Mike Pompeo just slammed Iran’s leaders with this comparison

The media is furious over Donald Trump’s Tweet warning Iran’s leaders not to threaten America.

But the Trump administration isn’t retreating from Trump’s position.

In fact, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just doubled-down when he slammed Iran’s leaders with this comparison.

The mainstream media still hasn’t gotten over President Trump withdrawing from Barack Obama’s flawed “nuclear” deal with Iran.

Nevertheless, President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal was likely the only way to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Now when President Trump responded to harsh Iranian rhetoric with a stern warning of his own, the media thought they could get Trump’s administration to back off with public pressure.

Pompeo’s recent comment proved that’s not happening.

Reuters reports:

Pompeo, in a California speech to a largely Iranian-American audience, dismissed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who negotiated a nuclear deal with the United States and five other countries, as “merely polished front men for the ayatollahs’ international con artistry.”
Iran “is run by something that resembles the mafia more than a government,” Pompeo said, citing what he called Iranian leaders’ vast wealth and corruption.
Pompeo said senior Iranian leaders had benefited from embezzlement, sweetheart deals and other ill-gotten gains.

Iran’s ayatollahs, he said, were “hypocritical holy men” who “seem more concerned with riches than religion.”

Pompeo’s doubling-down on Trump’s comments with his comparison wasn’t the only sign the administration wasn’t backing down.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said he believes “the president was making very clear they’re on the wrong track.”

He added, “[Iran] cannot continue to show irresponsibility as some revolutionary organization that is intent on exporting terrorism, exporting disruption across the region.”

What are your thoughts about the Trump administration’s tough talk toward Iran?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I agree Donna, 100%!! He was also so sneaky and quiet about things he didn’t want us to know about! He lied about everything, then came across like a nice guy and had all the libs fooled into believing every lying word he said, hook, line and sinker!! President Trump is up front, tells all, just the opposite of Obama!! I would totally rather have the truth whether I agree or disagree, than to be always being lied to and never really knowing what the truth is!!

  2. Your rather ignorant Sandra Lee. There wont be a war. All the fake news and worthless demos said rather forcefully there would be with North Korea. And now north Korea has completely backed down and has begun to dismantle. There will be no war with Iran either. Its all hogwash talk and fuel for the fake news to scare everybody gullible enough to pay attention.

  3. ps. &&& Am glad POTUS DJT IS NOT Doing in the PPL’s WH
    what JFK/Clinton did in 0val & what obama Did
    in WH ‘basement’, playing ‘ping pong’.

  4. Sec. of State Pompeo’s Remarks are quite Profound/
    > Majority of Iranian ppl are not in ‘sink’ w/ so called
    ‘leadership’ .

  5. John, I agree and I am glad we have President Trump because he is tough and will do it, if necessary!!

  6. I always believed that Obama was not an American… He hated that America is a great Country and that it is/was built by European Americans. He’s an A$$… He’s not Globalist…. He’s not evan an Elitist… He’s just an A$$


  8. God did NOT need mom and dad’s help to create Adam & Eve.
    God does not need anyone’s help. God creates what He
    wants. Those of His creation who become children of
    Satan and do evil, when they step into eternity will
    face an eternity of torment in the eternal flames of
    hell. I have read the KJV and the NKJV Bible from cover
    to cover SEVENTEEN TIMES and am still doing that.

  9. Rocky, I don’t believe Obongo is stupid, I believe he is a filthy traitor.
    I’m so thankful that the Lord sent Pres. Trump to save us from the
    treachery of our enemies.

  10. The only rules is that the government can’t force anyone to belong to any religion. Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to a baptist congregation in Danbury conn. assuring them of this and referred to a seperation of church and state. The liberal retards have used this to drive God out of our country. Hasn’t worked yet. He’s still here.

  11. I RESPECT TRUMP for pulling out of the incredibly dangerous Obummer agreement with Iran. Obama was either a fool or anti-American (probably both). What head of a national government would send an airplane with 7 BILLION American dollars to a country known to be the #1 supplier for terrorists, when that money was not owed to the country it was sent to. Well, of course, Obama might do something that stupid.

