Mitt Romney just betrayed Donald Trump in the worst way possible

Former failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was a leader of the Never Trump movement.

He pulled out all the stops to elect Hillary Clinton and when that failed he ran for Senate to act as a counterweight for Trump.

And now, Romney has betrayed Trump in the worst way possible.

Just two days before being sworn in as the junior Senator from Utah, Romney published a blistering op-ed in the Washington Post attacking Trump’s character.

Romney wrote in his op-ed:

The Trump presidency made a deep descent in December. The departures of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, the appointment of senior persons of lesser experience, the abandonment of allies who fight beside us, and the president’s thoughtless claim that America has long been a “sucker” in world affairs all defined his presidency down.

It is well known that Donald Trump was not my choice for the Republican presidential nomination. After he became the nominee, I hoped his campaign would refrain from resentment and name-calling. It did not.

When he won the election, I hoped he would rise to the occasion.

His early appointments of Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Nikki Haley, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, Kelly and Mattis were encouraging. But, on balance, his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions last month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.

Trump supporters were furious.

They pointed out Mitt Romney never attacked Barack Obama or the Democrats like this when he was running for President.

Establishment RINOs like Romney only train their fire on conservatives.

They also noted that Romney had no problem with Trump’s character when he sought to be Trump’s Secretary of State or asked for his endorsement when he announced his Senate candidacy.

Was Mitt Romney out of line to attack President Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Im w.u. that is a mormom state,so that is why he won.but he is the biggest switch hitter there is.he will lie,cheat and do anything he can to get ahead. GOOD LUCK UTAH U R GOING TO NEED IT.LOL

  2. He is going to be really alone! We nerver vote for rommey anymore it’s over.he is a jeaulosy man and a loser.he don’t respected the people will.isugest he go to demorats party.romney never more.

  3. He is a RAT and will stab any one in the back he is with the NO TRUMPERS in the REP PARTY they are the swamp RATS alone with the DEM,S Mr Trump has had hell from the start and he has still done a good job even with all of them stabbing him in the back Paul & Mitch are also beck stabbers

  4. I saw ony one scene of rommey during the SOTU address, he looked so lonely and afraid sitting there amongst all those

  5. I agree with Mary. I am deeply sorry that I voted for Mitt. I am thankful I voted for Trump. I am sorry that Mitt was elected and that he is a thorn in Trumps flesh.

  6. Thank you for saying the truth and what many proba it think. Romney is a looser and what that said look at the others who make wild statements.

  7. Oh what can we say about this moron! He will run to anyone he needs attention from or money!! He failed at everything in Washington he’s tried! Just another democrap in sheeps clothing trying to mess up Republican party like MCcain did! Totally useless in every way! Add the backstabbing and if he opens his mouth it’s like hillary!! He’s Lying. Obama butt buddy! You can tell where the weak minds go! Soros money and brainwashing, another puppet! Turn away from this trash! Send him packing!

  8. I agree with Mary Decker. I’m ashamed of Mitt also. He, of all people, should know what he is doing and that it is against all our principles. I’m sorry he got elected to the Senate. He has disappointed many of us that would have been on his side that don’t live in Utah. Mitt, you have shot yourself in the foot, The one that isn’t in your mouth.

  9. Shirley is RIGHT Romney is a disgrace; & even his Neice says so. You also nailed the ROTTEN RINOs who permeate the very large RINO side of the Republican Party. Trump may well be the greatest preident of all times. Of course Obama is undisutedly the WORST. Please keep throwing the RINOs out. RINOs just threw Ohio’s BEST politician out; King.

  10. This is a 2 faced, back stabbing person and the President needs to be very wary of him. Why did any state put this moron in the senate. Not a good person!

  11. Me too but what were our options? The Republicans have been picking our candidates for many years but in 2016 we picked ours and they hate us for it. Thank goodness we did. Look at what we now know about both parties, the so called media and our justice dept. and FBI. We ahd no idea how bad the swamp was. We do now.

  12. I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 and what a mistake that was!! He has disgraced his Church, his family and himself. I have never so disappointed in another person as I am of Mitt Romney. You should be ashamed!!!

  13. Mitt Romney!! Acts like a democrap hiding under the Republican name! Wouldnt trust him with anything! He’ll do anything to hear his on voice talk or look at me Attitude! He’s money hungry so hes either working for sac face Soros,Obstructionist Obama’s sorry ass,or lying corrupt joke to run his mouth on first day!! Sounds like a democrap!

