Mitt Romney is about to get kicked out of the GOP. You won’t believe who is going to do it

Never-Trump traitor Mitt Romney finally made his move against President Trump.

Romney revealed himself to be a functioning Democrat when he voted to remove the President from office.

But now Mitt Romney is about to get kicked out of the GOP. You won’t believe who is going to do it.

Conservatives were outraged by Romney’s vote to convict the President.

After years of selling out the right to weasel his way into the “good graces” of the left, Romney finally crossed the line into full blown liberal.

And Trump supporters were not happy and demanded retribution.

Donald Trump Jr. demanded Mitt Romney be expelled from the GOP.

“Mitt Romney is forever bitter that he will never be POTUS. He was too weak to beat the Democrats then so he’s joining them now. He’s now officially a member of the resistance & should be expelled from the GOP,” Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted.

While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to downplay Romney’s betrayal, the grassroots were not about to let that one slide.

On her nightly Fox News program Laura Ingraham tore into Romney.

“Mitt, you made your stand, now you should resign,” Ingraham stated “You committed a fraud on the people of Utah on the Republican Party, on the Constitution, and have thoroughly embarrassed yourself.”

After ripping Romney for playing to the crowd in the liberal media she issued a warning.

Ingraham vowed that should it come down it, she would move to Utah and run against Mitt Romney in a Republican primary when he runs for re-election.

“We won’t ever forget. Utah should never forget,” Ingraham continued. “And if I have to move there to run against him in four- and-a-half years, I will. I do like that Park City skiing and the summer hiking.”

Even prior to Romney’s Judas act on impeachment, his criticism of President Trump was not playing well in Utah.

The day before Romney linked arms with Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi a poll came out in Utah showing the President is more popular than Romney.

Other polls showed an 18 point decline in support for Romney from Utah voters.

Voters will not soon forget Romney’s betrayal.

It may end up costing him his job.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Attn: Larry you may be for Romney fan but don’t put me in your comment that all VET. are for him this is one VET. That thank he is a low down as anyone can be.

  2. Mitt Romney has proven myself a PATRIOT! Thank You Sir! All Veterans stand by You! President Trump will go down as America’s biggest embarrassment but there is always hope! Thank You Senator Romney!

  3. Mitt Romney has become one of the biggest dissapointments ever. I am ashamed to say I was for him in the past. I don’t think he will ever get elected again for anything. His career should be over. Shame on You Mitt!

  4. I want to apologize for my earlier comment. Name calling is low class, and does not help any kind of discussion happen. Childish of me and I’m sorry.

  5. Larry,
    John McCain’s “hero” status is in doubt. But what is not in doubt is that he was corrupt in his capacity as a US Senator. He was involved up to his ears in the Russian “dossier” used to perpetrate the collusion hoax against the duly elected President Trump. His time in prison camp would be a walk in the park compared to his present gig. Hint: It’s hot there.

  6. Dwight Harper, Name the law that Trump broke in the Articles of Impeachment. You can’t and neither could the House. At least with the Clinton Impeachment, there was a criminal act. Article Two of the Impeachment should be taken to court and the House Intel Committee Chairman charged with perjury.

  7. Shut up and let Utah do it’s thing. Until then, back off and let him keep voting for conservative judges, the Republican majority in the Sanate is not very big. In the meantime, just ignore him.

  8. Romney was very predictable on the impeachment voting. His excuse of considering the information and praying about it didn’t quite cut it. It was more theatrics for the media than anyone.

  9. History will look back on the traitors who tried to take down this great country. Mitt Romney will be seen as the hero he is. In times like this it takes someone with balls to help wake people up. He may suffer, at the hands of fools, but. You will see. If and when people now choosing blindness decide facing the truth, even if it is uncomfortable, is always the right thing do. Millions, through the years, will be very aware of what you do and say now. Please don’t forget that. Think of your children, grandchildren and all those who follow.

  10. He voted the way he wanted just like people voted him into office voted the way they wanted. Trump should have been convicted and thrown out of the oval office. A lying bully and name calling scum. HE SHOULD LOOK IN THE MIRROR FAT PLUMP TRUMP. So unfit for the potus.

