Mitt Romney crossed a line that will have Donald Trump’s blood boiling

Mitt Romney ran for the Senate as the leader of the Never Trump movement.

Since his election, he’s picked his sports to lob cheap shots and smear at the President.

That all changed when Mitt Romney crossed a line that will have Donald Trump’s boiling.

Attorney General William Barr finally released the Mueller report and put to bed the fake news
hoax about Russian collusion.

The Attorney General also cleared the President of any obstruction charges.

That wasn’t good enough for Never Trump RINO Mitt Romney.

Romney virtue signaled to the Fake News Media and released a statement condemning the behavior Mueller outlined in his report.

Conservatives noted that Romney never blasted Obama for spying on Trump’s campaign.

Romney also sat silently as the Democrats supported legislation to murder babies born alive.

Romney never criticizes Democrats.

He reserves his fire to smear Donald Trump and his supporters.

Since Romney is the Senator from Utah, he feels safe blasting the President without any fear of repercussions.

Romney was the first Republican Senator to rip Trump in the wake of the Mueller report’s release.

Instead of accepting the reality of the situation – that President Trump was cleared of the collusion charges despite a two-year witch hunt to frame him – Romney played to the applause of the fake news to attack the President.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. StILL ON this blog re Romney.
    “Romney also sat silently as the Democrats supported legislation to murder babies born alive.”
    Clean cut -good looking ‘romney’ IS
    ‘Evile’ SNAKE.
    MRS. Romney, HOW DO you feel re this ???
    Do you ‘support’ Your ‘evile’ Man 0r ‘what’.
    ( ‘I’ WOULD NOT !!! NO Matter What. )
    good nite.

  2. Romney Has ‘travelled’ Various States in his life.
    Mass. for 1 , introducing a form of obama care (disaterous)
    Now in in Utah. & Remains ‘Searching’ for an ‘identity’
    0n some level./ THAT WILL NOT Help USA.
    Lost ‘mormon’ Soul. NEED CORRECTION.

  3. Sh-t Romney is a RINO Carpet bagging SOB and everyone in utah should have known it. He might as well change to a Devilcrap now because he will always be known as one from now on.

    • Romney is a has-been poly who is another boring power freak, we were spared when he lost. His whinings are those of another boring loser and ignoring him is the best thing we can do as he is not even worthy of much else anymore. Mitt has become a poly Mutt!!

    • Typical of his breed. Purebred mormon. Talks out both sides of mouth and when he holds his hand out it aint to shake, it is to have his palm greased. A totally untrustworthy ass that exemplifies and relflects well those that elected him. Rummy makes a RINO look like a hero.

      • Although I do NOT agree with Mitt Romney, I ALSO do NOT appreciate your characterization of “MORMONS”. Yes many who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are dishonest, untruthful, snobbish, excusionaries, and in general DO NOLT LIVE THE TEACHINGS OLF THAT CHURCH, it is also TRUE that MANY DO try to live the teachings of said church. Do you also judge every Catholic member by the few bishops and higher ups that have abused children? Do you also condemn every African American for the few that commit crimes? Do you look down your nose at Rich Jews due to their hard work and frugal efforts to increase their wealth?

        My point is that everyone is human, no matter what their religious background, we do NOT have the right to condemn an entire group of people because of the actions of a few members of those groups. Look at the many people in those various groups who have made this world a better place before condemning those who exploit things and opportunities for personal gain!

        I am a member of the same church as Mitt Romney and Harry Reid, and I don’t like what either of those two have done in politics or their personal lives. I voted for President Trump and will do so again. President Trump is the first President that has fulfilled his campaign promises to the American people and has NOT taken ANY money for his efforts.

        Your attitude of blaming a whole group of people for the sins of one or two members of that group is not only appalling to me but is what fosters hate and racial prejudice in this great country of ours and does NOT help President Trump’s efforts toward making America Great again!

        A Vietnam era veteran.

  4. Who is Mitt Romney? I’ll tell you, he is a Democrat in a Republican rob. He couldn’t be re-elected in his home state, he couldn’t get elected to a house or Senate in his home state, Massachusetts, so he moved to a State where people didn’t know him. He is a looser!!!