  14. So disappointed in MITT. THOUGHT HE might have grown up a bit, since his win in the Senate. Not going to get him anywhere disrespecting our president. Didn’t agree with some of our presidents, but always respected them. I’m so disappointed!

  15. Twisted words, ronsch. Yep, ‘Establishment, 1 World 0rder”
    Repub’s Lose. BUT, >>> DJT/PATRIOTS WIN 2020.
    Ride 0UR Backs for a few more Yrs. Then, guess what, you ‘fool’.
    >Better WTFU, ronsch. Save your family, even if You are
    a NON PATRIOT. Don’t Hurt your family w/ your ill-advised thoughts.

  16. Romney a worthless lying bastard that will grab the last piece of bread from a child and claim he was doing the christian thing. He has never accomplished any thing but being a good liar

  17. i’m not ie (v. disappointed) in romney.
    He exposed himself in MASS, w. romney care(obamacare)
    Then total ‘linguini’ in Presidential run vs obama
    & (totally 0bvious) Then ran off to Utah. & the dumbus’
    voted him in. What more does it take. THE SNAKE IS IN.

  18. Romney is nothing but a cheap backstabbing asinine he kissed the backside of the heinz princess to get her to marry him. jandecapua@yahoo.comhe is a jack/morman and onley out for himself and not AMERICA1!!!!!

  19. Romney betrayed the president and will always be under suspicion. He was never to be trusted in the past why would he prove himself to be an honorable man. I agree. He is a snake in the grass.

  20. Romney is the weasel. Pizza listen mother down the river if he thought it would prop it himself. He’s always been against President Trump and even during the primary he and Ted Cruise join forces and get every dirty trick in the book to try to stop President Trump but they both failed miserably and then they turned on each other. He just recently was sucking up to President Trump trying to get a cabinet position and when that didn’t turn out he ran for a junior senator in Utah and again sucked up to President Trump to get his Endorsement. President Trump took the highroad and gave him the endorsement that he wanted. At that time Randy gave President Trump all kinds of accolades for what he has accomplished in two years. Now suddenly after he is elected, and more than likely only elected because he received President Trump’s endorsement, he’s reverting to character and becoming the same rotten betray endorsement. President Trump took the highroad and gave him the endorsement that he wanted. At that time Randy gave President Trump all kinds of accolades for what he has accomplished in two years. Now suddenly after he is elected, and more than likely only elected because he received President Trump’s endorsement, he’s reverting to character and becoming the same rotten traitorous weasel that he’s always been. He said once again attacking President Trump and even did it before he took an oath of office is senator. He’s clearly not representing the people of Utah that he was elected to do and he’s on another one of his missions they try to bring down President Trump. He will fail miserably again because that’s all he is is a miserable failure. Doesn’t take any stretch understand why the American people rejected him when he ran for the presidency.

  21. Mitt Romney is going to do everything he can to keep Trumph from succeeding. He & Obama suffer from the same disease, acute narcissism. They can’t believe that everyone does not see them as they see themselves, far superior in every way than those of us who have worked all our lives, many of us at jobs we were grateful to have but took a toll on our health, time w/ our spouses & kids, but we worked at them anyway.

    The middle class could not afford to work their way through the Ivey League schools & most of us were raised w/ debt being the worst nightmare you could have in life. I was not middle class, grew up on a farm that had good years & bad years but I managed to work my way through what was the “Harvard of The South” in the sixties by working 40 hours/week @ full time jobs & hauling whiskey every Friday & Saturday in tankers from the South to New York City w/ the sleepers full of cigarettes from NC.

    I had a small card in my wallet that interrupted my college career. When I got back from where it sent me, I hauled van trailer loads of cigarettes North & rebuild car parts South. I was born Conservative, never expected any help from The Government, sure as Hell never asked for any.

    I was raised to believe I was lucky to be born in The United States Of America, and blessed by God to have been born in The South. I believe that still, know now that I have more in common w/ Midwest farmers than the political elite, Romney’s ilk.

    I hope he continues to believe the Liberal/Leftists will fall in line behind his run in 2020. I hate it he will do his best to outdo McCain between now & then, wish he would just agree to a no holds barred fight w/ a man his same age like me, forget the difference in the pampered health he has had for him to resign.

  22. Mitt Romney is a backstabbing Democrat. I wouldn’t claim him for a Republican. he needs to get his act together where it belongs if he is going to be a team player with president Donald J Trump.

