Mitt Romney just proved he’s the biggest backstabber in the GOP with this double-cross

Utah Senator Mitt Romney is a founding father of the Never-Trump movement.

But on Wednesday, Romney took his betrayal one step further.

And Mitt Romney just proved he’s the biggest backstabber in the GOP with this double-cross.

Appearing on CSPAN, Mitt Romney savaged President Trump as not “being a great moment in American leadership” for his allegedly slow response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The first phase, which is getting ready to respond, clearly we were not in a position of extraordinary strength. We didn’t have the testing as fast as we could have or should have, we did not have the personal protective equipment we would’ve hoped to have,” Romney falsely claimed.

It is true that America was not in position to do mass testing when the virus first broke out as Romney said.

But it was a lie that it was because of Trump.

America’s testing system was not set up for mass testing because of supply chain issues and the fact that commercial labs were not part of the original plan.

You can’t just flip a switch and manufacture all the components for tens of millions of tests overnight.

In just 45 days, America went from only being able to perform a handful of tests a day to nearly 2 million per week.

Romney also lied about the administration’s efforts to send personal protective equipment (PPE) to the states and set up state hospital systems.

“Then just in terms of crisis management, the willingness of the federal government to step in and to coordinate everything from PPE to testing to repair of our hospital systems and so forth, those things, none of those things really stood out as being great moments in American leadership. I think the world was a bit surprised by that,” Romney added.

“When it came to PPE when it came to testing, and just the speed of our response looked slow relative to people like well, South Korea, Singapore, China, Germany and even Sweden to a certain degree. So that first phase is not one that will stand out, I think, as being a great moment in American leadership,” Romney concluded.

The administration conducted operation “Air Bridge,” which consisted of the military conducting near daily flights air lifting in PPE to make sure hospitals stayed fully stocked.

America also saw unprecedented cooperation from the private sector as companies like Haynes, Honeywell, Walmart and My Pillow switched their production to PPE.

There was no shortage of PPE in America and the performance in managing the logistics of making sure every state got what they needed exceeded any expectations.

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  1. Mitt was too busy helping Democrats impeach President Trump! Mitt would still be trying to figure out what the Coronavirus really is. Mitt lost to Obama because he was asleep through most of the campaign! He never challenged Obama on anything. The President could do everything right, and he would still be critical. He is a Monday Morning bad quarterback that is so jealous that President Trump worked hard and won the election while Mitt sat sleeping on the couch! Mitt is a loser!

  2. Larry, the liberal one. Do you hallucinate much? You must be because you can’t be that hateful and be sane.

  3. Hey Mitt, you’re a little slow on the draw. If you knew what you were talking about you would be attacking Adam Schiff,the head of the intelligence committee. He was too busy with the faux impeachment instead of following the intelligence coming out of China. He’s the one to blame along with Nadler and the rest of the Democrats on the committee. Stop the hatred and start thinking about what’s really wrong with our Country. It’s the Democratic Party, stupid. PS: Trump would have beat Obama.

  4. Romney is worthless and has always been worthless . He backstabs the conservative party every chance he gets . UTAH GET RID OF HIM !!!!!!

  5. That wormie SOB….No backbone….we are lucky he never made President…He would have sold out the country already, Like Miss Piggy would have………….

  6. We’re beginning to understand how deeply embedded these collectivists made it into the Republican Party. Mitt Romney may be the most duplicitous of them all. And that’s saying something with the likes of Jeff Flake and John McCain.

  7. Just another ISIS (mitt) in the Republican party, he should be removed for being a spy ! Too sad for Utah he’s your lier do something.

  8. God is watching you Mitt – get over the sour grapes of your past. Trump is the greatest president we have ever had and YOU are a disgrace to the Mormon religion, the state of Utah, and yourself! I am so thankful that Trump is in charge of our country at this time.

  9. Romney is a another Communist Chinese mole. Corruption. See also, Obama, Biden, Clintons, Pelosi, Schiff, fake news, media, sponsors, et al.

  10. Larry you are not a conservative, or a republican. People like you listen to and watch fake news. romney isa user and trump only fell for it once (he endorsed him to help him win) then he gave Romney a chance to become secretary of state. Romney has never gotten over that. so why didn’t Romney pull lying stunts like this when running for president. I think he lost the election, Obama didn’t win it, Romney fell apart and lost it. You need to look back at what president trump said during the campaigne, and he has honored all of them and done even more. People like you need to go to China or go live under the leader of the liberals, George soros. Get a life, look out for your kids and grand kids.