  5. I’m Glad I Sat 0ut of ‘voting’ (for Romney)
    Just couldn’t Do it.
    He has been ‘Bought’ & SOLD like a ‘slave’
    (To globalist NWO) ‘hook, line, & SINKERED’.
    ~ Happy Easter, you ALL.

  6. He is nothing but a slime ball and doesn’t belong in the Rep. Party probably one of the worst Rep. We have in our party most certainly in the top 10 but then again what else would you expect from his type

  7. I would vote for a Named Democrat before I would vote for Romney.
    He doesn’t have the balls to admit he’s a Democrat mole. Take one look at his family , that will confirm he’s not the brightest crayon in the box.

  8. I used to live in the Great City known as Salt Lake City. They have the best medical facility in the world.University of Utah Medical Center. With being said There are better people in Utah to run our country than the Romneys.

    • I was in a rehabilitation hospital recovering from an amputation of my lower left. I could not vote, didn’t like my choices if I could. I knew the man was a FAKE!

      • I’m Truly sorry for your ‘Pain’ & problem.
        Perhaps a ‘Blessing’ that you Did NOT ‘vote’.
        Neither did I . God Bless & Hope U Doing 0k, now.

  9. I am ashamed to have ever supported this dope in his presidential campaign. And I was enthusiastic about him. Shame on me. Wasn’t a supporter of Trump either until I realized I had been duped by this criminal conspiracy to undermine his presidency. It is time to prosecute the hoaxsters.

    • Yes, welll – don’t Ever do ‘that Again’, at
      least, You SEE N0W. that is GOOD. Takes a Big
      person, to say what you just Said.
      BEWARE KASICH . He is No Goood for USA.
      & Waiting . Sometime ‘Mama’ KNOWS ‘stuff’.
      God Bless & Let us SAVE our Country USA. Good nite.

  10. I voted for him. He is a coward who puts his tail between his legs and cowers when challenged. He folded when Obama and Candy Crowley laughed at his claim that Russia was our enemy. He is a sore loser like McCain who can’t believe that the talented Trump won against all the odds, when he couldn’t beat Obama, the worst president in history. No guts,no integrity. No future in politics. Go back to Utah and stop defaming our president.

    • oohrah! same applies to Ohio’s former Governor..These snowflakes need
      to grow up. Appears to me the demoncrats have nothing else to do but look for crap against our “elected” President. I say eliminate their positions, they do nothing & get compensated….

      • Romney has been on my black list since I can remember. My parents and grandparents were from Michigan and they could not stand the rotten Romneys- both him and his Dad. He is just like Flake, both disgusting and repulsive. The never Trump Republicans need to SHUT UP or join the lying, worthless, hateful and evil Dumbocraps. I will no longer contribute to the Republicans as long as the likes these goons are around. Will only contribute to individuals that support America and the conservative value. McConnell is another creep that I won’t support anymore-hope he looses in the primary! Hope there is a good candidate running again this looser.

      • To jerry, YES! Kasich WAS/ IS a > Terrible ‘Snake’
        & Waiting. I sure hope 0hio ppl ‘know’ that.
        Hope So much, Kasich does NOT appear AnyMore in

  11. I voted for Romney when he stupidly lost to Obama–He just would not stand up to Obama and call him out on the Benghazi terrorism and therefore he lost.. Now he is in the senate and he is either Bipolar or another RINO DEMOMARXIS McCain. He is vicious and Ia m sure the folks in Utah are wondering why they voted for this obstructionist –He is evil, vile and nasty. He is a LOSER

    • Yeah, I remember when rumey didn’t have the balls to confront obuma when they had their debate.And now he wants to run his lieing ass mouth.I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t care for man with no balls!!!!#🇱🇷#DONALD TRUMP 2020 #MAGA 👍👍👍😘😘😘😘

        • Uh 0h Denise, U a ‘fake’AI (artificial
          intelligence) troll.?
          Ignorant of edu. is 1 thing. Stupid
          Is Another thing. Naivete’ is another
          Thing. Being ‘high’ on whatever
          Is another thing. WHICH 1 ?
          Mama ‘knows’ & Always Will.

