Mitt Romney found out one harsh reality that told him his career was over

Mitt Romney stabbed conservatives in the back when he became the first Senator to vote to convict a President of his own party on articles of impeachment.

Many wondered how Donald Trump would pay Romney back for this treachery.

And now Mitt Romney found out one harsh reality that told him his career was over.

The President and millions of Americans are eager to reopen the economy on May 1 when the administration’s social distancing guidelines expire.

To that end, the President formed a bi-partisan committee on setting about accomplishing this task.

But everyone sat up and took notice when the President invited every single Senate Republican except Mitt Romney to serve on the committee.

The committee was created to act as a Congressional arm of the White House coronavirus task force to study how best to reopen America’s economy.

When the White House released a list titled, “Opening Up America Again Congressional Group,” which included a bipartisan list of nearly 70 senators and all of Romney’s Republican colleagues, Romney got the memo.

A spokesperson for Romney told Breitbart the Utah Senator was not asked to be a part of the initiative.

Romney is largely persona non grata with Republican voters after his impeachment betrayal.

The Utah Senator is not up for re-election until 2024.

And Trump’s decision to make Romney the only Republican not on the committee makes it clear that when 2024 rolls around President Trump plans to campaign for a conservative primary challenger to Romney.

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