  12. I’m not a Mormon but if Romney is an example of one I would never want to be one. He’s a liar and backstabbed and I hope he never gets reelected to office again as a republican He gives a bad name to the Republican Party

  13. Romney kissed up to Trump so he would back him in his election and immediately returned to his old, evil self.

  14. Romney will never get over the fact that he didn’t become president. I can’t even imagine what our poor country would be like if he was in the presidential seat. Poor baby. I’ll bet he entertains his family at the dinner table every night with recollections of his supposed spectacular run!!!

  15. Mitt Romney is a lying piece of garbage. He is misrepresenting events that transpired appropriately in accordance with information available at the time. The US response to COVID-19, as suggested by US medical people and supported by President Trump, was the best response for the time – even better than other politicians (Democrats) supported at the time. Mitt Romney is proving himself a disgustingly poor American.

  16. Mitt Romney News stands for My Rear Next. George Soros is banging Romney just like he has done for years to MSM News Agencies.

  17. Larry the fairy we aren’t duped by Trump. Just the opposite. We aren’t duped by America hating commie assholes like your crowd.

  18. Romney is low life anti American liberal
    scum on full display. Hopefully his
    political career in nearly over.
    Covers for Biden.Biden’s son..and possibly
    his own son. The people of Utah need to
    remove this oig.

  19. The table was set for him in 2012. POTUS Barry even obliged and gave Romney an opening for the proverbial ‘kill shot’. Just like father George,, he choked, the Dems pounced and he never recovered. America has little use for losers. Think Mondull, Beetle Bailey Dukakis, AlBore, Lurch, the Hunchback of Chappaqua and soon to be, Slo Joe. In true form now, Mitt reminds us on a regular basis how/why. he go this moniker.

  20. Good to know that not all Republicans have been duped by President Trump! Thank You Governor/Senator Romney! When President Trump has been fully exposed for his lies and duplicity where will all you wannabe be Nazzis be? Oh yeah, you will be nowhere to be found because you all are as bad as President Trump! And Thank God this President will only be around another 5 months before The US kicks him to the curb forever! Guess he’ll join his lover in North Korea (What can I say? We fell in Love!) or his other lover in Moscow but I doubt they’ll have any use for this LOSER! Smile! Have A Lovely Day!

  21. Romney, get in a tub with Pelosi and Schumer you come out dirtier than when you went in. Never have figgered that out, huh?

  22. Mr Romney you sir need to be born again, you are a bitter man and there is one letter in our alphabet that you need to change in your life to become better and my friend it is (I)

  23. It would be really nice if what came out of his mouth weren’t lies. Why he doesn’t just switch parties, I have no idea! He belongs with the Dems…he sure is not a Republican.

  24. Romney, I was researching your background, possibly voting for you last election. WOW, you are a real despicable man. I was born in SLC, great-great grampa, great grampa, and grampa all elders/presidents in the church. SHAME on you for being so anti Christ. You’ve made a place for you, and it is not in heaven. Thank God, as he forgives, you need it.

  25. Romney is a moron just like McCain was. I feel sad for the people of Utah. I felt sad for Arizona as well. McCain was awful for Arizona.


  27. As the Bible says, we will know G-d’s children by their works. Mitt sold his soul and has joined satan’s clan. He bears false witness, covets what is not his, and technically can be held responsible for some of the deaths. If Mitt and his ilk weren’t so consumed with their hatred of Trump, they wouldn’t have encouraged their followers to ignore what they knew was true. Some liberal state leader’s banned drugs that would help save lives due to their hatred, encouraged constituents to carry on as if there was no concerns, and hid the ventilators necessary to survive. Of course it’s a given that the lies have and will continue regardless of the safety of the US citizen’s. Even Cuomo has now taken some responsibility for his contribution of lives lost due to his ire with Trump and is now a bad guy to libs for telling that truth. Cuomo’s willingness to finally give Trump accolades for his immediate response and actions have only angered liberals that much more. Yep, Mitt has sold his soul.

  28. mitts the proverbial “wolf in sheeps clothing”! if he claims to be on the fence his actions say left by a mile. hope his voters remember what they expected vs. what they actually got!!

  29. Hey Mittens, you couldn’t even beat Obama, AFTER he fouled up ! You POS!
    Vote Trump, make Mitt mad!

  30. THIS COMMENT COMES FROM LAYTON UTAH: HEY ROMNEY DUMB ASS. WHO GOT ELECTED PRESIDENT, AND WHO DIDN’T ? THE PEOPLE IN UTAH ARE SICK OF YOUR SNARKY OPPOSITIONAL SCHOOL KID WISE CRACKS. Even great presidents make mistakes. Roosevelt could have saved a lot of lives if he had gotten into WW II in Europe sooner.

