Mitt Romney just revealed this plan to help Nancy Pelosi impeach Donald Trump

Never-Trumper Mitt Romney is plotting in secret against Donald Trump.

With Democrats launching an effort to impeach President Trump, Romney and other never-Trumpers sensed opportunity.

And Mitt Romney just revealed this plan to help Nancy Pelosi impeach Donald Trump.

Mitt Romney ran for the Senate to help give the Republican establishment in Washington, D.C. another voice to counteract President Trump.

Since entering Congress, Romney hardly passed on any opportunities to bash Donald Trump.

And as the Democrats barrel towards passing articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, Mitt Romney can go even further and try to push the President out of office.

In a recent profile by The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins, Romney refused to rule out voting to convict Donald Trump on any potential articles of impeachment.

Coppins wrote in The Atlantic:

He understands, of course, that many of his Republican colleagues live in fear of being subjected to a presidential Twitter tirade. In fact, some believe that Trump’s targeting of Romney is intended as a warning to other GOP lawmakers lest they step out of line. That fear is one of the reasons his caucus has attempted such elaborate rhetorical contortions to defend Trump as the House impeachment inquiry turns up damning evidence. “I think it’s very natural for people to look at circumstances and see them in the light that’s most amenable to their maintaining power,” he told me in an interview last month at The Atlantic Festival.

Romney told me that he does not have an abstract definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and that when it comes to identifying impeachable acts, he follows Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s famous standard for defining hard-core porn: “I’ll know it when I see it.” Asked if he’s seen it yet, Romney told me that he’ll make up his mind once he hears all the evidence at the trial: “At this stage, I am strenuously avoiding trying to make any judgment.”

This is music to Nancy Pelosi’s ears.

Democrats are desperate for any hint that Republicans support impeachment, so the Fake News Media can claim the process is “bipartisan.”

And Mitt Romney just handed them that on a silver platter.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  19. I wander why ignorant people keep getting bewitched by day in broad daylight. What would any well reasoning American stand to gain in impeaching Trump? Highlighting Trump’s leadership benefits which is solely focused and or concentrated on the US economy,everyone US citizen should be supporting Trump by now, but some are still being bewitched by lost out, aggrieved, unrepentant enemies of US and Trump. It’s high time true and well meaning Americans wake from their slumber, understand tricks of those opposers of Trump, see the great values of Trump, and support Trump to a second term.

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  22. Mitt Romney had his chance to become President but didn’t have what it took maybe because he never but a Democrat the whole time. Maybe he was just a troll to assure that Obama stayed in office and ObamaCare fashioned after a healthcare program in Massachusetts that he set up when he was Governor. Romney left Massachusetts and moved to Utah because he knew he never had a chance to further his political career in Massachusetts.

  23. I could give a hundred reasons why you’re a idiot, so tell me how is it you know none of the soldiers are coming home? Because my cousin was there and his platoon just arrived in Frankfort Germany, and he’ll be state side in 2 weeks, he’s right we can not keep being the world’s police, especially when those people have been at war for hundreds of years if not thousands. What he’s doing with China is dangerous but genius, we have the largest economy in the world more then all of Europe put together without us China would collapse and they know it and so does the president. So why don’t you turn CNN off for a moment and do your own research, then just maybe you’ll stop posting thing’s that come out of your ass. You my friend are a FOLLOWER….

  24. Kaye, No, how in hades did you up come up with that idea? You obviously don’t read comments often or don’t comprehend what you are reading! I spend a lot of time defending and promoting DJT and the Republican conservative values! What do you do?

  25. MJ here is an uneducated doofus. Mitt Romney lost to Obama by showing a lack of courage in their third debate. Romney trashed Trump in the Republican Primary, failed to support trump in the election, and then begged for a posting as Secretary of State. Romney begged for Trump’s support in his recent Senate run, Trump provides the support, and then Romney stabs Trump in the back. That is how you define lack of integrity, Romney is a two-faced rat!