  11. I believe we will pick up more seats in the Senate and increase our majority. When that happens, McConnell needs to remove Romney from ALL committee assignments, and totally marginalize him for the remainder of his term. If he flips and admits he is a Democrat, no loss at all. And Utah may do the right thing and vote him out at the end of this term. President Trump will be able to endorse his replacement.

  12. Romney just made himself the Poster Child for why we need to repeal the 17th Amendment to the US constitution.
    We’re stuck with this hot mess for another 4+ years.
    Prior to the enactment of the 17th Amendment, the governor could immediately remove him, and appoint a suitable [as in actual Republican representing Utah Values and Sensibilities] as a replacement.

  13. No underhanded traitor hiding behind his “values” like Romney, has any idea there is even any such thing as truth.

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    YouTube channel: Acts17Apologetics. Title: Leaving Islam: Volume Two (David Wood)
    Get to know your average establishment elitest psychopath more intimately than they know themselves. Right now these psychopaths know you better than you know yourself & that means you lose the battles (even when you thought you won) & you lose the war.
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    THE HISTORY OF JIHAD FROM MUHAMMAD TO ISIS: The Comprehensive History of the Role of War and Terror in Islam, Robert Spencer.
    “There can be no peace on earth until the Koran is eliminated from the earth.” Winston Churchill 1942.
    Your feminist traitor to womanhood is a leftist leader who knows you better than you know her.
    Get to know your Feminist traitor to all womenhood better than they know you, etc:
    The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York 1848, StudioBrule (YouTube).
    GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism, by Ann Coulter.
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter.
    THE ART OF THE ARGUMENT: Western Civilization’s Last Stand, by Stefan Molyneux 2017. Banned for centuries, now free at
    “Climate Change” is a globalist elites HOAX. Look at any TONY HELLER YouTube channel for proof.

  14. He claims to be a Mormon but does everything the opposite which makes him a MORON!! get rid of him. He’s a treacherous Demoncrackhead loving Jack Ass.

  15. Romney ran as a Pro-Choice when as Govenor of Massachusetts, and implemented Romneycare, which was lousy healthcare. He’s a snake in the grass.

  16. the blood of the dead mornons in mexico is on romneys hands — he is just another soros whore bought and paid for — Utah dump this trash he is no good for u the church or himself

  17. I used to support Mitt Romney as a super hero for pulling out the Olympic Games. I thought he could do no wrong and supported him 100% for President and thought he was the person to get rid of Obama. I am not sorry to say now that money may have changed hands to throw the election to Obama!! He seemed to be doing really well up to the last debate when he suddenly became very docile and not aggressively seeking the presidency! Why the sudden change? Money under the table could easily explain it! MITT Romney plays his church card too prominently for it to be true. He blames the church and his better than thow” attitude as if there were no one else in the Senate being Christians! If he were a true Christian he would have seen the truth that President Trump did not behave at an impeachable level! If I were younger ( I am 80 ) I too would go to Utah and try a run against him! I think even me could beat him now!! Mitt go home and forget politics! You are a disgrace to the church you herald. The great Mormon church should also get rid of you as a bad dream!!! Try and get your great family supporting you to try and nurse your jealously of President Trump!! You will never be that good! E V E R ! ! !

  18. Romney is high in the Mormon church and represents the church. I have never known of the Mormon religion to endorse hate, yet Romney was elected as Utah senator. Was he elected because he was Mormon or was he elected because he could and would represent his constituents? I don’t see where Romney is representing his constituents. WHY? He is being paid $174,000/yr to represent his constituents…. So does this mean Romney is robbing his constituents?

  19. It is saddened that the hate the Democrats and Romney have for Trump who won the 2016 fair and square therefore becoming the current duly elected sitting president is more important to them than representing their constituents. It is my prayer that these people with so much hatred in their hearts loose their upcoming elections. It is time we come together as one NATION UNDER GOD and make America a better place to live for our citizens.

