Mitt Romney’s big comeback suffered a massive defeat that no one saw coming

Mitt Romey jumped back into the political fray as a foil to Donald Trump.

Never Trump Republicans cheered his entry into the Utah Senate race as a stepping stone to challenging the President.

But Romney’s big comeback just suffered a massive defeat.

Romney was defeated at the Utah GOP convention 51 to 49 by conservative state representative Mike Kennedy.

Under Utah rules, if no candidate reaches the 60 percent threshold, then the top two vote getters at the convention square off in the June 26 primary.

Romney – who rose to national prominence because of his work during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics – was considered the odds on favorite due to his “favored son” status as well as his establishment fundraising connections.

But Romney has scrambled to paper over the slurs he hurled at President Trump during the 2016 campaign.

In a famous speech, Romney ripped Trump as a “con man” and a “fraud.”

Now his opposition to Trump could be a massive liability.

Republican primary voters fiercely support President Trump.

Incumbent Republicans like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker have been driven from office because their anti-Trump postures rendered them unable to win a GOP primary against a pro-Trump challenger.

Will Romney suffer the same fate?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Romney is an opportunist…and a charter member of the establishment. How else can you understand being a governor in one State and seek to be a Senator from another State? Shades of the Kennedys in MA and NY. In the words of Paul Harvey, “It just goes to show you that the political bosses can run Mickey Mouse against Yogi Bear, and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it” (circa 1963).

  2. Romney sealed his fate with me when he allowed that fat pig Candy Crowley to butcher him at the debate. He is a creepy little coward.

  3. We must elect all Republican senators and rep’s in order to move Trump’s America-loving agenda forward and we must rid Congress of all Rino’s or they will hold up the agenda.

  4. When will these establishment RINO’S realize their rule is over. I guess their brains are too small to grasp the reality the situation but they will eventually.

  5. Romney is for Romney and not the Republican Party as the members of the Party see it. Romney lacks wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Republican Party Voters who no longer support the Washington Establishment mentality that has made the country a mess and put money in their pockets.

  6. You got that right….I can’t stand Romney and that weasel Ryan too.
    I pray Utah doesn’t make that mistake and inflict Romney on the rest of the nation

  7. Romney is just another establishment “rat” and a member of the “Bush Cabal”. Ask him about Lee Wanta and Lee’s money that was “disappeared” after he helped to bring down the Soviet Union under Reagan.

    Romney was run as a Presidential candidate by the Republican party in violation of the Republican party rules in 2012 in order to make sure that Ron Paul could not possibly become the Republican candidate in the 2012 election ensuring the unlawful candidate Obama a win! This shows that both the Rep and Dem parties are somehow in collusion to control the lawful elections.

  8. O possum
    I just had a thought, had Romney won the nomination and ran against Hilliary that would be a tough choice??????

  9. Romney is just another Rino and we are getting rid of the ones, hopefully, that we are stuck with now! So,no thanks, Mitt! The way you spoke about our great president tells us a lot about you and that we do not need!

  10. Hopefully the president will dump his support of MITT and back the Doc. Romney will stick a knife in his back the first chance he gets. Empty the swamp Mr. President, don’t let one get back in!!

  11. Joe,
    He “crushed” OSCUMBAG in the first debate because oscumbag’s “ear wig” failed, after that the “link” to the “back room” was working again so whoever was telling oscumbag what to say, got to “instruct him” again.
    The “pictures” of his “little helper” in his ear were posted all over the internet, but ignored. If oscumbag didn’t have a teleprompter or a earwig telling him what to say, and how to say it, he was dumber than a stump.

  12. His opponent is Dr M Kennedy who is also a Mormon so I don’t think being a Mormon in a Mormon stronghold is to either candidate’s advantage

  13. Romney been nothing but a slacker and riding on the tails of other greats. He also said on immigration he’s better than trump after the fact trump is doing a great job on immigration. What a poo Romney really is.

  14. Romney is a putz. He’s a typical politician.
    He took a dive when he ran against soulbrother#1 and he’ll do it again.

  15. Romney was/IS a ‘never meant to be’ – so it was good that he said what he said & showed his true colors & took himself OUT. haha.