  26. i totally agree, he is a RINO and now we all know how he really is, Trump knew this and that is why he did not want anything at all to do with this P.O.S,,, read the words romney is a P.O.S.

  27. I am happy to know that his supporters are turning against him. I hope Trump tweets out on every Republican that is against him, too.

  28. Twitt Rammey will get his due. He will be exposed and be done as a Republican before 2020. He is a traitor to his party and the president and the voters will make him pay for his lies. The other senators will not follow him to hell.

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  30. Romney is a disgrace to this country for his loss of the presidential race. He is a disgrace to everyone in this country!!

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  32. JD, As usual your comment is full of misinformation, half truths and outright lies. You are a troll and what else should we expect!
    Your party is still in the abandonment mode, check out #WalkAway and we are doing good collecting Independments as well as minorities. You are counting chickens before they hatch!
    The longer skulduggery and closed doors impeachment tactics go on the better for us. The Americans want transparency and are wondering what are the Dems hiding and why! Every day people are turning against the process the Dems are doing!
    I would also remind you how badly Republicans got their behinds beat after they impeached Bill Clinton who also had a successful accomplished Presidency. It’s true “what goes around, comes around”!

  33. And the commiecrats have awakened us. And yes, many have walked away from the rat party. And we will get many votes from people that haven’t officially switched parties. Just returning from vacation, I was surprised and pleased at the number of young people wearing Trump shirts and sporting Trump stickers on their cars. Along with stickers from various universities. Who knows? But I really expect Trump to win. I expected killery to win in 2016 even though the thought made me heart sick. But I wouldn’t have went antifa or snowflake about it. Or harassed anyone.

  34. Randell what are you going to do go shoot everybody who doesn’t support your dear DOTARD leader I am quickening in my boots. Whining all the way home.

  35. I just had a vision of the future from these postings! You guys will be finding ways to respond and demonize the RedMan while you are going down the drain and losing the Senate and the presidency in 2020! And then the RedMan will really have much to say!!! Down the drain, can’t help the thin-skinned Trump and his Trumpons.

  36. Excuse me, Barbara, but you are acting like is a bad thing to be an intelligent and talented woman in comparison to an immigrant woman of lesser intelligence who has pretty much done nothing as first lady. Nothing against Melania, but if she had been impressive, maybe her supporters like you would know that her name is Melania, not “melamine.”

  37. If you read this article and realize the number of never Trumpers out these, and what the polls are saying, seems like the real desperation belongs to Trump. You don’t even have a united party behind you like the Democrats do. But Trump actually has done us lots of good The weakness of Democrats is that they are poor at going to the polls, whereas the GOP has much better turnout. Dems were too confident in 2016, and some just did not like Hillary. But Trump HAS AWAKENED the Democrats, the young, the women, the minorities, the college educated – – and it showed in 2018 where we had one of our greatest victories. Besides the key is where the independents will go – – and having looked at the breakdowns, you Trumpers better start being DESPERATE!

  38. Ha, now that is funny, The RedMan, and actually can be quite true. Most religions of the world talk about the dangers of materialism, in whatever form.

  39. The wise founders of America worked very hard to keep us from a “kingdom” of a supreme leader like they saw in Europe. They understood that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is why they set up three branches of government to balance the power so we could avoid having any leader or faction become a king or dictator.

    Trump supporters need to learn that in a democracy there are many different political views – — and to avoid the tendency that if another respected citizen or party holds different values, it does not make them traitors or evil. Trumpers don’t do that with members of their own party, and call outsiders “demons” and followers of Satan. That is not what the founders intended AT ALL. Scott is right, time to become AMERICANS again!!

  40. O-h-h-h-h-h–h, VERY astute point, Jonathan! You just naturally followed the logic of “God selects our leaders,” and then like ABC, pointed out other leaders that were put into power that Mike would not like. Game and match!

