Mitch McConnell is about to stab Donald Trump in the back in the most despicable way ever

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RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hates Donald Trump and doesn’t want to see Trump back as the GOP nominee.

But the stunt McConnell is now planning to pull crosses the line.

And Mitch McConnell is about to stab Donald Trump in the back in the most despicable way ever.

Immigration is the GOP’s most potent line of attack against Joe Biden.

Biden invited 12 million illegal aliens to cross the border since taking office by rolling back Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Polls show just 26 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the border, which many Americans think is 26 percent too high.

But Mitch McConnel wants to help Joe Biden win re-election by taking immigration off the table.

McConnell and a cabal of RINOs are negotiating a secret immigration bill with Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats that will contain all sorts of phony border security measures that Joe Biden will promptly ignore.

The bill will allow Biden to increase the number of illegal aliens coming into America by 1,825,000 million and hand each one a work permit the second Joe Biden ships them off to an American city.

McConnell will also reportedly give Joe Biden another $15 billion to speed up the process of trafficking illegal aliens into America.

“The draft bill is also being reviewed by the Senate’s Committee on Appropriations because the Biden administration wants roughly $15 billion to operate its migration program in 2024. The money is needed by Democrats to process, transport, feed, house, and hide arriving 2024 migrants –and the 6.2 million migrants already admitted— during the run-up to the 2024 election,” Breitbart reports.

In addition, the bill is one-half of a two-step sell out where Republicans having “won” nonexistent border enforcement measures will greenlight another $61 billion in taxpayer money for Joe Biden’s war in Ukraine.

Senate Republicans were appalled at McConnell’s latest double cross.

“Half of my Republican caucus is, as we speak, ready to sell out, and they’re ready to sell out fake border reform in exchange for what they really want, which is to send more of your tax dollars to Ukraine,” Kentucky Republican Rand Paul told Tucker Carlson.

Utah Senator Mike Lee warned McConnell was keeping this deal under wraps so he could spring it on Republicans at the last moment and dare them to vote against it.

“We’ve been through these things so many times where we’re told, “Oh, there’s not a deal yet, not a deal, not a deal.” All of a sudden: ‘Oh, there’s [a] deal!’ And then we are given the equivalent of a snap election, like a snap vote, without really any opportunity to read it and no opportunity to amend it,” Lee stated.

“What we don’t want is to receive bill text and then be asked to vote on it the next day or the next day after that or a very short period of time,” Lee added.

Indiana Senator Mike Braun – one of the conservatives who supported a challenge to McConnell’s leadership at the start of this Congress – agreed.

“There’s talk about maybe getting something to the floor and voting on it in a day or two,” Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) told reporters. “I think that would cause a real uproar . . . [because] it’s going to be a large, complicated bill to where you don’t have [an] adequate amount of time to pour through it properly.”

Not only is McConnell handing Democrats a massive victory on keeping the border open, but he’s actively harming his own party’s electoral prospects.

This is the exact opposite of how leadership is supposed to behave.

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