Mike Pompeo just shot down a Senator for his personal attacks on Trump

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been with the Trump administration virtually since Day One.

But when Senator Tom Udall tried to personally attack President Trump, Pompeo wouldn’t stand for it.

He quickly shot down the Senator with these five words.

New Mexico’s Senator Udall was questioning if Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns was an effort to hide conflicts of interest between his former business dealings and America’s foreign policy.

That’s when Pompeo shot back, “Senator, I find that question bizarre.”

He went on to say, “I’ve been incredibly involved in this adminstrations’ policy now for some 16 months and I’ve seen literally no evidence of what you are scurrilously suggesting!”

“It is an outrageous suggestion,” Pompeo threw in for good measure.

Fox News adds:

Udall shot back that his question was not scurrilous, saying “this has been raised by a number of people out there.”

“Yes, sir, yes, sir it has,” answered Pompeo with a sarcastic chuckle. “You want me to tell you who those folks are and what their political interest may well be?”

“No, I know, it’s fake news,” said Udall sardonically.

The exchange generated quite a buzz given that Senate hearings rarely see such a strong exchange of words.

The left has been attacking Trump’s character from the moment Hillary lost in 2016.

People who could barely spell “Emoluments” were suddenly Constitutional experts talking about how the 49 word clause in Article I would prevent Trump from taking office, or at the very least prevent his businesses (from which he is no longer affiliated) from taking money from foreigners.

It’s just another failed attempt by the left to bring down Trump.

If one line of attack doesn’t work, they’ll find some other way, and the media can always be counted on to help them along.

What do you think about Pompeo’s response to Udall?

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