Mitch McConnell’s life turned upside down when this Senator dropped a bombshell on him

The Senate just encountered a major shakeup.

This time it’s on the Republican side.

And Mitch McConnell’s life turned upside down when this Senator dropped a bombshell on him.

Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun was one of ten members of the GOP caucus voting against Mitch McConnell for GOP Senate Leader.

Braun was one of the Republican Senators upset with McConnell for constantly rolling over to Joe Biden and the Democrats by caving in on gun control, the Green New Deal, and socialist spending.

But now Braun is out.

POLITICO confirmed that Braun is resigning rather than seeking re-election in 2024 in order to run for Governor of Indiana.

POLITICO reports:

Indiana Sen. Mike Braun is running for governor, according to paperwork filed with the secretary of state’s office Tuesday.

POLITICO reported in September that Braun, elected to the Senate in 2018 after defeating former Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.), was leaning toward a gubernatorial run. He won a fierce GOP primary six years ago, defeating former Reps. Todd Rokita and Luke Messer.

A former executive of a distribution company, Braun has long chafed at the speed of the Senate, and Indiana Republicans close to him say he is more suited to being an executive. His current term ends in 2024. He was among a small group of Republicans backing Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s challenge to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell earlier this month.

Braun leaving the Senate opens up a seat where there will be a hotly contested Primary.

Whoever wins this seat can hold it for as long as they like given Indiana’s Red tilt.

Two Republican members of Congress, Jim Banks – who chairs the Republican Study Committee – and Victoria Spartz, are planning to run for Braun’s seat.

Banks is a Trump ally and likely to oppose McConnell’s brand of RINO leadership.

McConnell and his establishment-funded super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, will certainly dump money into this race to stop a conservative from winning.

Mitch McConnell wants pliable allies in the Senate who will go along with the deals he cuts with Democrats to spend money, grow the government, and restrict freedom.

The Indiana Senate race provides McConnell the chance to replace a conservative critic with an establishment friendly moderate.

And McConnell will likely try and spend whatever it takes to try and push a RINO ally over the finish line.

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