  12. Yeah the last dummy over there who threatened us with annihilation

    They see to forget that the last leader who threatened America with annihilationwas none other that saddam Hussein. He was going to send all our forces back in body bags. Ended up being a shooting gallery. Many ended up surrendering to helicopters. They need to reread the account of Belshazzar in Daniel chapter 4. Especially verses 22,23. History can be ver helpful.

  13. Barbara, we are not all God’s children. Those that seek and follow him through their faith in Jesus are his children. God doesn’t need a chance to fix anything. We are her because he put us here. We are here on his time and his time is not time at all it’s eternal. God bless you Barbara, no one loves you more than Jesus!

  14. Finally a president who won’t back down from threats from terrorist a terrorist government. Mess with the bull and you get the horns General Jim Z(Mad Dog) Mattis

  15. I wonder how many Democratic USA citizen are aware of what the Democrats promise if they take over the government> I am not going to list them here but they need to check it out before they turn our government over to the Democrats. If it happens America will NEVER again be a Republic form of government. One thing the Dems promise is increased taxes. Vote for the Dems and you punish your fellow citizens.

  16. Love our Righteous and capable President! He is the Greatest of all presidents we had up to this point! President George Washington had all the SUPPORTED he needed from HIS OWN! Our President Trump gets betrayed by HIS OWN and getting attached 7/24 daily from every side! with FAKE NEWS! We pray for our Country and for OUR President daily……… Need all the God loving peoples in our country to pray for our Country and our President daily~ let all be revealed and protect our President MINUTELY! The UNHOLY HATES HIM! GOD is with HIM!

  17. AMEN!!!!! It is true, GOD knows exactly what is going on and YES, he will be the one to fix everything that happens.

    He is protecting everyone of us, because, we all are GODS children, because he is the one who created us with our parents help. He knew what we were going to look like, with the color of our hair, eyes, and our DNA. He also knew who we were suppose to look like in the face and our attitude.

    SO, YES, GOD will fix everything as long as we give him the chance. He knows exactly when he wants to fix everything and we just have believe in him and trust in him. I sure do believe in him and I sure do trust in him, because he is the creator of everything on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth as it is In Heaven, give us this day our Daily Bread, and forgive us our Trespasses as we forgive those who Trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but Deliver Us from Evil, for thine is The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory Forever, AMEN. That is the prayer God through His son, Jesus Christ, taught us to say, as Christians, to ask Him for His help in every day life. If anyone reading this doesn’t know what to say to God, just talk to Him as you would talk to yourself or to someone who you truly believe in and love. God knows what is going on, and He Will Fix it, as He has already made the plan before it happens, because it is His plan. God will use people to help His plan along, that is why He created man, to help Him with the Plan. That is also why abortion is wrong, killing an unborn child, which God also helped create by using the mom and dad, that child could be the one to also help God’s plan along, so don’t kill the infant, the infant may be one of the human beings that God needs to help the world He created become better.

  19. Iran’s leaders must have unbelievable hearing. Remember their words and actions during the Carter years. Then seemingly they were able to read Ronald Regan’s mind, because as soon as they knew he was going to be President, they released all of the Americans they had held. Makes you wonder what they do and do not understand.

  20. Didn’t see Peggy’s comment but it sounds like some false hopes we see stated as fact by one who calls herself Diane. She like to state foolishness as fact too. Fact is the Constitution does talk about Freedom Of, but can’t see anything about from. I would guess that these ill informed people hear about, “Seperation of Church and State,” and their simplistic minds take them into an area that is not in fact there, which is their wrongful hate of God and His plans.

  21. Sandra, As a vet that loves our country, I am glad we have President Trump at the helm of the SHIP OF STATE. Of presidents mentioned, I think FDR was a costly mistake and JFK should have stopped when he screwed up with Cuba and left Viet Nam alone. However, he clearly make up for the first Cuba incident, the Bay of Pigs, when he made the USSR stand down. Wilson should have listened to his Generals. Bushes had their wins and loses, No new taxes vs stopping Iraq’s invasion, Jr’s was standing tall after 9/11 vs going back into Iraq to get even with Husain for the rug with Bush SR’s picture on it to walk on. Not directly mentioned, Teddy Roosevelt was a man who was a true patriot and leader. Regan certainly is, if not the best as close to it as he could be without occupying that position. I would be remiss to talk about the first group of men who lead our nation as I never saw but did read of their wisdom. Thank God the worst president was voted out on November 2016.