  20. It would be better if a group of GOP Senators (including, but not limited to: Tom Cotton, Mike Lee, Lindsy Graham and Joani Ernst) strongly request a private meeting with Sen. Mitt Romney, and have a very frank discussion of what political issues, policy issues and legal dynamics are at stake during the balance of this year and in the 2020 election. The GOP needs ALL the Senators it now has available and MJST cllse ranks around the Trump Admin Agenda for continuing to correct the DeepState disasters and minefields left in place by the former Obama Admin. It it THAT SIMPLE AND THAT NECESSARY.

    The DC Establishment has been quietly engaged in a subversive war against We the People for a number of decades. What has been recently exposed and brought to light did not happen overnight. Former Pres. Obama was able to make full use of the already-in-place DeepState mechanisms and operatives in the Bureaucracies, knkwing full well they would fully cooperate with his tyrannical agenda. Because, creating a secret tyranny over We the People had already been the DeepState agenda since the days of FDR — and even from Woodrow Wilson before that, who began to create in DC what was referred to as “the German model of the Administrative State” — which was needed, because most Americans were viewed (by academia and government elitists) as too stupid to take care of themselves or their nation.

  21. I would hope that EVERY Republican would not look at nor ever speak to Romney.
    Avoid him as though he doesn’t even exist.
    Professing that he voted to impeach our President to honor his God is pure B.S. What a phony. Even after he placed his vote he said that Trump should be removed from office.
    I did not know that the Mormon religion promoted hate. I don’t believe it does but
    Mitt Romney surely does hate. He hates that Trump is so successful. In his mind he thinks he is superior not only to Trump but to all people. Come on Utah, get his a_s
    out and don’t let him come back to your beautiful state. Romney does not deserve to live in the great state of Utah. He sure as hell does not belong in Washington.

  22. As for Cindy La Roche yes Mitt Romney is a traitor and should resign if there is any man left in him and if he is a man of GOD like he claims he should ask for forgives for what he did.I would pray for Mitt Romney but prayers would not help a traitor like Mitt Romney. Amen.

  23. Romney is a snake and the voters of Utah should do to him what we do to snakes down in Texas; cut off their heads with a garden spade and leave them to die in the dirt! Both he and his Dad are both poor excuses for true Americans!!!

  24. Romney is a snake and the voters of Utah should do to him what we do to snakes down in Texas; cut off their heads with a garden spade and leave them to die in the dirt! Both he and his Dad are both poor excuses for true Americans!!!

  25. Please watch every politician closely follow every single move, follow the $$$$$$$what they invest in, wind power, solar power companies, electric vehicles, and other energy companies, follow the money see what they vote for the bills they want to stop or write. $$$$$ where is invested $$$$phone companies, who stands to gain????? How much $$$$$who gains if a vote goes here or there?????follow the $$$$$barisma bidens, ROMNEY
    ??????may not be easy to find but maybe sore ass involved?????remember Brett Cavanaugh behind the scenes,!!!!secretaries elevator?????DC scandal ridden $$$$$corruption sneaking snake Demon Craps LOCKED basement meeting Clinton cartel tarmac meeting

  26. Romney exposed himself as being 100% fake and 100% hollow. The only difference is that the entire world now knows it.

  27. Are you up to date on the new movement within Utah to RECALL Mitt Romney? Check it out. Mike Lee should know all about it!

  28. Romney showed himself worse than the functioning democrat, he showed himself as a weak envious and cowardly man trying to please the top democrats when he voted to remove the president from office. This act is unworthy of a real man. And I am sure that if Ingraham runs against Mitt Romney in the Republican elections, then she will win, because the betrayal is not forgiven.

  29. Romney is far more EVIL THEN YOU CAN IMAGINE OART OF THE BURISMA PLOT CONNECTED TOO THE VINDMANS , Clinton’s and Mullier because Romney was gov of Ma during Mullier being there , he also is apart of the Howard Hugh’s branch of his religion las Vegas not A NICE person hypocrite !!
    Too much chocolate milk mad cows disease !!

  30. “Judas”Romney. Don’t you remember the way the lunatic left treated you, your wife and family in 2012,when you ran against the incompetent
    one. You have a very short memory and now you are in bed with the devil. All the best!

