President Pence, Speaker Pelosi ripped Pence as unequipped and unqualified to manage the federal government’s response.” It made this blanket statement after accusing Pelosi and Schumer of politicizing the issue; then it goes on to describe how Pence is the best political person to be in charge in order to gain bipartisan support.
    Talk about FAKE NEWS.

  45. Pelosi and Schumer will not co-operate and will undermine VP Pence. that is how Corrupt they are

  46. “ With Pelosi and Schumer at the helm of steering the Destiny of Family America, WE will all be on the fantail like those on the Titanic again, sinking”!

  47. while trump was shutting down flights from china and being called a racist by liberal democrats,this same party was neglecting the virus and concentrating their energy on impeachment.this is why trump calls them the party of do nothing.

  48. Next thing you know, Pelosi will cut free food to the homeless, so they won’t poop as much in the streets and claim it’s a victory for the Demorats.

  49. How can you tell when Chucky ,and Pelousi say anything important ? You can’t, they don’t know how!

  50. I live in Oregon. They claim their was one confirmed suspect case near my city. The stores were hit with everyone buying like there was no tomorrow. I was shocked. I would advise the administration to warn media that if they over exaggerate and cause public panic, they’ll be fined Millions because it will deplete necessary resources for hospitals and the truly sick, who need medical supplies. Make your own alcohol. Make your own face masks. Stop panicking, and store canned and dry goods.

  51. Oh look! julio richard Laredo, the illegal alien has learned how to copy and paste. He just isn’t smart enough to figure out how to not repeat himself.
    Must be a Democrat voter.

  52. Pelosi could not even qualify for a hore she is a dried up slut with her false teeth falling out

  53. Pelosi and Schumer are with out any doubt two of the dumbest deplorable racist communist democrats on the earth they are the white trash of America
    Putin would have them begging in a few minutes
    What dumb one between Biden and Sanders will they choose both are deplorable loosers

  54. I’m worried that Congress to spite Trump will in some way try to pass legislation that will in some way hamper our ability to deal with this crisis. The Dems undermining condescending speeches have already put many people uneasy. They could by their speeches cause a general panic and That could prove disastrous.

  55. Pelosi wants to talk about unqualified, she better look at her own backyard. She wants to run the United States when she couldn’t run a bingo game with the homeless people. She’s been looking pretty bad here recently on the news, could be a mental breakdown or to much gin…

  56. Lets make sure that when these Democrats go home to California that are checked before returning to The Capitol so they do not bring the Virus back with them. They need to be quarantined if any possibility of them acquiring it from there home State!!!

  57. So, with this Corona Virus looming as an ’emergency’ and cases confirmed in Mexico, do the Democrats still want an open border? The Democrat candidates must go on record if they are still in favour of open borders and be held responsible when cases are found to be spread by illegal immigrants. And isn’t Health and Hospitals a State responsibility????

  58. Let’s go ahead and surrender. We will be a communist country sooner or later. It might as well be sooner. Let’s all be comrades in a global community. The government taking care of all of your needs. The problem of elections will be over. A leader for life from among the worlds smartest people.

  59. The Democrats wish this to become bigger than it is now. They also want the stock market to take and the economy to tank. The Dems are just showing their true colors. Nancy should be worried about her state. It’s already a disease state. It’s known as the poop state.

  60. Liberals do not care about the people as you can see with Pelosi, it is all about control and power and ends justifies the means. If the people have to suffer than so be it. Like Putin or not, what he said and him saying it shows how bad liberalism has become. Putin said,” Liberalism is the Problem “

  61. President Trump was fortunate enough to pick a good man to be his VP. Mike Pence is a Christian and a very intelligent, strong person who doesn’t just sit by doing nothing. He is actively involved in President Trump’s concerns and he is a perfect choice to head up the response and preparation in regard to this potential health threat. It’s just such a shame that Pelosi and most of the other Democrats who are in a position of power are determined to NOT work with the President no matter what situation comes up. Americans will remember this when the November elections come around. Dems are only hurting themselves with no real plans or agenda except for one which is must stop Trump. That is all they know. The DEms have gotten zero done in over three years now. If anyone else sat at a desk and didn’t do their job for over three years they would be fired and its time to ‘fire’ these useless and corrupt Dems come November. Please Vote no matter who you support. Just get your voice heard. There is still time to register to vote in the November general elections.

  62. The democrat party is so filled with anger and hatred that they would rather not cooperate and let the virus hurt and even kill people if it hurts Trump too.
    These people are pure EVIL. There is no other way to describe democrats.
    They are DEMONIC.

  63. be that as it may, Trumpykins, through word and deed, has earned impeachment thousands of times over. be that as it may, Trumpykins, through word and deed, has earned impeachment thousands of times over.

  64. As far as most are concerned Pelosi is no way close to looking after herself let alone playing politician! She should be in a nursing home, her mind has left the body!

  65. I could make a case that the democrats are responsible for the release of the Coronavirus. Dems. Talk to iranians(recent) Iranian gets goods and services from China. None of them like a strong willed US.

  66. That craphole that San Francisco has become will continue to vote for that sorry excuse of a human being that Queen nancy is until she dies. We’ll just have to bear with it.

  67. Pelosi and Schumer showing their HATE FOR AMERICA! With this virus going around they still hurting in their butt. Don’t want to show American people they will work with Trump or Republicans party to protect the country. Time for them to go! We don’t want these type in our Congress. Their Job is working for US AND THE COUNTRY! But it seems like they prefer to work for ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

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