Mitt Romney just made a pledge that’s going to make Trump supporters angry

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney continues to lead the failing Never Trump movement.

Some of its most vocal members like Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker are retiring in disgrace rather than facing angry primary voters.

But Mitt Romney’s latest pledge from the campaign trail shows that he’s doubling down.

After losing to President Obama in the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney’s hoping for a political revival on Tuesday as Utah Republicans head to the polls for their Senate primary.

But in a new op-ed Romney pledged to continue being a thorn in President Trump’s side, taking the place of Senators Flake, Corker, and McCain who have all refused to work for the American people by fighting for the Trump agenda.

Politico reports:

“People ask me why I feel compelled to express my disagreements with the president. I believe that when you are known as a member of a ‘team,’ and the captain says or does something you feel is morally wrong, if you stay silent, you tacitly assent to the captain’s posture,” Romney wrote in an op-ed published Sunday by The Salt Lake Tribune. “I appreciate the argument made by those who believe we should stay silent, but I cannot subscribe to it.”

The relationship between Romney and Trump has been fraught at times throughout the latter’s political career, dating back to a 2016 speech in which Romney labeled Trump a “fraud” and a “phony” in a last-ditch effort to gin up GOP opposition to his primary campaign. The president was similarly harsh in his rebuke of Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee for president.

Back in 2016, Romney viciously attacked what he called Trump’s “personal qualities”: “the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third grade theatrics.”

But Romney was wrong about a lot in his personal attacks on Trump.

Romney was wrong in his predictions that Trump’s nomination would give us President Hillary Clinton.

He was wrong that Trump’s domestic policies would lead to recession — our economy is thriving.

He was wrong that Trump’s foreign policy would make America and the word less safe — ISIS is on the run and the Korean Peninsula is finally on a path toward peace.

And he’s wrong that Republicans need someone in the Senate to “speak out when the president says or does something which is divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions.”

The fake news media does a good enough job expressing their faux outrage over President Trump’s perceived indiscretions on those issues.

What are your thoughts on Romney’s pledge?

Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I cannot decide who was the worst Republican Candidate for President, Romney or McCain, but then it is difficult to find another Regan.

  2. He is just saying what the people want to hear. Just listen to some of his old speeches and see how he contradicts himself, and how fast he changes his mind. He could not beat Obama and how he got in the government is beyond me. His church is against abortion but yet he says one way he is pro-life and a minute later he is pro-choice.

  3. Please don’t vote for Romney! He is a Democrat in Republican clothing but his allegiance is totally liberal based. He is an enemy of the people!

  4. Perhaps Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker would be better starting their own party. They might include the likes of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer. What the hell am I thinking, that party already exists; it’s the democrat party.

    • Romney needs to get out of politics. He was not wanted when he ran against Obama, so what makes him think people need him now. They don’t need nor want him. In fact, he was only elected to the senate by his church members. Romney needs to go home.

  5. Romney should just drop out of the race and give us either a supporter or a democratic opponent that might want to help drain the swamp

  6. Mitt go ahead and run again and see if the same thing happens. Yep sure will you can’t even come close to TRUMP!! So you should just stop talking about him.Your like that MCcain a nothing.

  7. Romney needs another party to join, not Republican. With his latest pronouncements, this party doesn’t align with his thinking. Too bad. He’s a good guy that’s acting strange – not a team player. Perhaps he could lead the American Independent Party and see if can garner a following.

    • I’m not sure that the people that vote for Romney is even LDS Church members. Hopefully they are not stupid people that can’t see that they would be electing another RINO, FOLLOWING IN MCCAIN’S FOOTSTEPS. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER RINO IN THE SENATE.

      • I live in Utah (not a mormon), and yes, most of the people who voted for the slug were church members. I voted for his opponent. There’s not enough money in this world to make me vote for that POS.

  8. I voted for President Trump for his ability and determination to bring our country back to the core values of the United States of America. Not for his personality and correctness. I don’t care if he doesn’t fit Romney’s or anybody else’s idea of a president. He is doing a great job!
    It is disappointing that the politics of the Democratic Party has been focused on causing trouble for our President rather than working with him to make the United States a better place for all.
    It is totally irresponsible for anyone to state that they would like to see our economy fail so President Trump would be blamed. Never mind what it would do to our Country.
    Why are the democrats fighting so hard for illegal immigrants and nothing for Americans.

    • Maybe he can get a job at McDonalds. And I don’t know if the Mormons will toss the POS out. It seems once these crooked SOBs get in, they never go away. I also think that Romney and others like him should be charged with threatening the President.

  9. Romney may as well declare himself a Democrat and not even pretend any more. He is a classless peice of trash that needs to go away – NOW!