  31. He did the right thing ‘in his mind’ only proves his mind is very confused. He will lose. Winners like TRUMP keep winning, losers like romney keep talking @ winners. His voice no longer matters, the dems will b history in 2020.

  32. The man voted his conscience and I believe it was decision that tugged at his soul. But he did the right thing in his mind. He has 4 more years to upset the CULT of tRUMP PERSONALITY. Should be interesting.

  33. Liberals like Nancy P, Adam Schiff, and Romney hate Trump.
    The masterpiece of hate delivers erroneous information to clandestine mind. 

  34. Hey Larry….were you born that stupid? For your info…John McCain is responsible for the deaths of 135 shipmates on the USS FORRESTAL when the SOB was showing off and did a dangerous maneuver called a “wet start”…yeh…. a real hero. That Sob wouldnt make a pimple on a real heros ass. He consistently voted against Bill’s which would have helped veterans…Dude you better do your damned homework on McCain. Hes a real POS

  35. I know a ton about Mittens and he Ain’t No Utahn, he is not a conservative and has never had conservative values.
    It astonished me when Utah voters so easily voted him into office, simply because he claims to be a Mormon.

  36. Romney has never been a leader. He is nothing more than a sore looser and insane from hate and jealousy, He needs to be removed from the Senate. He has no common sense and is a liability to this Country and the State of Utah.

  37. 3 words to Romney, Republicans, and the DOJ -” Joseph Cofer Black.” Who is he and what has he to do with Mitt Romney? He’s on the Board of Directors of BURISMA.

  38. Romney is an “anything for the MONEY” kind of a guy. And he knows the Libs are getting extremely WEALTHY by their CORRUPTION, so he wants IN ON IT!!!

  39. Romney is a loser! He can’t win for the presidential election and now he’s against the president for what ? I regret voting for him in the 2012 election now knowing that he’s a liar and jealous with President Trump , weak to become a president!

  40. Mitt has always been a democrat. He ran as a republican because it was politically advantageous. His election, to any office, has resulted in poor or moderate success. I believe his recent actions are to generate attention, and he will soon be anouncing devine inspiration to become a dem.

  41. Larry you are just like Romney TDS and so butt hurt jealous you can’t stand to be around yourself much less normal people your JUDAS will be thrown out unless he becomes a demoncrap like you total losers TRUMP 2020. 2024 MAGA doin it
    SEMPER FI. U.S.M.C. Sec. 77 P.R.A GITMO Cuba

  42. The Pres Is Going to Let The American People Clean Out THE SWAMP, Esp Calif, By Deciding the Fate of The DemoRATS 2020…

  43. Mitt Romney and harry reed before him have proven no Mormon can be trusted. They are now officially a slimy cult. Oh please send one of your 18 year old elders over to my place so I can teach them what being honorable means when vermin show up at your house.

    I would have guessed the Mormon church would have consulted Mitt Romney and the truth is they probably did. Cults like that are a problem in our society.

    You don’t like being a cult then stop letting your members act like them are in a cult. Get Romney out of the senate now. Heck the Romney family has lost you cult millions of dollars why do yo keep backing them?

  44. Senator Romney is seeking attention, even if it jeopardizes his political standing.
    Senator Romney will forever be tagged as Senator “Wrong Me.”

  45. Of all the Republicans who have refused to see that their Emperor is indeed, naked, at least the Republicans can at least claim one hero amongst yourselves. Who could ever worship a man who disrespected our greatest war hero of the VietNam War? Our ‘Beloved’ President would have not lasted one day in Hanoi confinement without crying for his daddy ! John McCain will not be forgotten by us, his fellow veterans! Mark my words, John McCain will ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AS A TRUE AMERICAN! President Trump will NOT (except maybe in Russia)! PS Try to see your President for what he really is! Let the insults BEGIN – NOW! And Have A Great Night!

  46. Romney fancies himself as the new “maverick” in the republican party. He sees himself taking McCain’s place but there’s very little difference in the word maverick and the word asshole. He always was a democrat at heart and I for one would like my vote back. Looks like he couldn’t beat them so he joined them.

