Mitch McConnell went on Fox News and made one betrayal that will make your blood boil

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is always looking for ways to expel Donald Trump and his supporters from the Republican Party.

But McConnell’s latest attack on the Trump agenda reached a new low.

And Mitch McConnell went on Fox News and made one betrayal that will make your blood boil.

One of the biggest points of contention between Donald Trump and the GOP establishment is foreign policy.

Donald Trump favors an America First foreign policy, whereas establishment RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney favor the John McCain foreign policy of involving America in every conflict around the globe.

That divergence in philosophy flared up as McConnell pushed a $40 billion spending package through the Senate to fund Joe Biden’s proxy war with Russia.

57 Republicans in the House and 11 in the Senate rejected funding Joe Biden’s war, arguing that since the southern border was in chaos, inflation continued to run wild, and there was a baby formula shortage, Congress’s time was better spent focusing on this country’s problems as opposed to helping Joe Biden wage war abroad.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer voted for the spending bill and attacked the Republicans who supported securing America’s border as opposed to Ukraine’s MAGA extremists.

Fox News Special Report host Brett Baier confronted McConnell about Schumer’s comments.

McConnell agreed with Schumer and in his own way attacked Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and the other Trump supporters in Congress who opposed Joe Biden’s globalist agenda as “isolationists” – McConnell’s way of smearing them as extremists.

“Yeah, what Schumer said is political nonsense,” McConnell responded. “My colleague Senator Paul has always been – basically – an isolationist. He’s proud of it and believes that’s where America ought to be. That is a tiny percentage of the Senate Republican conference. We only had 11 votes against the package. I predict we will have even fewer votes opposed to the admission of Finland and Sweden into NATO.”

McConnell added that there “always has been a strand of isolationism in our Party, but it’s not anywhere near the dominant view which was expressed in the vote we had today.”

The opposition to Joe Biden’s reckless proxy war against Russia continues to grow.

If Ukraine comes back in another three months and demands billions more in new funding, it is very likely that even more Republicans will realize Joe Biden wants a black check to wage endless war against Russia and will vote against any new spending.

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