Mitt Romney gave a one word answer on whether or not he would endorse Joe Biden

Mitt Romney is practically a founding father of the Never-Trump movement.

Romney has also made it clear he will not vote for President Trump this November.

And now Mitt Romney gave this one word answer on whether or not he would endorse Joe Biden.

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich became the highest profile “Republican” to endorse Joe Biden for President by speaking at the Democrat National Convention.

Kasich caused another stir when he revealed that a prominent Republican member of Congress would join him in endorsing Biden.

That immediately led to speculation that Mitt Romney was the mystery Republican that would be endorsing Biden.

But The Daily Caller reached out to Romney’s office and received a one word answer: “No.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney will not be speaking at the Democratic National Convention, despite rumors that he could be the mystery man defending 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden at the event.

The rumors started after former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday on CNN that a prominent congressman will be endorsing Biden at the DNC, implying that it would be a Republican. The Daily Caller contacted offices of politicians whose names were being floated around as the mystery Republican in Congress who would be endorsing Biden, and immediately heard back from a Romney spokesperson who responded to the question by saying: “No.”

Any Republican who endorses Joe Biden for President immediately forfeits their future in the party.

Romney has other ways to undermine the President, which Romney happily takes advantage of on a regular basis.

Just recently, Romney falsely claimed the President’s handling of the coronavirus was a disaster stating it was something “you can’t spin.”

Romney may never vote for Trump, but he wants to seize back control of the GOP for the establishment after Trump leaves office.

And he can’t do that if he publicly endorses Joe Biden.

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