  10. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished (RINOs too)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  11. If Romney is running as a Republican — that is the first lie which proves he is really a liberal. That is how they work — dishonest and corrupt. Wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the butt. Do not put this AH in office. He is a bitter elitist.

    • I hope the people in Utah know that Romey only wants too take Trump down, he’s angry because he lost two
      Presidential bids & is jealous of Trump
      & believes himself too be better, brighter than Trump!!! I hope the of Utah see thru him, he also dosent like
      Or believe as others do( Freedom of. Religion !
      Sad , people should decide on their choice & not disparage
      Another’s religion !! Let go
      & let God!! A Slogan that all of us should practice!!Stand up voters of Utah don’t electe a man that dosent back our party or our elected freely by &’of the people !!

    • Mitt, think about what you are doing and why. I always thought you were and intelligent man. I am losing my belief in your decisions.

      Don’t be like Hillary.


    • Romney thru the election too Obama , the RNC chairman rove who worked for the bush family told Romney the last ten days before the Pres election too take off sit or stand down from the CAMPAIGNE that makes both Romney /Ryan republican anti American LOOSERs he let America down he should buy some oil he is too stiff and squeaky like RYANs voice , he needs a lube job !!!
      Joseph St.Clair

  13. Matt Romeu is a pore nanny cringing loser sense his lost Obama and he wants to take it out on America he is crybaby and he should be striped of he’s job title and be put on the side lines in Disgraced to all America. I is insisting to start Riteas in the U S A and that is a Federal Affance agenst America And our President any one else thay would be Arressed and go to jail.

    • < Mitt Romney should not have run as Republican as he is not in favor of President Trump and we have too many opposed of our wonderful president. He is working so hard for our country and he needs to be complimented not constantly being critisized. Trump should not have endorsed him but he thought he was doing him a favor. We are so lucky to have a president who loves the people and the country. God bless our country!

      • you people have no real discussion, just praise for you Pussy Grabbing Dictator with the tiny toddler hands to go with his moronic brain, small and useless

        • Oh please! Do at least come up with decent, original ideas about Trump…otherwise, put a sock in it, you moronic plebe!!!

          • Charleen, I`m sensing a lot of hostility coming from you, but I love the way you think.

        • Open your eyes and see how great America can be again. Been a long time since we been able to hold our heads high but thanks to Donald Trump Trump can

        • Look who is calling the kettle black. You are just another liberal punk following your party line and can’t think for yourself. If it wasn’t for the stupid dems, you would be lost!

  14. Romney is of no consequence, if his state wants him they will elect him to the office, his record is one of cowardice when there was a need for acting to confront a growing problem and like the iranian army he abandoned his weapons and ran away from the fight….His respect and act makes him invalid as a political rep…..

  15. Romeney’s pledge , like his candidacy for President are non workable. He likes to strut his feathers. Only problem his feathers are starting to fall out. He just doesn’t recognise his own weaknesses.

    • Mr. Romney had his shot and lost. Now the loser needs to go home.Pres. Trump can handle his job, without Romney period.

  16. Mitt “dish rag” Romney, RINO extraordinaire, is now being resurrected by the DEEP STATE in their ongoing struggle to remove the opposition to their absolute political power, which, at the moment, is Donald Trump. I fervently wish that they will fail. I thought Mitt was politically dead after his loss to Barack “snake oil” Obama. May he again R.I.P.

  17. If Mitt Romney would have been as aggressive against Mr. Obama in 2011 as he is railing against President Trump in 2018, he may have stood a chance in 2012. When he was campaigning he wanted to be Mr. Nice Guy. That helped him lose then so now he wants to attack – the wrong target. Not very intelligent!

      • All his attacks really seem to be based on Pres Trumps image, but say not his agenda. On which or his polcies does he disagree? And rhe dig about greed is scurulous. He could have enriched himself much more had he stayed in the private sector building more hotels. He gave that up to put his nation back on track.

        • That Mitt has stated he will work against POTUS he is admiting he does not care about the majority voters who elected Donal J. Trump as President!

          Mitt is NOT VERY SMART, to go against the will of over half of those that voted for Trump.

      • As far as I am concerned we do not need another rino in office. I did not vote for him and I hope that he does not make it.

    • If Romney is right about Trump being a phony then I would to see more phonies like Trump in the republican party.

    • Romney is a political dinosaur and looser. He is not intelligent enough to match with Mr. Trump. He should retire and not to make a fool of himself more that he is.

  18. Ms. Dewberry, my answer is AMEN!! to your remarks. Yes, we need someone in office that will represent the American people and our American life.

    We already have enough of the RINO’S in office, and that is why , I say that we need some new Representation in Congress, because all the old RINO’S do, is stand up for each other.

