Mitch McConnell just said four words that left Chuck Schumer panicking

Chuck Schumer is at war with Mitch McConnell for control of the Senate.

But McConnell may be getting the upper hand.

And Mitch McConnell just said four words that left Chuck Schumer panicking.

With the Midterm elections right around the corner, the battle for control of the Senate is heating up.

Chuck Schumer is facing a herculean task to hold on to his job as Senate Majority Leader.

Thanks to a tie-breaking vote from Kamala Harris, Democrats have a razor-thin majority of 50 seats.

With Joe Biden’s Presidency collapsing, the problems are mounting for Schumer.

Democrats are facing a potential route from voter’s backlash against Biden’s massive failure.

His old foe Mitch McConnell is salivating at the prospect of retaking the Senate.

On Fox News, McConnell offered his thoughts on how the Midterm elections could go for Republicans.

Thanks to Biden’s “incompetence,” he’s confident Republicans will retake both branches of Congress.

“His policies have not worked, beginning with the precipitous and ill-advised withdrawal from Afghanistan, which became kind of a metaphor for the incompetence that’s been on full display during this administration,” McConnell said.

“None of the policies they have pursued have worked out well,” he added.

“The economy, the precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the domestic energy issue we’ve already been discussing, crime, problems in public education – this administration has really got their hands full, and I think they’re headed toward a pretty good beating in the fall election,” he continued.

McConnell offered his prediction on what Republicans would do to stop Biden with control of Congress.

“Obviously, we’ll have to work with the administration to see what we can agree on,” he remarked.

“Biden ran as a moderate – if I’m the Majority Leader in the Senate and Kevin McCarthy is the Speaker in the House, we’ll make sure Joe Biden is a moderate,” he concluded.

Republican control of Congress would grind Biden’s radical agenda to a halt.

Judges and other potential nominees could be blocked.

Biden would be left flailing around for the rest of his term with Republicans shutting him down.

If the usually reserved McConnell is predicting that Democrats are in for “a pretty good beating,” then he must love his chances of retaking the Senate.

Schumer can’t afford to lose a single seat if he wants to keep power.

With Biden dragging down Democrats across the country, their ability to flip Republican held seats will be extremely difficult.

Vulnerable Democrats are up for re-election in closely contested battleground states like Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

In all of those states, Joe Biden’s approval rating is sinking like a brick.

Biden has no solutions for the problems facing the country, and things could get much worse by the fall.

He’s locked into a tailspin he can’t get out of.

Senate Democrats will have to pay the political price for Biden’s blunders.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency, McConnell could get the upper hand on Schumer yet again.

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