Mitt Romney found out one harsh reality that told him his career was over

Mitt Romney stabbed conservatives in the back when he became the first Senator to vote to convict a President of his own party on articles of impeachment.

Many wondered how Donald Trump would pay Romney back for this treachery.

And now Mitt Romney found out one harsh reality that told him his career was over.

The President and millions of Americans are eager to reopen the economy on May 1 when the administration’s social distancing guidelines expire.

To that end, the President formed a bi-partisan committee on setting about accomplishing this task.

But everyone sat up and took notice when the President invited every single Senate Republican except Mitt Romney to serve on the committee.

The committee was created to act as a Congressional arm of the White House coronavirus task force to study how best to reopen America’s economy.

When the White House released a list titled, “Opening Up America Again Congressional Group,” which included a bipartisan list of nearly 70 senators and all of Romney’s Republican colleagues, Romney got the memo.

A spokesperson for Romney told Breitbart the Utah Senator was not asked to be a part of the initiative.

Romney is largely persona non grata with Republican voters after his impeachment betrayal.

The Utah Senator is not up for re-election until 2024.

And Trump’s decision to make Romney the only Republican not on the committee makes it clear that when 2024 rolls around President Trump plans to campaign for a conservative primary challenger to Romney.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. So what Franklin Gonzalas , my dad’s side has been here since 1585 n mothers since 1713 , fought in the revolutionary war , civil war and so on . Mitt Ronmney is a back stabbing snake in tbe grass , Trump’s not backing down from that plastic hair dew of slick Mitt the puss .. In fact I bet Trump can kick his pencil neck ass , with no problem

  2. So Mitt Romney stood up to the president and now he thrump is so bent out of shape. When he is arrested for crimes against the nation, Romney will be the one laughing. And before any of you make any snide comments my family has been Americans for over 150 years.

  3. I used to be a Republican but then I started smoking bud a few years back.
    Now I vote Democrat. It all makes so much sense to me now.
    Party on dude.

  4. Yu people are c r u e l. Mitt is a man of variety…..eenie meenie miny mo which of yu’s gonna be my ho? polygamy polygamy thats my game just ask MITT
    he’s in the game. It’s odd 1 can have mental-dumps ovr n ovr n ovr n ovr like a broken record skp skp skp skp skp skp skp

  5. This is a traitor and should be send back to Boston where he belongs. This man need to be impeach from the senate. He is a devil for standing against president Trump and working with the democrat. Please recall this man, this is not what you guys need, there is nothing like bipartisan any more and if not God’s Love Romney almost impeach our president. I will not forget

  6. Twitt Romney is a moron, and was elected by morons.
    If it weren’t for Twitt Romney we might have stopped Obama’s second term and saved the country a lot of damage.

  7. Mutt Romney is a Mormon and was elected by Mormons and will be reelected by Mormons,unless he goes back to the Mormon communes in Mexico and is taken care of by the CARTELS….Wake up people Republicans and Dumcrats and independents ,,,TRUMP is our president and a great president that is not afraid to fight back!!!!!GO GET THEM MR. PRESIDENT…….

  8. Would someone anyone please send me a listing of what GOOD accomplishments have been done by the Demoncrap Party leadership including Pelosi, Schiff,, Schumer, Green, Romney etc. I have asked for this listing many times but so far no one has responded to me. Could it be beause they can’t find anything positive to report?

  9. Would someone anyoone please send me a list of the gret things that the Demoncraps including Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Romney done for the good of the USA taxpayers. I have asked for such a list sevral times but so far I have never received a reply. Could it be because there is nothing GOOD to report?

  10. Never saw Janet’s post but. Romney was governor of Ma. and was replaced with another democrat after a short stint. We saw through his BS and got rid of him. To bad his replacement was just another democratic liar, Devaul Patrick. Romney can’t tell the truth and is not a republican. He is a traitor, a liar and a democrat. Hope his reign is over on the next election. I hope the people of his state are not so stupid as to reelect him.

  11. Anyone who believes that “politics” is a viable “career choice” is both a liar and a fraud. When our constitution was enacted, the vision of those leaders was that of citizens VOLUNTARILY disrupting their own business and family life to SERVE their neighbors and this nation as Public Servants. Their “ideal” was that these people would serve for a defined period and then RETURN TO THEIR “NORMAL” LIVES (and livelihoods). The rise of “political parties” has so badly corrupted this vision that our “new normal” imposes the idea that politics is a CAREER!!!

  12. Janet Hutchinson, Trump may be brash and outspoken. He may say what he thinks without dressing it up but he didn’t wait almost seven months to jump on this virus like Obama did, nor did he just keep allowing flights from China, ground zero, to bring in more he banned them unlike Obama who knew Mexico was ground zero for H1N1 but fought to keep our borders open and allow illegals to keep spreading the virus. Nor did Trump take a two week vacation as Pelosi did, and go to his home state and tell everyone to join him in Chinatown for the festival knowing people would become infected and fatalities might happen. Trump stay in DC trying to find answers to bring the virus under control and how best to help the people of our nation with a stimulus bill which Pelosi didn’t feel the need to do, she was too busy using her paycheck to stock her two $25,000.00 fridges with $12.00 a pint ice cream while Trump donates his to worthy causes. So do us a favor, look at how many democrats told the citizens in their state to ignore Trump’s advice and where it landed them, CA, NY, NJ, LA and so on. Democrats care so much they would rather infect you behind and possibly make you a fatality to spite Trump. So come 2020 election I know where my vote will go. Trump 2020.