  19. Don’t you just want to laugh out loud at Romney’s absurdity? He ran against Obama in 2012 and lost. Now, instead of refusing to ride off into the washed-up politician’s sunset, he thinks revitalizing his political career by trashing Trump and all his supporters is the way to get his foot back in the “I’m so much better and have so much more to offer” political doorway. How could he possibly think that those who support Trump will fall for his RINO thought processes? We don’t want another faux Republican in office, like Flake and Corker, who will do nothing but stick with the congressional stagnation offered by McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, etc. We want someone who is a true conservative, someone who is truly interested in the welfare of the American citizens rather than the illegals who are invading our country. We want someone who is committed to putting American first, instead of kowtowing to the rest of the world and apologizing for our desire to maintain our way of life and our sovereignty.

  20. Today is primary day in Utah. Mitt Romney is the odds on favorite to win the GOP nomination for Senator. Jeff Flake of Arizona has announced that he will not run for reelection. But if Romney is elected from Utah we will only replace one RINO with another. Romney is not a good fit for Utah. If he is elected, Utah voters will most certainly come to regret it. Mike Kennedy would make a much better Senator.

    • Romney should have ran on a Democrat ticket. Romney is a “Carpet Bagger” and the Mormons will allow him to pull it off. He has no concept of what is best for Utah and the wonderful people who have made Utah more than a theocracy. It is a great state with it’s faults, The people are good people but many Mormons are extremely misled by Romney because he is Mormon. He is a carpetbagger who will use the Mormons and Utah to stay in politics. Wait and see.

      • Mr. Mitt Romney, managed to eliminate himself out of the race, and if he continues with his tirades, he may not win any future elections. He basically behaved as a spoiled rotten kid, instead of an adult. I do not think that Americans in general do not tolerate government officials that behave like spoiled rotten kids because the election did not go his way. Advice: Mitt if you want to be elected for any public office, there will be good times and bad times,learn from the bad times and change them so they become good times and do not let your hatred or jealousy show. Not a good form.

    • I voted for Mike Kennedy. But…as Utah is church ran, the POS Romney was a shoe-in. I about threw up when I found out he won.

  21. All of the people listed figures most of them are trying to push another agenda. also being Rino’s for other causes.

  22. When a Team goes against the Captain, that is mutiny and you go before the firing squad for that. You are of no use to the team any longer. Romney is pissed because he lost and didn’t win in 2012, they rejected his so called business plan for the country but they picked someone else who had a better plan to save this country. Romney lost in the primary and he will lose again. He and Falke and McCain and the others have all become communist lovers and they need to go, they don’t have what it takes to run this country.

  23. I am a Mormon and I tell I am upset by Romney’s comments about President Trump. We don’t need people like him in the senate. We need good Republicans that will support the President. If he had good support from the Republican base he could have already done more than he already has to help this Country. Mitt needs to give it up. He would be no help. He would hurt this country way more than he would help. As far as I’m concerned he is a paid weasel.

      I suggest a ”YES/NO vote in both the congress and senate.
      VOTE: Should RINO, Paul.Ryan, John.McCain,Mitt.Romney,Jeff Flake,Ron Corker be shunned, under a signed bill,listed as ”No Contact List!”

      • All of the group of 6 are SICK, who wants SICK people trying to direct OUR GREAT COUNTRY…. THEY NEED HELP…. OUR HELP …. to PASS THEM BYE…. LIKE BYE, BYE!!!!
        Make it very simple….. ignore them, they DO NOT DESERVE US! !!

    • Mitt Romney just can’t get over the fact that he lost and President Trump won. Romney will support the Country Club element of the Republican Party–the element that supports surrendering the sovereignty of the United States with trade deals that give away our Country with “free trade” which are free to foreign countries, with barriers for us. The President is trying to get to a balance where trade goes both ways– a huge task requiring a spine in the interim, a body part Romney doesn’t have. I pray Utah rejects this sell us out on the installment plan candidate.

  24. Romney is a nothing. If the people are stupid enough to elect him, they deserve him. He is just looking for a job to continue living off the people. I don’t care how rich he is,you don’t see him donating his salary. He’s just ignorant. He made a statement that his first year as President he would have done the same things Trump did. That’s a crock crap. He can’t match brains with our President. He would be a RINO Obama.

  25. Mitt Romney is a stinking loser, one whom I voted for, unfortunately, in the general election, simply because of who his opponent was. In the state primary, I gladly voted for Newt! Romney threw in the towel in the second and especially third debate against obama.
    I wish, like Hillary, that he would just go away!

    • He has become a lying, bitter loser. I can’t shake the feeling that he has been hiding in the ”closet” for years (being kind here). He is trying too much to convince us ab out who he is.

  26. The reality of mitt and other never Trumpers like Hildabeast mad Maxine and Nancy ipeeloffskin is that they all are about to lose a boatload of cash in the Clinton globalist Syrian oil pipe to Europe and the big pharma culling plan thanks to Trump.
    Trump 2020!!

