Mitt Romney is getting ready to perform this horrendous Supreme Court betrayal

Mitt Romney is the ultimate RINO and the godfather of the Never-Trump movement.

Now Romney could be setting up for an even worse sell out.

And that’s because Mitt Romney is getting ready to perform this horrendous Supreme Court betrayal.

Joe Biden nominated radical Ketanji Brown Jackson to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement.

Biden nominated Judge Jackson after promising to only consider a black woman for the seat.

But now that Biden made his pick based on identity politics, some Republicans appear ready to go along out of fear CNN will yell “racist” if they vote against the President’s radical-Left Supreme Court pick.

And naturally, Mitt Romney is chief among the RINOs who are already wavering on opposing the far-Left Judge Jackson.

“It’s historic for an African American woman to be nominated,” Romney told POLITICO in an interview. “My heart would like to be able to vote for her confirmation. But I will not do so unless I’m satisfied she is in the mainstream of judicial thought and consistent with what I think the course of our judicial philosophy will be.”

Romney fancies himself as the keeper of the conservative flame.

Of course, at heart Mitt Romney is really a leftist.

That’s why he would have no problem saying in public that he will vote for a Justice who will support all gun control, strike down every Pro-Life law on the books, support censorship online, and defend every COVID vaccine and mask mandate.

Retiring Missouri RINO Roy Blunt also left the door open to vote for Judge Jackson.

“I would love to vote for the first black woman on the court. But at some point judicial philosophy will and should be a significant determining factor,” Blunt stated.

South Dakota RINO John Thune told POLITICO some so-called “Republican” Senators would vote for Justice Jackson.

“People are going to keep open minds about it. But philosophically, she’s going to be in a very different place about what the role of a Justice is,” Senator Thune told POLITICO. ”But she did get a few votes when she was up for the circuit. And we’ll just see how the process plays out.”

Any Republican who votes for Justice Jackson is only doing so because of her race.

RINO Senators Romney and Blunt admitted that.

They want the media to say they were on the “right side of history.”

And it would be one the biggest Supreme Court sellouts of all-time, as Justice Jackson will spend decades on the bench voting against conservatives on every case.

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