    I am dismayed at how much judgement of people’s spiritual state goes on in this Patriot Pulse website. Calling Democrats “Democrats” and followers of Satan or evil is judgmental, and in itself, anti-Christian Jesus admonished to “Judge not, lest you be judged.” None of us can know the spiritual standing of another person.

  41. Mike Navarre, since God selects our leaders, he sure gave us two full terms of Obama for a reason. I guess God wanted President Obama to clean up the economic mess that Bush left this country in, thank God! Did you not support God’s choice of Obama – – I mean Obama could have won a third term if the law allowed it.

    Perhaps, Mike, God is leading the impeachment and removal of Trump because Trump has lost His mandate and has violated many, many American laws, and has diverted over $110 million of taxpayer money directly into Trump’s own pockets!

  42. Mary, you just know a little information, and reduce everything to simplistic, and often inaccurate analysis. You are listening to those right wingers who are funded by the rich to D I S T R A C T you, focus of issues that don’t really affect them, and allow you to support tax measures where many of them pay a lower percentage or proportion than you and I and Scott do. If you take a look at the morality of the rich – – and that includes Trump – – they often end up spoiled and thinking the law does not apply to them.

  43. What does that have to do, Dan with Scott27’s point about not knowing that the emoluments clause is clearly outlined in the constitution PLUS in all prior handling of anything, even of little value, that prior presidents received. Congress COULD approve it, but Congresses rarely have. Any Trump did make another ABSURD and stupid statement about impeaching Pelosi; and impeachment proceedings are only for the president. Members of Congress can be removed by constituents and high ethics violations. That will never happen with Nancy.

    I will add, Dan, while you Trumpers are insulting her, Nancy Pelosi has tons of experience and sit back and watch her work. Those of us who play chess, see in her a master chessmaster, who is thinking several moves down the line. Trump does not think several moves ahead, or he would not be in such trouble now. It makes Trump look like he is unraveling like Nixon did near his end. Dan, you call us dumbass, but watch a master play the game. I did not like LBJ, but admit that guy was a master at getting Congress to deliver what he wanted. Experience counts. Both of us are wiser than when we were teenagers.

  44. He sure didn’t turns down Trump’s endorsement to get re-elected. Now Romneys supporters are turning against him for what he’s doing to the President.

  45. To Mike, Did God take into account that the Electoral College decides America’s elections? Did God see to it that Adolph Hitler became the ruler of Germany? Does God choose the leaders for every country or just for the US?

  46. Perhaps Romney could have beaten Hillary, but he did poorly against Obama. I know many republicans are not happy with Trump and even Mitch McConnell wrote that article against him. Why can’t Mcconnell just express his disagreements in private and not publicly make Trump look badly? What the hell is with Mitch?

  47. Whether he is or not is not the point, we know where HE is coming from, we just don’t know how many never-Trumpers and others like the Bushes, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan and others are who have been planning this attack to take back over the GOP. By acting in secret, some Senators have been acting like Trump is protected by the Senate, until that final vote. Then it will be too late. With the Dems in unison about removing Trump, and the young and women, with members of the GOP ready to get rid of Trump, I am concerned. We can’t take on our own party, the Dems, the minorities and the women at the same time. We know Trump is an OUTSIDER, and what we don’t know, is how much money the Ryan, Romney, Bush and never Trumper faction will use to side against Trump.

    I have seen some professional analysis article that indicate that without the Third party Jill Stein votes of 2016, Trump would have lost. Any one have some good news?

  48. Dan T., Misguided people or people trying to misguide trying to bring down capitalism, DJT and the Republican party!
    America is by far the wealthiest country in the world! Why, it’s Capitalism baby! Try to turn us into social–t govt. at your own peril, it will fail, always has, always will! Dems will deny it, research for yourself don’t be led like a sheeple!

  49. Spoken like a true transgender. All you have on your mind is but. I’m glad California gave you a bathroom. Have a great day sucking ass

  50. He had NOTHING good to say while running for President and the demonrats hated him. Now that he’s singing their tune he’s supposedly this great person?! HAH!!!!!!!