  22. Amen. The much needed further comment needed is “GOD, please, continue to bless our undeserving Country.”

  23. You mean just exactly like the war with North Korea? What ever happened to that war? Oh yes, Little Rocket Man decided he really liked the idea of being able to continue living. North Korea may not be de-nuked yet but on the other hand they have not been firing missiles at Japan or Guam lately. By the way, they also did not engage in their annual anti-US nonsense with all the military hoopla this year, which they have done pretty much every year since the Truce was signed putting the Korean War on hold.

  24. All it would take , a few of the Mother Bombs dropped on the dwelling of the leaders, and it would be all over , those that have been protesting would welcome if.
    Don’t mess with yje USA we now have a president will clean your plow

  25. There will be a war with Iran anyway and being as we happen to be Israel’s ally, we’re certain to be drawn in regardless; but it won’t likely be just Iran; it’s more likely to include Turkey, Russia, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

  26. Perhaps because the Iranian people are literally begging for the SHAH back, by NAME, in their protests? They’ve realized that he was a better, and more even handed leader than they’ve had since.

  27. That was a bit of sarcasm; “special delivery to the gov’t leaders’ mansions” means from a BOMBER, as in NUKE them; not GIVE them bombs to use on others. BTW, when you nuke sand it turns to glass; check out the White Sands area in SW NM.

  28. They are also the sons of Ishmael, whom Abraham sent away from the son (Isaac) of the promise; Lot (Moab and Ben-Ammi), and Esau, all of whom rejected God, and were subsequently rejected by Him when blessing Isaac, then Israel and his sons and their offspring.
    Allah was the moon god from whose worship Abram was initially called away, in what became modern Iraq, and the earlier version, Alla was a deity of war and violence. It’s pronounced slightly differently than Allah; and the older version is the pronunciation used by most in the 4 nations immediately bordering Israel.

  29. Muslims aren’t “radicalized”; they’re FUNDAMENTALIZED and it happens in mosques right here in the US as well as via on line sites hosted by platforms like FB and Google, unrestricted, the same FB and Google blocking many Christian sites from posting at all.

  30. Oh YEAH , we can get rid of some of them , {nukes }
    and then think about diplomacy they will be more willing to
    talk then ,if there are any of them left

  31. Obama was a self-admitted Moslem (follower of Islam), is of the same mindset as the Iranians and all of the other Moslem terrorist wannabe’s.

  32. Wilson, and FDR are responsible, with LBJ for MUCH of the mess our nation is in, in terms of the “entitlement” victimhood society; Kennedy was more a POTUS along the lines of HST; and Bushes are as globalist as O and Hillary, just not quite as openly vocal about it! Trump is cut from the bolt much more like TR or George Washington, in fact, as a POTUS/CIC. Like those 2 men, Trump is leading from the front, rather than the rear.

  33. Allah, an arabic generic term for a god, is one of the legion of names of Satan. Easy to see, what sort of “god” would make all of the satanic provisions set out in their Koran, written by the pervert Muhammad. Realize, they ARE the Canaanites who were expelled from Israel back in biblical times.

  34. I personally am very pleased to see a MAN is our president. The likes of great passed POTUS the Wilson, Rosevelt’s, Kennedy’s, and Bush’s! Never willing to shy away from defending our freedoms! Afraid is not part of their vocalbulary. They always knew you can never a bully! This is my belied, but, I am a God fearing, gun toting, and veteran proud of my flag and country man. Who believes that my oath to this country still stands and will defend it against both foreign and domestic enemies.

  35. Are you related to Obama? You make about as much sense. Iran is a dangerous nation that Obama and Kerry gave in to and got nothing in return. Stand tough and if they try anything turn their country into a bowl of nothing but sand.

  36. Would like to see a video of when the Iranian Navy, also called patrol boats, are getting their first and last look at a tomahawk .