  16. RomneyCare set precedence for ‘o’Care Disaster.
    Thank G_D & POTUS et al, the Individual Mandate IS GONE!!! whew_

  17. We all know that a vote for Romney is a vote against the MAGA agenda. We can’t permit him to win over Kennedy. He’s clearly a RINO. He’s SOFT. He’s a crowd pleaser. When I say a “crowd pleaser”, he doesn’t have a mind of his own, he simply follow the votes. That’s it.

    Do you want to save America? Then vote every real conservative candidate. We can’t have the likes of John McCain working for the GOP.

    Also, should Romney wins, he’s going to be Trump’s thorn. Seriously. Why? He carry the title of a former presidential candidate that every time he opens his mouth, he will mock at Trump’s MAGA. MAGA mean that American citizens come first. It also mean to fix the trade deficits. It also means to honor the constitutional rights.

    He’s a moderate. No more RINOs in our party!

    Why is that before Trump won the presidency, the Democrat Party and the Republican Party look the same? There was a time that I could not tell the differences, thanks to the … RINOs. It’s time to polish the GOP back to conservatism.

  18. “No one saw coming”? I beg to differ. Any number of people foresaw that he would have a tough time getting the nomination. Of course we still have to get pass the primary but there a good many people in Utah regardless of the religious affiliation that will not vote for him.

  19. We missed the bullet this time. But we still have to get passed the primary. Mitt is not a good choice. He would be another Jeff Flake. While a few Latter-day Saints (Mormons) may vote for him based on his religious affiliation, most will not. Their church leadership does not endorse any political party or candidate. They encourage their members to be responsible citizens and vote. But they are expected to study the issues, give careful consideration to each candidate and vote their conscience. Mitt will most likely make a worse showing in the primary than he did this week.

  20. I was all for Romney when he ran against Obama. I thought he was a conservative LDS person with LDS values and LDS conservative beliefs like H. Verlan Anderson. Then I find out he doesn’t have H. Verlan Anderson beliefs about the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He also should have had the same kind of class as Ronald Reagan who followed the principle of don’t bad mouth a fellow Republican. If only he had gone after Obama the way he went after Trump. He definitely would have been a much better President than Obama or Hillary but than again who wouldn’t have been.

  21. I have nothing against Mormons, except this particular Mormon (and it’s not because he is Mormom). I think it’s hilarious, with the English language, how adding or subtracting one letter from some words totally changes the meaning of that word. Like the word Mormon, for
    example. Take away the 4th letter in that word, & you have – moron – which describes what that sanctimonious, arrogant, holier than thou, idiot, truly is.

  22. With respect, I don’t agree with that at all. He crushed Obama in the first debate and in the last debate Obama got to score the fancy point by saying “the 1980s want their foreign-policy back“. But if the Russians truly did hack the election in 2016, then Mitt Romney was proven right even about that.

    Remember it was Romney who said: “the Russians were biggest adversary“. He also was the one who called for the use of E-Verify. Which, if we did use E-Verify, no illegal aliens would be able to work in this country. If they could not work in this country then they would have to go home.

  23. While I generally agree with you, we have to be careful. People forget, that the Republicans should’ve taken over the Senate way back in 2010. But they ran that dumb chick named Christine something or other from Delaware who talked about “I am not a witch”, That lady Sharon something or other from Nevada and that guy from Indiana who talked about “legitimate rape”.

    The media will certainly be behind every liberal in every race. And if this guy who beat Romney is a conservative who is smart in the way that Trey Gowdy is smart, that’s one thing. But if this guy gets on the stump and he starts saying dumb stuff. We may be wishing for Romney.

  24. i wouldn’t give this mormon the time of the day he is a danger to america go back to your rat hole and stay there you phony

  25. First of all, Romney should be ashamed of himself for thinking, I’m a big shot Mormon, I’ll just go to Utah and get elected and become a pain in Trump’s ass. Not all people who reside in Utah are Mormon and many of the Mormon people see thru you, so go home Mitty>

  26. This man was governor of Massachusetts; then republican candidate for president, and he wants to be the senator in Utah. He needs to go play with his grandchildren. We don’t need somebody new in Washington to cause problems. There already enough dead wood in the Senate without adding one more.