  51. Anything he has done or might do would
    be nothing compared needs to to the vile corrupt POS
    DemonRATS and RINOS. Anyone who would
    vote for a DemonRAT needs to ask themselves
    what an American is. Trump is the only
    Every American regardless of race or color
    needs to join hands to vote every DemonRAT
    and RINO out of office.

  52. Scott27,
    What you have is a learned ability of controlled hysterical desperation, not mastered by most in the Dem party!
    You are welcome!

  53. Never Trumper? The only thing Mitt will ever be is a Never President!!
    I have an idea. Why not re-open your Old Man’s Rambler factory? If you can’t sell yourself as crappy president, maybe you can still sell some crappy cars!

  54. Mary, I genuinely feel bad for you. You are a victim of severe manipulation and misinformation; and are now no more American than Putin.

  55. Linda. I’m with you on this. Now I know what this moron is I scroll right through his posts. He doesn’t just humiliate himself he humiliates his family and friends, whoever they may be, and I bet there are very few of them. He is ignorant, badly educated and an execrable excuse for a human being. He has less than nothing to talk about. Anything he thinks he knows can be written on a used stamp.

  56. What a piece of trash Mitt Romney has turned into!!!! He is a spoiled,rich pompous ass he is. He should thrown out like the trash. Seeing his character thank the Good Lord he lost the election. You, Mr. Romney ,are no Republican !!!! Please go over to the Democrats where you belong. You are a turncoat and you can’t hold a candle to Donald Trump,go get a life.

  57. Will you know any more accurately than your old man did about brainwashing? The dictionary does define high crimes and misdemeanors. So do most criminal codes.

  58. Rombey is a pos. He hates trump, because he lost in 2016. He is just like hillary, still pissed off from something that happened three years ago.

  59. Mitt is involved in Avid Management that is our Voting Machines.Mormon Mofia..He is involved in Ukraine theft like the Bidens,So is Shifft & Pelosi.He & Wife involved in Human Trafficking.HRC & Romney wife did SNUFF Films in Idaho.Sic pedovores.Thats why they are against this great President.Mitt is Sick.

  60. Mary, read the Constitution. Your Supreme Leader apparently has not… calling the Emoluments clause “phony” and calling for Pelosi to be impeached (which cannot be done). And yes, the Constitution gives the House broad and singular responsibility to conduct an impeachment inquiry. Do you really support a man who doesn’t believe in the Constitution or accountability? When will you become an American again?

  61. Navarre is an idiot from the word trump. He has no “respect” for any “church”, and trump was elected by racist white-folks, same as the ones who post on here. Like she/he/ron, and racist raffe. To ignorant ta know dat Satan is the god of this world. He put trump-ah-hump on the high dat he’s on. You idiots. hahahahhahahahahahahah

  62. You are wrong the house does not have sole power and the constitution did not give them sole power. Really does not matter it is for show and like I said earlier even the Democrats can not get on the same page in the house.

  63. Romney wife and Pelosi & Hillary are his kind of women. He jealous of Trump beautiful wife melamine We are know by the company we keep

  64. Romney wife and Pelosi & Hillary are his kind of women. He jealous of Trump beautiful wife melamine We are know by the company we keep

  65. SBreard don’t wast your time on The RedMan he is a troll. I do not know why they let the troll’s racist crap continue at all.

  66. The racist trump-butt-bumps sleep whine, talk whine, eat whine, dream whine, and even smell of whine. These trump-butt-bumps do nothing butt whine day in, and day out. If trump-ah-hump is so innocent, why do they whine so much like lil greasy headed lice bait pink head babies wit brown noses. hahahahhahahahahahahhahaha

  67. James hall you have not been paying attention a lot of the Democrats have already came out and said they do not support the impeachment of the president. Even Nancy herself does not support it she was just weak and gave in.