  47. Run Laura run Do it for the USA and get that rino POS OUT OF OFFICE. He claims to be a staunch conservative yet he plays up to the main stream media and the Democrats who back him when he goes against his own party he never learned from 2012 the very same people he went to bed with are the to take him down when he runs for a national office

  48. Romney is jealous. He wanted to be President. But he couldn’t take the heat. Could you imo this wimp in the White House? He would have caved to the dems. My advise to Romney Move back to Massachusetts. Utah doesn’t want a snake

  49. To respond to those that say we are sounding like the Democrats by forcing Senators to vote along party lines, I believe the difference comes down to motivation. Romney voted the way he did because of his personal hatred of the President. Romney was entrusted by the people of Utah to represent them, not his personal “feelings”, and he abused his power by using this opportunity to get even with President Trump. Not to mention this is the same man that had no trouble asking President Trump to campaign for him in Utah. What a deceitful person.

  50. I’d love to lend Laura my moderate sized booted feet to assist in sending this ill-fitting Mitt to the recycle bin.

  51. I hope the Recall puts Romney out of office and on the street. The people will never trust Romney again.

  52. Judas Mitt Romney is 30 PIECES OF SILVER richer this week..!! I’m thinking he WILL live to regret his decision to be revengeful towards President Trump due to his PURE RAW HATE for our President..!! He is seriously mentally disturb due to this HATE and that HATE has clouded his ability to think straight…..apply reason/logic…..or common sense…! Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is real and we see it in real time each and every day from the DEMONCRAPS…!!

    Romney for all intents and purposed is a DEMONCRAP and has been one for years now…Romney needs to GO..!!


  54. ROMNEY best bet is to resign now! His put his family in harm way! He need to stop his two face lifestyle. My wife would left me if I was that way. Just resign Mitt before one of your children are in bad shape!

  55. This sounds a lot like a democratic move to me. If you do not follow the party lines and be PARTISAN just like the democrats then I guess you need to leave the pool. I thought the partisan move was not a good thing?

  56. Best thing Senator Romney should do is to resign now and let the Governor of Utah named a replacement and Utah can elect a new replacement in the upcoming 2020 general election.

  57. Yes, you may join the ranks of Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and the rest of animals working together to the destruction of this great nation.

  58. The CULTIST was never a conservative he might have been a rino but that would require more back bone!! I had to vote for him when he ran against the MOSLEM but he showed his colors then! Between ROMNEY care that furnished OZERO the blueprint to break the economy of 16 states and his WEAK ASS PERFORMANCE in the debates proved he was a COWARD!!! He and NASTY PEELOUSY “pray” to the same god SATAN!! Joe Smith a false prophet and murdering pedophile that tells his ACOLYTES to wear DIAPERS???

  59. I thought Mitt was a great person when he made a showing for senator. I felt he was honest and conservative. I now see he was a snake in the grass and only interested in himself. He can go to the Democrats and become a liberal. He has sure disappointed me!!!!!

  60. Romney did not represent the citizens of Utah. He surely did not represent me or our friends. Romney seems to have a personal vendetta against our President. He voted HIS
    choice and failed his constituents. I regret voting for Romney – buyers remorse!

  61. Romney not only jealous with Trump, he also hates Trump because when he came to
    congratulate Trump and hoped to have the position Secretary of State but Trump denied
    and chose other instead.

  62. When Mitt Romney was running for Governor of Massachusetts, he ran as a Pro-choice (abortion) candidate. He did this both times he ran. He’s a two faced deceiver, and will go any direction the wind blows, as long as he’s elected. He’s not got a Christian bone in his body. Who Baptized him? Joseph Smith was not the messiah.

  63. Previously Romney had sd he did not support Impeachment.
    Prior to the vote he went to several media stations to record messages that he would be voting for Impeachment.
    Now, did Romney deceive the Republica Party ?
    Did the Rep Party approach Romney prior to the vote to see how he would vote? Why didn’t the Rep Party provide one of their lawyers to go over the facts before the vote?
    If Romney misled the Rep Party and the Utah citizens, he shud be forced to resign

  64. Romney has knowingly betrayed the people of Utah. The people of Utah should hold a recall election he misrepresented himself to the people to the people of Utah and felled to represent them by choosing to represent his own political desires.I hope it bites him hard.