  13. Jeeze, check the facts! Romney voted to ALLOW TESTIMONY, NOT A VOTE TO CONVICT in the Senate trial!! If, somehow, that was a vote to convict Trump, people have really an inability to read and think critically.

  14. Flaming out, just like father George. Had high hopes in 2012. POTUS Barry ripe for the picking. Then he let him ‘off the hook’ during that initial debate. Dems sensed that lack of a killer instinct and immediately went into full attack mode. They forced him on defense and he never recovered. The choice of Paul Ryan as VP panned out to be another reason he lost. Like Romney, he, too, is better suited for softball instead of hardball. Give me a Nolan Ryan-like POTUS Trump with a 100 mph fastball that he is not afraid to throw high and inside when necessary.

  15. I would say something to janet h. but it would be a waste of time and energy, like speaking into a democratic toilet bowl. we all know what that smells like ca ca.

  16. I agree with all who have said it……the people of Utah should recall the POS bastard. They probably thought they were electing a conservative Republican but what they actually got was sack full of RINO dog excrement.

  17. Utah should activate serious effort to impeach this traitor of the people of Utah. Don’t let him continue ruin this great state of Utah!! Impeach this POS soon as possible!!

  18. Mitt , what a lowlife piece of monkey ” S ” . Romney , the old devil himself , is going to relish the day you enter HELL’S GATE !!

  19. Pertaining to Cindy’s comment above…..This country started with God being fully involved in our government. You obviously haven’t read the early documents that our early colonists put together and lived by. These documents were very specific. One of the earliest was almost a word for word copy of the book of Titus in the Bible. I’m sorry you are so uneducated. Taking God out of our country has been caused by our sinfulness, and is the base of all of our problems of today. I feel sorry for you. I hope you will look up these early documents and also start reading the Bible and attending a Christian church.

  20. Trump should put ROMNEY in a Ambassador role to like perhaps Russia or IRAN that way he can ship him to Russia or Iran. Those countries will take care of the rest in due time.

  21. HEY Janet!!! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!! GOD said HE put TRUMP in OFFICE for a REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I PRAY!!!!! And LIKE GOD’S CHOICE BETTER!!!!!!!!


  23. Mr Romney has certainly made some grave mistakes of late and betrayed many people in the process. However making comments about something sacred (gold tablets as you called them David) bring you down to his level. Politics and religion are separate in this country. The Church he belongs to should not be desecrated because of this mans lack of judgement. Believe me, I’m as disappointed in Him as anyone could be but leave religion out of it!

  24. Yes Nancy your correct, Romney invested in Stericycle, the baby fetus disposal company long utilized by Planned Parenthood clinic’s. Made $10 Million off the deal. A snake sheds its skin many times, but it’s still a snake…

  25. Hopefully when the Committee Assignments are made for the next Session of Congress, Romney will be frozen out as having been determined not only to be useless, but an actual detriment to the work of the committees.
    If that happens Utah voters will have one more reason not to send this backstabber back to Washington.

  26. “MUTT” made his own future….he could still have a future in the democrat party….IF they survive the 2020 election.

  27. I had worked with Mitt Romney during the 2002 Olympics in SLC. He did an outstanding job at it. I don’t understand, how he has changed so drastically.

  28. Mittens has nothing to offer. It is obvious Romney only takes up space, and sucks up oxygen. Mittens is nonessential. Why would President Trump waste precious time and resources on a loser like Mittens Romney?


  30. But the leftists want their representative on the committee/task force!! It’s not fair!!

  31. Janet, there is no room for traitors in America who will sell their birthright for power! This is Romney, pure and simple! No moral compass whatsoever. A disgrace to
    the Republican party, America, and humanity.

  32. You are all sick! No matter what Trump does is ok! Well, open your eyes!!!!!!! He lies and treats people terrible, you’re just as sick as him!

  33. Romney needs to go search for the golden tablets, and see if moroni can give him guidence! Then be shot as a traitor!

  34. Well if you act out like a little kid. Then your not ready to lead , just like little aoc . And hollyweird imbeciles.

  35. On November 4th McConnell should inform Mutt Romney he has been removed from all committees. Totally marginalize him for the final two years of his political career.

  36. A Mormon who buys stock into the whole sale market of baby parts. Him and Nancy Pelosi hatched out of the same egg, and the egg was an snake egg…

  37. Way to go mutt wrongly! I wouldn’t trust your sorry ass to babysit my damned dog – mr “stab in the back” traitor!! 😥😪😞😰

  38. Sending sincere condolences to the Voters of Utah for electing this individual to represent them. The only thing better would be digging a hole in the backyard and putting your money in it.

  39. I wouldn’t trust that POS with a Dead Cat much less decisions about peoples lives. Mitt needs to GO. Sorry Utah but you Screwed the Pooch on this one

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