Mitt Romney just proved he’s the biggest backstabber in the GOP with this double-cross

Utah Senator Mitt Romney is a founding father of the Never-Trump movement.

But on Wednesday, Romney took his betrayal one step further.

And Mitt Romney just proved he’s the biggest backstabber in the GOP with this double-cross.

Appearing on CSPAN, Mitt Romney savaged President Trump as not “being a great moment in American leadership” for his allegedly slow response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The first phase, which is getting ready to respond, clearly we were not in a position of extraordinary strength. We didn’t have the testing as fast as we could have or should have, we did not have the personal protective equipment we would’ve hoped to have,” Romney falsely claimed.

It is true that America was not in position to do mass testing when the virus first broke out as Romney said.

But it was a lie that it was because of Trump.

America’s testing system was not set up for mass testing because of supply chain issues and the fact that commercial labs were not part of the original plan.

You can’t just flip a switch and manufacture all the components for tens of millions of tests overnight.

In just 45 days, America went from only being able to perform a handful of tests a day to nearly 2 million per week.

Romney also lied about the administration’s efforts to send personal protective equipment (PPE) to the states and set up state hospital systems.

“Then just in terms of crisis management, the willingness of the federal government to step in and to coordinate everything from PPE to testing to repair of our hospital systems and so forth, those things, none of those things really stood out as being great moments in American leadership. I think the world was a bit surprised by that,” Romney added.

“When it came to PPE when it came to testing, and just the speed of our response looked slow relative to people like well, South Korea, Singapore, China, Germany and even Sweden to a certain degree. So that first phase is not one that will stand out, I think, as being a great moment in American leadership,” Romney concluded.

The administration conducted operation “Air Bridge,” which consisted of the military conducting near daily flights air lifting in PPE to make sure hospitals stayed fully stocked.

America also saw unprecedented cooperation from the private sector as companies like Haynes, Honeywell, Walmart and My Pillow switched their production to PPE.

There was no shortage of PPE in America and the performance in managing the logistics of making sure every state got what they needed exceeded any expectations.

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