  65. Utah has benefitted for years supporting conservative government. If Utah continues to support closet Democrats like Romney, Hill AFB and other items may finally go away. Everyone knows why he came back to Utah. He played the Church and the President to get in the Senate and I hope all in Utah can see that!

  66. Mobster Pelosi should payback tax payers money.El Chapio Cartel guy paid Her money look other way w/HRC.She should be walked to tribunal.When are Patriots going to March on this Coup

  67. Mitts involved in Ukraine.Mitt involved w/Jeff Flake in humane trafficking.Mitt along w/Diane Feinstein owns Avid Voting Machines(real Mormon Christian) Perrie .He makes me sick.

  68. HE WAS A DEMONIC-RAT and changed parties. So his true stripes showed with his vote. He needs expelled back to the RATS!!

  69. Just watch him (Mitt) you are right he is carrying around hate in his heart ❤️ and you can’t please God Almighty with Hate in your Heart toward your fellow man and hear clearly to Obey His Will, Mitt is self Deceived Like so many other Confessing Chrristians Who know about God But do not have a personal Relationship With Him Dangerous Since God has All power and there is no other Compared to him He looks on the heart ❤️ of us all and no liar will enter in the Forever Kingdom of God Because according to His Word (the Holy Bible)nothing mean or Defileing Will go there So KNELL At the Cross And get forgiveness America And God with the help of Our Duely Elected President Donald John Trump and All Truly God Loving God fearing people will Keep America Great And Safe Under the Wings of Almighty God Prayer With a pure heart ,for only the pure in Heart ❤️ Will live with God forever In that Lovely Land He is preparing For those that Love Him and tothe best of our ability Love one another Keeping His Commandments Do not be deceived hate the Sin but Love the person Pray for them that despite you and say all manner of evil ?‍♀️ against you Vingance is Mine Saith the Lord God almighty so do not get weary of well doing Let Good judgement Come from God If wisdom is lacking We Ask for it, from God Who knows all and seeing All You can’t out smart God Ir change His plan or His purpose for Our America He is A Great God Worship Him and Trust Him There is a Merical in the Makeing every day for those who place their faith and trust In GOD AMEN!!!!! Ps I would not care if you publish this E- mail

  70. Is there a process by which a sitting Senator can be removed from his job? If there is it should be put into motion immediately….This man is a deceptive, lying traitor to the party and should be removed from his office. He can ran again as a democrat ….to fulfill his ambition to be the rat that he is. Every decent Constitution loving American should support the removal of Romney.

  71. We’ve all heard of wolves in sheeps clothing before. Well, Mitt, you are a bonafide Democrat in Republicans clothing. We all know you did this is because you know you have another 4 years to go until it’s reelection time again. You figure you can vote yes for the impeachment because you have that cushion of 4 years to safeguard you. You are sadly mistaken you traitor. The good people of Utah will remember your treachery and they’ll vote your sorry ass out. I am a Mormon and this Mormon is pissed off with you right now.

  72. And lets not forget the other two Republicans that wanted to vote to remove trump, can’t remember their names, but no respect for them.
    They should also be removed or not voted in again….

  73. I don’t fault Mitt for what he did, he felt it was the right thing for him to do. I fault him for not doing his job which is not to make your own choices but to do what the majority of your constitutents want. Of course that applies to a lot of the Democrats as well where moa majority of their constitutes wanted

  74. Piglosi and mitt are make every body sick in the Ass. We don’t need these Animals in our Country.God Bless U.S.A.

  75. Romney has always been a no nothing phony religious jerk he would fit right in with the mfing squad
    We Americans do not want to here about your personal religion beliefs
    You are and always has been a worthless deplorable looser

  76. Hey Jack! I only bow down to the One True God through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. But I am grateful for this President (who is by no means “perfect”) but knows how to work hard for all of us…even YOU! How ungrateful people are…he works very hard (for free) and supports all of the things which are near and dear to me. BUT I do not worship him and I am aware that we ALL fall short of God’s glory. He is just as we are…saved by grace through our faith in Christ (covering our past, present and future sin.) We should be grateful to the Lord for placing Him in the Oval Office instead of the alternative…the Lord spared us from the evil that would have ripped off the American people. If baby killing – open borders – mass economic decline – etc. can be solved…..God Bless this President, as he does this for those who elected him. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!