  68. Scott27 The ones that do not know the constitution is the Democrats because if they did they would not be supporting the illegal criminals as they are. They would not be fighting to leave our nation with open boarders. They would be protecting the American people which they are not. They want New World Order which is Satan here on earth. If you are against President Trump then you are against the American people which makes you a traitor to this country.

  69. Ole deft-derf is like all typical racist white-folks. He has the gall ta tell old snake-mouth voldmort when to speak up for him self. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  70. Mitt Romney is a disgrace to the American people, to the Republican, and the country. He is nothing but seeking his own political gains and advancement. He, just like all the other politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, all for themselves. He doesn’t care anything about the poor, the homeless, the elderly.

  71. Well their founder was walking through the woods when he stumbled across Gold tablets with the inscriptions for their dogma, to quote the writers for South Park anyone who adheres to and embraces that joke religion is “dumb,da da dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, da da dumb, dumb, dumb.”

  72. If Romney wishes to see someone guilty of crimes against genuinely cognizant patriots all it needs to do is stare at it’s own reflection in a mirror.

  73. Snott27 the old hag Nancy needs to be removed from Congress, along with shifty. You dumbass libturds are the one ones that are cult followers of Marxism.

  74. M, I can’t speak for MJ, but I’ll take being busted for thinking and bringing some adult behavior and common sense to the conversation any day. Thank you.

  75. If Romney and the Dems, continue on this impeachment farce, THEY WILL WISH THEY SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN BORN!!!

  76. Eww, Mitt, you smell like Pelosi! Oh and thanks for using all your wealth in the 2012 election to beat all the great candidates only to hand it over to Obama, what a dissapointment you are! This country would be much better had you lost in the general election. This latest attempt to betray your party will not go over well for you. It’s now very clear that you never intended to beat Obama in 2012 and are responsible for all the division in this country. You are a miserable person Mitt, shows what a farce Mormanism really is!

  77. Kep, did you really elect him to ignore and belittle the Constitution and to divide this nation into tribes, and to bow to ruthless dictators while stabbing our friends in the back? Or is it ok to sell all that down the river as long as you think the economy is doing well? And just how much was your soul worth?

  78. No, snowflake, we are not bringing troops home. We just sent nearly 2,000 to Saudi Arabia as paid-for mercenaries; and the ones leaving Syria are being sent to Iraq. The move from Syria was never about bringing troops home so much as kow-towing to Putin and Erdogan. Unfit for office: he has no idea what’s in the Constitution, the most important and fundamental document of this nation. Yesterday, he called a portion of Article 1 “phony” and also said he believes he should be able to rule, without question or interference (take that as accountability). I could cite multiple reasons why he’s unfit.

  79. If you don’t like or believe in the Constitution, leave… you will be bringing a blessing to society.

  80. I voted for that jackass, but it’s obvious,that we didn’t have a choice of bad or worse then, it was only 2 horrible candidates!

  81. Investigation or coup? Both…. it starts as an investigation with the intent of impeachment (coup) … which is treason.

  82. The Republicans need to censor Romney. If you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything. You don’t have to agree with the President on things, however, you don’t know the whole facts and story about the decision. The best thing America can do is pray for the President, Congress, and SC justices…. Whether you believe it or not, GOD is in control.

  83. Romney and Rooney both. After all they both have last names starting with R and Russia starts with R so by scumbag democrat logic they must be Russian collaborators. Funny thing is, it’s probably true!

  84. M, Apparently you don’t believe in the Constitution; like your Supreme Leader, who yesterday called the Emoluments clause “phony” and pushed for the impeachment of Pelosi. The man doesn’t have a clue what’s in the Constitution, and by his own admission.. yesterday… he should be allowed to rule the country without interference (read accountability).

  85. Apparently you don’t believe in the Constitution; like your Supreme Leader, who yesterday called the Emoluments clause “phony” and pushed for the impeachment of Pelosi. The man doesn’t have a clue what’s in the Constitution, and by his own admission.. yesterday… he should be allowed to rule the country without interference (read accountability).