  23. Romney is a snake!! Need to watch out that nobody else gets bit by him! Hope that his term as a Senator is only for one term!!!

  24. Evidently Romney has never learned that everyone loses at one time or other. He is a sorry excuse for a religious person. The state is very unfortunate to have this pariah representing it. He never would have won again in Massachusetts or the great state of Michigan where we resided for six years. MAGA RVN 68-69

  25. Romney, like the Clintons will move to any location in the country to be elected. Romney’s last stand, in Utah, will leave him with nowhere to go! Should he run in 2020 it will be short lived. His record clearly partners him with the likes of McCain and Flake from Arizona. They play the Republican Party until elected and turn, not only Democrate, but traitors to work against the Reblican Party, the lowest of political games! Utahians seem to be the only gullible people left to vote Romney into the Senate. After 2020 Romney will simply float, doing his best to hold out until retirement. Romney, McCain, Flake, Polosi, you name them, are the best reason for TERM LIMITS IN ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT!

  26. I think he is so disgraceful to Our Country God Will Deal With Him In Time God Don’t Like Ugly God Appointed Our President Trump To Be Our President And He Will Make Sure Trump Is Taken Care Of God Bless Our President And His Family

  27. Back Stabbing low life! He is worse than a Rhino! He is a full blown Liberal! Even the Mormons dislike him!

  28. I agree wholeheartedly. He does have a huge ego & puts forth the holier then thou appearance. Just have look below the surface & not very far to see the ‘snake in the grass’.

  29. Opportunist…From Mass as Governor, now a Rep from another State, No one liked him as Governor, now the Demos like him out west… This man is a Rat looking for cheese in any hole that will have him…

  30. Romney will never get my vote Like the bush family he turned his back on the American people when he refused to endorse our duly elected president ELECTED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.WHEN WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP IT was the sworn duty of the republican party to endorse him even if they personally did not care for him………..

  31. Only looser a Romney is could be so fulish and don,t see how many good things made and continue to do our President for our country . To make America geat again
    God bless our President.

  32. Romney is a mole planted by the democrats in the senate. Romney is a Mormon with no conscience. His dream is to get the speakers position then upset the cart and go for the presidency. He is not of noble thoughts.

  33. people need to watch the traders we voted for trump and now other elected congs.and sens. are trying to change our votes this is wrong and and aginst the law we need to to the same to them

  34. Romney is a fool on a ‘fools errand’. He doesn’t seem to’belong’ in his newly acquired Senate position – more like a ‘square peg’ in a round hole. I personally think he doesn’t know where he belongs! “DESPERATE” person who is trying to gain recognition is my thinking?? – and i have known and supported Romney in the past because I am from MASS and vacation in NH – where he also lives on Lake Winnepesaukee.

  35. Well said, Betty McBurney!
    Romney is trying any way he can to take down President Trump. Sore loser INDEED!
    Hopefully our President can do a bit more “Swamp Cleaning”.
    Too many have become too comfortable in Washington and afraid of losing their positions…..they thought there was no way for an “outsider” to become President and it’s scared them to death….the “outsider” won the Presidency and is trying his best to make things better for our country…..he’s doing business like they’ve never seen before….messing up their little play house by actually getting things done.

  36. Is Romney representing the RINO’s in DC. He’s been against President Trump from the beginning. Didn’t he back some little guy named Evan??? to run on the republican primary??? I’m ashamed that I voted for him and Ryan intheir poor run againstObama. I guess he’s Ryan’s replacement in fighting our President.

  37. Absolutely Betty , Romney must forget who put our President in office, God and the American Citizens , and yes our President help him get elected. He’s a walking lier and not to be trusted.

  38. Mark my words; The only reason this guy is still around is he will run in 2020. We watched crooked shenanigans during the Salt Lake City winter Olympics, and we already know what percentage of low lifes the balance of U.S. citizens are in his opinion. The Mexican government ran his greedy grasping family out of Mexico in the early part of the 20th century. Don’t believe it, research it…the acorn does not fall far from a tree in this case. All.he has done in Utah is visit for re recreational purposes and hob-knob with the far left Park City ilk. Ask locals if they have seen any of.the Romneys at a movie theater, has station or grocery store. I honestly don’t see as how he was considered a Utah citizen to even get on the ballot. Then again there are a lot of shady deals made in Utah politics and usually the arbitrator is the L.D.S. church (imput from on high on everything from liquor laws to medical marijuana. Don’t believe it pick up some northern Utah newspapers of the last year). Point is, I would not trust this guy to be Dog Catcher let alone a U.S. senator. He will say whatever he thinks you want to hear to curry favor and then stab you in the back when it suits his purposes. His cute little note to gain favor with the press should be a wake up call to U.S. and Utah citizens to keep an eye on this silver spoon sneak. Crazy as Mizz Cortez is, at least she is not two faced and run up a false flag!