  31. What did dip sht Mitt do for Massachusetts readiness? Nothing! As this Moron what it is that he has done. Bag of sht!

  32. It is truly amazing to me that all these DemocRAT politicians and the MSM are overnight experts and tell us what to do and what not to do as far as this crisis is concerned. It looks like these folks became expert doctors overnight and know more than those that have been on the President’s task force from the beginning. I would also say that I do not believe that the President is the cause of this problem. It seems to me that the Chinese Communist Party and their lab that let this virus get out are the ones to blame. Leave it up to the DemocRATS and their propaganda arm of the MSM to put the blame on the President. I have read over the course of the last several days that Adam Schiff is now going to try and use this to impeach the President again. I truly don’t see how this virus has become a high crime and misdemeanor according to the Constitution.

  33. Mitt, you continue to demonstrate that you aren’t any smarter than your old man and his brainwashed comment about Nam.

  34. Romney was one of those who drove offshoring our supply chain. We ought to hold him accountable, not our president.

  35. I think we all know that Mitt Romney is just lime green with envy that Donald J Trump is the President and Romney was a cowardly quitter who basically threw the election to Obama. Romney can’t stand the fact that President Trump is doing a better job than he ever could have done IF he had the ability to win an election (which we all know he didn’t)! He should pack his bags and resign before the good people of Utah get tired of his stupidity and recall him. 👎👎👎

  36. Oh, yessssss! “Fake Dan” is still out there! Ignore those with nothing but hateful spewing! Go, Donald! MAGA/KAG!

  37. He is one of the FEW republicans that actually has a set of “stones” and tells the TRUTH about the “pathological” liar….Donald J Trump….

  38. I am sorry but the English language does not contain the words needed to describe this creature that calls himself mitt. For the monitor of this site…If you send the email of “a different subject” why are you concerned that I post to them too fast?

  39. Let just cut to the point! There popis not a single Democrat or RINOREPUBLICAN who COULD DO BETTER THAN TRUMP! These POLITICAN are NOT TRUSTWORTHY! If Democrat care about AMERICA PEOPLE WHY DO THEY REFUSED TO WORK WITH TRUMP? But from what everybody knows they only CARE ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! Our Congress were elect by people who wanted what they think was best for AMERICA! But we have seen these Democrat who are mayor, governor, state Congress. REFUSE TO WORK FOR AMERICANS CITIZEN!WE have seen they go after the CONSTITUTION LAWS AND BILLS OF RIGHTS! Just to disarmed the people from protesting against them. Because they know they are breaking the CONSTITUTION LAWS. And trying to benefit China! This coronavirus I heard Dr. Fuaci say that he and the DEMOCRAT knew about it in 2005! Not even in 2009 during the SWINE FLU did they do anything! 12 THOUSAND PEOPLE DIED BEFORE Obama did anything! And they refuse to restock the ventilator and mask inventory.

  40. Romney has learned projection well from his liberal “friends”. He is trying to convince us that President Trump is weak, incompetent, and uncaring when these traits are really his. He is a lying, corrupt, jealous coward who also is maladroit. He did not have the courage to stand the line against Obama and is still paying for it. He is also responsible for Obamacare being incorporated by his constant bragging about the state medical care in Mass. he forced through.

  41. It is nice to know that Mitt has not changed since his days in Mass. Backstabbing and he are old friends. He would not get my vote for dog-catcher; the dogs deserve a better fate. RVN 68-69

  42. Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

  43. A great moment in America leadership would be when Romney is erased from the Senate for good. Maybe he can go back to money laundering off die baby body parts. A cowards ignominy will cling around his name and life. Of all names most terrible and to be dreaded is Coward.

  44. Ok Utah citizens. It’s your turn. Time to demand that mitt resign. He’s an embarrassment not only to his state but the senate

  45. Romney, WHY are you a Republican? You continue to make the GOP the villain in every circumstance. Why don’t you at least TRY to be honest to yourself and to America and STOP pretending to be a Republican! It’s not OUR fault that you don’t have what it takes to be President! My guess is, after treating our President with such disrespect and contempt, you’ll never win another election anyway!

  46. Romney cost us the 2012 election. I hold Romney responsible for allowing Obama to get a second term. Another candidate could have defeated Obama. Romney is pathetic.

  47. Go home Romney, sorry I voted for you before. You have done nothing to help this country but be like the left and down play the accomplishments of President Trump. Your anger and jealousy is eating you alive. You have not right to throw stones.

  48. The more Mitt is basking the limelight the sillier he sounds. He just sounds like other Republicans that think they can be popular with the media and pop culture. Apparently Mitt doesn’t have any core values anymore.

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