  37. The left has pissed me off long enough and I am tired of them. I am calling on all to vote republican. Those who are to stupid to vote republican haven’t got the brains to come in out of the rain. Liberals are not even on the same level with me, they are below basement level if not lower. I am a Trump supporter and will stand up for my believes – PERIOD

  38. Americans, Islam is trying to take over the world. Christians cannot let this happen. ISIS and other Muslim groups of Islamic people need to be removed from the USA and other countries. Americans see what these Radical Islamic Terrorist are teaching in the Muslim Islamic Mosques, then they are sent to become radicalized and come back to kill Americans, Jews, Christians and non-Islamic folks. This tells the story and Islam is not a religion, instead it is a cult and taking over the world. Americans need to close all of the Mosques and deport all of the Muslims that practice the Sharia Law, get them out of America. Americans need to understand that Islam is not a peaceful religion and they are out to change Americas Constitution, laws, rules, regulations and try and take over the world. Obama and Hillary Clinton want to allow thousands more into the USA which will allow more of these barbaric savages in our country and get more people killed. Read below what these Islamic animals believe, their ideology and why they want to kill Americans and non-Islamic people.

    From the Qur’an:
    65:4 You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.
    4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30 You can enslave for sex and work.
    4:34 You can beat women.
    24:4 You will need 4 Muslim female witnesses to prove rape
    9:111 You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven
    2:217, 4:89 You will kill anyone who leaves Islam
    8:12, 47:4 You will behead non-Muslims
    9:5 You will kill and be killed for Allah (verse of the sword)
    8:12, 8:60 You will terrorize non-Muslims
    9:29 Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay Jizya tax
    chapter 8 (booty/spoils of war) Steal from non-Muslims
    8:12, 47:4 Crucify and amputate non-Muslims
    3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, 2:225 Lie to strengthen Islam (Taqiyya deception)
    9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain.

    Islam = Terrorism?

  39. Iran is nothing but a terrorist Muslim. Obama was nothing but a traitor to America. Obama, England, France, etc made a deal with Iran that was not a good deal. Then Obama gave the Iranians our money was was illegal. Iran was using OUR money to make bombs. Thank God we now have a true American President with a backbone.

  40. Peggy, please re- read the constitution. If you find the words “ separation of church and state” anywhere in there, l’ll kiss your butt in the middle of Times Square and give you thirty minutes to draw a crowd! It ain’t in there!

  41. If Iranians want to know what “WRECK-IT” mean…it is breaking things…they don’t a war! Pompeo is right…the people in that Country don’t jobs and the ayatollahs are robbing the people blind!

  42. Turn Iran into a sheet of glass. It will take about 15 minutes with no US casualties. Problem solved.

  43. President Trump is handling the Iranian situation in the correct way. These people don’t hear you unless you speak with total authority and explain the consequences of their rhetoric. They must be convinced that our President speaks with the voice of the majority of U.S.A. citizens. Pompeo was quite clear today in congress explaining to a moron Rep. that President Trump is in charge. MAGA

  44. President Trump, does not draw lines in the sand like Hussein, but they the Asshollahs know that they don’t want to be in that ring of what used to be Iran, evaporating into the sky, because of their stupidity. They understand power that will not give in to terrorists.

  45. I believe that Iran should be eliminated from this earth, There isn’t a Muslim that has ever done anything good for the human race. They kill people who don’t believe in Mohammad , who is a spawn of the devil, at least if you believe in Christianity. No other religion on earth believes in killing people for non-belief. There is no modern religion that uses anything like the so called bible of the Muslims saying, that liars if the are helping the Muslim religion is acceptable. That is why former president Obumma thinks he is innocent, of any crimes. I am glad I’m a christian not a Muslim, I am glad to believe that God will protect us, from the Muslims. He will use fire and brimstone if he has to, to eliminate them.

  46. Peggy, you are absolutely a cloistered Nut case..seek help, no one is offering you a menu, while you are trying to serve us crap, with your fermented niceties that Liberals eat, with odorous fumes and no bread.

  47. I’ve seen several of your remarks on here and you make no since at all don’t no where your from and don’t care but just some words of advice SOMETIMES ITS JUST BETTER TO LET PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE A FOOL THEN TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT SEMPIR FI

  48. That is exactly what Obama was doing, a TRAITOR, a THIEF,a LIAR, a HYPOCRITE, a SWEET TALKER and LACKS ACTIONS….Obama thought he could lead a MUSLIM COUP of the White House, Instead, He Planted Many SPIES within the Government working for him and some Foreign Governments…

  49. Don’t see what the problem is. If they want nukes, let them have nukes, we have plenty. suggest special delivery to government mansions.