  86. He’s got a little yellow belly French Twitter handle

    Pee air Defecto. What a slick scumbag he is. He’s also been molesting under age teens in his secluded Utah compound

  87. Mitt Romney is a jealous traitor to the Republican party and to the American people. And to think I voted for him back when he ran for president. My nephew worked for this ignorant traitor what a shame. My whole family will vote for trump just because what this fool is doing for the hate filled Pelosi. He is a coward not a man, I used think a lot of this coward but never again will I think good of this DOG.

  88. Sure, Mary, because the last thing we need is someone who places the welfare of this nation and its future above blind obedience and marching in lockstep with the supreme leader. Right? At what point do you folks become Americans once again?

  89. I totally agree. The state of Utah ”’NEEDS TO REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE”” Went in as a republican and he is a dam democrat just like Jeff Flake & John McCain was…..”””TRAITOR”””

  90. Mitt what you do reflects on your church. Do your actions reflect well on your church. The bible says that God selects our leaders. Do you not support God’s choice? How would you feel if you had won the election and your party turned against you. I and many lost any respect they had for you.

  91. Yep. A wanna be Democrat who doesn’t want to come
    out of the closet. Had his chance but blew it when he cowtowed to Obama after the first debate between the 2. He is a total
    fraud. Love or hate President Trump makes no difference. He is real and loves his country.
    Romney is the level of Pelosi, Nadler and Schiffy. Losers who have done nothing for this country in the last three years. They need to go home. They are the reason that term limits need to be implemented.
    Get Em Out!!

  92. I thought he was from Massachusetts. When I knocked on the doors for him he was not from Utah. Impeach this ass and get somebody else.

  93. Voldemort don’t reply to red man that is all he wants people to do he is just a fool no one likes him so join in and stop talking to him

  94. I want to start by saying don’t even read Redman comments and definitely don’t respond to them in anyway. He is a complete moron. So maybe he will go away. Mitt Romney is just a complete disgrace. He’s not a Republican he claims to be. Why doesn’t he switch his party? He’s a traitor.

  95. Redman, I think you must be Romney in disguise, you either being paid or you’re that stupid. Who’s back pocket are you in, Barry, Soros, or the Mormon cry baby. The only reason Romney is against President Trump, because he begged the president to give him Secretary of state job and was denied. He sure needed Trump to help him win his seat. He and the rest of the RINOS are just disgruntled losers who should run under the Demrats party so they can join the rest of the gutter rats.

  96. Mitt just stepped up to bat. Had to take John McCains place. These 2 guys seem to hate more than anything else. Or just jealous ….Trump made it and they didn’t . A

  97. Grow up pierre! You are unwanted as a conservative join the Democrats. That’s who your most aligned with. What a total sleaze bag to use Trump to get worm your seat in the house. You are more despicable than most Democrats


  99. Yes, Romney is a back-stabbing ass! Pres. TRUMP rallied 4 him, helped him get elected, then…Rom-ass turns on the President and America! Utah, RECALL ROMNEY! TROW THE LOW-LIFE OUT

  100. Nancy Beegle, Just hold what you have Nancy! Something will happen to blow this unconstitutional fiasco wide open. It may have to be the court system but, impeachment of the President cannot be done in the basement of the capital, in a small dark room, behind a closed door, with the transcripts being withheld from Republican committee members! See how ridiculous it even sounds! In fact it sounds like skulduggery!

  101. Jes look at how willing these hopeless trump-butt-bumps are to keep old lying trump-ah-hump up in shame more den God in prayer. What a bunch of losers 4 sure all the way into hell wit him. Talk about “birds of feathers”, these jokers are the ones around the anus of the bird. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  102. Nah, nutty-pony. 98% of you inbred white-folks are “traitors”. None of you greasy headed racist live by every word in yo “con”-stitution. hahahahaahahahahaha

  103. MJ our leader has more integrity in his ass than mittens has in his whole body. That guy couldn’t beat a commie mulatto in an election

  104. You democrats need to start thinking about the affects of your actions when it comes to next years elections. You sure don’t act like you want to win.