  27. Sure hope the voters in Utah can see what Mitt is doing which is absolutely nothing but doing all he can do to be negative about everything our President has acomplished in making America Great Again. Please Do Not Vote for Mitt Romney. We need people in office that will support our President & not be a thorn in his side.

    • never liked this back stabbing never Trump Romney. I hope the Utah citizens see thru his plan and say NO to him

    • I agree romney has been running for any government loses but tries again. Utah can’t be serious about electing this fool

  28. Mitt Romney is a seemingly honorable man but Mitt Romney is a politician. Taking the path of least resistance is exactly what politicians do. Thanks goodness the President is a businessman!! It’s extremely unfortunate Republican politicians like Mitt Romney and John McCain are learning impaired or deaf to the desire of the people!! If they weren’t so challenged, we might have repealed Obamacare, funded a wall, and be well on our way to showing the world we are truly a great nation, companionate, reasonable, and forthright in dealing with those that wish us harm and failure!!

    • Romney had his chance and proved not up to it. He should be a real man and give Trump and chance that he so rightly deserves.If he is truly
      an honorable person he will put his tail between his legs and go on to bigger and better things and assist his President to give honor and value to our great Nation. Trump shall prevail as he has integrity.

  29. Mitt Romney is an honorable man, husband of one wife, made his money honestly, and is not known to be racially prejudice.
    Mr Romney deserves to be in the United States Senate.
    Thank you,


    • Mitt Romney is a traitor and an opportunist. Not many people could just up and move to a state to run in a political election. He supports Mitt Romney and most of the Democrats. Why not run in your home state. I guess you think running in a Mormon state you are a shoe in, I hope not. You are a hypocrite and have no place in politics.

    • Romney flip flops like a fish out of water! He showed he is not adult enough to handle any job! His childish tantrums have not been forgotten! We have enough Democrats acting like this, we are voting them out and getting real adults to bring our country back to the greatness it once many many years ago was!

    • Yes, Mitt Romney deserves to be a Senator, but just not in the Senate of the United States of America. As for him having only one wife has nothing to to do with being a U.S. Senator, just look at the number of U.S. Presidents who only had one wife, but had several girl friends on the side for the sexual entertainment.

    • I used to respect Romney but not anymore. I’m ashamed of the way he is behaving and working against Trump. If he is against Trump it just follows that he is a globalist and for a One World Order. I’m a Mormon and not from Utah but I wouldn’t vote for him if I had the chance.

    • You might be dreaming, or you WANT Romney to be what you say. But,he has proven to be a bitter, vindictive, losing jealous man. I won’t say that I believe he has a secret about his life situation; will just leave it at that.
      He has changed positions so often that he doesn’t rally know what his position is. Hearing him stammer and stutter when confronted with an issue said it all. He was caught lying about his position. I feel sorry for his wife; he has ended up a very weak man without conviction on any subject. What a disappointment!!!

    • Mad Maxine doesn’t have anything bad to say about Mitt Dumbney either. That’s right I just compared you to Mad Maxine I think you two are a match.

  30. Shame Romney doesn’t understand our President is the Commander in Chief and Romney is running as a “Republican” is defiant to the “TEAM”! If in the military and you with your team decide to do your own thing, it could result in something very bad! Americans chose TRUMP for a reason and that is to be our LEADER, we are voting for others who support our LEADER! ROMNEY YOU JUST AINT THAT! Moving to Utah so you can get on a ballot shows you just want to be a career politician!

  31. He is a sore loser and just needs to go away. If only the Obamas, the Clintons and the rest of the disgusting left would go away as well. When that happens our President will Make America Great Again without all the crap from these ignorant POS.

  32. All these Radical Leftists including Mitt Romney are False Gods and totally UN-American in their Ideology and Activities !! They are self consumed individuals and groups wanting Power, Control, Influence and for their own Financial interests !!! America is about “We The People”, Not Big Government Control Over Us !!! Wake Up America, United We Stand Against All This Madness !!!

    • Like McCain and Flake, Mitt wants the adoration of the MSM. He’ll get it for as long as he’s badmouthing other Republicans. When they don’t need him any more, they’ll turn on him. Mitt should know better. Obviously, he forgot their treatment of him when he ran for president.

    • He is a pathetic angry looser. i can’t see how he could be election in the State of Utah with his kind of rhetoric. He’s loony. We don’t need another McCain (my friend) Flaky, or Booker. We need someone with integrity that cares for the country not just politics. Romney ROO is a career politician. Just look where he come from (MA). He is a RINO.