      • There is no one now who can do what PRESIDENT TRUMP has done for us. He has done what no other President that has been in office since the 2020 done. Stop trying to put our PRESIDENT OUT AND DO WHAT YOU WERE SENT TO DO SERVE US THE PEOPLE .

      • Denise
        As a tranny I think you are just jealous you can’t grow a pair. As usual an LGBT reject has no words of how it can improve the situation, only words of abject stupidity. Do not waste our time in the future.

    • I supported him against Obama – what a pathetic person he is. I just want him out of politics – out of sight and out of mind. Sadly, his is today’s RINO.

    • I agree r.i.p rommey
      Inever expect to see this kind behavior from a mature man. He is a loser hateful.ivoted for you ,and IAM happy you don’t get elected. Ryan,yourself,and the fake group of twelve against the republicans

    • He is very angry that he lost to Trump but is happy he lost to Obama We mus not forget that Penguin Romney was born in Mexico like Obama was born in Kenyan the same mentality of what they want for our country.

    • Blue; right on all counts. He is a silver spooner out of touch with average people and thinks he is privileged so can say whatever he wants. Having had the unfortunate experience of being in the same room with him on five different occassions. The look on his face or in his eyes when people turned their backs was of distaste and disdain. Very affable when cameras were rolling or contributions are to be had, very arrogant and aloof when not. Utah needs to kick this can down the road.

  12. Romney is a POS RINO, apparently he doesn’t believe in KARMA, nor what goes around comes around. It is my hope that this POS will come smiling and President Trump will bate him, like he did to the santuary cities!!!!!!

    • Romney is a two face SOB he begged Trump for his endorsement for the position he has and now bashing Trump what a worthless POS

  13. mutt is like the Muslims stand there looking you in the face lying to you and trying to slide a knife between your ribs he’s that bad would never turn my back to him

  14. Who will get the public energized to storm Mitt’s mailbox with demands he resign. We the people are ashamed of him. He is an embarrassment to the RNC and to all Americans. Yet, he gets quoted …..all the venom that comes out of his mouth. Why don’t we just ignore him accept to send thousands of letters to his Utah home asking him to not embarrass us anymore…..just resign from the Senate. We don’t need him.

    • Normal
      Good luck with sending letters to his Utah address. Only time that jerk and his inbred family are there is ski season and when they are sucking up to the Hollywood libertine donors during the Park City Film Festival. The only reason that douche got elected is a mouthpiece for the mormon cult.

  15. Sunshinegirl40
    Wmw is correct in his assessment of mormons Mitt Romney. He exemplifies all the dishonesty, greediness, and treachery of that cult.I Have done business in Utah at a high level for over fifty years, I can attest to the propensity that church members as a whole seem to embrace and their willingness to hedge the bet on even the most simple of contracts for goods and services. In other words, cheat, lie and steal. Perhaps this stems from the church doctrine that states nonmember are “Gentiles”, which translates to apostates, heretics, heathens. Utah is number one for Ponzi and pyramid schemes. Perhaps it is the inherent greed the cult instills in them.

  16. Mitt Romney is a bag of rocks that has not being good for anything he is just good enough to collect the money the people give him for being in the Senate doing nothing for America that is worthwhile.

  17. Romney is part of the problem just like a bakers dozen or more other Repubs. I’m a Repub and that bastard never threw the 2012 election, he just never grabbed his balls hard enough to be conservative. He’s a McCain Repub, you couldn’t shake two ounces of morality out of the pos. In October when he heard the fake news declare Obami would be a winner by 12 points just like they lied about Trump, he tucked tail and his little twat shrunk up. Romney is a politician, not an American but a separate individualistic mindset of an above the populace demographic like Hillary, John, Obami and Flake and hundreds more. They want to keep in the game for their benefit. Romney couldn’t carry President Trumps laundry. Whose bullshitting who, 12 years Repubs with Bush and Bush and 16 years with Slick Willy and Obami. 28 years later, how many working class contributors have prospered any better than now with Trump? Only the welfare and the rich and a few liberalized agencies in our GOV, (IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA) Fed and state workers and politicians. The ones paying the bills in between, they do not give a damn. The working contributors who made the rich, rich get screwed! I say hang all Baby Killers and Turn Coat Repubs. Too bad that piece of shit McCain died maybe he could have been outed for his Deep State participation but May he burn in Hell, the Sailors he killed on his Aircraft Carrier burned.

