Mitt Romney is about to get impeached. You won’t believe who wants to remove him from office

Never-Trump RINO Mitt Romney predicted he would face severe backlash for his vote to remove President Trump from office.

Romney had no idea how right he was.

And now Mitt Romney is about to get impeached. You won’t believe who wants to remove him from office.

Mitt Romney thought he could stab President Trump in the back on impeachment and survive politically because his standing in Utah was so secure.

President Trump won Utah with just 45 percent of the vote in 2016 and his approval rating lagged underwater for the first three years of his Presidency.

Romney also enjoyed hero status in Utah because of his role in saving the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

But Romney badly misjudged the political environment back home.

As Romney became the first U.S. Senator in American history to vote to convict a President of his own party an impeachment trial a poll showed President Trump had a higher approval rating in Utah than Romney.

To make matters worse for Romney, Utah State Representative Ted Quinn filed a bill to put a measure on the ballot allowing citizens to recall Senators.

Quinn told the Desert News he had been working on the bill for a year and that his filing of it had nothing to do with specifically targeting Mitt Romney.

Representative Quinn explained that his bill would give Utah residents a “good mechanism in place to make any senator, current or future, a little more accountable to those who elected him or her.”

Millions of Trump supporters are furious with Romney.

They believe he not only betrayed the President, but also the 63 million Americans who elected Donald Trump.

These Americans believe the President serves at their pleasure and is not subject to a heckler’s veto by bitter and jealous United States Senators.

And now Mitt Romney may pay for this treachery with his job.

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