  105. Thank you, was about to comment likewise until I saw that it wasn’t necessary. Good to see that everyone isn’t accepting being spoon fed all of the crap they’re plastering all over MSM. So sad to see how many are falling for the ridiculous stuff they’ve been coming up with. Sore loser doesn’t begin to describe this lot of psychopaths.

  106. Sadly, Mitten has given the already known to be a cult mormon church a huge black eye by showing how easy it is to stab the president in the back, violate the Constitution, side with others who do so and who also deprive the President of his right to due process.
    Very unsavory character, and I’m a former member of that cult, so I know what they teach that he and others of that ilk don’t practice.
    He’s going to get what he’s got coming, just like every other traitor, thief, pedophile and deceiver. God won’t allow this evil to go on forever.

  107. MJ .. know that, any a “legal” proceeding based on lies and, or, (second hand) hear-say HAS NO MERIT. The fact is that, each and everyone of them lying, thieving, hypocrite, crooked, and cowardly rats in “da’ House of Reprobates” know it .. but the whole nest of treasonous anuses just don’t give a damn. However .. “We, the (US American) people” who know exactly of what them radical dems are doing, WE’re already well prepared to – most appropriately – deal with the lot of leftist-scumbags. This, without any fear of death, nor of consequences.

  108. This other rino-jerk .. Mitt Romney, he’s nothing but one petty, back-stabbing sore-butt loser, and any a level headed individual can readily see it. How (NOT)funny it’s to see and realize that, the minute one (AZ. John McCain) well known old-rino “departed” from his seat inside the DC swamp, immediately, at the blink of an eye, another undeserving (Romney)vermin was ready to occupy the open vacancy. So, what’s to be expected to take place or, to ever happen inside one’s own team, when everyone’s totally aware of the fact that, you have one envious and vile cut-throat friend “playing” in, and for your team ?. It’s time for true conservatives to cut loose Romney from their team.

  109. Romney has been a problem for the Republicans for a long time. He can’t make up his mind what party he really belongs to.
    He will jump on any band wagon that benefits himself.

  110. Dude the constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power of Impeachment. So this is not a coup it is an investigation think of it like a grand jury. Just because they vote out Articles of Impeachment doesn’t mean he will be convicted by the Senate.

  111. I wish Romney would go soak his head in a vat of acid, and give us some relief from his fat Rhino Mouth.

  112. Julio richard Laredo
    The democrats are holding their un-constitutional impeachment investigation inquiry / coup. Behind closed doors in secret. That’s been really transparent with the American people. But wait, there’s more.
    adam schiff will go on national TV and lie to the American citizens about what transpired between Donald Trump and the Ukraine president. When he is called out on his lie, he said it was a parody.

    Old creepy joe biden was on tape boasting about how he had a Ukrainian prosecutor terminated for investigating the corruption of a company that his son sat on the board of directors.

    Conflict of interest springs to mind.

    The fact that creepy joe is displaying his corruption. But the democrats are more upset that Donald Trump wants to finish the investigation of what happened with the obama administration and Ukrainian government.

    joe biden should be suspended from the presidential campaign Until the Ukraine investigation is completed.

    Why would anyone vote for a democrat presidential candidate who’s past is questionable.

  113. I don’t think it is a quite so secret plan. all trump has to do is keep talking to prove how unfit for office.

  114. Romney is the biggest joke that walked the face of the earth. Look what his daddy did to Michigan. People like Romney need to banned from politics

  115. Who does this? Trader’s and treason? Betrayal? This is not right. In some countries he would be tortured? Wipe the smile off your face Mitt whitt! What you are doing will come back and haunt you. What a big looser!

  116. There is nothing you can say that is bad enough about that obnoxious turncoat Romney He had the gall to ask Trump for help to be elected.He is the worst person to pass as a Republican.I pray he looses next election


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