  39. Mitt Romney Is worse then John McCain. John was a class “A” RINO and should have switched parties. I will never vote for Mitt
    ever again he is a worm, SLIMY.

  40. Mitt Romney is a blot on American politics. He knows no allegiance to his party although being a Republican in Utah means a “sure win” due to Utah’s conservative convictions. Now, he stands as the Republicans worst nightmare as well as a huge embarrassment to their party and to morality in general

  41. Romney has always been a warped rino that can’t be trusted – ever ! He sucks up to the NWO criminals just like any other liberal puke !

  42. Romney needs to shut up and support the Republican Party and its President Trump. If Romney doesn’t get on board with the GOP, he will never hold another office with our support.

  43. What Romney did was reprehensible. And, yes, he was mealy mouthed when debating with Pres. Obama…a pathetic debate..all one sided.
    But, I never heard much from our Republicans when Ores. Obama was in office. I have to say that Dems/liberals never give up/never shut up. They are organized and fighters. Our Republicans only fight for THEIR causes…the tax bill and Kavanaugh. What about all the other issues…education, the military, religion, open debate, Trump, and, way back, the crappy deal with Iran. Let’s put part of the blame on them, much as I hate to say this.

  44. I supported Trump to get the job done…not because he is a nice guy. In spite of all the opposition from both sides of the aisle, he has done a remarkable job in lowering taxes, reducing the bloated government and improving the economic status of our country . Let’s give him credit for what he has done and set aside personal attacks that accomplish nothing.

  45. Mitt is just NOTHOG MORE than a TYPICAL POLITICAL PIMP….Who needs such STUPID IDIOTS to Run the Country????

  46. Mitt Romney begged Trump to help him get elected in UTAH….and then BACK STABBED HIM….Can anyone ever TRUST THE NEW BENEDICT ARNOLD of the US SENATE????? When will he FLIP FLOP NEXT as he is Prone to do regularly??

  47. Mitt Romney is a Republican in name only. He’s a con artist. Like the de moc rats he can lie with a smile on his face.
    He lost his chance at the last election because too many people could see through the cherade.
    He will be held accountable either while on this earth or face to face with with his Ultimate Judge.
    He forgets that God knows his heart and his hidden sins.

  48. MITT ROMNEY – His color is “BLUE” throughout. He will get “RED” by osmosis or he will be OUT. In the end, Romney…We follow and support our President Trump as you should. Stop talking out the side of your mouth and do the right thing!

  49. Hey Mitt didn’t anyone tell you you lost? You were not good enough then and for sure your not now. Your just jealous you didn’t win against Obama so that is really bad. Go hide and shed all the tears you want cause we don’t give a damn.

  50. Like all RINOS, Mitt Romney may be one of the worst. At best, he is a sore loser. At worst, to not even side with the President EXCEPT when it would serve HIS purposes (endorsement for his position in Utah), on any issue…is a disgrace. For someone who says they believe in the greatness of this country to NOT shout hallelujah when he drops interest rates, lowers corporate taxes, gets rid of the ridiculous Obamacare program….I could go on…..shame on him! At least THIS President is doing SOMETHING, and not letting countries who have taken advantage of our generosity for ages should be applauded. It is the only way to get this Country Great Again. I say g!ood for you, Mr. President

  51. Worse than a traitor…
    Romney is a proven criminal working for the NWO and UN who want Control of USA and the world.
    . He demonstrated his hate for Biblical Christians and our Republic’s Constitution.
    . He laundered Iran-Contra money from Mena AR airport Drug Drops (Gov. Clinton and CIA Director Bush) and “Bribed” legislative into silence by having them invest (with huge returns) in Bain Capital (Panama) and they blamed Noriega as the money laundering drug runner with riots in Panama.
    . He set-up the original Obama Care as Mass Governor. Middle class people hate it.
    . Why would any American Patriot even want him anywhere … not alone as a legislator?

  52. Well now we see that romney was selected to fail as
    The Republican nominee for president in 2012, just like McCain was in 2008.