  50. Peggy, With whats going on with the contemptible Left trying to apply a coup of the Presidency, one cannot turn the cheek any longer. Dog crap can be described as the left, to emphasize the smell they have. Can’t stand the heat, don’t hang out in the kitchen. The obama cockroaches, have not been eradicated, nor their crap.

  51. I cannot agree faith is God is a gift.I have never been alone or wondering what is right or wrong just stick to the Big Ten IT IS our moral compass. When they took it out of schools and let libs screaming prevail we sank. Our children have no set of rules t live by. We are a country and our laws founded on the Judeo/Christian tenets.our founders bult our Constitution on theose ten. AND DO NOT say our founders were NOT Christians, they were and to a man said this country could not stand without GOD> READ

  52. That foolish libturd President Carter started the success of the Khomeini’s in power. He allowed the crushing of the Shah of Iran, just another indication that the Left is the enemy of these Constitutional United States. How long did the Irhetcheds hold our hostages…only when Reagan was able to free them. The Left has always been fumblers of this country..one cannot deny that the Irhetchions did not have a back door to obama.. He gave the Mother of all deals, selling out this country to them with 157 Billion Love Money and a sweetheart deal with the phony nuclear deal. Then you have the Clintonite, sell out to the Russians with the Canadian muclear material and prior to that the Benghazi Killings of our ambassador by obama and Hiliarous. Never ends with these left wingers..they should be place on the terrorist list for this country.

  53. 20 times the speed of light??? What planet are you from? Nothing mechanical has even come close to the speed of light, let alone exceed it. Such a dumb statement!!!!

  54. The excitement about Trump’s “get tough”, as demonstrated by the Media, is associated with his unauthorized methods…i.e., he is not like others who proceeded him…he isn’t interested in being seen as among the so-called educated elite…he is crude and vocally uncouth….

    …in other words, Trump can see BS when he smells it and will not accept it from those who are milking us dry…he knows just who is getting a handout and just who is handing out our security on a platter to our enemies…

    Iran is at the top of the list…Obama was scared to death of Iran and allowed us to yield to our fears and pay them via an airplane at night full of cold cash….

    Your and my cold cash!

    Obama is a thief and a traitor…

  55. You cannot negotiate with Bullies like the Ayatolla. He spit in the face of America because OBAMA let him. IF he continues then BEFORE he gets a nuke we need to have an explosive regime change. Do a Mohamar K drop right on his f-ing head. the people of IRAn want to be free, they deserve to be free. ONE MOAB on his home end of subject.

  56. trump is right again , but why isn’t oboma in prison for sending billions of dollars to iran

  57. See that Obama and John Kerry made this mess? Shouldn’t have happened in the first place. What a mess.

    And … they are making another mess by violating the Logan Act. Why can’t the federal authorities charge this crime on them?

  58. Exactly Vern! Trump pretty much told the loudmouth Iranian puppets to stick their sh**ty rhetoric where the sun doesn’t shine!

  59. Sounds like the Iranian leaders act like the DubmA$$o CROOKS here in the USA. Lie, Steal and try to grab more power while neglecting the working middle class citizens

  60. Oh great….another useless war for no good reason
    Pompeo and Bolton are such neocons I knew when he brought them on we’d be at war with Iran.
    Americans talking smack but Russia has Satan 2 missile 20 times the speed of light that we can’t defend from….and it can carry multiple warheads and bomb an area the size of France
    Keep that in mind when you decide to lust for war

  61. I am truly thankful for having a United States President who isn’t bullied, or cringes at words espoused by a tyrannical, maniacal, dictatorship, as the last administration did at every opportunity. The world, friends, and foes alike need to come to the realization that the United States, and it’s citizens will no longer do their bidding, or be the world’s door mat.

  62. Peggy, I would like to suggest you quite reading the Quran, and read the Bible. Start with the Gospel of John. You might see things a little different if you did.

  63. When North Korea was talking big, Trump explained the realities of the situation to them and we haven’t heard their threats any more, it should turn out the same way with Iran, it won’t take as much to turn it into a complete desert.

  64. Iran better wise up, all these comments are most assuredly positive regarding our President and support for standing up against the largest terrorist country in the world. Granted the Iranian people are being suppressed and thanks to our previous President when the people tried to revolt Obama’s Muslim side, sided with the leadership and they put it down. Go Trump we are with you, stand up to them and if necessary do what’s right for our nation.

