Mitt Romney Approval Poll

Mitt Romney Approval Poll

Failed presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Mitt Romney recently called President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President “troubling in the extreme.”

Washington, D.C. “Swamp Creatures,” like neoconservative commentator and longtime Never-Trumper Bill Kristol, think Romney’s criticism will give House and Senate Republicans cover to support impeachment.

And just a week ago Mitt Romney claimed he would keep a “completely open mind” to impeaching President Trump.

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  1. Romney is a back stabbing POS he begged the president for endorsement(which he mistakenly did) and he has done nothing except trash the president ever since

  2. When those first ships appeared off of the African Coast ,white sailors weren’t met by an African Navy. They didn’t come ashore to find fascinating architecture ,an established central government or beautiful libraries filled with African literature including their now renowned Black History. No Highways or townships. No museums. Nope . No navy , no written language , no buildings , no history . Their ancestors didn’t care enough to send messages to future generations through time by books . No daddy back then too. They just foraged for what they could find , picked food from trees or dug it up or killed it. Then when they depleted the resources they just picked up , left their messes and moved . Like the projects here now except with spears , not guns. Thousands of years without a single contribution to the world .Not a damn thing until whites showed up. Now the Democrats feed them and give them handouts and cultivate them for their vote. Some heritage.

  3. That is the fact that is never stated! Their own race sold them into slavery. So sad that their own caused so much pain for everyone!

  4. Turncoats are never welcome in my book. Wanted Trump
    endorsement for Senator, and got it. Tried to get Secretary of State position, did not make it, and now Trump
    is all bad!!! Petty scumbag! Expel him from GOP

  5. I think if Barack O were ever allowed to run again (God Forbid) he’d have Mitt as his running mate a pick that would please the Dems very mucn.

  6. I think if Barack O were ever allowed to run again (God Forbid) he’d have Mitt as his running mate.

  7. Blacks brought to America, What about their own tribal chief’s trading them for trunks loaded with glass beads and other assorted junk?The blacks own kind were their worst enemies.Slave traders took advantage of their ignorance!!

  8. Utah should be already drafting some good republican to defeat Mitty. Trump endorsed him and the swamp creature stabbed him in the back

  9. AS I see it MITT has become the PUSSY of the Romney Household….No Spime// no Balls ad as always a LOSING useless piece of SCUM … and I try to be kibd to this POS

  10. Everything that is wrong with black folks is because of racist white folks.
    Whitey brought blacks to American, then made slaves of them, then made them dependent on government in exchange for votes ahahahahahahahaha

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