Mitt Romney just endorsed Joe Biden in an outrageous TV interview

Mitt Romney was waiting for the election to pass to make his true feelings known.

When the Fake News Media falsely claimed Joe Biden was the moment he was waiting for.

And Mitt Romney just endorsed Joe Biden in an outrageous TV interview.

On Saturday, the Fake News Media quickly pronounced Joe Biden the President-elect despite President Trump still contesting the results.

The following day, Mitt Romney appeared on fake news CNN’s State of the Union and declared Joe Biden the President and demanded all Americans get on board with the Biden Presidency and his agenda.

“The reality is, given the fact that the statisticians have come to a conclusion at this stage, I think we get behind the new president,” Romney told host Jake Tapper. “Unless, for some reason, that’s overturned, we get behind the new president, wish him the very best.”

Romney addressed the fact that President Trump was contesting the election results by raising issues of voter fraud and irregularities by claiming the President was a liar.

“You’re not going to change the nature of President Trump in these last days, apparently, of his presidency. He is who he is,” Romney continued. “And he has a relatively relaxed relationship with the truth.”

Romney concluded by saying Trump’s legal challenges were baseless and that Joe Biden would be President-Elect on January 20, 2021.

“And so he’s going to keep on fighting until the very end,” Romney added. “But I’m convinced that, once all remedies have been exhausted, if those are exhausted in a way that’s not favorable to him, he will accept the inevitable. But don’t expect him to go quietly in the night. That’s not how he operates.”

Romney is the only Senator in American history to vote to convict a President from his own party on articles of impeachment.

So it’s not surprising that Romney took the first available opportunity to endorse Joe Biden’s administration.

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