  18. Back when my husband was willing to give him a second chance, I knew that this man was and still is nothing but a TWO FACED NOTHING BURGER!!!!Sour grapes Trump wanna be. Egotistical sanctimonious POS!

    • Mitt Romney is such a scumbag. He will lie to get what he wants. To bad he will never amount for anything and will continue to be an ugly rinos.

      • I think Republicans like Mitt Romney need to go to the Democrat party so everybody knows the kind of traitor he is. I guess we should have known when he ran against Obama but handed the election to him. He is sorry.

    • I supported Mitt Romney when he ran for President in 2012 he seemed like a decent and common sense person. I have changed my mind the last few years. It appears he has taken a sour grapes position since the people chose Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee. Romney has taken up an attack mode on President Trump even though Trump has came through on his promises to the American People. As an American you would think Romney would be a supporter of we the people as Donald Trump is. I believe that just because Romney is a Senator from Utah he is safe from his crude remarks. The truth is the Utah people have benefited from the Trump agenda the last two years with more success’s coming. Time for Romney to shed his bitterness and join conservatism to make American Great again.

  19. Romney is the one who is appalling. This back stabbing weasel doesn’t belong in the Senate. Trump should call for HIS resignation. Utah: Fix your promblem!

    • Geez and to think I voted for this Cull Rommney makes all the carpetbaggers that pillaged the south after th Civil War looks like saints. As previously stated Utah fix your problem.

  20. I’ll never forget Romney dressed in new jeans & new flannel shirt trying to pump the forearm on a semi-auto shotgun in a campaign photo op trying to show he was “one of the people”.
    Then there was “bet you ten thousand dollars”…………one of us?……yeah right. Phony through & through and a sore loser.

    • Mark, it was absolutely priceless watching that campaign ad. What a spaz! When he was trying to yank back that forearm the look on his face almost brought me to my knees laughing. What made it even better is his campaign actually ran it. Wanted to be prez and couldn’t pour piss out of a boot..LOL

  21. romney is a piece of dog doodoo he should never have been voted in for any kind of office.I wouldn’t vote for him to hold the toilet paper at a port a pottie because all he does is fk things up total and complete loser.

  22. Romney had his chance at the Oval Office. And he ran a crappy campaign. These never Trumpers are among the group of the Elite Repubs who never cared about winning… Just
    be there. Considers themselves above the lil people that are only necessary for a vote… and to steal their hard earned $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    • Romney: typical mormon two faced pos once they get a little taste of authority and run to Mara Lago to beg for help in election campaign and then repeatedly stab the President in the back. Typical of the breed. They are just sneakier than Omar and Tlaib and Cortez. Utah… 80 percent Republican, 70 percent mormon, 90 percent thieves, 95 percent corrupt and 150 percent back stabbing bastards.

  23. Mitt is just an egotistical cry baby. He got crushed running for president, then he was not appointed to be Sec of State by Trump as he wanted to be.STILL CRYING. a LOSER.

  24. Shady Romney, while ur stabbing Trump in the back, why don’t u kiss his back side as well. You have shown the world just who your are. This country doesn’t need you.And many others like you.

  25. He is a mormom, that says all you need to know about him. They are all about money. Mormon religion is a business. Not about bringing people to God, and Joseph Smith is their God.

  26. Romney is one more example of why the 17th Amendment was a massive mistake. Prior to the 17th, a “Senator” making statements like that could have been removed from office by the state legislature. I am not sure which way the Utah state legislature leans, but it might have pissed them off enough either way.

  27. Romney continues to prove why the American people resoundingly rejected him when we voted for president. The man should be the poster child for narcissism. He is in constant attack mode against President Trump. One would think that he would’ve at least said, or faked it, that he’s interested in finding out about the Russian dossier and all who were involved in that and bring them to justice. Obviously he’s not. He supports Democrats and everything they want to do even slaughtering babies. Clearly Romney has no conscience at all along with not having any ethics, integrity, Honesty, credibility and relevance.

  28. Mr Romney lacks the guts to take a stand and be a man about it. He caved to Obama in debate and showed his true colors. “NEVER ROMNEY!”