  77. Seems to me McConnell can keep him off any committee or at the least, assign him to some of the least desirable committees possible. Make his tenure as a senator no fun at all.

  78. The good news about Romney blowing the election in 2012 is that it allowed the king of frauds, Obama, to get reelected which directly lead to the popular uprising that elected Donald Trump in 2016. Had milktoast Romney been elected in 2012 we would never have Trump as president. Also, I am still waiting for Romney to return my campaign donation from 2012. It turned out he didn’t have a set big enough to win the mud fight against the Democrats.

  79. Romney is a disgrace , but has always been “ OFF “ as a politician. Never cared for him. A real Benedict Arnold to the Republicans.

  80. Nancy, You can’t stop this stupid fool for spending his own money (money he stole).I wouldn’t take one if he knocked on my front door. American have to make up their own minds what they want. I pray that come election day we will vote him out of office and be rid of him. I wish we could put in jail crimes he has committed, but that is something we have to wait for. DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER AND VOTE. Tell you friends and family to vote. This election will be one of the most important in our history.

  81. Mutt Romney should be expelled from Congress by the Utah voters he betrayed! The Mormon church should excommunicate him for blasphemy using religion as his reason for being a traitor.

  82. Ok What if this is Romney’s plan all along . To be kicked around by the Republicans to become their victim . Then quit the party and turn Democrat . Then as Utah kicks him out for betrayal he will run for the Democrat nomination. He will be the hero they are praying for. His BS about his faith takes a back seat to his back door run for the Presidency. This is something to keep an eye out for . First comes Republican backlash . Then Party Switch. Then his name goes in as a Dem. candidate. A Snake and an underhanded backstabbing sleazebag would do this.

  83. I had the good fortune to grow-up knowing several Mormon families. They were highly moral, a credit to our community and exemplary Americans. There’s no way that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

  84. Romney, Flake and that other FAKE republican, who has passed away last year, yes, “song Bird, who got mad on one of The USA’s Aircraft Carriers, just because his grand papy and great grand papy were US Navy Admirals before him, being reckless with his Navy Fighting Aircraft and contributed to over 200 US Naval Sailors to loose their lives, and when his fighter aircraft was downed over North Korea and spent some time in The Hanoi Hilton, he deserved to be called “Song Bird”, because he did not want to die, a truly disgraced Non-US patriot!!!!

  85. Who cares. He’s inconsequential at this point anyway. I think everyone needs to just stop talking about him as he can be silently black balled until he is voted out at the end of his term. Unfortunately for Utah, nobody is ever going to listen to a word he has to say in the senate in support of his state. I would like to see President Trump just ignore him as well. He means nothing to anyone!

  86. Since Mitt has turned his back on the people of Utah, it is their turn to recall and remove him! He is a disgrace to the Mormon State and I was always taught that LDS has no use for turn coats. If the Utah Republicans don’t take immediate and sharp action then will have lost all faith in them. It’s not about religion, it’s about right and wrong, never stand with a traitor!

  87. recall this SOB as the cow manure state did recall a liberal governor in the past. the liberal will cry out the waste of money on recall. that’s their diaper wetting cry. do it now, not wait until his expiration term of 41/2 years

  88. Did mitt’s faith guide him to set up that fake social media account a few months ago to cause trouble? He’s a back stabbing turn coat. A Democrat in Republican clothing. Kick him out of the GOP. I hope Laura Ingraham moves to Utah and cleans up Mitt’s mess.

  89. With Donald Trump, some Americans have truly entered the age of FALSE GODS!
    Lord, forgive them (the Trumpies), for they, like their “God”, know not what they have been/are doing!

  90. Sorry I voted for him during his presidential run. shortly afterward I saw what a coward he was and probably wouldn’t have been much better than the Obama mess.

  91. It’s about time others see what I saw back when ORomney ran against Obama. He was a weak kneed RINO & Globalist back then & I had to hold my nose to vote for him. He’s just shown his true colors for all to see now.