  27. Romney most definitely would have been a better choice in 2012 than 4 more years of NObama, but he has stepped out of line and gotten whacked for it.

  28. Romney got that extra bounce took right out of his sidewinding step!
    He thought he would waltz in & take over.
    Utahans have already seen right thru him. He’s gagworthy. Unelectable to say the least!!
    Goodbye Mitsy Paws. Kick dirt. Pound sand.

  29. President Trump is truly healing America, that’s why the communists are beside themselves with rage.

  30. Romney will do everything in his power to cause trouble for the President if elected to the Senate. Utah voters get out there and stop him.

  31. Romney is rotten to the core. He doesn’t deserve to be a Senator in the Republican party. We are getting rid of RINOS not recruiting them.

  32. I once admired Romney until he started bashing Trump. I think he just received his walking papers by the Utah delegates. Have a nice retirement.

  33. “Lester Milquetoast” needs to go away..”rinos” like him we do NOT need. There are enough of them infesting congress as it is. We need someone in congress with BALLS and it seems he was neutered years ago.

  34. I think I would rather vote for a Democrat than a RHINO. I Democrat you know is against everything. A RHINO you never know where they stand and can blackmail one to achieve their way.

  35. I must agree with Rick Poole. I am sure that the Utah voters will make the right choice and NOT vote for Rumney. He would have made a lousy President and would also make a lousy Senator regardless of what state he represented. He has always represented himself and his ideas and not the ideas of his voters.

  36. Yeah. Romney ought be locked up with Obama and all the rest of his worthless, anti American, anti constitution, NWO, communist scumbags. No one like Romney should ever be voted into a government office. Trump had enough back stabbing rinos to contend with now. Romney is an arrogant ass.

  37. Spot On True Believer – Romney proved what a RINO he is – He’s not going to amount to anything – because of the way he bad-mouthed our President.

  38. Romney is like the “Old Fire Horse” that still shows up at the fire station! Mitt just doesn’t realize that Republicans just don’t want him! He may be rich, but he shut down too many USA businesses and sent the jobs to “The People”s Republic of China”! He loves the USA so much that he keeps his money In Cayman Islands and Swiss Banks! Maybe he should move to the Cayman Islands to be with his money and let us alone! MITT WE DON’T WANT YOU!

  39. I lost all respect for Romney when he went against Trump for President. I thought what a back stabber, Trump backed him in his failed run for the Presidency. Look how Trump has already turned America around less regulation to slow down job growth and lowered taxes to put more money back into our, the American worked, pockets.

  40. Romney,Flake, McCain, Corker,Ryan,Sessions hell they are all the same.Screw em and the horse they rode in on.

  41. nothing but a RINO POS. He should run as a democrat/progressive/communist because that is what he is.

  42. God no on Romney, he is another rhino that Washington certainly doesn’t need. Utah please find an alternate that is a true Republican.

  43. I liked Mitt Romney, I even voted for him. But since he spoke out against our President, he can go “F” himself

  44. Thank you Utah. I was holding my breath. I didn’t want that SOB near DC for what he did to us that we got another 4 years of Zero. He is a nothing burger and doesn’t even live in Utah anymore. I’m also glad that you have someone to take Jeff Flack (he has a defining last name) place that will do what he is supposed to do so we can get this country rocking again.

  45. Please, please, please Utah voters get behind Dr Kennedy and put a true conservative in Washington to help our president clean out the swamp. I can guarantee you will get the deepest respect from the great state of Texas.

    Thanks so much in advance,
    God Bless Utah

  46. You danged right! Romney’s a CON, he’s a FRAUD & IMHO…
    He’s a lying A**hole! He tried to tell the POTUS he was sorry for what he said…blah blah blah,
    you damned right you’re SORRY, now apologize!!!
    I put my vote towards him once & I’m stupid for doing so!
    You voters out there that are going to vote:
    find a better candidate & quickly! Out of all the pics
    The writers of this column picked…which one did
    They choose, that’s correct, the one w/ MCSTAIN!!!

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