  33. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party traitors to America continue to go unpunished! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  34. Does Mitt really believe anyone besides himself actually listens to him. The establishment is dead. Term limits and drain the swamp

  35. More things wrong with Mitt Romney than I care to list,last thing we need in Office is a leftwing Republican. This man goes where the money is. Hes not planning on sharing. Bad for our country bad for Utah’s economy and I hope the citizens recognize him for what he is.

    • Can’t believe that I was supportive of him for president . He has sure shown his true colors , wouldn’t want him for any kind of office now . Lost faith in you


    • Sorry that I one time voted for him for President. Didn’t know his true colors at the time. If he is against Trump, he will lose.

    • Romney is a thorn in America’s side. I can’t believe I would have voted for that two faced lying Rino. Romney’s pledge should be that he will keep his yap shut and try to help Trump make America great again.

      • People haven’t forgotten Romney and the Rep nomination. He sold the Republicans short and American’s even worse. In my opinion, this man doesn’t have the brains, backbone and balls to get things done. I’m so glad for Pres Trump. He stands he ground on important issues and supports American’s FIRST.

    • That is true. When he made his anti-Trump tirade on tv, I lost all respect for him. It was childish. I hope Utah has sense enough not to elect him.

  36. I held my nose and voted for this gutless globalist POS in 2012 as the lessor of 2 evils, I did it with the best of intentions with the information I had at the time. I thought it couldn’t be worse than Obama, I was right short term, but long term I was horribly wrong. If Romney would have been elected it would have been 8 more years of Bushes globalist crap, and we’d be saddled with Hitlery in 2020. Good Grief, Charlie Brown, it was a recipe for disaster. Please vote for Mike Kennedy for senate. If Romney is the only republican you can vote for in the general election vote independent or democrat. That way after 6 miserable years you can vote for a decent Republican. If Romney gets in you’ll never be able to get rid of the Ma. Moron. He’ll be McCain & Flakes replacement for the next 30 years. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  37. I live in Utah. I’m not voting for Romney. Mike Kennedy is a far better choice. He’s a doctor, a lawyer, and a proven conservative state legislator! He wants to end all pork-filled omnibus bills and pass real budgets, audit all government programs and eliminate waste, reduce spending, repeal Obamacare, secure our borders, fix immigration, end government regulations, and protect life. Mike Kennedy backs Donald Trump, stands for and will defend Constitutional principles and family values. If Romney wins, I have at least two friends who will move out of Utah! The sad thing is, in my experience, the people of Utah are good people, but so many are not politically awake! My gut tells me RINO Romney will win. My heart cries.

  38. Romney is a bumbling FOOL !He believes that being a Mormon will bring him great riches similar to the president…
    Go pedal your garbage in some other country Dum Dum !
    We have enough idiotic politicians in the Dumbocrapic party
    We don’t need you to add more stupidity to America!

  39. Mitt is a 2 year old in a man’s body! He’s a total idiot. He could of won the presidency from obama and he turned into jelly and blew it!!
    He needs to be put out with mccain,and flake somewhere where no one has to hear from them or see them. They aren’t RepubliCANs as they can’t! They are democRATs and rats need to be extinct. All of the democRATs!These are mean nasty people


  41. Romney is letting his ass control his brain. If Utah votes him in, I’ll be surprised. I would never vote for him. The economy is booming; Trump is trying to do everything he promised; and we still have idiot politicians who are supposed to be on the same side & supporting the President who are so vain, they think we care about what they think more than the Trump & go against Trump.

  42. Please Utah!!! Vote for another GOP that can be a team player to continue to move this country forward! Mitt Romney claiming he wants to be a thorn in the President’s side is disgusting. We need the GOP to unite and push the agenda forward.

    • Romney is like Hillary. She’s still trying to figure out why she lost the election and he’s trying to figure out why he lost to Trump. My goodness, aren’t they so very alike. And I don’t think he’s going to be successful in Utah.

    • McCrud in 2008 guaranteed election of Obozo as POTUYS.
      Mitt Romney in 2012 guaranteed REelection of Obozo.
      Jeb of Rubio in 2016 WOULD have guaratedd election of Hildebeast – BUT having Trump as GOP candidate n 2016 ruined the GOP candidates guaranteeing thr election of the demoncrap opponent. Now, Mitt is aiming at guaranteeing the election of some demoncrap by spoiling Trump’s REelection in 2020. Hopefully, by now the good people of Utah can see what a phony mitt really is and elect someone else.

    • Romney is a throne he doesn’t fit anywhere. When he can’t win against a nobody Obama what does that tell the people of Utah. He is Obama’s jock strap carrier. If Utah votes for Romney ROO, Utah will become another Calif. or D. Michigan or any other state run by DemocRats.

  43. I live in Utah,and I will never vote for a turncoat like Romney. Look what Romney did as the Massachusettes Governor with Romney care,look how he through the Presidential election for the raghead communist bummer. He ruined this state by bringing the Olympics to this state with lies and false promises and increased taxes. This man was anointed for the Senate and should never be voted in. Just another Republican Rhino who believes in a one world government and Agenda 21.

