Mitt Romney had one reaction to Trump’s plan to expose voter fraud that thrilled Joe Biden

Polls show the overwhelming majority of Republicans believe Democrats stole the 2020 election.

The President is fighting on their behalf to make sure every legal vote counts.

But now Mitt Romney had one reaction to Trump’s plan to expose voter fraud that thrilled Joe Biden.

Republican Senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson are strongly hinting that they will object to the Senate officially certifying the Electoral College vote on January 6 because of what they see as obvious fraud during the vote count.

Never-Trump founding father Mitt Romney called that plan to replace fraudulent electors with pro-Trump electors “madness.”

“The idea of supplanting the vote of the people with partisan legislators is so completely out of our national character that it’s simply madness,” Romney told fake news CNN.

Kansas RINO Senator Jerry Moran also objected to this plan.

“It is unhealthy for the well-being of our country, and our relations around the world if we spend time debating the outcome of the election once the presidential race has been determined,” Moran also told fake news CNN. “The country is so divided today that it is not helpful that we would continue to have a debate about the process. Fix any problems with the process, but the outcome of an election can’t be something that is debated for the next four years.”

The President’s lawyers have presented sworn affidavits from eye witnesses detailing substantial voter fraud.

Witnesses signed these documents under penalty of perjury knowing they could go to jail if they are lying.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was already vindicated on his claims of Hunter Biden’s corruption with the admission by Biden that he is under criminal investigation.

RINOs like Mitt Romney should not be so quick to dismiss Giuliani’s claims of voter fraud.

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