  92. Utah how do you like a Massachusetts former governor turning you into an East Coast liberal state? A real piece of work Romney, is self-loathing, self interest doesn’t care what his constituents think and say.

  93. Utah how do you like a Massachusetts former governor turning you into an East Coast liberal state? A real piece of work Romney, is self-loathing, self interest doesn’t care what his constituents think and say.

  94. Utah how do you like a Massachusetts former governor turning you into an East Coast liberal state? A reL piece of work Romney is self-loathing self interest doesn’t care what his constituents think and say.

  95. Have we forgotten the provision given to us by the folks who started this Republic, “RECALL”. The folks in his State can start the process NOW and he can be gone in a short time. Those voters are the only hope we have of removing this mistake from office.

  96. Mitt Romney is like Joe Walsh who most people have never heard of except a few people that live in northern Illinois.
    Walsh was running against Trump and just stepped down. Called the republican party a cult, and said he would rather back Sanders or Warren now.

  97. When he was running against Obama the muslim he was not doing much…he was effortless then I realized he was already sold to the satanic left. So now he is on the satanic left.

  98. he will NEVER be president cause he is totally off his rocker with hate and that will show through every time he opens his traitor mouth– he needs to go home and shut the door not come out again

  99. ROMNEY should resign from Utah Senate! For the sake of his family! They don’t deserve his betrayal! Best if the SENATE VONE UP WITH A NEW CONSTITUTION LAWS! ONE that allows any Congress to be RECALLED BEFORE THEIR TERM IS UP! We don’t need these liar in our Congress. Everybody shall know lawyer don’t speak the truth! Only MONEY!


  101. Well maybe it’s better to get him out in the open, than to let him hide and try to sabotage others like he has done, as far a party support i don’t think he even know which party he is in.

  102. Romney is nothing more than a huge Benedict Arnold and works for the Democrats and himself, not working for the people who voted him into office. He’s the same Democrat traitor that he was while he lived in Massachusetts. He should move there now and become a full fledged Democrat. If he wants to be the jackass like the motto and mascot of the Dems, I’m sure that he’ll be the perfect person to play the part of the ass end of the jackass.

  103. So kicking Mitt out is foolish. Yes, he is a power-hungry clown, looking for the day
    when Trump leaves, then he can “save the Republicans” with Democratic party themes.
    But, he counts as a Republican. And in these days of Democratic insanity, every senator counts. Keep the majority at all costs.

  104. Mitt Romney spoke out against the President in no uncertain terms, declaring his christian morality to be the reason for speaking out against POTUS. What he does not realize is that he, Romney is dishonest, deceitful and underhand to the core to stay in the President’s party with the sole aim of sabotaging the President.

  105. Mitt is pure evil. Reminds me of how Peter betrayed Jesus. How does one get that wicked spirit within in them? I guess they are blinded by the good in people. They listen and look to all the negatives and bad side of it all. The Democrates looked so miserable in the State of The Union address. They looked so sad. They know what’s ahead for them.

  106. This new format discourages the trolls we used to have, but don’t feed the stragglers.
    Just ignore them.

  107. Laura, as someone who is not so fond of Utah, I’d move right next door to you, just to get Mitt McCain Arnold (Benedict, that is) the hell out of the GOP! You GO, Senator Ingraham!!!

  108. julio, repeating a lie does not make it true. You can say that a thousand times and it will still be a lie. Pres. Trump has done NOTHING wrong. There is not one thing he can be impeached for. That is why he was acquitted, as he should have been

  109. If Mitt honestly believes in what he did, then Utah’s voters need to recall him. It might be tough to do since there’s little reason to believe that democrats wouldn’t support Mitt since he’s a pain in the a** to Republicans. They probably could never get a democrat elected.

  110. Romney would have a better shot at becoming president if he took off his mask and joined the democrat party to run as Biden’s VP. Biden would keel over in the first term and wallah.

  111. SO mitt gets KICKED OUT of the GOP and Schumer will have ONE MORE AS shole in his DESPICABLY CORRUPT PARTY

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