  44. Romney never was the sharpest tool in the shed. He has an inflated opinion of himself that does not seem to be dimmed by the fact that he continues to come out on the short end of the votes in everything he has attempted in recent years. If he can’t be supportive of the elected president, or at least say something constructive, then I’d like him to keep quiet. If the people of Utah send him to Washington I believe it will only prolong the gridlock. He will not be part of any solution.

  45. Why not trying to support our President? Wow. I can’t believe I supported you and McCain before. Now my Party is falling apart thanks to politicians like you.

    • I am truly sorry for the extreme impact people like Romney and McCain’s behaviour have on the average person. They are driving our Country down a very negative and destructive path. At one time I did admire both of them, they are capable of so much more than what they now do and promote.

  46. i am ashamed i voted for romney in 2012. i would like to recind my vote. no vote would be better. he is a disgrace to the gop and continues to be. shame on your mr romney. shame shame shame

  47. Just as loser mitt is anti-President Trump, I am totally anti-loser mitty. Surly someone is running against the anti-Christ scumbag.

  48. Mr. Mutt Romney should resign from his position as leader of the So-Called
    “Never Trump Pack” before he disgraces himself like the other Sorry Losers,
    Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi. Mutt needs to Back Off & allow
    President Donald J. Trump, THE WINNER, to continue to MAGA.

      • Romney is 3 time looserbut he is like the Democrats u can’t tell him
        He is looser.he thinks him money will by him a winner.
        God put Trump there and he will stand by him, also when it to bad Mr.Roger will show up because he bedeviled in Trump.

  49. M.R. cannot think on his feet. The debate with B.O. proved that. He’s like King Saul of the Bible. Good looking, handsome, but a failure in doing the right thing. Please, Utah voters don’t let him within a country mile of our government.

  50. Now he is a big investor in a trash company that hauls off aborted fetuses………….. pure scum. And he can say whatever he wants to say but he and McCain are why we had OWEbozo for 8 years.

      • HEY, people!!! Don’t ever forget WHO gave us McCrud in n2008 and Mutt Runny in 2912. If you have forgotten, let me remind you. In both cases it was the commentators on FOX – especially O’Really, mthe Rover, and the Krapper, who kep insisting ALL the other GOP candidates were too conservative to get elected. That same bunch TRIED to give us Jeb – and when that failed they tried to give us Marcus Rubio, and when that failed they tried to convince us Trump just wasn’t electable under ANY circumstances and that Hildebeast was well on her way to being elected. HAHA Weren’t they surprised when the votes were counted. Well, O’Really got canned. the Krapper just died the other day. and the Rover just isn’t on much any more.

  51. Mitt Romney was a weak presidential candidate and I suppose he thinks piling on PRESIDENT TRUMP, (I just love writing that) will somehow make him more attractive. I don’t know enough about Utah politics to know if he is a shoo in for the nomination or not, but I sure hope he has someone running against him that is pro Trump and he get his lunch handed to him. If he ultimatly wins the seat, he will be another Flake in the senate.

    • There is a man who appears to be a TRUE Constitutional conservative. He was interviewed on OAN a couple of nights ago. His motto is he is running against TWO mitt romneys using ads showing how mutt runny flip-flops on major issues. Seems to me to be a brilliant campaign. Sure hope the people of Utah are getting the message.

  52. Nobody in their right mind would trust Mitt Romney. He is a RINO loser like John Mc Cain & John Kasich just hateful people that would be worse than Obama or Clinton. Mitt can’t even get enough votes for the Senate and couldn’t ever run the USA.

    • I agree! I to hope Kennedy wins in the primary. I believe Mitt to be a nice man, but a terrible conservative, at best a libertarian; definitely not a real Republican.

      • BIG difference between being a republican and being a Constitutional conservative republican. The TeaParty is the Constitutional conservative RIGHT wing of the GOP.

  53. I rather have a DemoRat, than Mitt “two faced” Romney get elected.😬

    Let’s pray that there’s another choice.

    george 😎🇺🇸

  54. Mitt Romney is not “the fair-haired guy” he pretends to be
    He’s a political opportunist who will go anywhere in this nation, if he thinks he has a chance for election. He was Governor of MA, but now he vies for the U.S. Senate from Utah. (by virtue of his Mormon Church connection)
    There is another candidate who’ll run against him for the Republican nomination, but Romney will be tapping into big Utah money, via his Church connections. He is anti-Trump, dislikes all the progress Trump has made, because with Romney, it’s not “Make America great again,” it’s “Make Romney richer again.”