  53. this SNAKE in the grass is going to end up being the biggest jackass of this year–he will never become President and his hate is growing every day– time to cut the ass off now –call his office and tell how hateful he is –besided he is nothing but a big joke and will be kissing the liberals ass before the month is over- shame on UTAH for voting him in

  54. I think it’s fair to say that Romney, who begged President Trump for money as a private citizen, then asked for, and receives support from President Trump in his Utah campaign, after absolutley laying down in the last part of his run against President Obama, and the back stabs the President, says all you need to know about “character”. Romney has zero, I’m mad at myself for voting for him twice, now I wouldn’t vote for him as dogcatcher. He makes me sick. President Trump, I love what your doing keep going, you have saved the U.S.

  55. He never did come to grips with the word loser. He in reality, was never a full-fledged Republican and now will do everything to block his bills. Flakey puff and others did not retire, only hid under a different cloth. He will vote with the dems most of the time. Hey Mitt, your time to be President has come and gone. MAGA RVN 68-69

  56. ALL Republicans need to get the message that we truly need to support each other!!! If not, the Dems will definitely rule in Washington and we all will be losers! I agree that Trump can disappoint us with his character and some of his decisions but having him in the office is far better than any Democrat that we could possibly have had. WAKE UP, REPUBLICANS. WE NEED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER AND OUR PRESIDENT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!

  57. Any Republican elected in a blue state tends to be a RINO. That’s all I have to say. Mitt was a governor in Massachusetts. I wouldn’t trust Chris Christie either. He governed NJ, a blue state.

    Maybe we need to check each GOP candidate’s childhood years before voting. To see if they never hunted before? Born with the silver spoon? Love the US flag? Interested to MAGA?

  58. And this surprises you how? This Rino has betrayed almost every Republican for years. He never would have got elected in Massachusetts, so had to go to Utah. Once a loser, always a loser. He will not get a second term once people wise up to his crazy antics. MAGA RVN 68-69

  59. I agree with David about Romney. I bean saying this a long time Romney is about as 2 faced as one can get. I hope the people in utah don’t swear him in.

  60. I think you all are missing the message here. Romney isn’t the only Republican that feels the way he does. The Republican Party is disintegrating. The Democrats are going to run the video of Trump claiming responsibility for the shutdown over and over again. It is affecting small business now because the salaries of 800,000 people have been removed from the economy. The fact is a lot of people are going to realize that Romney is right about President Trump. 2020 is looming, and it is not looking good for the Republican Party. The people commenting here need to realize that the majority of the people did not vote for President Trump, and that the Republicans lost control of the House in the 2018 election. Unless some attention is paid to all Americans instead of just the extreme right, you all can look forward to Democrats being in control of Congress and the Presidency.

  61. The people who have Romney’s ear should tell him to shut up and back Trump. Otherwise, Trump will tell him to take a hike. PS. The dumbest thing he did was to put his dog on the roof. What a dufus. You put the dog in the car. Stupid is as stupid does.

  62. mitt rotten is what he always has been a dirt bag nino and should not be sworn in tomorrow instead the state hes from allow the state RNC appoint a replacement that will support the republican party line

  63. I am extremely disappointed in Romney, not totally shocked. He is acting just awful, not as a religious man, unless he is now muslim instead of Morman. Muslims believe fine to lie to get their way, come to think of it, we have a lof of them in Congress!

  64. He is the lowest life around this town and the people that really care for this country will let him know what think of this Democrat in Republican clothing. Why don’t he get lost so we can have a country that we are proud of.
    I have an idea why don’t we build the wall and put the rhinos on the other side so we can have a great country. Be sure to include Pelosi, Shumer, and all the dems./

  65. Like both Clintons and Obama, Mittens Romney is just a Bush41 bagman and accomplice among a hopelessly corrupted Judicial Branch.

  66. Well you have watching the past two years with all the help that PAUL RYAN has been for PRESIDENT TRUMP, we now have the No. 1 loser of that team, I knew this was coming. ROMNEY will be attacking the PRESIDENT and he has the gall to call himself a Republican .

  67. The man is and has been a low life not worth even the bad press he will be given on these sites. I cannot imagine a state that still wants these self-centered egotists to have any voice in how we the people want our government to be run. He is another in a long line of the rich wanting to be richer at any cost as long as they do not have to pay anything.

  68. He’ still crying about not being elected president against Obama. Trump one you lost Mitt, suck it up buttercup and be a TRUE REPUBLICAN SENATOR ELECT and support OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT and not be a “side-line Democrat”

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