Mitt Romney crossed a line that will have Donald Trump’s blood boiling

Mitt Romney ran for the Senate as the leader of the Never Trump movement.

Since his election, he’s picked his sports to lob cheap shots and smear at the President.

That all changed when Mitt Romney crossed a line that will have Donald Trump’s boiling.

Attorney General William Barr finally released the Mueller report and put to bed the fake news
hoax about Russian collusion.

The Attorney General also cleared the President of any obstruction charges.

That wasn’t good enough for Never Trump RINO Mitt Romney.

Romney virtue signaled to the Fake News Media and released a statement condemning the behavior Mueller outlined in his report.

Conservatives noted that Romney never blasted Obama for spying on Trump’s campaign.

Romney also sat silently as the Democrats supported legislation to murder babies born alive.

Romney never criticizes Democrats.

He reserves his fire to smear Donald Trump and his supporters.

Since Romney is the Senator from Utah, he feels safe blasting the President without any fear of repercussions.

Romney was the first Republican Senator to rip Trump in the wake of the Mueller report’s release.

Instead of accepting the reality of the situation – that President Trump was cleared of the collusion charges despite a two-year witch hunt to frame him – Romney played to the applause of the fake news to attack the President.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.