  55. Glad to get him out of the way before he could be possibly elected! He would continue to be a thorn in Mr. Trumps
    side. I’m embarrassed that I supported him in run in 2012. Mitt can go straight to “Hell”!

    • Our president may not have all the social graces of a few, but I would have hated to see where we would be if CROOKED HILLY and SLICK WILLY were living in the WHITE HOUSE now, instead of President Trump! Can you just imagine,,,,America would have no Uranium left, the white house would have a Private wing for SLICK WILLY’S FILLY’S, another wing would be set up to house the CLINTON (CATASTROPHIC) FOUNDATION, WITH A HUGE OFFICE FOR CHELSEA, There would be a wing for the CLINTONS to hide special “FILES”, and another wing for “DELETED” E-MALES and “HAMMERED BLACKBERRY’S”, and PRIVATE SERVERS, (NOT THE RESTAURANT TYPE)!! THEN OF COURSE, ANOTHER WING FOR THE OBAMA’S COHORTS and BARS ON ALL OF THE WINDOWS TO MAKE THEM FEEL AT HOME, Where they shall HOPEFULLY, SOMEDAY, EVENTUALLY BE HOUSED!

  56. Romney is a weak leader with an outsized ego. Fighting what the people voted for suggests that he is not a smart as he thinks he is. The people of Utah need to do the rest of the nation a favor vote for anybody but him.

  57. Romney has proven that he is a loser and I believe the good folks of Uta h will show him the way out of their state on tuesday

    • We did not vote him in as president and we still do not want him I hope Utah does the same and not vote him in

    • Well yes, Romney is a Loser but he is also a LIAR and a very LARGE LIAR at that.
      His stated reason for openly disagreeing with the President is just ludicrous.
      Again,and as stated….there is plenty of NEGATIVE outcry no matter how sound the President’s thoughts and ideas are. He is cut no slack whatsoever by the Media, the Democrats or about anyone else.
      That Romney thinks he should be elected to be another negative voice is just plain stupid and he is just plain stupid for thinking it, let alone making it some sort of plank in his election.
      He just can’t be that dense or stupid, can he???

      • Uh, he is that stupid. But he’s also wicked. To run for office so he can derail the president just because he’s still butt-hurt over losing is ludicrous. The man (and I say that loosely) needs professional help!

    • Romney is a spoiled cry baby. He lost then he can accept that he lost for all intents and purposes Hillary. McCain on the other hand is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing. Let those that have no balls move out of the way and let those two can lead and do so with an iron hand do so.

  58. It is one thing to disagree with someone, it is totally different to openly be obstructive without trying to communicate. ie, McCain, Cocker, Flake and Mr Romney have all attached him with total disregard to the millions who support what he is doing. Romney is part of the establishment and that is part of the problem on both sides of the isle. The people who care are not satisfied with the establishment mentality of Politics as usual.

  59. Mitt has became a stranger to all of us! He is no longer that man I met sometime ago… Yes, people often change for the better when reaching certain age…. However, there is this Old Proverb that said: “There is no fool like an old fool.” It is a PITY!

  60. Time for Mitt to hit the road. He is like a little baby that did not get his bottle. You lost move on.

  61. SO it seems that Mitt may actually win an Election FINALLY and then he establishes the fact that he just may be another Run of the mill RINO and WHO NEEDS another????

      • Oh dear, I don’t want the bullying, name calling, greediness, showing off on the playground. In this case I’m sorry as Republicans how come we tolerate this from the White House. You can be a Republican and not like your president all of the time.

        • If you like Romney then you voted for Clinton and like to be told what to believe and what to do. You need join the Democrats. That is what Romney is.

        • That may well be true, Peggy Dwyer; however, Romney stated plainly in interviews that he was running solely to be a thorn in the President’s side. Ole Mitt is still mad that he lost. What he’s doing is just wrong on so many levels.

  62. Mitt Romney is not a nice person PERIOD!!! He should be backing our President not back stabbing. He never got over losing, is a pouting cry baby & extremely dislikes President Trump. Be grateful Trump won USA would be an illegal immigrant filled country w/ Romney.

    • Rose, I had to think about your comment for a while. I used to think he was a nice person, being a Mormon and such. I ultimately think the way you do. He’s a hypocrite. I know many like him. Shut up and go away Mitt if you have don’t have something positive to contribute.

    • Have you met Mitt Romney? The trouble I’m having again is the extreme belief in so many people that it’s my way or the highway. It’s not, it’s politics. It’s governance look that one up. We are a republic not a democracy. There’s a given to take and the people who are the loudest are the people who are on the extreme of both sides. To accomplish goals and governance you have to get together you have to solve the issues that potentially can divide a nation.

