Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden had one private conversation that is brutal news for Republicans

Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden continue to conspire behind the scenes.

McConnell and Biden spent two years passing the most radical agenda in memory.

And now Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden had one private conversation that is brutal news for Republicans.

Joe Biden traveled to Kentucky where he and McConnell held a public event to celebrate the passage of Green New Deal legislation.

Biden threw bouquets at McConnell for helping him pass one of the crown jewels of the socialist agenda.

“I asked permission if I could say something nice about him… I said, ‘I can be for him or against him whichever will help him the most,’” Biden added. “Mitch… it wasn’t easy to get this done, and it wouldn’t have gotten done… without your hand, and I want to thank you for that.”

The two then rode in the Presidential limo.

A reporter asked what they discussed during the ride.

“Hey, what did you and Senator McConnell talk about in the limo ride?” the reporter wondered.

Biden let it slip that McConnell and Biden discussed continuing to fund the war against Russia in Ukraine.

“We talked about foreign policy, about Ukraine, about keeping everybody together — not in the Congress, but just internationally,” Biden stated.

McConnell and Biden worked together to pass a $1.7 trillion spending bill that fully funded Joe Biden’s socialist agenda.

This included $45 billion to secure Ukraine’s border while banning any money from being spent on border security here in America.

McConnell touted this as a great “win” for conservatives and falsely claimed that the war in Ukraine was the number one issue for the Right.

This is a bald-faced lie.

And polling data shows Republican support for McConnell and Biden’s open-ended commitment to fund the war in Ukraine is declining.

The fact that Mitch McConnell is still cozying up to Biden about funding an increasingly unpopular endless war in Ukraine after taking fire from conservatives during the budget fight shows he is completely out of touch with Republican voters and why many conservatives would like to remove him from leadership.

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