  65. I don’t trust Iran or anything they say. I have seen this movie with Iran multiple times they claim America is satan while these idiots send money and weapons to countries that hate America.

    President Trump is just speaking the truth which is exactly what an American President needs to do.

    Don’t back down President Trump. I have your back.

  66. They call for killing us Peggy. They do hold death to America protests. And they really oppress women and gays. Honor killings for rape victims. Heard of that?

  67. Being Firm, Standing Your Ground, And Actually Have the resources To Back You Up Helps. Un- Fortunately It’s The Only Type Of Behavior Ayatollahs Understand.

  68. Dan, so much could be accomplished if there were no religions but there are. Have you read the Quran? Jesus is mentioned more frequently in the Quran than he is in the Holy Bible. Monotheism is the feature of all modern-day religions. It is the leaders again who interpret these things in religiously dominated countries. The people that live there were born there and are just like you and I separated by different religions.That is why the founders of our constitution insisted on a separation of church and state. Now the Shik religion Sikhs believe they have a duty to help the poor and the oppressed. Sharing with the needy was one of the principles to be practiced. The men wear turbans. I do not understand your hate please give me something concrete other than people advising me what to have for lunch.

  69. Oh dear, John tell me how did you interpretit my comments as liberal? My comments are our civil. I seek to understand the angst. I do not wish to participate in name-calling. I feel your bitterness what actually is causing it personally.

  70. I am so distressed that you feel we should have”nuked” a country. There are many wonderful people that live there, who have lives there, who work there, whose children are growing up there. It is there leadership that is the problem not the people. Diplomacy could be the answer. It has to be the answer. We cannot get rid of nukes by using them.

  71. Get tough with them let them know who is the boss and knows how to tell it like it is and knows how to back it up. They don’t want to try to take on the USA. They would only lose if they try anything and wage any agreason on our People or Country it wood be bad for them.

  72. You know Peggy, I’m angry and yes I’m frustrated too. I am tired of the lefty politicians and the fake news degrading and ruining our country. Tired of the hypocritical rhetoric, and tired of all the Ant-American call outs. Where will this end, and will it end. Tell me why its ok to hold out a bloody and severed head of the president, but not a bloody aborted fetus. All this anger, all this hate and bitterness. Obama had a chance to unite our country, and people listened to him. But instead he chose to divide willingly and with complete knowledge of what he was doing. I’m angry Peggy, so the world gets my angry posting.

  73. i am standing with President Trump towards being HARD and STANDING his grounds with Iran.

    I am glad and happy that President Trump pulled us out of that horrible deal with Iran. Obama was a fool for getting us into that deal in the first place.

    President Trump is being harder and stronger towards Iran than Obama ever did. Obama was afraid to stand up to Iran. The only thing that Obama wanted was, more ISIS and terrorism in our country.

    President Trump has been a better President than Obama ever was for those horrible 8 long years.

    I am PROUD of PRESIDENT TRUMP STAYING HARD and STRONG on his decisions, and i support him on them 40,000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Finally a man in the WHITE House not only with a set but,also aback bone to stand up to these American haters.

  75. GO “F” your Libtard self!! Peggy!! It’s about time someone called a spade a spade!
    And it is no reflection on our True Black Americans. I wish we had more of them!

  76. Way to go Mr. President!! It’s about Time we had a Man with a Set in the oval office!
    May God bless President Trump and his family!!…And, May God bless the United States of America!!

  77. Randy does your mother read your posts? What I do not understand and cannot forgive is the unbridled use of explicatives that we should not say in public in mixed company. I understand your frustration but the use of language is important it should be used appropriately. No one including your boss would listen to you, you could not convince anybody with colorfully metaphors. Now write a paragraph without using that contemptible language.

  78. YES finally we have TWO Americans with the GUTS to FIGHT BACK against THUGS unlike the Previous “SISSIES” who did nothing but drop their pants and panties on REQUEST by foreign THGUGS

  79. I get the impression Trump, Mattis, Pompeo, are not nearly as interested in trying to bring Iran’s leaders into the world community like those before them. Bet they think twice before boarding anything that floats flying American Flag,

  80. Finally a president with balls Iran should have been nuked back in 79 when they took hostages,an dont compare them to Mafia ,very insulting to the Mafia.

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