  63. Wht an idiot…we didn’t want him last time…wht makes him think we want him now…PLEASE UTAH…BE SMART…VOTE MIKE KENNEDY…NO MORE LUNATICS IN THE WHITEHOUSE…TRUMP 2020…

  64. I really hope that the Republican voters from Utah are smart enough to dump Romney for good. The Republican voters from Arizona failed to remove John McCain. I was pissed that he won six more years. Grrr.

    Honestly, RINOs are ugly people. Not that they are ugly in appearance, but they live off the Republican image for their benefits. It is disgusting to see this kind as the ones that steered the GOP closer to the Democrat Party values over many years.

    Yeah, Trump exposed their colors that explained why we failed to stem the illegal alien flow.

    People of Utah, VOTE for Mike Kennedy! A conservative!

    Trump 2020!

    • Romney’s comments said…IF YOU FEEL…you have a responsibility to speak up. Well, a lot of Democrats FEEL that their agenda should be the way. How about BEING RIGHT!
      Kim Jung Un is an example. He FEELS his way is the right way. WHY? Because that’s how he was raised and it’s all he knows. The Muslim jihadists FEEL their way is the right way and therefore justify their blowing people up or beheading them. That’s what’s wrong with Romney, McCain, Flake and Corker. I repeat what Man from Grey says…PEOPLE OF UTAH, VOTE for MIKE KENNEDY! TRUMP in 2020!

    • Nothing divides more than name calling. Are you perfect have you ever done anything wrong? Of course you’re not perfect and of course you’ve done things wrong. The fact that you feel compelled to call someone an idiot it’s just unbelievable to me.

      • I seem to remember that Romney did quite a bit of “name calling”. When you’ve grown up a few years, some things will no longer be “unbelievable” to you!! Welcome to the real world of politics!!!

    • I don’t know about Utah but here in Arizona a person can vote in either primary just by changing your party 6 WKS before the vote. So the Democrats voted for McCain in the primaries and then voted for a Democrat in the general election either way they would win. Every Republican I have talked to did not vote for McCain in the primary, but voted a straight Republican ticket in the general. That is how he got re-elected.

  65. I personally have no use for Romney. It’s a shame Utah can’t find someone to run for the Senate other than him.

  66. Romney is going to be or a pain in President Trump’s side than anything in the world so far.

    Romney, thinks that he can do things better than what is being done with the Democrats. Romney is only going to make things worse. If he is going to finish where Flake, Corker, and McCain leaves off, then we sure as HELL can be better off without him being in office. We need someone in office that will work with the President, to help with getting his agenda fulfilled.

    Romney, is still a poor loser as well as Hilliary Clinton and the whole Democrats side and the Whole Deep States side.

    Romney will do everything in the world to make sure that President Trump’s agenda isn’t fulfilled, and any nominees that President Trump nominates for a position, Romney will do everything to help stop that nominee. Romney is going to be more trouble than what he will be worth in office.

    For Romney to be against the American people, he is NO BETTER than Corker, Flake, or anyone else that is fighting against President Trump and his administration.

    We need someone else in office that will work with President Trump and his administration, not to fight and resist him on what he working to protecting the United States of America and the American people.

    ROMNEY is a POOR CANDIDATE for OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicely said Barbara. I hope the people of Utah are not swayed by Romney being a Mormon and vote against him for what he wants and will do. We need candidates who PUT AMERICA FIRST and not what they personally FEEL based on their shallow, self-righteous thinking. Romney might have succeeded in reversing Bain & Co’s. financial crisis…or should I say got credit for it…but otherwise, he’s naive. Obama proved that in their debate. That’s the image people should keep in mind when evaluating their votes. Romney CHOKED! We Utah doesn’t need a senator that CHOKES!

    • “Romney, is still a poor loser as well as Hilliary Clinton and the whole Democrats side and the Whole Deep States side.” That’s really a funny statement coming from people that were such sore losers when Obama got elected that they said he was illegitimate because he was born in Kenya, that he was Muslim, that from day one they were going to make it so that none of what he wanted would ever pass into law.

      At least we are are talking here about a man whose basic wants are the antithesis of what this country has stood for the first 70 years of my life. What he has done is nothing more than fill the swamp with different alligators, had our country go back on its word and done things that will destabilize the world politically and economically.

      It’s not so much that we are sore losers, it’s just that we haven’t fallen for one of the best con jobs in the last two centuries.

    • Romney is a fake…a thorn in the side for the president…we need a good man to
      support the president to keep making america great again

  67. Mitt: time to follow your fellow turncoats Flakey and Corkey and just GO!
    Your time I the sun has come and gone!

    Obviously, you are incapable of seeing, hearing or reading about all the Good
    President Trump has done for America in a little over ONE year of his of his first term.

    • We voted for both of them also, but never ever again. We would vote independent before them. Mitt is so weak he even baled out while running for president, at least he wasn’t on the campaign trail at the end, like he just gave up or something.

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