Mitt Romney got hit with some really bad news about his future

Never-Trump traitor Mitt Romney is still feeling the heat from his vote to convict Donald Trump on one of the Democrats’ articles of impeachment.

Romney is about to find out the worst is yet to come.

And now Mitt Romney got hit with some really bad news about his future.

When Romney voted to convict the President, many pundits believed that because of Romney’s role in saving the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from disaster after a bribery scandal and Romney’s leadership role in the Mormon Church, Romney was untouchable in Utah.

But that is not the case.

Donald Trump’s approval rating in Utah continues to rise and some polls show it is even higher than Romney’s.

Grassroots conservatives in Utah also have not forgiven Romney.

And the Utah GOP is sitting on resolutions calling on Romney to resign, demanding a recall of the Senator and praising President Trump.

Brandon Beckham – the GOP activist behind the resolution – says it puts the Utah GOP on record noting the state party “strongly disagrees with the vote cast,” and hopes “all Utah elected Republicans to work with President Trump to implement the conservative policies of the America First agenda that are helping our country succeed.”

These resolutions are just the start of the campaign to oust Romney.

Should President Trump win re-election in 2020, it is almost certain Romney would face a pro-Trump challenger when Romney runs for re-election in 2024.

And the President would most likely endorse that candidate.

Trump’s endorsement has proven pivotal in GOP primaries and not even Mitt Romney running for re-election in Utah would be able to survive the President campaigning on behalf of his opponent.

In that event, Romney would slink off into retirement like other Never-Trump traitors Jeff Flake and Bob Corker when it became apparent they would lose a GOP primary to a pro-Trump challenger.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. It is sad people listen to the biased media and people like Mitt Romney vote to impeach a sitting president with no solid evidence of wrongdoing.

  2. Utah should oust “MUTT” Romney as soon as possible….why leave him in office for another 4 years to undemand the party/president?

  3. this guy is not a republican he is a democrat in disguise and should not say that he is a republican hope they get rid of him

  4. Say Mr. Romney, sir, it seems to me that you have been breaking the 5th and 7th of the 10 Commandments, which there are more that 100 of those Christian Commandments that Moses and Abraham had discussed upon between these two Patriarchs and The One And Only God Almighty (Who Has NO Name) In The Old Testament Of The Holy Bible! At least I am a Striving NOT To Breaking Any Of Those 10 Commandments! You truly should have Ran On The Progressive Liberal Democratic Ticket instead of LYING To The Conservative Republican Party!!!

  5. The Mormon church has a demon and should remove it immediately , mitt romney a lying little worm said his values and religion made do it ! That’s just what a demon would say ! I’d kick him out of Utah.

  6. Mitt Romney is a self centered piece of the Elite Crowd that has scammed America and live off of our blood and sweat.

  7. Many expect Romney to switch parties and declare himself a Democrat. But he will have to see if they really want him or not first.

  8. The very jr sen from Utah , started his political career as independent his first name Willard ( seems he doesn’t like himself , rumors abound , that he may have been born in Canada , in the cycle of the Ida’s of March , move one one letter in his name Romney ( ROME NY ) he is addicted too death dying idealogoies , believes limitation and suffering self righteous zealot , when ever , he screws he hides his anal cavity in his church and religious belief system he run around in a fig leaf , he is real SNAKE with a hydra Janis Heads medusa personality !!!!! Part of Burisma along with his kid !!!
    Observations by Joseph St.Clair

  9. Meathead Romney would have been the president if he wouldn’t have fallen asleep in the campaign thank goodness that he did, he’s not a utahn he is just a retread politician that was trying to stay in power I hope that the soft heads that voted for him are real happy with him now he is soo predictable just look at his leftist record in Massachusetts that is where he should have stayed.

  10. Mitt Romney is a self-serving opportunist and certainly not leadership materiel. I am a Michigander and remember when his father was governor here. What a failed leader he was. Allowing contaminated cow feed and cows to be buried in a pit directly next to the
    Au sable river, one of our states biggest freshwater supplies, dumb.

  11. Romney has zero integrity – zero fortitude and zero character! and very soon zero backing even from the ill informed that voted for him in the past.

  12. When he ran aganist Obama. He had lot of people backing him. Then came time for the debate aganist Obama. He frozen like a deer in headlights! Became a COWARD! All due to Obamacare was supposed to be like Romneycare!

  13. Every representative in congress should be forced to take a civics class, and be made to study the constitution, and then pass a test before they are allowed to resume their seat. Too many congressmen do not know the constitution, but they should.
    For starters, if Trump did commit a crime, it did not reach the level of an impeachable offense.

  14. The backstabbing bastard swore a lie before his so-called god on Trump. He talked about being religious. Well so was Judas.

  15. As far as I am concerned, Lying Turncoat Romney is a Traitor to the People of Utah and the President and GOP. He should be deported to the most scarce uninhabited island and think about where he screwed up which has been most of his political career because he always supported the Democrats instead of his own party. And as far as the Utah Legislature, all they are doing is sitting on action against Romney because the Governor supports his actions of voting with the Democrats to impeach his own Party President. Currently the Utah Government is intent on letting a party traitor slide without any punishment and therefore let the People of Utah down and be disgraced and dishonored. The current government of Utah appears to be siding with the Democrats and selling the conservative people of Utah down the river. Evidently our own Utah Governor and Legislative body prefers to uphold the Far Leftists and their policies over that of the people who are predominantly Conservative Republicans.

  16. The system is broken, If Romney is fired or not reelected, he will still receive one hell of a pension. It is NOT fare that these elected government officials can do what ever they want, steal what ever they want and be set for life while they try to take away benefits from retired military, and you have to do 20 yrs to receive anything. I wish, if they only did 4 or 8 yrs, they only get a portion of their base pay.

  17. Mittens is an absolute traitor to the GOP and America.
    He bamboozled Utah voters into thinking he was one of them.
    He is Not a Utahn.
    He is a carpet bagger from the commie state of MA.

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