  29. Dear RHINO Senator Mittens: I am a member of the same Church that you and Stingy, Dingy, Pinky,Lap-dog Reid attend. I thought, and was vindicated by Reid’s actions against you on the senate floor.Hate to say this but I feel I must. You are an embarassment as bad as Reid was.

  30. I’m so sad that Mitt didn’t protest about killing babies after born. What kind of a LDS person would do that. I bet you are inactive. I’m ashamed of you Mitt. Never will you get my vote.

  31. Mr Romney. I live in Utah and I voted for you. That is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life!!! TRUMP is doing what needs to be done-cleaning house. Something that I am now sure you would never try to do. You would cave just like you did on the third debate with BHO the turkey. We elected a looser Just like AZ did when they elected McCain. Shame on us and me!!!

    • I’m with you and I just wish we the American people had a bigger voice at people like this. For another sore louser like McCain who never won the presendency

      • William M., I am in total agreement with you and all others who have voiced your feelings about Mr. Romney. But it is not just he, but the whole Democratic Party plus the rhinos on the right.
        However, I disagree in regards to , we the people, are without a means of changing the errors we have allowed. The voting polls are waiting for each of us to make those changes to happen!! We must DEMAND THAT OUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!

  32. Romney is a disgrace. When will he learn to just shut his mouth. He should have remained in the private life and disappeared.

    • His wife is his boss and she pissed at him for not winning the predencey for she wanted the white house more than he

    • Romney has proven himself to be weak, spineless and in step with the democrats.
      He would merely be a GOP Jimmy carter in office. His pollyanna decision to run,not run, run disgusted me.

  33. Romney gave up his bid for the White House after the slaughter to Obama in Colorado. I guess Obama offered enough money for him to step aside and allow The Hawaiian Born Illinois Senator for 2 whole years run the country. Run it into the damn ground! Thanks MITT! I wonder if Obama helped those two from Nigeria beat up Smollet? It looked liked he’d been beat up by a bunch of girls.

    • Yeah..i’m sure obama had his dirty hands in the smolett episode and sure he’s with ‘liar, liar pants on fire hillary’ in a while lot of dirty deeds. Day of reckoning is near when they have to answer to a HigherPower..God

  34. Romney is a disgusting back stabbing idiot that plays both sides of the fence,if you ever wanted to put your faith in a politician Romney would be the WORST choice you could ever imagine,the kind of friend that you avoid at all Costs

  35. It’s interesting that little Mittens seems content to blame President Trump (a moniker that will never precede RINO Romney’s name) and yet, he ALWAYS forgets to mention that Obama bin Lyin’ knew all about the attempted interference by Russia in our elections and chose to do absolutely nothing about it. Maybe because he was too busy trying to interfere in elections in Israel and the Ukraine or giving Iran a clear path to develop nuclear weapons?

    • Romney so quick to condemn President Trump but if my memory is correct Romney is supposed to be of the Mormon religion. Yet he sits by while Democrats are willing to murder babies not only before birth by abortion but after birth if the abortion failed. The way I look at your either Republican (conservative/God fearing) or your a Democrat (liberal/God is s not in your orbit) there is no place in this country for RINO’s in government. A RINO is a politician that’s only looking out for their career and what they think is the popular stance (John McCain). Man up Romney and support President Trump, Barr said the Mueller Report said No Collusion. Mueller only had Democrat attorneys working on the investigation. Many of which had worked on the Clinton campaign do you really think that if there was collusion they wouldn’t have found it. Democrats are beating a dead horse, there no need to keep beating it, it’s already dead.

      • Thank you Jacquelline! As a Mormon I totally agree with you about Romney ignoring the Democrat policy on abortion. He therefore becomes a part of it. Also, he is a total RINO.

  36. We must flood Senator Romney office with letters demanding his resignation as U.S. Senator. His actions since becoming a U.S. Senator have proven that he is not doing the job he was elected to do.

    • I’m for that. I’m willing if you others will help this along because he is a Traitor not only to the people he is suppose to represent……He is a traitor to God and to himself. I too am LDS and I’m totally disgusted with Mittens and his lies. He and Obama are two of a kind.

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